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Free MetaTrader VPS from Amazon AWS
http://www.onestepremoved.com/free-metatrader-vps/ Get a free MetaTrader VPS courtesy of Amazon Web Services. Shaun shows you how to pick the appropriate type to stay within the free tier. Setup MT4 like you would on any other computer.
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Jim Rogers learns to trade
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ I'm very flattered to have sat down with Jim Rogers to talk about learning to trade. Jim talks about staying power in the market and how important it is for traders to learn their own lessons. Jim is the author of Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Market, a book I can happily recommend to viewers. He's most famous for co-founding the Quantum Fund with George Soros, a fund that returned 4,200% during his tenure.
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Price Shading - Forex Manipulation and Broker Games
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Price shading is a practice that forex brokers use to increase their profits. This video overviews how price shading works and how to use it to your advantage.
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Toxic Orders in Forex
http://www.onestepremoved.com/toxic-trade-flow/ The forex industry dubs certain types of traders and their orders as toxic. Learn if your expert advisor is considered toxic and why the forex brokers don't want certain types of traders http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMmLW3_LyMk
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Random Forex Trading Strategy
http://www.onestepremoved.com/trading-luck/ Trading with random numbers produces profits and losses. Shaun uses random numbers to explain why selecting a forex trading strategy based on performance is a terrible idea.
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Optimization of MetaTrader Expert Advisor
http://www.onestepremoved.com/metatrader-ea-optimization/ Walk through the individual features of the MetaTrader backtester.Learn how to use the optimizer and risks of doing so
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Forex Spread
http://www.onestepremoved.com/forex-spread/ A ten minute class that overviews the spread and the basic mechanics of the forex market.Learn why the spread exists, how a profit or loss is calculated and how brokers make their money.
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How to Backtest in MetaTrader
http://www.onestepremoved.com Overviews how to backtest an Expert Advisor and run the optimizer in MetaTrader 4.
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Export NinjaTrader Prices to Excel
http://www.onestepremoved.com/export-ninjatrader-prices-excel/ An on screen overview of how to export your forex, stock and futures price data from NinjaTrader into Excel
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Fixed Fractional Money Management
http://www.onestepremoved.com/fixed-fractional-money-management/ Adding fixed fractional money management to your Expert Advisor or trading strategy reduces drawdowns and improves the maximum return.
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Interpreting MetaTrader Backtests
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Now that you know how to set up the backtester in MetaTrader, it's time to analyze the results of your Expert Advisor. This video explains the different tabs found in the backtester and how to save a report.
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Amateur forex trader turns pro
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Shaun Overton sits down with Peter Brennan from Fisic to discuss how he went from trading his own account to managing money. Peter started out like most retail forex traders, playing around with his own account and having to learn the hard way. The interview covers how he made the switch to trading professionally and Peter divulges details about his trading method. http://youtu.be/y1tb9lNZQhg
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Banking pips in his PJs
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Rich Krivo explains how he made the transition from teaching high school history classes into trading forex for a full time living. Rich talks about staying busy during the first few months of trading and all the struggles to get to consistent profitability.
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What is a quant trader?
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Shaun Overton interviews Michael Halls-Moore, a quantitative developer. Mike jumped from postgraduate school straight into algorithmic trading, bringing all the academic expertise but having to figure out the real world of trading with other people's money. Mike talks about the differences between trading personal accounts and what the institutions look for in their trading strategies. http://youtu.be/Uw188vWQ2Hg
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Breakeven Trailing Stop
http://www.onestepremoved.com/breakeven-trailing-stop/ The trailing stop loss in our default MQL template has some unique inputs. Shaun Overton explains when the stop loss moves to breakeven and protects profits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csu83urpoKY
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MB Trading Forex ECN and Liquidity Rebates
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ecn-forex/ MB Trading's ECN platform opens up an entirely new type of strategy through NinjaTrader and MetaTrader. You can cheaply design a market making strategy instead of being stuck as a price taker.
