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How to Mine Zcash on Mac (OS X) - NEW GUI VERSION
Here it is how to mine Zcash with the new GUI version of Zcash miner for Mac (OS X) made by justvanbloom.
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How to Mine Zcash WITHOUT BURNING your Mac w/ Macs Fan Control
In this video I show you a little but important thing to do if you want to protect your Mac from reaching very high temperature. You just need to install the app and choose the fan rpm you want, it will help you to mine (or even work) in a safer way.
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How to Mine Zcash on Mac (OS X)
Here's a little video to show how to mine Zcash with Mac (OS X). Hope this will be helpful. Special thanks to justvanbloom.
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How to Mine Zash on Mac (OS X) with SUPRNOVA POOL
Since some users had problems to mine zcash following the old instructions, I did this new video to update some things and simplify others. I hope this video will be helpful. Have fun mining :)
Views: 164 Snow Josh
Snow Josh - Breathing Africa
#2 Breathing Africa
Views: 36 Snow Josh
Snow Josh - Eastern Lands
#1 Eastern Lands
Views: 51 Snow Josh

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