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In order to achieve success in the constant fat burning, you need to acquire the appropriate good habit of constant proper nutrition. You should stop taking the diet as a restriction and as something not comfortable. You need to be taught to eat in a way that is familiar, useful and comfortable. To do this, you must know exactly what is possible and that it is very pleasant. That is, you need to acquire the appropriate individual experience. And this experience should be positive (giving pleasure). Once again: you can understand by reason that this is possible and it's nice. But the most important things in your motivation are not controlled by reason, but by instincts (emotions). They say that it's good for you and what's bad for you. The mind only serves these desires. In order for their implementation to be more effective. This means that you do not need to understand reason, because it does not matter. Our body and brain work as drug addicts. They constantly need natural drugs (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.) in order that they want to do something. And these natural drugs are developed when you have a personal experience of getting pleasure from those or other actions.
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Basics of KETO DIET
ABOUT COVERAGE: With a keto diet, you consume a smaller amount of food than with a low-carb or regular diet. In addition, proteins and fats lead to a more complete assimilation of this volume of food. THEREFORE, EDUCATION OF THE FACIAL MASSES DECREASES. In other words, if you have become much less likely to go to the toilet on a keto diet, this does not mean that you have constipation. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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WHAT is Crypto Trading - RSI
Now I'll tell you a little about the RSI indicator. The RSI indicator is an oscillator. it means that it oscillates in a certain area, limited to the maximum and minimum value. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is indicated on a scale from 0 to 100. Better In all, it works, reaching areas of extremes. The criterion for evaluation is two lines, conducted at 30 and 70. It is believed that above 70 is the overbought zone, and below 30 - overselling zone. Therefore, when the RSI value reaches and rises higher 70, there is a threat of a price decline; movement below 30 is perceived as a warning about a near rise. SUPPORT THE PROJECT BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997 LTC: LbQX7u3QecLRwBWC7RAH9xmHNf2c7GgavP DOGE: DLWv1bQDN9AdWZHdgFygAedY54CMDdbm16
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When🤔 the support line and the resistance line intersect and form a triangle, this means 👉that the bulls and bears 🐻are fighting ❗️and betting that the market will go up or down. The so-called "breakthrough point" is formed.📝  There are many indicators with which you can determine where the 👉💴price will go: 1. The most important thing is to analyze how strong the support / resistance line ❗️is. To do this, you can calculate how many times the price has broken off from the support and resistance lines. 🔑💨For example, if the price has broken off from the support line 6 times and from the resistance line 5 times - with a greater probability that the price will go up.🙃 2. You can also use indicators such as RSI - the index relative to strength. ❗️💭This is an indicator of technical analysis that determines the strength of the trend and the likelihood of its change. 🔥🤔Using RSI, you can analyze the strength or weakness of the current market price state. The indicator is based on the use of closing prices for a certain period of time💰👍. How to work with this indicator you can figure out on your own. One of the most important details when analyzing a particular crypto currency💴 is the timeframe. This is the time interval of quotations on the chart. 💨That is, time that includes one candle. When you analyze the schedule and it seems to you that the price💰🔥 is here to break through the resistance level and go further up you need to take into account the whole picture. 👨🏻‍💻👉That is, put a larger timeframe (4 hours or 1 day) and see if there was a strong level of resistance, for example, 3 💨❓months ago. #bearsandbulls #exchange #crypto #cryprotrading #cryptotrader #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ethereum #cobinhood #ripple #ripples #litecoin #cardano #stellar #eos #neo #dash #venicebeach #losangeles #lasvegas #newyork #wallstreetjournal #trading #blogs #resistance #profit #tron #hodl #tothemoon #millions
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but if I want a quick profit? All the coins that I recommended above are intended for LONG HOLD (from a month to 1-2 years). If you need a QUICK income, then you need to have actual information on a particular coin at a given time. To give such information should be studied news and plans for different coins. It's possible do it yourself (I do not do it purposefully because I have for this there is no time), or using ALIEN SIGNALS to buy or sell those or other coins. What are SIGNALS and where can they be taken? SIGNALS are messages in the closed PAYMENT telegrams channel for the purchase of a promising coin. You choose the necessary signal service, pay a monthly subscription (costs an average of $ 100-200) and every day you receive signals for the purchase of certain currencies. Usually signals are given actual from several days to several weeks (do not wait for profit months). The downside of this process is that you need to monitor signals, make regular purchases / sales on the exchange, pay for the service. What signals do you use? I use the signals of my friends "Crypto_bot" in the telegram: https://t.me/crypto_bot These are smart signals that are compiled on the basis of up-to-date information on news and technical analysis of various crypto-currencies. In contrast to traditional signals, guys (I know them personally) not only give information about promising coins, but also write why the coin should grow in the near future. This is useful for self-education and understanding how everything happens in this business.