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Pro Trading Systems V. Amateur Systems
http://www.onestepremoved.com/metatrader-programming/ Developing a system is all about setting your expectations, both in terms of the outcome and the amount of work required.
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Speed up Kinetick in NinjaTrader
http://www.onestepremoved.com/iqfeed-kinetick-trick/ Kinetick runs slowly inside of NinjaTrader. You can use your Kinetick account to download data with IQFeed and have it download much quicker.
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South Central LA school teacher daytrades forex full time
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Why buy and hold when you can pip 'n run? Greg tells his very entertaining story of how he got involved with trading and his development as a top performing day trader. Don't trade Manic Mondays, and why trading is like a kid eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (25:58-28:00).
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Scripts In MetaTrader - What Are They?
http://www.onestepremoved.com Learn what scripts do in MetaTrader and how they can assist one's trading. The video includes example situations where scripts can make a forex trader's life easier.
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Insider secrets from a Forex Bank Trader
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Shaun Overton interviews Batur Asmazoglu from Myndos Capital. Batur traded €100 million in forex markets for Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and has worked for several other banks and funds for over a decade. The interview covers London trading life, how market makers operate in the forex market, algorithms and quants and trading psychology. http://youtu.be/GyFVOFbhFws
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Forex Rollover and Swap
http://www.onestepremoved.com/forex-rollover-swap/ An explanation of how rollover and swap works in the forex market. Interest rates are based on overnight lending rates, which are then applied to leveraged forex trades.
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Successful Forex Systems Traders
http://www.onestepremoved.com/expert-advisor-development/ Only a tiny handful of forex traders meet with long term success. Automating their strategies has nothing to do it. All of them follow the same development process before they launch their successful live strategy.
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MACD & Pivot Points - Free Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5 & MetaTrader 4
http://www.onestepremoved.com/free-expert-advisors/ This video explains our free expert advisor, a MACD Pivot Point strategy from the book Forex Conquered. We provide a brief summary of the indicators needed, along with an explanation of how you compare their values to make a trading decision.
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Templates in MetaTrader 4 for Forex Traders
http://www.onestepremoved.com If you open a lot of forex charts in MetaTrader 4 and always use the same indicators and settings, then templates can save you a lot of time and effort. Learn how to use them in this video.
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Pattern trading with Ilan Azbel
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Ilan Azbel is the CEO of Autochartist, a research service offered by most forex brokers and TD Ameritrade. Ilan has traded for his own account for nearly 15 years. Ilan explains how he got involved with trading and how patterns help him identify trading opportunities
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MetaTrader Expert Advisor Programming from an MT4 Programmer
http://www.onestepremoved.com/metatrader-programming/ OneStepRemoved offers MetaTrader programming to build an Expert Advisor, custom indicator, script or DLL.
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Probability Trailing Stop
http://www.onestepremoved.com/probability-trailing-stop/ A probability trailing stop maintains the stop distance as the difference between the best price so far and the take profit.
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Random numbers and trading
http://www.onestepremoved.com/random-numbers/ I use random numbers for lots of things - proving that Martingale systems are certain failures, how to decide how much to risk on a given trade, and so on. But, I've never explained what random numbers are. This video aims to make it clear where they come from before applying them to understanding automated trading strategies.
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Grid Strategy
http://www.onestepremoved.com/grid-strategy/ Grid strategies are appropriate where the trader does not have a strong opinion on market direction. It is very important to identify the correct type of market.
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Forex Liquidity
http://www.onestepremoved.com/forex-liquidity/ Even though forex is the largest market in the world, the fragmented nature of where trading occurs breaks the liquidity into surprisingly small pieces. Leverage makes it much easier to move market prices. http://youtu.be/mH-1hA54Bvo
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Failed Trading Experiment #2
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ The idea was to make money trading in random directions by earning commissions from the broker rather than paying them. The probabilities that Shaun expected from trading at random were much worse than he anticipated.
