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OMNIA is the owner of the equipment, which is located on the mining farms company Genezis Mining. This mutually beneficial cooperation, where OMNIA is partner of the famous company Genezis Mining. Director of Sales and Co-Founder Genezis Mining Mr. Jakov Dolic spoke at the opening of OMNIA, representatives OMNIA were on farms in Iceland, talked and interviewed the co-founder of Mr. Dr Marco Krohn (that's the vidos). This moment is important because OMNIA is a young company. A GENESIS-MINING is an ancient company with a reputation. At the moment, OMNIA already has completed the construction of its own farms in Sweden and is actively building farms in Austria. Put the company first because they update your own equipment as it wears out. Roughly speaking, while this company exists, you get passive income from mining. Lifetime passive income in the crypt (which is more expensive) is what the company promises.
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MicroSoft is studying decentralized identification on the blockroom. Essence: you can create a user ID on a decentralized platform and permanently save its history in the blockroom. Well ... to make it harder for you to steal MicroSoft software and simplify yourself getting money for software and services. Three test networks are considered as test PLATFOR for integration: Bitcoin, etherium, lightcoin. Than it threatens? This is an extra plus in favor of the crypto-currencies and platforms. When such giants show interest in technology, it raises its capitalization and the value of coins.
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BIOHAСKER The Art of Enhancing Your Biological Potential HORMESIS Hormesis (hormesis, hermesis) is the stimulating effect of moderate doses of stress on the body with the aim of enhancing the biological potential. In the proposed material, it is a matter of hormesis with the help of high and low ambient temperatures. I will tell you how to properly administer, increase and alternate temperature effects in order to significantly enhance your biology and neurology. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997 LTC: LbQX7u3QecLRwBWC7RAH9xmHNf2c7GgavP DOGE: DLWv1bQDN9AdWZHdgFygAedY54CMDdbm16
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Where is Satoshi Nakamoto
Did Nick Sabo create bitcoin? I'm not sure, and yet I believe that he probably wrote a whitepaper. So his participation in the project deserves a closer look. If the personal life of Nika Sabo remains a mystery, his works place him at the very top of the Pantheon's blockades. Nick Szabo is a living legend in the world of cryptography and crypto currency. Although, if you are new to crypto-currency topics, you hardly heard this name. It is not known to the general public. But among the genuine sincere crypt enthusiasts Nick Szabo - has an almost divine status.
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KETO DIET №1 Continue...
CONCLUSION The main recommendations for those wishing to go on a diet are: try low carbohydrate diet first. After this, you can sit on the BEACH (protein carbohydrate alternation). And only after you learn to burn fat with the help of these diets can you try the KETO - DIET. The fact is that the keto diet is more dangerous and requires more pressure of will to endure the moment of transition to fat energy exchange. In addition, according to my observations, the keto diet is not particularly good for too obese people (perhaps it is associated with insulin and leptin). If a person is very fat, then at first it makes sense to sit for a year on low-carbohydrates to prepare your body for ketosis. In general, this diet is very specific because it affects your body as nothing else does. This experience needs to be prepared gradually. KETO-DIET - Non-carbohydrate diet with high protein and fat content for compensation lack of carbohydrates PROTEIN = building material of our body (how energy is spent in emergencies) FATS = safety (emergency energy reserve and protection bodies) of our body. CARBOHYDRATES = energy supply of our body Ketones (ketone bodies) are produced from FAT DEFICIENCY OF GLUCOSE (CARBOHYDRATES) IN THE RATION. 2-A SOURCE OF ENERGY BRAIN:GLUCOSE (the main thing, with the availability of carbohydrates in the diet) Ketones (emergency from fat, with not enough carbohydrates) The process of ketones from fat production is called ketosis! 