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How💥to💥unclog💥garbage💥disposal💥drain💥clogged💥with💥potato💥skins💥ᴴᴰ 1080
Ingredients needed to fix: 1. Baking soda: http://amzn.to/1pCTiQr 2. Vinegar: http://amzn.to/1FGPakq 3. Boiled hot water 4. Suggested: Replace old disposal with a strong one like this: https://amzn.to/2TEszDT We clogged up our garbage disposal from putting potato skins down the sink. Before I ran out and called a plumber, I tried out the baking soda and vinegar that I read about to unclog a garbage disposal drain. I was in disbelief that this would even work. See the step by step approach I did to fix this myself and super cheap. Don't use Liquid Plumr or anything similar so you don't damage your disposal. I've yet to try this in the bathtub or bathroom sink when they get clogged. Uploaded in 1080p so you can stream this with clarity to an Apple TV or Chromecast.
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Unable to add fuel additives or gas to Ford EasyFuel™ capless tank
If you have found that you're unable to install any fuel additives, such as STA-BIL 360 Performance, to your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury, here's the funnel that will allow you to add fuel additives or gas from a portable container. Funnel is available here (for 2008 and up vehicles with capless filler): http://amzn.to/2ufDrO3 Amsoil P.I. fuel additive (use every 4,000 miles, gasoline engines only): http://bit.ly/2gOxTFU STA-BIL 360 Performance Additive: http://amzn.to/2ufLbQn
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500 Horsepower Neon SRT-4
http://www.synthetic-motor-oil-change-and-filters.com/recommended-oil/DODGE/2003/NEON/2.4L/S/ Ever see a 4 cylinder put out 500 horsepower? This is absolutely amazing. Their oil competes with Amsoil by. Killer sway bar kit! http://amzn.to/NiLoHW Leading Edge Lubricants
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Cheap mini DVR dash cam nighttime video sample
http://amzn.to/Oj8qQ9 Driving through Sawgrass Mills Mall parking lot at night. Nothing special. I just bought this DVR dash cam. This is the quality at night. Shipping was pretty quick. I also see all of these cool dash cam videos so I decided to get one. It doesn't come with an SD card, so I went and bought one and stuck it in there. It records AVI files as you drive. You plug it into the USB and can view or copy any movie. Pretty neat. If you're ever involved in an accident or get wrongfully blamed for a traffic violation, you can use this as evidence that you were in the right. I am not selling these. A friend send me a link for it in an email and I ended up buying it. I thought I'd upload the video for people to see. If you can find a coupon code, you can get it cheaper. I paid $49 for this, but now the price has gotten even cheaper (see the link above). It uses a cigarette lighter. Would be better to hardwire into car's wiring. It records as soon as you start the car and has a battery. A friend of mine he made from a home video camera. I thought I'd get one made specifically for cars. It also plays the video smooth over bumps.
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iRobot Scooba 390/380 Review and unboxing - in 1080p HD
http://amzn.to/1fWTOjj Click on that link to buy your own Scooba 390. If you want to save a little money, get the previous model a little cheaper for the Scooba 380. Click here: http://amzn.to/1bSzAGN You can also consider the Braava 380t which is cheaper and uses the Swiffer towels. See the product and video here: http://amzn.to/I4iKdd I love this thing. This is a MUST-HAVE item if you have a lot of tile or, hardwood or linoleum floors in your house. Just be sure to do a quick vacuum first to pick up any loose hair otherwise you will have to wash it out of the small filter the way I had to do with the dog hair in this video. I was going to buy the Mint 5200, but I heard that it doesn't always work well when you have area rugs and can get stuck. I spent the extra money for the Scooba for tha reason. If you don't have area rugs to worry about, I would suggest taking a look at the Evolution Robotics Mint 5200 robot. This one also has great reviews. See the product and information here: http://amzn.to/1iwouu1 You can't go wrong with any of these units. They all work very well. It all depends on your budget and what layout of your house. I would suggest ordering additional virtual wall units when ordering the Scooba. Recorded in 1080p for your viewing pleasure. If you have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay on an iPhone, Laptop or iPad and view this video on an HDTV.
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Bad Car Crashes💥Horrendous Automobile Accidents  - Shock and Awe!
Viewer discretion advised. Horrible car crashes and head on collisions from bad drivers, people driving too fast for conditions or people underestimating what their vehicle can and cannot do. This version is heavily edited so you don't have to sit there fast forwarding through the boring parts. Sit back and LEARN HOW TO DRIVE PROPERLY!
