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Stop Run Reversal Setup - Day Trading Forex Live
Home Of Forex Market Manipulation: http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Trade forex like the pro's! Learn to trade forex without getting caught in the Stop Run Reversal trap. This forex trading strategy will allow you to see the manipulation of the banks and thus profit from it! -Sterling
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1 2 3 Trend  Reversal Pattern - Day Trading Forex Live
Forex Bank Trading Strategy - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Learn to determine the short term direction in the forex market using the 1,2,3 reversal strategy. This forex day trading pattern effectively identifies trend reversal points, and allows you to profit from changes in the current trend! -Sterling
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How Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders - Day Trading Strategy
More Bank Trading Strategies - https://www.DayTradingForexLive.com In this video, I walk through some recent market manipulation that occurred around economic data. In general, news offers a good opportunity to identify manipulation in the market which gives us a great indication of what smart money is doing. Because 5 banks control 58% of the daily forex volume, they must search out liquidity when they have the desire to buy or sell. Simply put you cannot buy what someone else is not willing to sell, and you cannot sell what someone else is not willing to buy. If they have the desire to sell, they need buying pressure and thus entering the short position is easier when the overall market direction is long. The news represents a great time when a one-directional market is likely to occur and thus allowing smart money a great opportunity to manipulate overall market sentiment. How The Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders - Day Trading Strategy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDhXG02KgWE -Sterling
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Where To Place Your Stop Loss - Forex Bank Trading Techniques
3 Keys To Becoming A Profitable Forex Trader - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/3-keys-to-becoming-a-profitable-forex-trader/ In the forex market, long term success is heavily dependent on stop placement. A forex trading strategy that does not have a way of setting a stop loss is extremely inadequate. Especially for day traders, placement of your stop loss is the largest part in maintaining a proper reward to risk ratio. Because you are trading short term market flucuations there will only be so much profit potential behind each trade setup. As a result the biggest way to impact your reward to risk ratio in a positive or negative way is with your stop loss placement. This forex training videos details some of the biggest mistakes retail traders tend to make when placing their stop loss. It also covers the basic strategy we use for stop placement as it relates to smart money. You will discover what we believe is the safest location for your stops to be placed and why. -Sterling
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How To Profit From Market Manipulation - Forex Bank Trading Examples
Confirmation Entry - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/the-complete-confirmation-entry-breakdown-july-15th-2014/ Forex Bank Trading Course - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ At Day Trading Forex Live we believe the key to success is tracking banking activity. Because the top 5 mega banks control nearly 60% of the daily forex volume, understanding what they are doing is central to successful trading. Really only two types of traders exist....those who understand and profit from forex market manipulation and those who are the victim of it. This video walks though some recent trade setups as well as key information to begin understanding how market manipulation works.
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Forex Trading  - Breakout Pattern on GBPUSD
Live Forex Trade Videos - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/recent-trades/ Learn to trade forex using our Breakout Continuation forex trading strategy. This day trading pattern is extremely simple to use, and highly effective in the forex market once a trader understands forex market bank manipulation. Consistent trading requires a simple day trading strategy that can be replicated over the long haul. Understanding basic market function will allow you to trade during all market conditions. This type of live trade setups focuses on a breakout trade setup from a clear level. Because these type of trade setups happen so regularly there is an opportunity many times per day depending on the time frame being used. -Sterling
Reactive Vs Predictive Forex Trading Strategies
Forex Bank Trading Strategy Results Video - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/trading-results-for-october-2015-profitable-fx-day-trading-strategy/ Our belief at Day Trading Forex Live is there are only two types of forex traders. The first type are those who trade based off of reactive based strategies, and those who trade with predictive based systems. This training video breaks down the forex bank trading strategy which is a predictive trade setup with a focus on tracking smart money. Many people have heard the term lagging indicator but they don't realize pretty much every trading strategy is reactive. In other words most retail forex trading strategies react to a move in the market. If you are reacting rather than predicting then you are trading a lagging trade setup. Predicting is always better for those who are learning to trade successfully because it allows for a higher reward to risk ratio. The reason it produces a better R/R ratio is due to the time of your entry. Entries are taken long before most reactive day trading strategies have produced a confirmation or trade signal and therefore you have entered long before the actual move occurs. As a result, even if you get stopped out you have a tighter stop loss. On the live trades that actually work out you will have a much larger take profit potential. Overall, if you are still learning to trade forex I would highly recommend learning a forex trading strategy that is reactive rather than predictive. -Sterling
