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Lexis Hibiscus Trip (24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015) // Part 02: Makan Time
Our maiden trip to Port Dickson's newest resort, The Lexis Hibiscus. Does the resort name sounds familiar? This is because it is the sister resort to one of Port Dickson's best resort, The Grand Lexis.
Our 2016 Umrah Journey (10 December - 20 December 2016)
Follow us as we take you to on our Umrah journey from the Holy City of Madinah to the Holy City of Makkah!
Staycation Adventure @ KSL Resorts // Eating!! Swimming!! Shopping!! (19th Oct - 20th Oct 2017)
We ditched the car and went public. It was a breeze going through customs (as opposed to getting stuck in traffic). We spent our time discovering City Square, Komtar, KSL City Mall and Kilang Bateri (Battery Factory). Shopping! Eating! Swimming! Full fun for the whole family without breaking your bank!
Unboxing + Review of Cheese Steak Burger and Steak Loader @ Hardee's (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)
We unboxed and show you the insides of our supper that we bought at Hardee's (otherwise known as Carl's Jr in Singapore) Restaurant located at Makkah, Saudi Arabia!
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 06) ** 7th December 2017 **
We traveled to the most iconic mountain in all of Japan, Mount Fuji (Fuji-yama/Fuji-san). Unfortunately due to bad weather the night before, we were unable to go up to the 5th station. Nevertheless, we had a long hike to the largest lake located within Fuji-san, Lake Kawaguchiko!
Return To Grand Lexis, Port Dickson + Endless Eating + Endless Swimming (5th Sep - 8th Sep 2017)
We return to Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson for our September holidays. It was endless eating, endless swimming and maximum fun!
Bukit Timah Hike (15th April 2017)
We went on our first hiking trip (as a family) up the tallest hill in Singapore.
Asus GTX1060 Dual OC 6GB // Unboxing // Installing // Benchmarking
It's time to perform an upgrade on the M.E.D.U.S.A. The GTX650 has started to show its age and we will be replacing it with Nvidia's GTX1060 graphics card, the Asus GTX1060 Dual OC 6GB to be exact. We'll unbox this beauty, install it into the system and perform some benchmarking! ******** My Rig: ******** Intel Core™ i7-4770 3.90 GHz Asus Z87M-G30AB Asus Dual-GTX1060-O6G Kingston ValueRAM 16GB DDR3-1600 (Dual Channel) Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB 7200RPM Asus VS248H Full HD LED Monitor Delta CAA-500AT 500W PSU ********
Graffiti on a bullet train! Talented 10-year old kid!
Luq's doing what he does best. Graffiti on a bullet train!
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 04) ** 5th December 2017 **
On our 4th day, we went on a day trip to Kinugawa-onsen and visited an interesting theme park called Edo Wonderland. For a fee, you can dress up as a ninja, samurai, among others.
Japan Trip 2015 (3rd June - 12th June 2015)
Our maiden trip to Japan! All 12 days of adventure compressed within one hour 28 minutes! がんばって!!
Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2018 - The Musical (15th June 2018)
Our musical for Aidilfitri 2018.
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 10) ** 11th December 2017 **
On the 10th day of our winter adventure, we visited the Muslim friendly town of Ueno. We later visited Ueno Park and walked all the way to Yanaka Ginza!
Anniversary 2017 @ Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour // 3 Days Carb Refeed (27 January - 29 January 2017)
We celebrated our 12 years of marriage by going on a short trip to Puteri Harbour and stayed in Hotel Jen. Our trip also coincide with our carb refeed and since we are staying for 3 days, it will be 3 days of carb refeed. Endless eating!!
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 09) ** 10th December 2017 **
On the ninth day of our winter trip, we went on a day trip to the town of Kawagoe located in the Saitama Prefecture. Kawagoe is also known as Little Edo as the shops there are a reminiscence of how it was like during the Edo period. After a fun-filled day at Kawagoe, we dropped by Roppongi Hills for a little window shopping and feasted our eyes on the wonderful illuminating streets of Roppongi!
Unboxing + Review BBQ, Bacon and Cheeseburger @ Smashburger (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)
We unbox and show you the details of Smashburger's offering at Makkah, Saudi Arabia!
Cuphead now on Android
Install aptoide go to app find the icon with cuphead and mugman install go to home press icon ENJOY in game
Our Penang Adventure ++ Street Arts ++ Endless Eating ++ (13th March - 17th March 2017)
Our maiden trip to the sunny island of Penang. Follow us as we walk around Georgetown looking for street arts, visit the Penang Hill and the most important, enjoying the local delicacy that is synonymous with Penang. It's endless walking and endless eating!!
Luqman's Birthday Trip To The S.E.A Aquarium (25th August 2018)
It's Luq's birthday and he is now 9 years old. We celebrated his special day by visiting the S.E.A Aquarium located at Resorts World Sentosa!
Lexis Hibiscus Trip (24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015) // Part 04: Swimming Session
Our maiden trip to Port Dickson's newest resort, The Lexis Hibiscus. Does the resort name sounds familiar? This is because it is the sister resort to one of Port Dickson's best resort, The Grand Lexis.
Lion Dance 2016 @ Eastpoint Mall (13th February 2016)
Lion Dance performance at Eastpoint Mall, Singapore. Video taken on the 13th of February 2016.
Lexis Hibiscus Trip (24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015) // Part 03: Going To Town
Our maiden trip to Port Dickson's newest resort, The Lexis Hibiscus. Does the resort name sounds familiar? This is because it is the sister resort to one of Port Dickson's best resort, The Grand Lexis.
Desaru Adventure Day 02 (2nd - 3rd January 2016)
Our latest adventure takes us to the beach resort at Desaru. It was our first holiday of 2016. Although it was a short stay of 1 night at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort, it was a fun and memorable trip. Good memories, good food, good company. What else can you ask for!