30-50 grams of carbohydrates a day!!! . When the level of insulin in the blood is high, then it is BLOCKS LIPOLISE (FAT SPRAY)! Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) NEEDS in the cell (fibrous carbohydrates) for proper functioning LOW-CARBOHYDRATE = there are carbohydrates, but they are not enough to completely close the deficit (burning part of fat, but carbohydrates - the main source of energy) Keto-diet (no-carbohydrate) = "no" carbohydrates, deficiency completely closed from fat (carbohydrates - NOT the main source of energy) THAN LESS THAN CARBOHYDRATES AND THAN THE LONGER THERE IS NO THEM, THAN CLOSER SYSTEM TO KETOZU (TRACK OF FAT). LOADING BY CARBOHYDRATES = 10 g of carbohydrates for each KG DRY BODY WEIGHT IN DAY. FRUCTOSIS and LACTOSE are easily deposited as GLYCOGEN IN THE LIVER DAY CALORIUM = 1/3 PROTEIN + 2/3 FAT In the beginning, the keto-diet of proteins is much, and then less! At the beginning of KETOZA there are a few specific FEATURES: ODOR FROM THE BODY AND URINE,ABSENCE OF THE HUNGER,IMPROVEMENT OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY RULE: IN THE BEGINNING, THE KETO-DIETS OF PROTEINS ARE MUCH, AND LESS THAN !!! PRODUCTS can be used almost any. The main condition is the absence of carbohydrates in the products. It can be any fatty / protein foods: fried meat, poultry, fish, whole eggs, cheeses. Actually food of animal origin (except milk) is the BASIC YOUR MENU. It makes sense to add to this menu WATER-FREE FATS (olive, linseed oil or fish oil) and a LITTLE CELL (green vegetables). By the way on a pillar of CALORITY you should not worry very much, because at the beginning of ketosis the appetite goes down very much. You can eat fat meat, eggs, fish BUT YOU DO NOT SPECIALLY THINK if you are doing everything right. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONDITION KETO DIETES - DO NOT HAVE CARBOHYDRATES !!! This is especially important in the beginning (until you go into ketosis). After you switch the body to use fat can eat certain the amount of carbohydrates without the risk of ketosis discontinuation.You will not burn, but will see a slowdown in fat burning or "pouring" in the morning. SMELL OF ACETONE At the beginning of KETOZA there are a few specific FEATURES: ODOR FROM THE BODY AND URINE, ABSENCE OF THE HUNGER, IMPROVEMENT OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY, SMELL OF ACETONE is the most famous sign of ketosis. But most of the smell can be removed at the expense of a large amount of water. Those. when you drink a lot of water (from 3 liters a day), then excess ketones are output from urine and sweat. This removes most of the odor after the shower. In addition, it improves well-being (eliminates lethargy). IMPORTANT RULE: AT THE COTTODITES, MUCH WATER TO BE WASHED. WEIGHT OF FATS = WEIGHT OF PROTEINS !!! By calories this will give a twofold advantage in fat (which is what we need to comply with proportions). So you pick up such a proportion of products to be equally. The most important thing is NOT TO DRINK CARBOHYDRATES !!! SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a
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How difficult is it to beatit bitcoin? Complicated. In the network, bitcoin mining is organized according to the system Proof-of-work (actually performed computational work). The more computing work the your device, the more bitcoins you get as a reward. The first several years of existence of bitcoin, it could be very easily extracted from usual personal computer, but then very few people were interested because bitcoin cost a penny. However, as the price and popularity of bitcoin increased, so did the complexity of its extraction (mining). This is spelled out in the code: every 2016 blogging threshold is the complexity of computing the network becomes more complicated. At the moment, such high computing power is needed that The usual computer with the bitcoins can not cope, unfortunately. Now, for bitcoin mining use special integrated circuits (ASIC -Application Specific Integrated Circuit). They are created and sharpened exclusively for solving one task - mining (mining) bitcoins. Conclusion: for mining bitcoins. You need special devices with a large processing power (hashedt).
