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Roblox Event Review - Labyrinth
I tried to be a bit more optimistic... Anyways. In this video we are reviewing Roblox’s new event, Labyrinth! Enjoy, and subscribe for more! Music: New Super Mario Bros Wii - World 1 music Ross Bugden - Something Wicked
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Egg Hunt 2018 - Roblox Game/Event Review (READ DESC)
Hey! Sorry for this being a whole week late. During the weekend I actually only had about 5 hours to work on it, but lazy me decided to play Fortnite. Anyways, that's why you'll see this is kind of rushed. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video! Leave suggestions in the comments below. Music: Egg Hunt 2018 OST - Grove Street Egg Hunt 2018 OST - It's Ruined Egg Hunt 2018 OST - Horse Tornado Egg Hunt 2018 OST - Welcome to the Jungle Roblox Main Theme 2006 - Strategy
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Roblox Tix Removal - 2 Years Later
Sorry for the quiet audio! I recommend listening to this video with headphones or something. Anyways, here's the real description: Wow, 2 months. Hope it was worth it! In this video I go over the tix removal, and how it affected Roblox. I hope you enjoy the video! Remember to like and subscribe! Oh yeah, the music. Here it is! Music: Erang - Forever Lost in and Endless Dream Stranger Things - Kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKy4k5qq9SQ Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST- Space Storm Galaxy Roblox - Winds of Fjords
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A Roblox Rip off? - BrickPlanet Review
It's been a while since I've uploaded. Mainly because of technical issues with me transitioning to better methods of making videos. In this video, we review BrickPlanet, which some people call a Robox Rip off. I tried to improve the quality of my videos. I hope you all enjoy! Music: Kahoot OST - Main Theme Terraria OST - Alternate Underground Mother 3 OST -Beyond the Sunshine Forest Mortal Combat OST - Main Theme Outro: Audiomachine - Blitzkrieg
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Ready Player One Event - Roblox Review
Yay! It's been a month... Oh well. In that month, I reached 50 subscribers! Thanks guys! As for that overload video, I found some footage of me playing Roblox in 2013... so yeah. There goes that milestone. Going back to the 50 subscribers, we're doing a Q&A! Leave your questions down below. I'll also be open to other suggestions for 50 subscribers or 100 subscribers milestone activites. Here's my Discord: https://discord.gg/waRV7Zn Here's my Egg Hunt: https://web.roblox.com/games/732217915/Egg-Hunt-The-Great-Eggsplosion-Unofficial Music Used: Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST - Megahammer Boss Yes- Roundabout Outro Music: Gravity Falls OST - The Beginning of the End
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Coming Back to my Channel?
Gosh, it's been a while. Coming back quite differently, eh? Anyways, sorry for the horrible game recording quality, this is my first time device streaming. Anyways, leave suggestions and feedback in the comments below. Music Used: Kahoot - Main Music TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me
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I just got a new game
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(REUPLOAD) Roblox Game Review - Jailbreak
Accidentally delete it! Anyways, everything Is the same. Here is the original description; Oh boy. This will be interesting. Anyways, this video went through about 3 devices, with it going through each device 2 times. Yeah. Thankfully though I fixed the issue on my computer, and now this won’t happen. Liked the video? Drop a like! Want more? Subscribe! Music: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Gusty Garden Galaxy Ross Bugden - Revelation Ronald Jenkees- Fifteen Fifty
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Crippled Grapes #1
This is a series where I fail games horribly.
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3 Year Anniversary Video - Trailer!
Sorry for this video being kind of rushed, it was on short notice. I've been busy recently. Anyways, this is a trailer for a video that's coming on the 1st! The main reason why I made this was so you guys knew that I was still alive. Anyways, enjoy! Music: Graham Kartna - The Next Town Over Imagine Dragons - Believer (Please Help Remix)
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Steve Must Save The Children
Oh no The Children have been taken by monsters
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How To Draw Rick Astley
This is how you Draw our next president
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A Quick Channel Update
Hello, sorry for being inactive. I've had some obstacles lately. Thankfully it is summer though, so I hope to get back to making videos soon! As of right now, a video is currently being made about a rather big topic. Music: Kevin MacLeod - Meatball Parade
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Explosive Drink - A ROBLOX Skit (20 Sub Special)
Thank you all SO MUCH for 20 Subs! Without you guys I would have 0 subs! (Because you guys were the ones who subbed. Okay. Like if you want more!
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Roblox Game Review - Booga Booga
A video on time! Yay... Today we're reviewing Booga Booga! I'm actually very surprised I've gotten 4 subscribers since my last video. Anyways, enjoy the video! Music Used: Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape Skyrim OST - Battle Music Outro Music: Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (No Words Version) If you are reading this, call pest control.
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The Most Satisfying Video In The World
It is very satisfying
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First Livestream! Roblox Gameplay!
This is my first livestream, I honestly only expect around 2-3 people to watch it though. Enjoy! NOTE: This livestream will NOT be saved on to my channel.
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Roblox’s Thanksgiving Event
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Sticks To The Battle
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My First Black Ops 4 Team Deathmatch
Hey guys, it's Maxatal! In this video I share (edited) footage of my first Team Deathmatch on BO4 ever. I got used to Hardcore Free For All. So when I played this, saying I sucked is an under-exaggeration. Anyways, sorry about the delay, I had some school stuff, some personal stuff, and some procrastination. Anyways, I hope all of you enjoyed the video! Make sure to like and subscribe! All music is credited in the Outro.
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An Honest View On Roblox 2017
In this video, I give my honest opinion on roblox 2017. What I liked about it, what I hated about it, and just an average score of Roblox 2017!
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This Is Oof
This was a project I made cuz I was bored. Enjoy!
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My Dog Bit Me
This is my First Animation! I hope you all enjoyed it! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more! Music Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
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Roblox Game Review - Snow Shoveling Simulator (THIS IS NOT MY OPINION ANYMORE)
In this video, I will be reviewing the game: “Snow Shoveling Simulator” Check out my other videos! Also check out my Roblox account Y35X Music: Super Mario Galaxy OST - Star Festival
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The Cheese Molted
No explanation available for this enigma
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The Last Guest 2 But Read The Description
The Last Guest 2 But every time something overly cliche happens I decide to make the video more User friendly. This is what happens when you make bad content. Also, why are you dislike botting me? What did I do wrong? If you don’t like my videos then just go somewhere else.
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Short List Of Simple Memes
All of these videos belong to their rightful owners. In no way do I own these videos.
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Roblox 2017 Holiday Event Review
In this video we go over Roblox’s 2017 Holiday Event! The pros, cons, and a grand rating!
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Roblox Game Review - Hilton Hotels
It’s been a while, huh? I have returned with a Hilton Hotels review. It clearly has a better resolution. Get it? Sorry. Specifications for my thoughts on this game are in the video. Music: Mario Kart Wii - Trophy Audiomachine- Touch the Light
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