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Howto: Scan and OCR a Book (Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500)
How I scan books with my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500.
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Pager Alarm on Ninja 250R (2009) - SPY 5000M
Short video showing off the alarm. One note, I mentioned the alarm was set off by the sun heating up the motorcycle cover - you can disable the microwave sensor from the remote control to remove these false alarms. Also, I didn't set up the starter, but pressing the starter button on the pager turns the ignition on, I plan on connecting some LEDs and what not, so that will turn them on and off which will look pretty cool :) Here are a few places you can pick them up: http://www.zero-fear.com/ZF800.php http://www.motorbikealarm.co.uk/node/27 http://www.360infiniteusa.com/2way-lcd-pager-motorcycle-alarm-p-375.html Or you can search for Pager Motorcycle Alarm on eBay, quite a few sellers there Please let me know if you find them anywhere else.
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FitPC2 Car Power Consumption Test
Conclusions: 0.45W - Switched off/sleeping 5.72W / 6.56W - Power On (without/with HDD) 5.64W / 6.45W - Normal/Peak no 3G 6.55W / 7.42W - Normal/Peak with 3G Hard Drive/ 3G Modem: ~1W each FitPC: ~4.6-5.6W Car Battery Runtime: (Amp-hour rating / Continuous Amps = Hours) 70aH Standby (0.45W) = 81.02 days 70aH = 4.94 to 5.61 days (normal/peak with 3G) 70aH to 50% charge = 2.47 to 2.81 days 90aH = 6.35 to 7.21 days (normal/peak with 3G) 90aH to 50% charge = 3.16 to 3.61 days
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Grandstream GXV3504 DVS Review
This shows my experience with the GXV3504, seems like a reasonable budget video IP server/encoder - I will follow up on the long term stability of this as some reported other grandstream products freezing up and requiring reboots, but I have high hopes :)
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Berkshire PC Watchdog - Review/Overview
Berkshire PC Watchdog
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Bath (Somerset, England) - From a Drone (DJI Spark)
Compilation of various flights in Bath a few months ago.
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Part 3: Headless Server: Raspberry Pi VS MK802 (vs FitPC2) - Performance
Part three of the Raspberry Pi vs MK802 series. Long overdue. I couldn't get some libraries to compile on either the MK802 or the Pi. For instance Libv8 (the javascript runtime used in Ruby on Rails) wouldn't compile on both, the Thin webserver wouldn't compile on the Pi and Webrick wouldn't work correctly on the MK802. I was waiting for upstream to address the problems but they haven't yet. It seems ARM support in general is far from perfect in the Linux world but this video has some interesting benchmarks and should give you some ideas of the performance differences and the general use of an ARM Linux server. FitPC2 Power Consumption: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDoDjlI6eY4
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Alternative to Soldering - Wago Terminal Block
Just a short video next time you run some cables and dead having to stand on a ladder of crouch inside the loft soldering wires. Great quick alternative :)
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Xanboo Service Gateway HXG1000S-ELF (XG1000S-W) Teardown
A short teardown video of the Xanboo gateway CPU and Memory: AMD AU1550-500MBC - 500mhz Mips processor 4x MT 48LC16M16A2 - 16MB SDRAM (64MB ram total) Ethernet: BCM5241 A1KMLG HAO704 8009790 2 - Single-Port MII 10/100BASE-TX Transceiver Tronson VT-3102S - 10/100 Base-T Single Port Surface Wireless Module: CC1000 0522CP7600.0X - Single Chip Ultra Low Power RF Transceiver for 315/433/868/915 MHz SRD Band PIC16LF628 - Microchip FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers Some reference links: http://www.ti.com/product/cc1000 http://www.smarthome.com/manuals/75070.pdf http://www.eetimes.com/design/eda-design/4004633/Low-cost-setup-minds-the-house
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Blueflame Exhaust on Ninja 250R (2009) - Installation & First Impressions
Decided to replace the stock exhaust on my Ninja 250R. Won a "Kawasaki Ninja 250R Evo Coloured Titanium Oval With Single Outlet" Exhaust second hand on eBay for £79 (what a bargain!). You can pick it up new for around £300 on their website: http://www.blueflameperformance.com/bikes_english/blueflame-motorcycle-exhausts/kawasaki/ninja-250r/kawasaki-ninja-250r-evo-coloured-titanium-oval-with-single-outlet.html This is a short video of me installing it and comparing it to the stock exhaust. Sorry for the abrupt end to the video, was too excited to go out for a ride :) - The new exhaust sounds very vicious indeed!