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NEM Kurs
NEM. The new economic movement (NEM is also XEM) is a global and very convenient a platform for making payments between banks and ordinary people. In this plan NEM is a competitor to ripple and stellar. This project has its own test network in Japan, where they test the implementation of technology in real banking transactions. The number is in circulation = 9 BILLION. Not a little ... But it's FOUR times less than ripple. Given that the ripple for this momet is 1 dollar, and XEM ½ dollar. Obviously, there is huge potential here. https://youtu.be/WRiDA4B0xIQ
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• Protection of collagen Blocking of collagen catabolism with low temperatures. Healthy joints, ligaments and elastic skin. • Oxidation of fat Strengthening passive fat burning by 90-350%. We get fried and effective weight loss. • Strengthen immunity Significant increase in immune cells with the help of temperature effects. Significantly improved immunity and resistance to diseases and viruses. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Far Cry 5 — совершенно обыденный, хороший «фаркрай». Здесь есть все, за что серию принято любить, а сверху еще и настоящий кооператив, и невероятные пейзажи — поэтому игру вполне можно считать лучшей в серии. Но ненавистников франшизы новая часть не переубедит, крики про конвейер не стихнут, потому что от классической формулы «пятерка» далеко не уходит. Да, здесь упростили прокачку, убрали муторный крафт и вышки, добавили рыбалку, а охота теперь нужна только для заработка, но в основе-то все еще Far Cry 2. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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The BODY is the physical shell of the living being. Since we are people, we will talk about how to develop and care for the human body. 199. WHAT WE TRAIN, THAT AND DEVELOP. An important principle that can be applied absolutely to any of your achievements and qualities. Its essence is that if you want to have large muscles, then you need to use them. If you need to have good endurance, then you need to use it (run). If you need a good memory or a foreign language, then you need to use them. If you need a workable and healthy body, then you need to use it regularly (train). Instagram @alekssandr_popov
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Will is a manifestation of an emphasis and patience when you really want something. In other words, everything always depends on your desire. The more it is, the more will. The smaller, the less will and motivation. In this place, you have a reasonable question: why do some people have a desire (and, therefore, the will to implement it), while others have no real desire (and there is only a positive evaluation of the result that does not give motivation)?
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DIGIBYTE (DGB) Currency for making fast transactions. developers offer an impressive amount of 21 billion coins. They should become a currency for trading specific goods and services, and not for dark speculation.
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Diet Debm
In order to burn fat, you need to think about a diet, not about training because the former creates a large deficit than the second. If someone says that "nothing eats" and does not lose weight or even gets fat, then this one is lying. Most often to himself. To get rid of fat, you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, not fat. The best solution is non-carbohydrate. Water and fiber give a feeling of satiation. Fiber slows down the absorption of food.
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RIPPLE Current Price
In the future, Ripple plans to add 11 more recommended nodes, which will be launched by trusted companies and even universities this year. "At the moment, we already have quite a lot of nodes on the network from third parties.Yes, they are doing their duties well, they have no problems, but they ... They do not have such a large credit of trust as the nodes that were launched by our company, because our nodes have been working for 5 years, "- says Stephane Thomas, technical director of Ripple. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Intense stress on empty stomach creates good prerequisites for breakdown of fat in your body. Physical activity accelerates fat burning by producing catecholamines. The lower blood sugar level, more fat burning. Intense load better promotes breakdown of fat into fatty acids Low-intensity loading promotes oxidation of free fatty acids Look Instagram: @alekssandr_popov
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Оффициальные новости по RED DEAD REDEMPTION II SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Protocols Ethereum currently uses the Proof-of-Work protocol and plans to upgrade to Proof-of-Stake. NEO also uses the dBFT (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) protocol, which is a modification of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. Currently, NEO allows you to conduct significantly more transactions per second, however, after a large update of the Ethereum block called Metropolis, as well as the implementation of several new protocols, the Etherium will also significantly increase its throughput and transaction processing speed. Some "experts" note that in the network of the Etherium the probability of separation is much higher than that of NEO. This is partly true, because the NEO registrars must reach a consensus of 66% for the transaction to be placed in the locker room. However, for some reason, many people keep quiet about the fact that in this situation one can not talk about decentralization, because the minority in the Ethereum blockade can always say "no", and NEO will have to leave their opinion to themselves. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Cours Zcash