World War Nerf + Lunch Out @ Bedok Food Centre (9th August 2017)
So what do we do on a public holiday? We went to the beach and had Nerf War!! World War Nerf!! Who wins? Who got killed? All will be revealed!! Oh... and we visited Bedok Food Centre for a scrumptious lunch!!
The Fullerton Bay Staycation Adventure (14th May - 15th May 2016)
Celebrating my wife's birthday with a staycation at the Fullerton Bay Hotel.
Carb Refeed 3.0 (26th Nov 2016) + Little Luq's Graffiti Trail
It's our third carb refeed since we introduced this "tool" in our low carb diet. We didn't actually "gorge" ourselves full of carbs but is more of introducing portion by portion. All in all, not really a cheat day but a systematic re-introduction of carbohydrates to the body. In addition, we brought Luq to Arab Street to have a look around of the graffiti available there. He was a happy beaver, to say the least.
Kuala Lumpur Ramadhan Trip (2nd June - 5th June 2018)
We visited Kuala Lumpur during the holy month of Ramadhan to prepare for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration.
Luq's Unexplained Mystery Episode 01 - The Staircase That Leads To Nowhere
In this first episode of our new unexplained mystery show, Luq The Man will outline the mystery and myth behind the the staircase that leads to nowhere!
We visited Malaysia's premier theme park - LEGOLAND! A family theme park that is packed with fun! Was it worth it? Come join us & check it out!
Time Lapse Masjidil Haram
A time lapse of Masjidil Haram from the view of our hotel room!
Lexis Hibiscus Trip (24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015) // Part 05:  Going Back Home
Our maiden trip to Port Dickson's newest resort, The Lexis Hibiscus. Does the resort name sounds familiar? This is because it is the sister resort to one of Port Dickson's best resort, The Grand Lexis.
My 40th Birthday Trip @ Gardens By The Bay (23rd April 2017)
We visited Gardens By The Bay to commemorate my 40th Birthday and had a fun time discovering both the Clouded Forest and the Flower Dome. ################################################ “Gardens by the Bay, Singapore” by DHONSKY357 Donpacundo https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7556411654 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 2.0 License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ ################################################
DC Universe Online Test02
Testing Adobe Premiere Pro with DC Universe Online.
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 08) ** 9th December 2017 **
Our adventure took us to metropolitan Tokyo where we walked around Ginza, Yurokucho, Hibiya and also the Tokyo Station itself. We later visited the Electronic Town of Akihabara.
Kuala Lumpur CNY Trip 2018 (16th Feb - 19th Feb 2018)
It was a long holiday during Chinese New Year and as such, we took the opportunity to visit one of our favorite holiday destination, Kuala Lumpur!
River Safari CNY Bonanza (8th February 2016)
An adventure during Chinese New Year. Let's go safari in the rivers of the world!
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 11) ** 12th December 2017 **
We visited the famous fish market in Tsukiji which has now closed and moved to another location. We also drop by Odaiba to visit Unicorn Gundam, took a ride at the ferris wheel and just walking around and hanging out at the malls in Odaiba.
GTAIV Test01
Video editing testing using Adobe Premiere Pro by utilising GTA IV gameplay.
Mandai Zoo CNY Bonanza (7th February 2016)
An adventure in the zoological gardens of Mandai on the eve of Chinese New Year.
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 13) ** 14th December 2017 **
Our last day in Tokyo was spent walking around Asakusa looking for gifts and snacks. From there, we took the train to Haneda Airport and took a domestic flight to Kansai Airport. We transit at Kansai Airport for a couple of hours before we fly back to KLIA.
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 05) ** 6th December 2017 **
Our next adventure in Tokyo takes us to the ever busy yet exciting Shinjuku! Follow us as we tried to locate the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal to purchase our bus tickets to reach Fuji-san. Accompany us as we walk up to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building as we have a bird's eye view of Tokyo through the observatory tower. We also went on a hunt to locate the King of Monster, GOJIRA!! Finally we made our way to Takashimaya Times Square where we had our final fantasy.
Celebrating Aidilfitri 2017 (25th June 2017)
Just a short video commemorating Aidilfitri.
The Fullerton Staycation Adventure (23rd - 24th April 2016)
Celebrating my birthday with a staycation at The Fullerton Hotel.
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 01 - Day 03) ** 2nd December to 4th December 2017 **
Our winter adventure in Tokyo, Japan. Our 14 days trip started from Singapore to Narita Airport via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). We stayed at Asakusa due to the availability of halal restaurants located in and within its vicinity.
NBA 2K17 Test Playthrough
Testing and playing NBA 2K17 using Cyberlink PowerDirector.
Luq & Aqin Shark Aquarium // Boy's Play Acting Session
Luq and Aqin plays shark aquarium and the dolphin show!
For Honor Open Beta Playthrough
A bit late as the full version is available for the PC, XB1 and PS4. Nevertheless, was trying out the open beta version for For Honor. An extremely awesome AAA game from Ubisoft. Well done!
Tokyo Winter Adventure 2017 (Day 12) ** 13th December 2017 **
On our 2nd last day in Tokyo, we visited Tokyo Dome to chill out at the iconic baseball stadium. There is a theme park located within Tokyo Dome targeted for both kids and adults.
Our KL Road Trip (7th - 9th April 2017)
We went on a long road trip to Kuala Lumpur for my niece's wedding.
Lexis Hibiscus Trip (24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015) // Part 01: Introduction
Our maiden trip to Port Dickson's newest resort, The Lexis Hibiscus. Does the resort name sounds familiar? This is because it is the sister resort to one of Port Dickson's best resort, The Grand Lexis.

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