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Toph - Hello people I'm blind!
Katara ask Toph what she have in her hands, and Toph don't know, because she is blind!
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A Hat in Time - Mafia Boss
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Rainbow Dash fan
My fan just got 20% cooler xD
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NFS Rivals How Long Shall I Wait Before This Problems Will Be Fixed EA?!
Got Need For Speed 19. november 2013, and problem the beginning I had DirectX and Grafic Card problems. EA Support promise me a patch that would fix the problems I had, and they said I only should to wait a few days. A few days later I got the patch, but it Didn't solved the problems I have. EA Support promise me again an patch, that would fix my problems very soon. The Patch came out, still no solution -.- I don't know how many patch I have received now, but my problems is still not solved. EA think the problem is my Grafic Card or the Driver. But I have the newest driver, everything is up to date I have GeFORCE GTX650 TI BOOST, but if the problem is my Grafic Card, then I don't understand why I can play other new game like Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag on Ultra without any problems. I still think the problem is the game. So Dear EA, How long do I have to wait before this problems will be fixed?
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GTA V PC - Police vs. MLP Tricks of my Sleeve
The Great and Powerfull Trixie will never be caught
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Lykkehjulet Intro 2018 (TV2 30 års jubilæum)
Introen til den nye udgave af Lykkehjulet, som vendte tilbage på TV2, den 1. oktober 2018, på dagen hvor TV2 fejrede 30 års jubilæum. TV2 gik i luften for første gang nogensinde, den 1. oktober 1988, og samme aften rullede Lykkehjulet over skærmen for første gang nogensinde.
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GTA V PC - Race with Jimmy  GTX 650 2GB TI Boost 1080p
To the question about FPS. Please watch my other video: https://youtu.be/XI5-1348TU4
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Harry Potter   Quidditch World Cup   Combos
Beklager at jeg er svær at høre, opdagede først efter jeg havde lavet optagelsen, at jeg ikke havde fået skruet op for mikrofonen.
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My first Online Rivals Fight
Efter EA kom med en midlertidig løsning på DirectX problemet i Rivals, hvor man sætter alle grafik indstillinger til LOW, har jeg nu endelig kunne spille min første online politi jagt ^^, det kunne have gået bedre, men jeg vandt da ^^
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Dying Light + Dusty Quill + Police Rifle + oil barrel = Dead Humans
I Know it doesn't look like an accident, but it was. A stupid BUT still funny one.
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Held og Lykke Charlie - Børn er åbenbart dumme i dag [Dansk]
Disney Channel mener at børn i dag er så dumme, at de har ansat en til at forklare hvad der sker.
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The Avengers Turbine Reference in Captain America the Winter Soldier
Reference to the Turbine scene with Iron-Man (Stark) from the Avengers in Captain America the Winter Soldier. Alright belong to Marvel Studio
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MLP FIM S4 - Apples to the Core [HIGH]
Apples to the Core song from My Little Pony Season 4 Episode 9 - Pinkie Apple Pie This is not a HD version, this is a screen recording in 1440p. All rights belonges to: Hasbro
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NFS - Rivals Cops vs. two Online Racers - Cops wins
Did not see that coming ^^
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Audiosurf 2 Music to my Ears Vinyl Scratch mod
Vinyl Scratch is surfing on the wave in Audiosurf 2 xD
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ASUS GTX 1060 6GB DUAL  - dB Noice
My New GTX 1060 is making a lot of noise. watch out for the little sound boom at 5 sec. It's just a editing error, not something from the card.
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MLP Season 3 - Raity it's gorgeous
From Season 3, Episode 1 The Crystal Empire.
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Legends of Equestria - Cloudopolis - Let it Go
Well what can I say, just want to use Let it Go to this video of Cloudopolis ;)
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GTA V PC Online  - Grenade Launcher epic fail
Oh come one, you gonna be kidding me! -.-'
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MLP IRL - Sunshine Sunshine
My very first Green Screen project ever :)
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GTA Online   Car air spin success
I have to look where I'm driving, but success :D
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Quidditch -  Norway vs  United Kingdom (21 october 2016)
Norway and United Kingdom, visit Harry Potter Festival, Odense, Denmark, 21. october 2016. They made Danish History, because this was the first time an International Qudditch Match was played on danish ground.
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Teen Titans (2003) Danish Intro (1080p)
The Original Teen Titans 2003 TV-show will never come out in Denmark with danish audio, so I made it myself
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Rocket League - I Love bad losers
So this little kid was blaming me, for being a noob-hacker-with-no-skills. Thinking he was better then me, just because he have a higher rank. So I was trolling this little kid on the chat (pretty funny), and he was crying
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GTA V PC - Geforce GTX 650 2GB TI BOOST 1080p
To the question about FPS. Please watch my other video: https://youtu.be/XI5-1348TU4
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GTA V PC - Fly school Instructor epic FAIL!
The instructor on Fly School made a big mistake and failed, and I failed the mission, because of this newbie instructor!
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Watch Dogs Spider Tank
A very funny mini game in Watch Dogs. by a mistake I turn off the recording
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Azkaban.dk til Galla på Dødsregalierne, del 1
Fredag den 12. november, var der Gallapremiere på Harry Potter og Dødsregalierne, del 1. i Imperial København. Ved Gallapremieren var James og Oliver Phelps tilstede. Azkaban.dk mødte dem, og fik en kort snak med dem.
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GTA V - Never start a fight you can't win IDIOTS!
Two idiots just started shoting at us for no reason, so I took them out for good!
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F1 2015 - Q1 Shot P1?
Playing Formula for the first time in 10 years
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GTA V PC   Never use the wrong bomb!
Note to myself: Next time check what bomb you are going to use, before you throw it!
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Audiosurf 2 - You'll Play Your Part with Twilight Sparkle mod in Audiosurf 2- Twilight Sparkle mod
You'll Play Your Part with Twilight Sparkle mod in Audiosurf 2
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Dying Light - Survivor Get away from me explosion
So much for saving a survivor -.-'
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GTA V PC - Crash? *Tsk* I can't crash!
chopper accident in the air
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GTA V PC 60 FPS GeForce GTX650 2GB Ti Boost [1080p]
Here is an FPS video from GTA V on my PC. As you can see I run the game at 60 fps, but it also drops, specially while I'm recording the game.
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LPS - Let's drop a ton of snow (Literally)
All Rights belongs to Hasbro Studio. From Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Episode 15 Snow Stormin
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Need For Speed Rivals - You Can Run But You Can't Hide  [1440p]
A Racer tried to Run from me all the time, everytime the racer so me, he or she turned around. You Can Run, but You can't hide from me, and in the end I will get you.
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Aura Danishheart MLP Quiz video test
Just a little video test from the MLP Quiz from QuizUP
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Nightmare Night Con 2014
Nightmare Night Con 2014 31/10 - 02/11/2014 Tak for en fantastisk weekend. Det var mega fedt. We Are Danish Bronies: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bronyfam/
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Dying Light - It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!
Never say "It's fluffy I'm gonna DIE" It might happens
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LoE shutdown overdue 12 april 2015
From the end of Legends of Equestria 12 april 2015. The server is shutting down, or that was what we thought
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Legends of Equestria - Background bug
I just got out from the Book tree to this bug. A little bit funny, not sure how it happend, but I now if I stand on the ground, and hold left and right mouse button in at the same time, everything is shaking.
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