Z-Cash (ZEC) There are several so-called "anonymous" crypto-currencies. Monero, Dash and Z-cash .... I like the latter most of all because it was developed by a very serious group of specialists. These brainy guys have come up with how to make a proof with zero disclosure. Those. the method makes it possible to verify the reliability (transaction, mathematical statement) without having information from the second party (there is no way to find out the amount, the sender, the receiver). In fact, Z-Cash is the only truly anonymous crypto currency. Just imagine that the protocol of the system does not save information from whom, to whom and how much was transferred. Only the fact of the actual transfer (transaction) is visible. So what do you think? I'm sure that the anonymity of transactions is something that will always attract users of the network very much. So, that's why I choose zcash: • Unique anonymity (proof with zero disclosure) will necessarily be in demand. If not now, then a little later. By the way, Edward Snowden once declared that this coin is considered a worthy alternative to Bitcoin. • There are rumors that the algorithm on which Z-Cash is built can be used on clearing exchanges (these are places where firms and people trade off without money). • The coin is very similar to Bitcoin (the same 21 million + decentralization + blockage, etc.), but more nimble and devoid of those problems that are peculiar to "Daddy". • The coin does not go very far in price. This may be due to the fact that smart guys accumulate Z-Cash. Look my Instagram @alekssandr_popov
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EQUITY PARTICIPATION🏦 The first type of earnings is equity participation💨. Entry threshold: 💵100 and above. Income 💫 : 10% - 20% every month. Risks: low. 👍Participation (voting, or Proof of ✅Stake) is a type of earnings on crypto-currency 💴 , in which you will need to deposit 👉your own property, in return, you will receive a certain share from the project💵🤔. The principle of Proof of Stake is based on block 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦voting. It turns out that with your property📶 you confirm the "quality" of the blocks in the system code📲💻. If to explain in simple words, the essence of votes for this type of participation is that the investor👉💵 gives the system his property, she uses this rate to confirm the blocks in the block, and for the use of your property🕋🏛 the system charges you dividends. More information about 🗾PoS you can read in this article. At first glance, this method🤔💭 could seem complicated and incomprehensible, but it has two huge pluses ➕➕: a low 🔽entry threshold and no need to buy special equipment📵. The disadvantages are the low profitability🌐 (in comparison with other ways of earning at the crypto currency). 🎦Full 🎥 https://youtu.be/ZhRB7mLpQyw #equity #participation #trading #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptolife #cryptoinvestor #losangeles #lasvegas #property #investor #quality #billionaire #makemoney #bitcoin #cryptonews #works #myartwork #bloger #bookblogger #blogpost #youtubechannel #youtubevideo #hodl #tothemoon #trumptower #robertkyosaki #currency #dollars
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Спустя 5 лет мы возвращаемся на залитые солнцем улицы жаркой Южной Калифорнии, где курткам и худи предпочитают облегающие бикини, побережье усыпано золотистым песком, а каждый второй готов забраться к тебе в дом и подчистую его обнести. Добро пожаловать в Лос-Сантос, город Американской мечты. 2013 год должен был запомниться миллионам игроков по всему земному шару огромным количеством громких игр и анонсом приставок нового поколения, которые еще долгие годы будут стоять в домах и квартирах. Вместо этого все запомнят 2013-й как год выхода Grand Theft Auto V. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Who is my big FAT Fabulous Life dating
In any case, in order to achieve success, the system and consistency are important. Getting rid of subcutaneous fat is a very difficult task if it refers to it as a temporary task.
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Women and men have different energy supplies during and after training. There is a certain skewness in carbohydrates and fats in different periods: • MEN = in the training session GLYCOGEN (carbohydrates) / after the training of FAT • WOMEN = in training FAT (less carbohydrate) / after GLYCOGEN This does not mean that women use little glycogen during a power or other high-intensity workout. Use, but less than men. But after training (during recovery) everything changes. Female body uses carbohydrates well, while male fatty acids.
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Healthy diet gawing habit for LIFE
Second reason why you not good fat burner This is the next point that does not allow you to form a useful habit even if you do the right things the right time (two months). A person can tolerate anything if he knows that it is temporary. Any stress we can bear, if there is understanding, when it will end. We, starting a diet, always adjust to the fact that it will be stress (it will be uncomfortable), but it will be temporary and will end by a certain date or event. The problem is that this focus does not give you any pleasure. You suffer and subconsciously think only about when it will end. Do you remember that people are biological machines that are controlled by doses of natural drugs? If you are focused on the fact that your "suffering" will end at some date or event, then you can not get pleasure from the process in which you are. In fact, usually everything happens the other way around. People focus on the fact that pleasure will be later when they stop this process (diet) and you can eat. In such circumstances, there is no incentive to consolidate a good habit. In order for you to have a useful habit, your motivation should be POSITIVE, and not NEGATIVE (HERE details). This seems obvious, but most people constantly motivate themselves negatively. That is, they say to themselves "I need to do this, so that it does not get worse." For example, I need to go to work, so as not to remain without a salary or food. Or, I need to go to school so that I will not be kicked out of the institute, so they will not be taken into the army. Or, I need to lose weight so people do not think I'm a fat pig. All these are examples of NEGATIVE motivation (I make it not to become worse), which works much weaker than positive.