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Basics of Quantitative Trading
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Shaun Overton speaks to the meetup group Dallas Algorithmic Traders about quantitative trading. Most members of the audience have some kind of programming background. The discussion covers the steps necessary to build a quantitative trading strategy in popular trading platforms like NinjaTrader, TradeStation and MetaTrader to save development time. http://youtu.be/06mHrkSsG38
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Drawdown of 50% wins 1:1 reward risk
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Traders with 50% accuracy and a 1:1 risk reward ratio need to worry about drawdown and returns. Our software models the equity drawdowns for this perfectly random outcome.
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Install an Indicator in MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
http://www.onestepremoved.com Explains how to install an indicator in MetaTrader 4.
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Magic Numbers in MetaTrader Explained
http://www.onestepremoved.com Have you ever wondered why so many Expert Advisors ask for a magic number input? This video explains the reason they exist and what you should enter into your EA.
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Import a NinjaTrader Strategy
http://www.onestepremoved.com/import-ninjatrader-strategy/ NinjaTrader allows users to import a NinjaTrader strategy or indicator. Use the file import utility to install the zip file from the Control Center.
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Taking Screenshots in MetaTrader Explained
http://www.onestepremoved.com Learn how to take screen shots of MetaTrader without using Printscreen, Word or Paint. Capture your Expert Advisors' or your manual trades and share them with friends.
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NinjaTrader Managed Unmanaged Orders
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ninjatrader-order-methods/ NinjaTrader offers programmers two types of approaches when programming a strategy: managed orders or unmanaged orders.
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Historical Forex Data in MetaTrader 4
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Upload historical price data from Alpari into MetaTrader 4. Backtest your forex strategies to learn their historical simulated perfomance.
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Free Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4
http://www.onestepremoved.com/free-expert-advisors/ A summary of web sites where you can find free expert advisors for MetaTrader
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What is risk management? Don't lose
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Shaun Overton talks with John Person. A fortuitous train ride led to his career as a CME member and world class trader. John started on the trading floor right as technical analysis and indicators exploded out of Chicago. He had the lucky experience to know most of the famous traders that developed these tools and how they were applied in the early days. John shares those stories in the interview and talks about technical analysis in the current market. http://youtu.be/P2W6SVKm1YQ
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Failed Trading Experiment #1
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Trading with an arbitrary stop loss and take profit value actually results in an expectation of neither winning nor losing. Shaun Overton explains why traders should expect to break even and sets up the idea behind his failed trading experiment
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Trading System Drawdown
http://www.onestepremoved.com/trading-system-drawdown/ Even the best expert advisors experience a trading system drawdown. Analogies from baseball provide intuition on when to stick with an EA .
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Dark Pools Review
http://www.onestepremoved.com/dark-pools/ A review of Dark Pools by Scott Patterson. The book covers the growth of electronic stock trading and the predatory nature of today's high frequency trading environment.
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Install Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4 Forex
http://www.onestepremoved.com This video overviews Expert Advisors: what are they and how to install them into MetaTrader.
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The Difference Between a Stop and a Limit Order
http://www.onestepremoved.com/magic-number/ Many of our clients develop MetaTrader Expert Advisors that use pendings orders to enter the market. However, many retail forex traders mix up the terms "stop entry" and "limit entry". This video explains the true meaning of a stop and limit order, and how those terms apply to entering the market and exiting the market.
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Range Trade High Frequency System
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Trading systems that work in ranging markets may adapt well to a high frequency approach. Shaun Overton discusses the advantages to making a market at high frequency.
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Analyze your trades for maximum performance
http://www.onestepremoved.com/ Bobby Richards is a former prop trader turned full time, home based forex trader. Bobby get his edge by analyzing his trading history in live markets instead of searching for a "God-like" indicator. Bobby's web site is http://www.fxtickr.com/
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MetaTrader Set File
http://www.onestepremoved.com/metatrader-set-file/ MetaTrader Set files allow your MT4/MT5 programmer to help you debug. It also allows you to share Expert Advisor settings easily with friends instead of writing out long emails - just send them a set file.
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