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Jailed For 2.5 Years! Elijah Oyefeso/DCT Binary Signal Trading Scam Exposed
Update: Fraudtser Elijah Oyefeso's world comes crashing down - sentenced to 2.5 years in prison (for driving and weapon offences). Oyefeso's finances revealed in court case - up to his eyes in debt, financially broke, pretending to be a millionaire and a city 'trader'. Nothing more than a broke, corrupt scammer. Uncovering how the binary signal/forex scam works, from the corrupt brokers/platforms down to the affiliates and resellers such as Elijah. See how 'trader' Elijah Oyefeso is just one of many binary signal scammers exploiting ordinary people to cash in on this scam to make money. Pretending to be a millionaire, he sells his scam on his 'success' (currently in prison!). Don't touch binary/forex signal traders until watching this video!
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Hitler Gets Screwed Over by DCT/Elijah Oyefeso's Binary Signals Scam
Like many other people out there, even Hitler got screwed over by the DCT/Elijah Oyefeso Binary Signals Scam. Find out how the scam works at www.DCTtrading.com.
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DCT Trading/Elijah Oyefeso Maliciously Wiped Client Accounts
DCT Trading/Elijah Oyefeso maliciously wiped client accounts on 10th May 2016. Ordinary, hard working people invested and trusted in these cowboys. Admitting fault and with a commitment to reimburse the 8 affected clients by 10th June 2016, we are still waiting to receive our money back.
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