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Merkules live in London Ontario on a Wednesday night
#sdk live in london ontario oct 10 2018.
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Antarctica mysteries what is this???
Why does that look like a spot light or the back of a ship. And then you zoom in and near the end of the video, and it changes to land, Franklin island. With green "radio active" coast?..... weird
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#everlast heavy bag freestyle boxing workout.
Really wish I had a better setup. And it's cold as F right now in southwestern ontario Canada. About 140 miles east from Detroit
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Going bad instrumental my lyrics better version
https://youtu.be/dXbDaSu0D_w original beat This has better delivery then the first one I did. Still rough copy.
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Choke'em instrumental my lyrics drag-on original
https://youtu.be/5emnIk5GvOU original beat I I do not own the rights to this instrumental But I did write the lyrics
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Everlast cardio bag cardio while smoking a J
Over 2.5 min of a cardio boxing workout while tokin a J got 70lbs (1x 20lbs dumbell 1x 50lbs) holding the stand in place otherwise it gets knocked down when I hit it too hard
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Transplant cannabis budding plants from ground to pots
Its oct 25 and they got hit with frost 2times already. Found the seeds in buds that I smoked. Planted one on the left first week of Aug. The right one 5 days later. I hope the older one will live cause it got most of its roots chopped while I was digging it out of my garden. This is just my experiment if you can actually successfully transplant from outdoors to indoors while in mid flowering. I was hoping for good weather until the end of October but the last 2 weeks in southwestern Ontario have been chilly AF!
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Everlast cardio bag work out in under 3 minutes
This tool does not like to be hit hard. Only for speed and accuracy. When hit hard it goes down like most opponents.
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Mage stick original beat. With my lyrics. Wrote and uploaded in 1 hour or less.
https://youtu.be/sihSAZsre5U. Original beat I dont own any of the rights to this instrumental. Big up magestick records.
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Rough n tough written by me. Working on delivery
https://youtu.be/e3ilsuBZWxA original instrumental K A L O U i wrote this a little over a year ago because the person that robbed and killed my best friend wrote a song about robbing and killing ppl for their loot. And got it produced by someone in Toronto. If you listen to the lyrics in my song you might be able to figure out who produced it then look for a song that matches my description
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Syko beats my lyrics "mr miyagi"
https://youtu.be/netR564yZDM original instrumental Syko beats! Does it again Rough copy just wrote it and spit it a few days later. Listen to my stuff when i can to help memorize it. Im a busy guy
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Lil windex Caspian #sdk live London Ontario!
Oct 10 2018 SDK in London Ontario LIVE!
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Pied eyed piper syko beat instrumental my lyrics
Rough copy to help memorize the lyrics https://youtu.be/SSV9-CNixNs original beat Syko beats is the shiznet!
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Just wrote and recorded this today.  Kin rich beat
https://youtu.be/PUn5KBYp7iQ original beat Rough copy of my lyrics so i can remember them better. Took me less than 1 hour.
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Syko beats my lyrics invasion
https://youtu.be/GP1rLLXGk0I original instrumental Written in 5 min. Rough copy.
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Everlast hyperflex strike bag customized for body strikes
I broke the part that allows me to extend the shaft that the rubber bag is on. So now its for short people. Or body strikes. Its fun to use but when fully extended do not hit it hard. ;) #Everlast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BmI9gplnaY oh ya the link here is where i first broke it on another channel of mine i forgot about.
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Low flo rida ft t-pain my hook version
Flo rida ft t-pain instrumental. My hook that i wrote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckKFxMw6z0c original song i do not own the rights to this instrumental
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Everlast heavy bag low kicking with minimal room to work with
Sandals suck for kicking lol Haters post a link of yourselves training on a 200lb heavy bag thanks
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Level up syko beats with another sweet beat
https://youtu.be/HQsCd3zMIvs original instrumental My written lyrics of course Should I keep going with it.......continue writing to this beat and the theme?
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Plant 1 of 2 cannabis harvest time. These plant were pulled from the ground!
Successful growing harvest. No chemicals no sprays all natural #cannabis #personaluse #organic
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Syko beats instrumental with my original lyrics. messed up the end though
https://youtu.be/W_MSPQGrV5c. Original beat. I do not own the rights to this instrumental. I wrote the lyrics
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Everlast heavy bag leg kicks drill.  Testing my stand if it can take multiple low kicks without....
MOVING. #LOWKICKS #EVERLAST I was feeling pretty good this morning compared to most morning. I have a myotinic muscle dystrophy and my muscles take very long to repair so I cannot workout/train as much I would like to. I stretch for a total of 2 hours a day just to get by from the muscle pains throughout my body.
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100 million dollar freestyle.  Real freestyle. Not written off the top.