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NVR/DVR for Mac - Edigitaldeals
I'm searching for a DVR/NVR that can be accessed from a Mac. I don't want ActiveX crap or using VNC to remotely access the system, I want something that just works on Mac. Edigitaldeals claimed to have just that but my experience is not great.
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Part 1: Headless Server: Raspberry Pi VS MK802 - Initial Impressions
A bit of background. I bought a Raspberry Pi to use as a cheap, low power mini Linux server to control home automation, alarms, to put in a car with a GPS for both tracking and remote control and surveillance, tasks that the Raspberry Pi looks ideally suited for. A month or so after receiving my Pi, a friend recommended I check out the MK802 which on first glance looked like a TV top box, not really a competitor to the Raspberry Pi. I got one despite this and was pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer in the same kind of headless server Linux environment. This series is my experience and personal opinions of the 2 devices especially when used in a headless server environment. A lot of people took offence to me "slamming" the Raspberry Pi. I appreciate it's designed for education use and has the great community of enthusiasts and hardware hackers, this is why I bought one originally, however some people may find the MK802 more pleasant to use considering it is much smaller, provides significantly better performance at equivalent power consumption, can power a 2.5" external hard drive directly (the Pi needs a powered hub) and comes in a case with a power supply at a price point only a little bit higher than the Pi. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLH0ISh1PSQ
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Headless FitPC2 for Car Application
Just a little video of how we use the FitPC2s in a car application and how little power they use and how they connect to 3G dongles.
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NeatWorks for Mac 3.5.3 vs Yep - Review & Warning
In an effort to organise and categorise my receipts, I've been trying many different solutions and methods. The ones that stood out were Yep, which is far from ideal and NeatWorks which is so unstable as to be practically unusable. This video is a short review and comparison of the two that shows my workflow and how I keep my receipts organised. Hope you find it useful.
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Battery Tender 400 - Not charging 2 year old battery
Brand new Battery Tender Jr/Junior 400 not able to charge 2 year old battery from a Kawasaki Ninja 250R (2010). The battery was previously deep discharged down to around 7v by the alarm. Connecting the battery with aligator clips to a running car charges the battery and the bike starts after 10 minutes or so of charging, connecting a 12V 1a power supply charges the battery, connecting a different 12V car battery charger charges the battery, connecting the Battery Tender 400 does nothing :( Previously when the battery was deep discharged, the Battery Tender would show an amber LED for several hours before switching off, measuring battery voltage from a multimeter showed no change in battery voltage before and after the "charge". Now that the battery has been somewhat charged by another charger, the battery tender switches off almost instantly. After the battery tender switches off, the battery tender needs to be disconnected from the mains for 10-15 minutes before it can switch on again but it refuses to charge the battery. Guess this is going back to the shop.
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Does the DJI Spark work with QuickCharge QC3.0?
There seems to be a lot of misinformation about this. I found many forum posts that say you need a snapdragon CPU to use QC3 and the Spark cannot use QC3. This is not true. As this video shows, your Spark will negotiate with a QC3 charger and charge at 12V. This is great and means much faster charging, but also note that even a 20,000mAh power bank will be drained a lot quicker than you would expect by the Spark.
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iPhone4 Replacement Back Glass
Dropped my iPhone recently, short video about the replacement back glass I got from eBay.
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Ninja 250R BlueFlame exhaust - with and without baffle
Ninja 250R BlueFlame exhaust - with and without baffle
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PL0308 Mini Pin-Hole CMOS Camera - SecurityCamera2000.com
This is a brief review (or warning more like) for the PL0308 (PL0308-P) Low Power Mini High Resolution Pin-Hole Video MU 1/4 CMOS Camera from www.securitycamera2000.com
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DJI Spark - Harold Hill, Romford from above, pink sky
Flying around 2km in sports mode around Harold Hill this beautiful morning.