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Forex Trading Strategy - Day Trading Confirmation Entry
Learn to trade forex using our price based day trading strategy. This forex trading strategy is simple to learn, and easy to replicate. Enjoy! http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com - Bank Trading Strategies
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Smart Money Forex Strategy - Live EUR/USD Day Trade
The EUR/USD completed the third intra day push down, on the 3rd longer term smart money trend. At this point it gave a nice opportunity to go long that we took. www.DayTradingForexLive.com
Forex Beginners Guide - 4 Pivotal Rules to Trading Success
https://www.daytradingforexlive.com This forex beginners guide details the 4 most important rules to becoming a successful trader. The overwhelming majority of struggling retail forex traders would tell you that it was their trading strategy holding them back from success. In over 13 years of trading, I can say for certain that your trading strategy is only 20-30% of what it takes to be a profitable trader. That is why you can give two traders the same trading strategy, and one will succeed while the other will fail. If you're struggling to become a profitable trader, the rules I cover in this beginners guide will be hugely beneficial. Additionally, the 4 different rules covered in this forex beginners guide will apply to any market you choose to trade, any time frame, and most trading strategies. -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live - Why Traders Fail
Learn To Trade Forex: http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com If we understand why forex traders fail, we can identify what should be avoided. This video walks through the trading strategies that people use and why they lose money with it. It also shows how the retail forex brokers trade against the average retail forex trader which keeps them losing money. -Sterling
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Identifying Bank Manipulation & Forex Day Trading Strategy
More info on the Forex Bank Trading Strategy: https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ This forex training video walks through the confirming entry. The confirming entry has been a powerful tool we have used for years and continues to stand the test of time. Overall the best way to identify what the banks are doing is to wait for the market to reach our pre-selected 'high probability point's' and see if the stops are then taken. If we see the manipulation around these points, we have a very good indication of when the banks may be entering the forex market, and thus we can trade accordingly. The confirming entry is one of the tools that we use to validate the entry or invalidate it. In general, there is a compromise between forex trading strategies that take a great deal of time to confirm vs. those that confirm quickly. Each tends to have its own weakness, but this is where the confirming day trading entry strategy shines. Overall it tends to produce a trade signal fast enough to not miss many trades, while not so fast that it produces many false trading entry signals. I hope this video helps....happy trading! -Sterling
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Live Forex Room Trade - Day Trading Forex Market Manipulation
Here is the video covering the Confirmation Entry I said I would link to http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/the-complete-confirmation-entry-breakdown-july-15th-2014/ In this live day trade example from our live forex room, I took a short on the GBP/USD. We did not have a directional bias or market trend at the time of this trade. We call this "level 3 accumulation". Essentially this means we are trading from pre-determined manipulation points in either direction. The second trade setup was a typical NY Reversal trade. Smart money uses the same principals to exit a trade as they do when entering a position. If liquidity is needed to enter a trade without spiking the market then this searching for liquidity will be seen when they exit the price as well. Knowing when smart money is exiting a position means we are likely to see the partial reversal of that days move. This is a position we look to hold for only a few hours. The second trade was on the GBP/CAD and after coming into a major lower manipulation point it provided a beautiful confirmation entry long. The entry on this NY Reversal trade setup gave a great overall risk/reward ratio which is the foundation of all bank trading setups and why tracking market manipulation can be such a profitable forex trading strategy for both pro traders or beginners alike.
Live EUR/USD Long - Day Trading Bank Manipulation
Confirmation Entry Video - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/complete-day-trading-entry-strategy-trade-market-manipulation/ This live trade setup was a trade from the June 26th 2014 live NY Session. Essentially the EUR/USD had worked down past the ADR into a pre-selected manipulation point. After creating the stop run of this level we then entered a EUR/USD long and ended up +27 pips overall. The key was the risk to reward associated with this trade setup. With a 13 pip stop loss on entry, our +27 pips was slightly better than 2 to 1 R/R. Overall great trade setup and I hope it helps.