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DO YOU NEED FAT to Build Muscle
Men 10-15% Women 20-25% of fat. We can accumulate fat in body of three types: NECESSARY (3-5% men, 8-13% women) Subcutaneous ( up to 20% men and up to 40% women) Wicker ( over 20% for men, over 40% for women) Excess fat prevents the set of muscles and promotes the recruitment of fat. Under normal conditions , if a person doesn’t suffer from obesity, then there is approximately the following proportions: Necessary and substraw fat = 9/10 Visceral fat =1/10
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You don’t give enough time for habiting the older a person became, the less there was the need for quick learning something new. Our brain does not like to waste energy when it is not very necessary. That's why, if you are not a child and not a teenager, then you need a lot of time to form a new neural connection. As for diets, in order to get used to them, if you do not have the appropriate habit, you need to prepare to do the right things for at least 2 months. Only through such a time it is possible to draw any conclusions.
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How to Become a Good Fat Burner? In order to achieve success in the constant fat burning, you need to acquire the appropriate good habit of constant proper nutrition. You should stop taking the diet as a restriction and as something not comfortable. You need to be taught to eat in a way that is familiar, useful and comfortable. To do this, you must know exactly what is possible and that it is very pleasant. That is, you need to acquire the appropriate individual experience. And this experience should be positive (giving pleasure). Once again: you can understand by reason that this is possible and it's nice. But the most important things in your motivation are not controlled by reason, but by instincts (emotions). They say that it's good for you and what's bad for you. The mind only serves these desires. In order for their implementation to be more effective. This means that you do not need to understand reason, because it does not matter. Our body and brain work as drug addicts. They constantly need natural drugs (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.) in order that they want to do something. And these natural drugs are developed when you have a personal experience of getting pleasure from those or other actions. Why is it so rarely a positive experience is formed from new actions? Why is it so difficult to consolidate a new positive habit and get pleasure from it, motivation and will? I analyzed many situations and read many books on psychology before I could understand this moment. Yes, we often start do the right actions that can turn into positive habits. But this almost never comes to an end for two reasons: • You do not give enough TIME to fix the necessary habit • You do not give enough PLEASURE to fix the necessary habit My task, as a trainer and author, is to correct this situation and form a useful habit of controlling body fat. Teach you to set up the mode in such a way that there is enough time for, and enough pleasure from this process. Only a good habit can guarantee a constant and pleasant result for you. That's why I start this material with a description of all these moments. My Instagram @alekssandr_popov
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Good food is food that gives your body maximum benefit with minimal harm. Everything in this universe has two sides of the coin. In everything there are both positive and negative points. Food is not an exception to this rule. There is food that, even with moderate consumption, will severely damage your body (for example, sugar or flour products). And there is food, which even with excessive consumption will not harm (for example, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber).
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In our diet the protein should be 2 g / kg of body weight. This figure is typical for fitness. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, then you need to get about 180 grams of protein of animal origin. In the first stage, this information is not very important to you (it will be needed at the third stage). However, I decided to introduce you in the course of things gradually so that you know what will happen next. Now your task is to train yourself to eat "good" foods (I gave the list a little higher) with an emphasis on boiled dishes from protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates (not sweet).