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Camaro Repo - Fast repossession
http://amzn.to/QvIOdL Repo Men: http://amzn.to/1bTaTd3 See how fast it takes the repo man to snatch your car. Count the seconds from the time he backs the tow truck up to the time it takes him to drive off with the car. This is proof that the cost of today's cars are just way too much. If cars were affordable, the repo rates would drop. All banks should offer finance rates under 5% the same way the manufacturers do. Repo man: Joey Maurno
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Port o potty pranks - dropping water baloon from high floor - scary!
Click on this: http://amzn.to/1iwSVA8 Funny stuff done at colleges. This video should teach you to always look up when walking out doors at a college. You never know what will land on you. This is nuts!
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Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas - staff jamming to Macarena. (HD) 1080p 2014
Having a great time on January 15th, 2014 aboard the Majesty of the Seas. The staff who served dinner danced around the floor to the Macarena. This was a fun cruise with plenty to do every single day on the ship. Plenty to eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all included in the price. Only alcohol, extra snacks or upgrading food to stuff like filter mignon and lobster costs extra. You really get your money's worth on one of these cruises. A 5 day cruise for 2 cost just over $700. That includes all the food you can eat, having a place to sleep and lots of entertainment. That's an absolute BARGAIN! They also have a free fitness center on board. Optional things are massages at the spa and other adventures to go on when you stop at various destinations.
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That's how you go lamping drop the bass like a boss.
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Roomba 780 unboxing from Amazon
http://amzn.to/OqdR08 I ordered this Roomba 780 vacuum on Saturday and got it here on Wednesday. It has two towers to mark off two rooms. The cheaper one is the Roomba 770 here: http://amzn.to/Uv0E34 - $100 less because it doesn't have the touch controls, but still has the same technology and performance. I wanted the higher performance so I sprung for the extra $100 for the touch controls.
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Test drive of a Mustang Cobra at the dealer.
http://www.conchetumadre.com/ See what it's like to test drive a Mustang Cobra from a dealer, do some serious burnouts and then give the car back without buying it. Dogging this thing out HARD! This is why it doesn't pay to buy used cars. Anonymous
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Trunk Monkey 3
http://www.conchetumadre.com/ See this lady get pulled over. The police officer asks for license and registration. Instead he gets offered money and a donut as a bribe. Suburban Auto Group
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Crazy puppy dogs chasing water hose and barking (HD) 720p
Jack Russells barking and American Bulldog playing with water hose. Sorry for only uploading in lo-res 720p. I don't have $2,000 for a good 4k camera yet.
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Horrific💥dramatic💥car💥crashes - lots of people screamin' and stuff
Bad car wrecks. This is what happens when you either don't pay attention to the road or drive too fast for road conditions. LEARN SOMETHING from watching this.
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Master Windu vs Yoda on Star Wars
http://amzn.to/Qwm2py This is funny... has a style like it was made from the people who made South Park. Funny. Anonymous
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Roomba success with apartment bedroom that has carpet and dogs
http://amzn.to/OqdR08 We vacuumed this room with the Dyson vacuum 2 days ago. He's today's attempt with the Roomba. It did this bathroom, closet and bedroom under the bed and dressers. This room already "appeared" clean before I ran the Roomba, but look how much nasty dirty I pulled out after just 35-40 minutes with the Roomba. This vacuum is amazing. I never thought a battery powered vacuum would be strong enough to clean anything. This thing is absolutely relentless when it comes to cleaning. Definitely a good investment.
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How to evade jets in GTA V at Fort Zancudo military base
How to evade jets in GTA V at Fort Zancudo military base. You have to time the missile just right and pull up. The missiles are heat seeking, you you have to let off on the throttle right as you pull up.
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Roomba 780 vacuum in apartment with tile and dogs. 770 model is cheaper.
Roomba 780 vacuum in apartment with tile and dogs. 770 model is cheaper. Roomba 780 (seen here) http://amzn.to/OqdR08 or $100 cheaper model http://amzn.to/Uv0E34 - Performance exceeds my expectations. No wonder they have sold like 70 million of these things around the world. Amazingly, it works just as well on carpet as it does tile. I've completely filled 3 dust bins with this thing with no problem. We also have a $500 Dyson that I won't be using much now that we have this. ------------------------------------------ Subscribe to our channel http://amzn.to/1hFqS5z http://amzn.to/1THZyVq
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Roomba 780 vacuum in apartment with tile and dogs. 770 model is cheaper.