Forex Bank Trading Strategy - Day Trading Forex Strategies
Forex Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Only 10 bank control more the 50% of the daily volume in the forex market. Understanding how the banks must trade allows us to identify not only when they are entering a position, but what position they are entering. This video walks through the basics of the forex trading strategy that we use to day trade in the forex market. Because the banks control the majority of the daily market volume, if we can spot their activity then we can know the next short term market trend with a much higher probability. These day trade setups also offer a very high reward to risk ratio which is the key to learning to trade forex successfully. -Sterling
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Forex Trend Trading Strategy - Part 1
MORE Forex Bank Trading Strategies - https://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This forex training video walks through our forex trend trading strategy. Is the "trend your friend" as the old forex saying goes? Many retail forex traders can see the profit potential of trends in the forex market but never seem to capitalize on it. Why? The key is in understanding how the banks tend to trend the price. Doing so will explain why most in the retail sector have a tough time CONSISTENTLY profiting from trends. Forex Trend Trading Strategy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iwGtiNW8y0
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Live Stop Run Reversal Day Trade Setup On The EUR/USD
Forex Bank Trading Course - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ Last week Thursday the EUR/USD came down to a pre-determined manipulation point and provided what we term as a stop run reversal. The key to tracking the banks is identifying potential manipulation points in advance and then waiting for the market to provide a valid setup at one of these levels. Any forex trading strategy used to enter the market has 2 main goals. Most often associated with an entry strategy is its ability to get you in the right trade. An often over looked aspect of every trading strategy or day trading system is its ability to keep you OUT of bad trades. It doesn't matter what you win if you just give it all back. Therefore, as the market approaches these pre-determined manipulation points we wait for our confirmation entry trade "filter" to validate the trade or equally important if the level is not going to hold....invalidate the trade. The confirmation entry excels in keeping us out of bad trades and minimizing the loss on trades that do go against us. Overall the EUR/USD moved nicely off of the stop run reversal of the lows and was closed out at the start of the New York trading session for just shy of a 3 to 1 reward to risk ratio which was +26 pips.
Learn To Day Trade Forex Stop Runs - Live Trading
Live day trade setup on the EUR/USD from June 22nd 2015. The Euro came into one of our pre-selected manipulation points from the daily market review. After the initial stop run of that level we then got our confirmation candle and took a short position. The key behind trading market manipulation is capitalizing on the high reward to risk ratios these trade setups often produce. Forex Bank Trading Course - www.DayTradingForexLive.com
GBP/USD Smart Money Trend Reversal Setup - April 5th 2012
Identifying when smart money has completed their trend for the week can yield great results. In this live trade example I break down why I was taking the trade on the GBP/USD. Forex Day Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com
Rogue Bank Trading - Day Trading Forex Chart Patterns
Forex Day Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com The forex market is heavily manipulated. Understanding how the banks move the forex market leads to profiting from the moves they create. This simple glimpse into the forex chart patterns from the banks perspective can help us do just that. Chart patterns tend to compress liquidity which in turn gives us a location to look for manipulation to occur from. Banks require liquidity to both enter and exit positions and thus why these compression patterns often start short term market trend changes. -Sterling
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Day Trading New York Reversals - Live Forex Trade
In this live trade example we had a good reversal on the GBP/USD after 3 intra day cycles up, in addition to the other points of confluence. Generally smart money is going to end the day at an area of "supply" and this is exactly what happened on the 7th. More Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com
Live Asian Range Forex Trade Setup - EUR/GBP May 9th 2012
This is the trade I took on May 9th 2012. With the EUR/USD not doing much and the GBP/USD running off with out giving an entry it took some patients but a nice trade did come along on the ERU/GBP.