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The main findings of the study: "The number of linguistic markers of similarity between the texts for the authorship of Sabo and tex whitepaper Satoshi Nakamoto is amazing. None of the texts of other possible authors give even a close number of markers. We are convinced that from the list of people who are credited with the authorship of this document. Nick Szabo is the main contender. However, we do not exclude the possibility that one of the other "suspects" took part in its writing. Our study gives additional weight to the evidence of the authorship of Sabo. The case looks quite obvious. Sabo is an expert in jurisprudence, finance, cryptography and computer science. He created Bit Gold - the predecessor of Bitcoin and was looking for helpers in 2008. "
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Shape of WATER
About Water. Water can and should be drunk in any acceptable amount. There is a myth that excess water affects acidity and digestion. This is not true for two reasons: • POCKETS FOR STORAGE OF WATER. In the stomach and small intestine there are from 8 to 20 pockets for water storage. In fact, they can accommodate more than 1 liter of water at a time. • WAREHOUSES ALONG THE STOMACH OF THE STOMACH. Through which water gradually enters the stomach, without washing away the gastric juice and enzymes, as some think. If you drink a glass of water, it gradually (in a couple of minutes) gets into the gastric pocket for water. From there, this stock will be gradually spent as needed. I do not recommend drinking very much or very little. Try to drink as much as you feel comfortable. If you pour in yourself more than a liter of water at a time, then you will not be comfortable because the water will not have time to dissolve out of the pockets of the stomach. But this does not affect the assimilation of food. want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏!
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I want to tell you 3 useful chips, which it is desirable to include in your diet. They are not obligatory. However, you can significantly increase the speed of your fat burning and not only. Here they are.
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Our main task is to learn how to eat effectively. You do not need to lose weight now, if that. This achievement you activate in passing, if we can solve your main task. In order to solve the main task, you need to create conditions for the formation of a good habit, there are fewer, and to waste more. This is the basic principle of absolutely all diets and systems aimed at getting rid of subcutaneous fat. We, God forbid, do not "tighten the nuts" at all. We do everything smoothly in order to give your brain (not the body) time for the formation of a new neural connection. We do not throw all the ways into one big heap, as is done in traditional diets. Instead, WE CONNECT THE WAYS (STEPS) AGAIN! Month after month. Each step needs time, for fastening. This time, according to my observations, ranges from 1 to 8 weeks.
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How Much Weight can I Lose in 10 days
When people ask me about a landmark in kilograms, I'm announcing a figure of 1 KG PER WEEK! Here, the amount of kilograms that must be lost for different people for a week: • FATTY 1-2 kr/week • FULL 0.6-1 • AVERAGE 0.5-0.7 • FIRE 0.2-0.5 • DRY 0.1-0.2 = 1-2 kg / week = 0.6-1 kg / week = 0.5-0.7 kg / week = 0.2-0.5 kg / week = 0.1-0.2 kg / week
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• Neuro Genesis Update brain neurons with low temperatures. Improved thinking and ingenuity. • Synthesis of protein Increase protein synthesis by 30% with high temperatures. 2-fold increase in the production of growth hormone. Rejuvenation of tissues, muscle growth. • BioGynesis Update and increase the number of mitochondria "energy cell stations." We acquire improved energy and body tone. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997 LTC: LbQX7u3QecLRwBWC7RAH9xmHNf2c7GgavP DOGE: DLWv1bQDN9AdWZHdgFygAedY54CMDdbm16
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In order to achieve success in the constant fat burning, you need to acquire the appropriate good habit of constant proper nutrition. You should stop taking the diet as a restriction and as something not comfortable. You need to be taught to eat in a way that is familiar, useful and comfortable. To do this, you must know exactly what is possible and that it is very pleasant. That is, you need to acquire the appropriate individual experience. And this experience should be positive (giving pleasure). Once again: you can understand by reason that this is possible and it's nice. But the most important things in your motivation are not controlled by reason, but by instincts (emotions). They say that it's good for you and what's bad for you. The mind only serves these desires. In order for their implementation to be more effective. This means that you do not need to understand reason, because it does not matter. Our body and brain work as drug addicts. They constantly need natural drugs (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.) in order that they want to do something. And these natural drugs are developed when you have a personal experience of getting pleasure from those or other actions.
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Crypto currency Monero (XMR)🔥 is a fully anonymous decentralized crypto currency 💴, founded in 2014 as a result of the Fortecoin crypto currency 💴 fork 🍴. Developers Monero decided to build on the Bytecion code, which basically used the CryptoNote protocol, which makes the crypto currency 💴 code more confusing, which complicates the process of disclosing user data.⬆️ The disadvantages of the Monero can include the size of its transactions, which in comparison with other crypto currency 💴 is almost 10 times greater 👍. This fact, significantly increases the load on the blockade of crypto currency 💴, so sometimes there may be delays in transactions. The second shortcoming of Monero, is his anonymity. It seems to be there, and it’s enough to hide data about users😎, but still , it’s not absolute, like for example in Zcash. Benefits. This crypto currency 💴 is much safer than most other crypto currency 💴, which is what made 😠 the demand for it, which subsequently allowed it to be in first 10 in terms of capitalization.