Roomba 780 (seen here) http://amzn.to/OqdR08 or $100 cheaper model http://amzn.to/Uv0E34 - Performance exceeds my expectations. No wonder they have sold like 70 million of these things around the world. Amazingly, it works just as well on carpet as it does tile. I've completely filled 3 dust bins with this thing with no problem. We also have a $500 Dyson that I won't be using much now that we have this.
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Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas crew having fun (HD) 1080p January 2014
Crew members aboard the Majesty of the Seas having fun in the dining area. Playing the Hot Hot Hot song. This was the first time we ever went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It exceeded our expectations. All of the staff members were courteous and helpful throughout the entire cruise. If you have never cruised with them, I recommend it.
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GTA V - Stealing car to break into military base. Shoot down 2 jets.
Here I show how you can steal a car next to the military base. Jump the fence. Get the fighter get and shoot down 2 jets. Then get shot down by another player. Survive and then then have a massive police chase while you blow up police cars with sticky bombs. Cool sound effects.
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News Flash: Off-duty officer and expert marksman, Charle R., foils attempted car theft (HD)
Filmed live in Hollywood... Car thief foiled by property owner and marksman. Shoot out starts in front yard between the car thief and the property owner. (HD)
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Paintball gun being shot at guy in shower
http://www.hogvalley.com It's one thing to be shot with a paintball gun when you have protective gear on, but what about when somebody shoots you while you're in the shower? That has to hurt! Anonymous
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Darth Vader scare
http://amzn.to/QrTQqb How to make your wife mad when she's sleeping because you're a Star Wars geek. Star Wars Geeks
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GTA 5 running and screaming crowd. Doing donuts in a Tesla
See me destroy a Tesla doing donuts and toying with the cops. See lawn jobs.
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The best 100:1 2-cycle oil - Saber Professional
http://www.linolakesoil.com/ Look how this machine drills right through the ice using a 100:1 mix of Amsoil Saber Professional 2-cycle oil. That is some amazing stuff. Ever notice how 2-cycle weed whackers and stuff make tons of smoke? Look how this machine has virtually no smoke at all.
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Bus accident with train
Bus accident with train Train crashes into bus. Bus flies. Firefighters come and put out the fire.
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GTA V - How to steal jets through the back way - Dride_81 cat vs mouse
GTA V - How to steal jets through the back way. If there's a bunch of people all competing to jump the hill out front, you can always sneak around through the back way. See the cat and mouse flying against dride_81.
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💥Watch💥me💥pick💥up💥a💥prostitute💥and💥take💥her💥out for fun
I was at the ammo store and there was a hooker outside. I picked her up in my car for a blow job and sex for $150. Sorry, they can't show all of the graphic details, even though this is only a fake 3D rendering. It's only for laughs.
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Demonic possession of Jack Russell - 720p HD
Royally pissed off Jack Russell growling. Other goodies at the end for a small chuckle.
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Entering💥strip💥club💥and💥getting💥a💥lap💥dance. Having a drink at the bar.
Not real. Funny 3D rendering of going into a strip club. Watch how I get a lap dance. Watch me drink at the bar after the bartender serves me a drink.
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Doing lawn job shooting rooster tails on front yard
Burning out somebody's front yard and taking out their mail box in broad day light. Crazy driving and felony destruction of property.
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Funny scared Doberman response from Jack Russell.  Letting him know who's boss!
http://www.hogvalley.com/ Puppy dog's response to all that barking! Dropping knowledge on him who's the boss here. Jack Russell's rock!
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GTA V - Heavy gunfight with cops on the beach using a tank
Another fun demonstration of what it's like to fight the cops using a tank in Grand Theft Auto 5. Watch how you can shoot down helicopters with ease.
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2nd Generation Camaro doing donuts
http://www.hogvalley.com Found this on my video tape that I recorded like 10 years ago. Watch this guy tear up the pavement out in Fort Lauderdale right off 441 not far from Atlantic Blvd. The rearend in this car is a permanent posi. When the car would go around corners, you could hear the tires chirping. http://www.oil4car.com Joe Maurno Guy doing the donuts: Chris
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GTA V - Break into military base through the back way to steal a fighter jet
Some people don't know about how to break into the military base online by jumping over the fence in the back. I was planting sticky bombs next to the parked jets so that other players would be blown up by these booby traps. See me shoot down a jet and other aircraft. Played on PS4.
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Watch me steal a suburban after shooting at the cops and fight with paramedics
Watch me steal a suburban after shooting at the cops and fight with paramedics. Had a police chase and a shoot out. Watch the chase from multiple camera angles. Amazing detail and realism from this 3D rendering. Even the water looks real.