Forex Training Video - Forex Market Manipulation Strategy
More Forex Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Forex Training Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x24enZdNH1s This forex training video is a live forex trade setup I took on the EUR/USD. Right after the European open we had a nice stop run reversal trade setup at the previous days low. Soon after going long the Euro offered up +40 pips. This video not only walks through the trade, but as well it gives further forex training on the actual day trading strategy used. Later in the day I took a -10 pip loss on the EUR/USD. The trade was a nice setup however I forgot Draghi was speaking and I decided to exit once I saw he was still speaking. This trade would have paid out as well...but IMO better safe than sorry. Overall I managed +30 pips on the day. -Sterling
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Learn To Trade Day Trade Forex - Live EUR/USD Day Trade
More Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This live forex trade setup was a nice example of the Stop Run Reversal day trading strategy we use quite often during market open times such as the European/London open. The first few hours of the NY open as well gives many opportunities for this type of trade entry. The stop run reversal is a great day trading strategy that can be applied to any forex system. It is one very clear way the banks essentially show their hand to us. By taking out the stops of other traders we can thus see the the position being taken by the smart money, and as a result we can trade along with them. I hope this video helps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj5F6joll-c
Live Forex Day Trade - How To Day Trade New York Reversals
More Bank Trading Strategies & Techniques: https://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This live forex trade breaks down some keys to day trading New York reversals in the forex market. Understanding how market makers manipulate key price levels will give a stronger indication of possible reversal trade setups. In this forex training, we walk through steps you can use to better identify possible market reversal points. For those who strictly look for day trading opportunities during the New York session, you are often limited to reversal trade setups, as London often starts market trends. Because of this learning to trade forex reversal during the NY session could serve to be a huge benefit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfvTzwgQMQc
What Is The Best Forex Broker? Recommended Forex Broker For DTFL
Link for commission discount: https://secure.globalprime.com.au/c/DTFL2 Finding a good forex broker is quite a challenge. After 6 years of running Day Trading Forex Live, I have finally found a forex broker I feel comfortable recommending people to. This video breaks down why you have to really be careful when selecting your broker and why Global Prime Forex is a great place to start. I would highly recommend doing your own due diligence on Global Prime before signing up with them. I think you will find they are a top-notch choice as well. If you decide to join them and would like a 20% discount in your commission, you can join using the link above or contact the account rep I mention in the video. -Sterling
How to Profit From Short-Term Market Manipulation: GBP/JPY Live Trade Example
Forex Bank Trading Strategies: https://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This video breaks down an awesome example of how we can use short-term market manipulation to day trade in the forex market. Knowing where large institutional traders have likely been getting long or short is critical to trading successfully as they have such a large influence on short-term price direction. This live trade example on the GBP/JPY illustrates how we identify the point at which the short-term market bias had likely switched from long to short and the exact entry strategy we use to trade it. One of the biggest benefits to this style of trading is the ability to maintain a very high reward to risk ratio, which I believe is one of if not the most important factor to trading success. -Sterling
Forex Trend Trading Setups - Part 3: Timing Your Entries
Forex Bank Trading Strategies: http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/forex-bank-trading-strategies/ Forex Trend Trading Setups - Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iwGtiNW8y0 This is the final video in the 3 part forex training series on trading the smart money trend. In this third video we detail the entry aspect of the forex trading strategy. The key to this style of trade entry is in the great risk to reward ratio associated with these setups. We hope you have found it useful in your own trading! -Sterling
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What the New ESMA Leverage Rules Mean for European Traders
200:1 Leverage for Eurozone Traders: https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-lives-recommended-forex-broker/ Learn to trade with the banks: https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ Roughly a week ago, the ESMA (European Securities & Markets Authority) passed a new regulation that would require forex brokers to limit the leverage they offer to 30:1 MAX! For minor pairs, gold, and major indices the leverage will be 20:1, 10:1 for commodities other than Gold and non-major equity indices, 5:1 on individual equities, and 2:1 on Cryptocurrencies. This video is mainly geared towards the 30:1 and 20:1 leverage limits as that is what will affect forex traders. This video walks through how you can calculate leverage on your own, and in doing so, we illustrate that the new regulation is not as restrictive as you might initially think. Having run a forex education service for the last decade, I see traders get wiped out time and time again because of over-leveraging. While I'm never one for government intervention, a reduction in leverage will no doubt help the majority of struggling retail traders succeed. -Sterling
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Day Trading Breakout Manipulation Points - Live Forex Trades - May 2013
In this video I break down 2 trades from this week, with the second trade having occurred during our live forex training room session. It is important to understand how support and resistance manipulation points can be used once they are broken. Also we can use the backside of these pivot points to indicate a premature exit from a trade and save a few pips. During the last 3 minutes of the video I also breakdown an extremely important point all forex traders need to know. Over the last 4 years I've had a part in training well over 2,000 traders. During that time I have been privileged to learn some of the common denominators associates with most all profitable traders as well as with those who consistently lose. During the final few minutes I break down a key point all successful traders already know. If your not consistently profitable you need to take the test I talk about!