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ОБЗОР Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance — удивительная игра. Она переносит игроков в уникальный сеттинг и предлагает им пережить массу неожиданных ситуаций, но в то же время не забывает вывести из себя багами. Стоит ли сейчас, на старте, покупать билет в Богемию XV века, вопрос хороший. На него я и постараемся ответить.... SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Crypto Trading
The third♨️ type of earnings is trading👨🏻‍💻 Entry threshold: from $ 100, 💯 💵preferably more. Income: unlimited.💨 Risks: high chances of losing money.👉💵➖ Trading the Crypto-currency at the exchange 🌐is the most common way of earning money in this market💵💰. You can start with a small investment👉💵👍, because the threshold on many exchanges is only $ 💵1. It should be remembered: the larger the amount that you "play⚽️" on the exchange, the greater your 💵✖️profit. Yes, yes, that's right, you're playing. Now I will explain why. There are two types of strategy in trading: Active trading. 🔥You need to quickly buy and also sell coins quickly. 💨The main hope is for the rapid growth of the coin⚫️. Example: you bought Ethereum for $ 900, 💵after 2 hours the rate went up to $ 💵950, you sold it and got a net profit of $ 💵50. This strategy takes a very long time, 🍿because you need to constantly monitor the changes in value🌎. In this case, there is a great chance of both earning and losing money👉💵💰🔥. Here 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/yC-gA_0C_rE #trading #trade #trader #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptotrade #cryptoinvestor #tothemoon #hodl #newyork #usa #active #bitcoin #currency #dollar #blog #blogg #bloger #ethereum #wallstreet #bears #bulls #play #exchange #billionaire #makemoney #meditation #newhope #futureiscoming #transaction
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IOTA Cryptocurrency
IOTA (IOTA). Internet Of Things. It's about the currency for calculations ... between devices. How? You did not know that soon the SMART (clever) prefix will not only be to the TV and phone? So, even your car will communicate with the gas station. But this does not eliminate the need to pay for transactions between them. IOTA is the currency for such transactions between machines and devices want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏! #losangeles #newyork #usa #california #maymi #workout #millionare #billionaire #millions #diet #fat #feet #body #bodybuilding #sport #bitcoin #sportnutrition #litecoin #success #successful #mind #development #investors #findinvestors #richlife #sportgym #filosophy #psyhology #science #lasvegas
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Love, what are you doing and will certainly succeed! Success stories are millions and everything is written as a copy, a common trait is to love one's business. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Tom Kerridge lose weight for food
People who could lose weight on sweet food, not like most. They either have a unique genetics (the GI of the same products varies from person to person), or they are very patient (but this will always be a temporary result) or they already have a good habit of limiting themselves significantly. In general, for most situations, you need to choose "good" carbohydrates (not sweet), because it is so easier to lose weight and it's easier to get used to a new diet and less hunger. you want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏!
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Mind Body spirit events 2017
Promo Channel “BODY MIND DEVELOPMENT “ Finished by smartphone. This is so amazing, you don’t need PC. See you in next episodes!!!! want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏! #losangeles #newyork #usa #california #maymi #workout #millionare #billionaire #millions #diet #fat #feet #body #bodybuilding #sport #bitcoin #sportnutrition #litecoin #success #successful #mind #development #investors #findinvestors #richlife #sportgym #filosophy #psyhology #science #lasvegas
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Than on the network (than cold) - the better. 1. Hot wallets (biitrex, poloniex, Binance) 2. Cold wallets ( what is stored on your devices without internet connection to the internet). Example: JAXX or ELECTRUM wallets. TRIZOR or LEGGER. Look my instagram @alekssandr_popov The hacker will not be able to steal your money if your wallet does not have a connection to the internet. The best place to store your money is the hardware wallet. These are professional devices specially created to store crypto currency.
