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Angry Polish Kid Plays Geometry Dash - Episode 1 (SUBTITLES ADDED)
An angry polish kid tries out geometry dash , which resulted into the destruction of his PC. UPDATE: Added subtitles after 1 year. Also , thanks for 1.6K views!
Views: 1809 The Real DoritoFan80
Angry Polish Kid Episode 2 - Angry Polish Kid Tries to Install Windows 3.1
Will Angry Polish Kid Enjoy Windows 3.1?Find out in this episode.
Super Turbo SJW Puncher 3
You have no power on YouTube.
Mocking the stupid memelords - Cory in the House is not an anime
I'm telling you from now that this video will get tons of dislikes
Amiga CD32 Paint Can Commercial
All credit goes to Cinemassacre. Taken from AVGN Episode The Town with no Name. Link to channel : youtube.com/channel/JamesNintendoNerd
PKMNLivesNew got globally blocked (NOT CLICKBAIT)
FANDOM still sucks , but they did a good thing.
Rigby Reacts to Toony the Loon's Toons gets hit in the balls
From episode Grilled Cheese Deluxe. You'll not win anyways. Also , newer hate vids will have more effort than just 2 minutes.
Playstation 3 Blu-Ray Drive Problem
I bought this console brand-new in 2012. PS3 Slim 320GB. 2 years later , this problem appeared.
The better alternative to wikia (FIRST 2019 VIDEO)
I don't have original ideas anymore...
Ubisoft Logo (2003)
Taken from Will Rock.
I'll have 2 number 9s
No Toony the Loon's Hate video. For now. It comes tomorrow.
Diablo 2 Gameplay - Part 3 - Mausoleum explored
Not dead at Mausoleum anymore.
Diablo 2 Gameplay - Part 5 - Rescuing Deckard Cain
If that fucking 10 min limit did not exist , I would have completed act 1 in 5 parts.
Diablo 2 Gameplay - Part 4 - Treehead Woodfist
This was recorded during the Mar vs Toony flame war. Uploaded a few days later. Same goes for part 5.
Sawed-Off Kills Toony the Loon's Toons
"Fuck you , piece of shit!" All credit goes to iNoToRiOuS and his HOW TO USE THE CT BLENDER VIDEO.
PKMNLivesNew aka UglyRat sucks
The last rant sucked so I have to do it again.
Why FANDOM Sucks
A website that went heavily downhill. Also , fuck you PKMNLivesNew. PKMNLivesNew sucks comes soon to youtube.
Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows
In the same boring-ass format , cuz I don't want to reveal my voice. Also , I paused so many times , because I didn't start the video from the beggining of the 10 min school break.
What the fuck?
Here's the catch : no pages made
Depression Quest - The Worst Game Ever Made
This game is complete garbage. If you want to experience this trash here's the link :http://www.depressionquest.com/ But be warned , play at your own risk!

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