Spotting Bank Manipulation - Forex Training - Live Day Trade USD/CHF 2013
Bank Trading Strategies & Training - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This forex training video outlines a live day trading setup I took on the USD/CHF from June 4th 2013. To begin the market had given a nice first push to the downside and therefore market cycle was overall bearish at this point. What finally triggered the trade was a manipulation move above the previous days high. No matter what forex trading strategy you use learning to trade forex by spotting market manipulation is critical. We will never know everything the banks are doing but when we see manipulation around a high probability turning point we then know what the banks are doing. This time tested strategy will always hold true because the banks have always and will always struggle to find liquidity. Therefore if you wait for manipulation around these points of liquidity you can actually see what smart money is doing. Enjoy the training video and make sure to check out the site above for more information. -Sterling
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Forex Trend Trading Strategy - Part 2
Online Forex Trading Course - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ Forex Trend Trading Strategy - Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iwGtiNW8y0 This video covers how manipulation often starts the next move in the smart money cycle. If you have not seen the first video please follow the link below to view that. -Sterling
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EUR/USD NY Reversal Trading Strategy - July 18th 2012
View Our Forex Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Here is the live forex day trade I took last night on the EUR/USD while in our forex trading room. Our forex room is usually for training and education but since I was there and in the trade I let the members there know I was in a position and several of them took the entry at a better price than I got. Good job guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66tB9TnLxK0
Forex Bank Trading Strategy - Live Trade Setup - March 31st 2015
More Live Trade Setup Videos Here - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/recent-trades/ Retail forex traders always tend to look at the market from the perspective of where should they trade. The banks however look at the market from the perspective of where can they trade. Because of their sheer size they cannot simply buy or sell at the market price whenever they desire. Entries and exits need to be planned well in advance from areas of high liquidity. The goal of the forex bank trading strategy is to identify market manipulation points and what the market does when it enters this level. If we see the stop run of these key levels then we have a very good understanding of what Smart Money is doing at that point. Because the top 5 banks have control of 60% of the daily market market volume it is critical to understand what they are doing as they drive market direction. This forex training video walks through two great examples of back to back day trading setups based on market manipulation. Enjoy -Sterling
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Day Trading Forex - Intraday Candlestick Patterns
Forex Bank Trading Course - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ Using forex trading candlesticks to identify trend continuation. This forex trading strategy will allow you to capitalize on a trending market, in addition to forex reversal points. -Sterling
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Live Forex Trade - Bank Trading Strategy EUR/USD
Bank Trading Strategy - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com The EUR/USD gave a standard manipulation move out of Asia. This is the area we took it long for a nice profit. As a general rule of thumb this manipulation out of Asian tends to range 25-50 pips. Today the false push was around 56 pips. If you can identify the manipulation then you can identify the next short term market trend. Using the forex bank trading strategy allows you see what is really occurring behind the move rather than simply assigning value to meaningless price action. -Sterling
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Learn To Trade Forex Full Time Using 1 Trading Strategy - February Results
More Month End Reviews - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/recent-trades/ This is the 10th month of our month end review series I started back in May of 2015. This is also our 10th month of profitable trading and hopefully many more to come as well. Using the standard risk of 2% per trade, February resulted in a +6% profit bringing us to a compounded gain of +212% over that 10 month period. I'm a firm believer in learning to trade using using just one forex trading strategy. When you complicate the learning process the odds of becoming a successful day trader are significantly reduced. By using a single setup you are much more likely to accurately trade the system in the correct manner. These month end reviews illustrate the power of keeping your trading simple and focusing on high reward to risk trade setups. -Sterling
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Learn To Day Trade Market Manipulation -  S&P 500 & Forex
Confirmation Entry - https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/the-complete-confirmation-entry-breakdown-july-15th-2014/ One of the most common questions we receive at Day Trading Forex Live is can the bank trading strategy be applied to other markets outside of forex? Another very common question is can this day trading strategy be applied to longer-term charts? The first half of the video walks through 2 different trade setups in the S&P 500....one trade is from a long-term chart, and the other is a short-term day trade setup. This is just one recent example of how versatile the bank trading strategy can be. It is important to understand that our primary focus is the 15M chart as we believe this is the best time frame for tracking manipulation. This forex training video also breaks down a trade example from today's live trading room. After a strong push down the GBP/USD came into a previously selected manipulation point and provided a confirmation entry. Overall the market remained fairly flat, and I closed the trade out at the 5PM session change for +3 pips.