Last verse is something i made up when this track came out many years ago Did this driving home last night. Picked up some used computer part from kijiji users in London ontario
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Hearthstone | 2018 racist game?  Listen! WTF?
#blizzard entertainment for sure wtf? dropping N bombs and worst
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Yes yes ya'll and you dont stop mumble rap diss
Original beat https://youtu.be/CFJPNwEZBcs *noise system* big ups. Crazy instrumental. Wu tang mobb deep type beat Rough copy. Learning the lyrics I wrote
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I'll whip your head boy remix verse rough copy
https://youtu.be/ZYXGyOd2GMk original instrumental Rough copy Written and spitted in less then 5 minets*
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Devil does exist writen my me K A L O U INSTRUMENTAL
https://youtu.be/dtv5moby3-c. KALOU ORIGINAL BEAT Rough copy. Learning the lyrics.
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Syko beats instrumental my lyrics re-done
https://youtu.be/W_MSPQGrV5c original beat My first recording of this was not as good as this one. I have the lyrics memorized now. Need a bit more practice on delivery.
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Freestyle in my backyard. Acappella. Smokin a J
Slow and weak but im tired AF. Real freestyle nothing written or rehearsed. I dont get to practice a lot, but when I do its with a doob. Peace
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Merkules stopdown killaz respect bars from a listener
#merkulesmusic @merkulesmusic #stopdownkillaz #respect #hiphop Shout out to merkules and real hiphop heads London October 10th 2018
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#everlast heavy bag 3 min freestyle workout in minus 5 Celsius
The second spinning back first my foot got caught on my stands leg. Had to react quick or I would have hurt my self. The one thing I hate about heavy bag stands, you cant make mistakes or you can get hurt, especially if you are bare foot. I really want a free hanging set up so I can move around the bag 360 degrees
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G check instrumental syko beats.
https://youtu.be/uXjVjEV192M original beat. Me spitting some hot $hit
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Everlast heavy bag quick freestyle workout
I got another heavy bag. Put them together now there's over 250lbs of weight. going for speed and accuracy here with 80% power max NO GLOVES but not 100 % power. I like my wrists not broken :)
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Young m.a eat instrumental spitting bars
Practicing again original beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxPoiE-qJmc even though its money power respect beat. lol
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Everlast heavy bag. Testing out my new position of my stand. Will it move?
Power knees and a few kicks. No warm up no stretching. Just wanted to see if the stand would move now. Recorded nov 7th 2018. Havent had a chance to do some low kicks. Now I can turn on both side of the bag the way the stand is positioned .
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Everlast heavy bag quick freestyle workout #boxing
Heavy bags are the best all-round workout you can get. Only punching here but you can kick knee and elbow a heavy bag as well to target other muscles like lower abs lower back and many more.
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Bigg Dogg Very rough copy incomplete sick beat Taylor King
https://youtu.be/nbLJbxQn9cw original beat Very Rought copy of my written lyrics to this instrumental. Lyrics in post of original instrumental.
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freestyle might not make it instrumental Fire 11 24 2017
omg i think i killed this one first part was written. but ..... you will know when its free off the top
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Friday moring fire. Kin rich beat my lyrics I tried to freestyle at the end of the top.  nope
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j2MdlZ5zuY&t=2s original beat Fuck 69 smh Rought copy of a verse I wrote and recorded quickly literally 10-15 min
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Freestyle D-low beats instrumental
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l584bDVWrBI original beat
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Cardi b like it instrumental Just wrote and recorded this under 30 min
https://youtu.be/U4fErC9skHE original track cardi b like it Rough copy of the lyrics i wrote i and recorded in under 30 min
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Bars ! Found this old instrumental on an old burnt cd
Found this yesterday. Wrote some stuff to it.
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Real freestyle. The next instrumental from that hour thick mix
https://youtu.be/5qdTU3i6-XI original mix here #freestylerap Practicing non written
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B.i.G suicidal thoughts Neptune's beat. Listen to the end.....
I did this just to see what it sounds like and at the end of the acapella he sounds like Steve Carell reading the monitor in bruce almighty. ......jiberish talk. Wtf?? Weird.... i do not own any of the content in this video besides the computer.
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Emerald law instrumental my lyrics
Rough copy. Written and spitted in less then 5 minutes
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West coast flayva. Mixla hip hop beats
https://youtu.be/9Z4bQkeL8lc original instrumental * Mixla *
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Stretching my limbs.  Can I get fries and a shake with that combo? And a smoke and a pancake lol
Trying to have a smoke and a quick workout. This punching bag is not ment to be hit hard. Otherwise I would hit it harder.
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Dre type beat. Magestick instrumental my lyrics
https://youtu.be/sihSAZsre5U original beat I call it mage stick. He pronounces it majestic. Mage stick this beat is rage-in'!
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