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AMD HD 6990 4GB - Unboxing - ASUS (1080p, full HD)
Here come another unboxing!
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Aerocool BattleHawk Black Edition case / chassi unboxing review
a small video asbout Aerocool BattleHawk Black Edition unboxing and abit of looking into the case. If you have questions just ask and il come back to you! There is a SSD cage just above the HDD cage!
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Zotac GTX 660 Ti : unboxing Video card Geforce 6 series
A short video from the GeForce 660 Ti from zotac. Sorry for not showing everything or all but i hade a time frame to keep on a build i hade been doing. Music from Teknoaxe here on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgf00GvfFQVsYBA7V7RwUw
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riverbed steelhead 5050-m
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aerocool x-warrior red devil edition : unboxing Full HD
A short unboxing of the aerocool x-warrior red devil edition computer case. Sorry for not showing everything but i hade a time tabel to deliver the computer so i made this a fast vid. Music from Teknoaxe here on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgf00GvfFQVsYBA7V7RwUw
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Danish-Swedish Farmdog: Funny dog likes her new toy / ball (Full HD)
Appi gets her new ball and get abitt crazy over it. Music: http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe?feature=watch
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Danish-Swedish Farmdog: Cute and funny dog (Full HD)
some short clips of our dog "appi" :D
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Razer Blackwidow Chroma mechanical Keyboard unboxing and lighting demo nordic
A unboxing of Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard and a quick look onto the Lighting options.
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Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark-S Motherboard unboxing and sneekpeek
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark-S unboxing and a and a quick look onto some features and parts. I alsow in the end show how it might look in a white case for you who wants a stylish look with this premium motherboard!
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FSP Hyper 600W Powersupply/PSU
Unboxing of a FSP Hyper 600W Powersupply/PSU If you have any questions, just ask :D
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Go Pro Nytro first drive and a beginner on sleds Yamaha
First sirius drive with the Nytro and in front a first timer on sleds! She only gets stuck 2 times and easy to get out of. Sorry if its abit long and boring but we did not go for a action driven drive so to say, just going to our cabin. i drive the Yamaha nytro xtx and the one in front drives a vmax xtc 600.
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atomic bomberman gamerz ftw!?!?!
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Video Response to: GamerCompany VN(Aerocool BattleHawk, removing front and top pannel)
A video response to GamerCompany VN, i beg for forgiveness in advance for the no mic in this clip but i promised to upload it today.
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ATI 5870 reviews
ATI 5870 show,somting i made becous i was bored
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trailer for 08
not so good camera or program but it will shandge
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Gopro Session test on helmet with snowmobile
Just testing out the Gopro4 Session with the helmet and a Yamaha Nytro xtx. Music from Geoxor!
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Corsair h40 Hydro series : liquid cooler LC full hd 1080p 720p
A fast video of the H40 from Corsair! Music: Doctor vox - wicked
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First drive of the season
First drive of the season
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Wasteland Zagrabad arma2 arma 2 : Taking over the base! Episode 1
We were playing Wasteland on a new map, we found a humvee and rolled out to our friend who found a base that was occupied and we aimed to take it. Music as usual from Teknoaxe: https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe?feature=watch Episode 2 coming soon!
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How to open an Xbox360 Xbox 360, fast video. (1080p, full HD)
Well as the titel says this is a fast guide on how to open your Xbox 360 so you then can repair your RROD or clean it for the purpose of not getting a RROD! With this video and a guide via google you should be able to open it up easy peasy :D
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Corsair CX500 PSU full HD 1080p : 720p Power supply unboxing
A short video about the CX600 PSU. Music: Doctro Vox - Wicked
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