Day Trading Forex Live - Forex Course Testimonial
Advanced Forex Bank Trading Strategies & Techniques http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ A review of our forex trading course & bank trading strategies from one of our members. Learning to trade forex is a difficult task that requires a great deal of support. The members training area is designed to bring like minded traders together in an effort to enhance your chance of success.
Live Forex Range Trade - How to Trade Market Ranges
On Wednesday January 23rd 2013 we had a very nice setup on the GBP/USD. Market cycles tend to run 3-4 days with most market cycles. After this cycle comes to completion their is a high probability of seeing a range bound market. Most trading strategies and systems end up losing any money they made through the trend and thus why it is critical that we all know how to deal with this type of market as it is rather common. If you do not understand market cycle here is another video that details it completely. Video Breaking Down Market Cycle: http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/live-forex-training-videos/forex-trend-trading-part-1-is-the-trend-your-friend/ Once the cycle comes to a completion we still have many great trading opportunities if we have the proper strategy. This is exactly what setup on Wednesday with the Pound. We had two high probability manipulation points for the Pound. These manipulation points are areas where we expect to see market manipulation. Therefore when the market comes into these levels and shows us a clear stop run the trade becomes valid. Here is a video explaining high probability manipulation point. High Probability Manipulation Points: http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/live-forex-training-videos/forex-trend-trading-strategy-part-2-retail-trader-manipulation/ After the entry we break down they entry even further. Enjoy!
Day Trading Forex Market Manipulation - June 2016 Results
Confirmation Entry Walk Through Video: http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/the-complete-confirmation-entry-breakdown-july-15th-2014/ Advanced Forex Bank Trading Course: http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ If you are looking to learn to trade forex for a living then I would encourage you to start focusing on 1 trading strategy. Additionally, successful traders always focus on safe consistent gains over hitting the occasional home run. The DTFL bank trading strategy is designed to track and trade market manipulation. This gives us very high probability trade setups, but more importantly it gives us higher reward to risk ratios. In this video I detail the actual mechanical parts of the entry. This illustrates that we know for certain whether a trade was valid or not. As I say in the video our entries are like asking a person what 1 + 1 equals. If the answer to that question is not 2 then the answer is wrong. The same is true with the DTFL forex bank trading strategy. Because our entries are mechanical, the criteria is either satisfied or it is not...there is no in between. This mechanical nature of the entry is also critical for those looking to learn to trade as it takes out the discretion that so often dooms traders during the learning phase. -Sterling
Investors Underground Webinar - Learn To Day Trade Stocks
Investors Underground Discount Link: https://www.investorsunderground.com/DTFL On Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 we did a webinar with Cam from Investors Underground. Investors Underground is the #1 Online Stock Trading Room. If you're looking to Learn To Day Trade Stock Successfully, then I would highly recommend watching this webinar as well as viewing their Youtube channel. This webinar covers what Investors Underground is all about, how Cam went from knowing nothing about trading to extremely profitable, as well as a walk through of 2 trade setups they teach. For those looking to join Investors Underground check out the discounted bundles at the link above. Please feel free to price check as you will not find it any lower! -Sterling
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Bank Trapping Patterns - Forex Entry Techniques
Forex Trapping Patterns - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/forex-trapping-patterns-entry-techniques/ In this video I cover the trapping patterns typically seen before Forex market reversals. The key to this entry technique is not necessarily the candle patterns but the levels. The more significant the level the higher probability that the banks are trapping traders there before a reversal. Its important to understand that traders equals liquidity and therefore why smart money tends to create these type of stop run trapping patterns around previous turning points in the market. Nothing has the ability to consolidate liquidity like a previous market turning point. -Sterling
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Day Trading Short Term Market Manipulation: Live Trade Examples
Forex Bank Trading Strategies: https://www.DayTradingForexLive.com One of the most powerful aspect to day trading short-term market manipulation is the reward to risk ratio these setups often produce. This video walks through 2 live forex trades that set up on the AUD/USD and GBP/JPY. -Sterling