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In this regard, it is customary to talk about the "bull" market (the price goes up) or about the "bearish" market (the price goes down) When the support line and the resistance line intersect and form a triangle, this means that "bulls" and "bears" are fighting and betting that the market will go up or down. The so-called "breakthrough point" is formed.
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Many start their acquaintance with the crypto currency with such a question: "How can I make money on this?". I believe that this is correct, therefore, specifically for you, I found 4 basic methods of earning in the crypto currency market, which are distributed in order of increasing complexity of implementation. Tip: Do not invest in crypto currency more than you are ready to lose. Remember, this market is still considered risky, so every action must be considered.
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FAT BOB 2018
The body does not like to spend its stock in the form of subcutaneous fat. In order to minimize this process, there is a complex three-stage system for consuming fat reserves: SPLIT-TRANSPORTATION-OXIDATION. SPLIT. Fat from the cell is split into: • glycerin • Free fatty acids (FFA) TRANSPORT. • protein albumin + FFA = in organs and tissues • Carnitine + FFA = mitochondria = energy
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Basics of KETO DIET
ABOUT COVERAGE: With a keto diet, you consume a smaller amount of food than with a low-carb or regular diet. In addition, proteins and fats lead to a more complete assimilation of this volume of food. THEREFORE, EDUCATION OF THE FACIAL MASSES DECREASES. In other words, if you have become much less likely to go to the toilet on a keto diet, this does not mean that you have constipation. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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How Much Fat Do You Need a Day
So, how much fat 🤔🔥should be in your body👨🏻‍💼? I adhere the following standards: MEN🤵 = 10-15% fat WOMEN 👰🏻= 20-25% fat 👉 If your body fat percentage is within the specified limits📌☝️, your body, hormonal system and metabolism in general will function without any obstacles. ☝️👍 What are the minimum limits of fat in the body🤔💭? In general, you may have health problems and well-being if you are constantly within the following limits: 👇🏻✊ MEN👨🏻‍💼 = 3-5% fat WOMEN👩🏼‍💼 = 8-13% fat This is a percentage of fat, which shows📺 a competitor who is well dried to competition💨🚀. In principle, if it lasts a couple of weeks, then there’s nothing to worry about🔥🤔. Full 🎥 📺 https://youtu.be/A9Qi6oHWyjs #fat #fatburner #fatburning #diet #healthproblems #bodyhealth #howmuch #fatgirl #burnfat #dietfood #nodiet #instadiet #paleodiet #ketogenicdiet #obatdiet #energydiet #healthydiet #dieta #plantbaseddiet #ketodiet #tipsdiet #cleandiet #dietmayo #healthyfats #goodfats #fathers #fatshion #burner #burningman #fatburners
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Telegram TON ICO
ICO Telegrams 🌐 held the first fundraising💵♨️ and collected a lot for the ICO as much as 850 million💵💰. One of the highest rates. Huge agiotage and demand for this coin. Pavel Durov is known for his projects 👉as Vkontake👌 and telegrams👍. the essence of the project in the ecosystem🌎 with its own currency💴 inside. At the moment, the second fundraising is planned👉💰❗️. to invest so simply does not work, the minimum amount of $ 20 million💵💨. we are most likely to get the price of three expensive from the current💴. In the 🇺🇸,most likely will not be because of the commission on securities👮🏻‍♂️, most likely for Durov👨🏻‍💻 to be out of reach for their inspections in the future. Full 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/w3Bag7TNQ5U #durov #pavel #ico #cryptocurrency #crypto #telegram #fundraising #socialwork #vk #usa #inspections #cryptonews #cryptotrade #cryptotrader #hodl #ton #tothemoon #losangeles #lasvegas #blog #bloger #bblogger #makemoney #investor #invest #billionaire #dollars #successful #bitcoin #currency
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ICON. ICON Crypto currency is the digital token of the ICON site, which wants to become a platform for uniting all the detainees in one place. Such an approach will To facilitate the interaction of the detachments of different projects. Now there is a lot of platforms and standards in the world of blockbuster. However, in the future there will be a "pooling" of standards because for the interaction of all platforms some kind of "adhesive glue" or platform is needed. ICON is already working on a solution this is a problem.
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