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2004 Audi A4 fuel economy - 60mpg
Just showing the A4 can and does reach 60mpg. This is a 2004 1.9 Diesel.
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Cyprus (Paphos) - From a Drone (DJI Spark)
60 seconds of highlights from a recent trip to Cyprus (Nov 2018). Dedicating this video to my twin cousins on their birthday.
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Audi A4 B6 2004 - Grinding Sound When Turning Steering Wheel
Any ideas what is causing this? UPDATE: It was the tensioner/pulley (alternator pulley belt). As this was explained to me the belt that goes from the generator is supposed to be loose when the car is idle, but my tensioner was stuck and causing the generator to work overtime. A new tensioner/pulley and belt ran at £110 inclusive with labour. More details: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/585649-Grinding-sound-when-turning-steering-wheel-(even-while-stationary)
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DJI Spark - Flying in Heavy Snow
Poor thing was throwing UltraSonic errors, asking to land as soon as possible. Thankfully managed to land safety!
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Vangold VG880IPC 2.0 Megapixel Night Vision Test
Like this: http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/5%252d15mm-2Megapixel-HD-50m-IR-Waterproof-IP-Camera-with-IR%252dcut.html http://vangold.en.made-in-china.com/product/ZMkEIzAgAsWX/China-Waterproof-IR-Megapixel-IP-Camera-Support-SD-WiFi-3G-VG880IPC-Series-.html As you can see they clearly lie. I tried all focusing lenses provided for IR night lighting. Parking area has street lighting and is only 15M away from camera. They advertise night vision up to 30 meters and 0.5Lux - even without night vision, there is more than 0.5Lux with just street lighting! Advertised: Support 1600*1200(15fps) 1/3" 2.0 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS sensor. IR distance 50m (164 ft) Color Mode: 0.5Lux F1.2 B/W Mode: 0Lux F1.2(IR ON, IR-CUT Switching) I've even given Vangold remote access to the camera to see if they can correct the issue. They eventually replied: "We have access remotely in your evening. The camera is no problem. Just because the CMOS camera do not work well in totally dark place as CCD Camera. "
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DJI Spark - First flight ever (High Wind - 24mph - 39kph)
Not the best conditions for my first drone flight ever, almost crashed it! Don't fly it in wind like this!!
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Quick Microphone Test: iPhone XS vs Rode VideoMicro vs Zaffiro Lavalier
Quick video testing these 3 microphones in a moderately quiet room. To my ear the Rode sounds much better.
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Part 2: Headless Server: Raspberry Pi VS MK802 - Installation
Part two of the Raspberry Pi vs MK802 series - just talking about the installation and configuration process and initial hardware tests. Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbbfyWmmsKE Raspberry Pi Linux Images: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads MK802 Linux Images: https://www.miniand.com/forums/forums/2/topics/1 Raspberry Pi SSH: http://fusionstrike.com/2012/setting-ssh-ftp-raspberry-pi-debian MSP430: http://uk.farnell.com/texas-instruments/msp-exp430g2/kit-dev-msp430-launchpad/dp/1853793
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DJI Spark - Playing around with Sports Mode (over 35mph. 2km)
Pulled over in the car to play with the sports mode - this thing is so zippy, even on this windy cold day.
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Woburn Safari Trip
Short compilation of video recorded with the iPhone.
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Aperture 3 vs iPhoto 11 - Scrolling Through Photos
Please leave comments, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but aperture just feels broken to me, I can't scroll through my photos properly - it's impossible to navigate. Every person that has tried to just scroll through my thumbnails has said what the hell is this, why is it so jumpy. I love the editing features, I love the stacking and versioning, I love the integration with other Apple apps, but what is up with the scrolling?
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Panasonic TM300 - Timelapse Test (12 hours)
Timelapse Test on my new (second hand) Panasonic TM300.
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