How To Day Trade Forex Trend Reversals | Forex System
Forex Trend Exhaustion Article - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com/forex-bank-trading-strategies/trading-forex-trend-reversals-end-of-day-forex-system/ If you can spot weekly forex trend reversals you will have a massive advantage over other traders. This day trading system will teach you how to day trade forex trend reversals. Once you understand how the banks tend to trend the market, you can then understand with a higher degree of certainty when the market is going to reverse. Using that in combination with the standard stop run reversal trading strategy the following day allow for very accurate setups that generally offer a very high risk/reward ratio. Risk/reward is a common denominator to all who desire to be successful in the forex market. If you maintain a 2/1 R/R ratio then you can profit greatly with only a 50% win/loss ratio. All professional traders I know maintain on average 2/1 or better as they know it is critical to successful forex trading. Because we are catching weekly trend reversals, we will naturally have a higher chance at big R/R day trade setups, and capitalizing on them is essential if we want to succeed in the FX market. Day Trading Forex Trend Reversals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua4gpMGeo6U -Sterling
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Forex Day Trading Strategy & Live Entry - EUR/USD November 7th 2012
View The Forex System Used Here - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com This is yet another example of the power in understanding the banks forex trading strategy. Knowing when and how banks move the forex market is essential to learning to trade forex successfully. In this live trade setup the EUR/USD create a false push above the Asian highs showing a possible stop hunt, which hinted to a likely reversal in the market. Initially Chad did not set out for such a large profit target but the aggressive nature of the falling market kept him in the trade. Overall, understanding how banks trade and move allow you to track their activity and thus take the same day trade setups as they do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jerfODi0fPU
Day Trading Forex Live - Bank Trading Entry Strategy - July 15th 2014
Confirmation Entry Day Trading Strategy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWb2fGwBknQ&feature=youtu.be Forex Bank Trading Course - https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ During the live New York training session from July 15th, 2014 we covered the confirmation entry in depth. One of the most important aspects of tracking market manipulation is first being able to identify likely points the manipulation could occur at. After identifying these high probability points, you must then have set criteria to validate the manipulation and take the trade, or to avoid it. The entry technique we use, to day trade market manipulation, is the confirming entry. If you are learning to trade forex, I would highly recommend this entry strategy. Whether you are a beginner in the forex market or a pro forex trader, this training video will benefit you. Those who are still learning to trade forex will benefit greatly due to the mechanical nature of the confirmation trading technique. The confirmation entry is mechanical in nature once a manipulation point is reached. As such, all of the discretion that normally plagues beginner forex traders is taken out. -Sterling
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Live Fx Day Trade Setup - Supply & Demand Forex System
Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com/ In this forex training video I walk through the entry of the 2nd trade taken this day. We had identified a high probability area we were expecting the Pound to move into, and I took the short once we had a stop run trade setup at an expected manipulation price point. The link to the first trade of the day is below. First Trade Setup - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnWIL1dN-Bg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vNQbfF8jeo
Basic MT4 Forex Chart Setups
This forex training video goes over setting up the basics on MT4 charting platforms that are common to most forex brokers. Anyone new to MT4 charts should benefit from this training video. Forex Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com
Live Forex Training - Tracking The Banks
Live Forex Training Seminar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVqn1OWQbuo In last weeks live forex training seminar we go deeper into how we can track banking activity through a deeper understanding of how smart money tends to move and manipulate the forex market. They leave a "foot print" in the sand with every move they make due to their size....thus this allows the retail trader to track banking activity and ride the moves they create. The forex bank trading strategy is designed to track and trade short term market fluctuations created by supply and demand order flow. -Sterling
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