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3D fist fight with construction workers.  Police shoot out.
3D fist fight with construction workers. Police shoot out. Nice 3D rendering with lots of detail. See the action with the chain gun going crazy. Watch those police cars explode.
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iMovie Trailer Example. - Crazy Shit in Broward County - Movie Trailer.  iOS 7 1080p HD
Starring William Steinfeld and G. Money. Broward County activities. Funny movie trailer test made on an iPhone 4S using iOS 7. Taken from random videos on my phone. This video was made while sitting in a waiting room while my wife went shopping. (c) 2013, A Porch Monkey Studio production. In 1080p HD for your viewing pleasure.
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Funny air horn prank while driving - hilarious
http://amzn.to/P83Xgp If you have an air horn can, here are some fun things you can do with it while driving a car. This is hysterical! Unknown
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Rooma 630/650/760/770/780/790 review - great when you move out of your house or apartment
Click this link to buy: http://amzn.to/OqdR08 or $100 cheaper model http://amzn.to/Uv0E34 We recently changed apartments. You can't go wrong with any of those models. While I was busy spackling the holes in the walls and loading the car, I let the Roomba clean all of the rooms. This thing was a great time saver. Even after going over the whole house with expensive vacuum cleaners, this thing still managed to fill its dust bin with tons of dog hair. I am amazed at how long the battery keeps it going. It fully recharges in a short amount of time. The 790 is great because it doesn't use the infrared. Instead the remote can be used from any room while the 780 has to be line of sight for the remote to function. Wasn't worth the extra $100 for me on top of what I paid for the 780. If you owned an office cleaning business, you could buy a bunch of these and let them loose on every floor while you emptied the garbage cans and cleaned the bathrooms. You could probably vacuum a 5 story office building in about an hour with 5 of these robots. Here's the cheap model that is also excellent: http://amzn.to/StKaKN
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Scooba 390 and Roomba 780 working in tandem.  Info on Mint 5200, 380, 630
Scooba 390 purchasing information - click any of the links below: http://amzn.to/1fWTOjj Don't forget to click "SHOW MORE" in your browser. Scooba 380 (previous model, lower price): http://amzn.to/1bSzAGN Roomba 780 (For pets and allegies): http://amzn.to/OqdR08 Roomba accessories (recommended): http://amzn.to/1djpPoh or this one with brushes: http://amzn.to/1jooqtU Roomba 630 (lower price pet model): http://amzn.to/StKaKN Using Pine Sol or other cleaning fluids can damage a Scooba. Only use their cleaner: http://amzn.to/I0ShNh Competitor: Evolution Robotics Mint 5200 (uses Swiffer wipes, also works well!) http://amzn.to/1iwouu1 Optional Virtual Wall for Roomba (Roomba unit only comes with one): http://amzn.to/18a7o3p Virtual Wall Lighthouse for Scooba only: http://amzn.to/1h495lp Also be sure all of the other Roomba models. They make several: http://amzn.to/1c4RG6x If you know somebody who is elderly or disabled, tools like these can often be a godsend! Or if somebody just has a bad back or little time for cleaning.
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Watch me do a lawn job in a Tesla.
This is how you get rental cars and do burn out in people's front yards. Trench that lawn!!!
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Cheap Dash cam DVR-047 demo
To buy this camera visit this link: http://amzn.to/Oj8qQ9 Some bitch start getting an attitude just because I lightly honked the horn when the light turned green and she didn't move. So how am I on the wrong? I was so ready to start screaming at her for copping an attitude with me.
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Stealing an Audi R8 to use to break into Fort Zancudo
Stealing an Audi R8 to use to break into Fort Zancudo and steal a fighter jet. Then destroy all military equipment. Video for Tommy Hickey to enjoy. GTA V fun.
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GTA V - stealing a jet from a pilot on the military base using a PS4.
Sometimes a pilot will have landed his jet and you can drive up and throw him out of the cockpit and steal the jet for yourself. See me shoot down a jet after the 1 minute mark. Wimpy player goes into passive mode to keep from getting blown up as he also steals a jet from the military base. Notice how I don't die even after getting shot down by another aircraft.
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Massive motorcycle police chase 3D rendering. See some nice wheelies.
Motorcycle police chase 3D rendering after a shooting. Funny stuff. What it's like running from the law. Eventually you die. You can never run forever. You can see a few small wheelies in there while driving.
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Shooting at police helicopters from the ground
Shooting at police helicopters from the ground S.W.A.T. teams come in to finish off the suspect.
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