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EQUITY PARTICIPATION🏦 The first type of earnings is equity participation💨. Entry threshold: 💵100 and above. Income 💫 : 10% - 20% every month. Risks: low. 👍Participation (voting, or Proof of ✅Stake) is a type of earnings on crypto-currency 💴 , in which you will need to deposit 👉your own property, in return, you will receive a certain share from the project💵🤔. The principle of Proof of Stake is based on block 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦voting. It turns out that with your property📶 you confirm the "quality" of the blocks in the system code📲💻. If to explain in simple words, the essence of votes for this type of participation is that the investor👉💵 gives the system his property, she uses this rate to confirm the blocks in the block, and for the use of your property🕋🏛 the system charges you dividends. More information about 🗾PoS you can read in this article. At first glance, this method🤔💭 could seem complicated and incomprehensible, but it has two huge pluses ➕➕: a low 🔽entry threshold and no need to buy special equipment📵. The disadvantages are the low profitability🌐 (in comparison with other ways of earning at the crypto currency). 🎦Full 🎥 https://youtu.be/ZhRB7mLpQyw #equity #participation #trading #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptolife #cryptoinvestor #losangeles #lasvegas #property #investor #quality #billionaire #makemoney #bitcoin #cryptonews #works #myartwork #bloger #bookblogger #blogpost #youtubechannel #youtubevideo #hodl #tothemoon #trumptower #robertkyosaki #currency #dollars
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• Protection of collagen Blocking of collagen catabolism with low temperatures. Healthy joints, ligaments and elastic skin. • Oxidation of fat Strengthening passive fat burning by 90-350%. We get fried and effective weight loss. • Strengthen immunity Significant increase in immune cells with the help of temperature effects. Significantly improved immunity and resistance to diseases and viruses. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Telegram Open Network project from the Telegram team aims to create a new generation of block-ecosystems: (1) TON Blockchain, capable of carrying out millions of transactions per second, (2) TON Platform, which includes TON Storage, a decentralized data storage system , TON Proxy - anonymization system for users, TON Services - a system for accessing TON functions for users, TON DNS - a naming system similar to WWW, TON Payments - a platform for micropayments Strengths:• 170 million active users Telegram (October 2017), is expected to grow to 200 million (1 quarter of 2018) and 675 million (by 2021) • Attracted $ 850 million from well-known venture capitalists • Experience and authority of the founder - entrepreneur Pavel Durov • Strong technical specialists with proven experience • Potential for multiple growth of the project when achieving the stated goals Risks:• Team work on two projects (TON and Telegram) • Closedness of the team, non-transparency of materials and conditions for participation in ICO • 52% of the tokens in the reserve to maintain the system under the control of the TON team • Increased agiotage (including reselling of tokens) and changing ICO conditions • Possibility of state intervention in the project due to the support of anonymous payments • The team declares that it will be able to solve most of the key problems of the blocking and crypto currency at the moment, which caused criticism from MIT experts due to the lack of a detailed description of technical solutions • Growth of competition due to announcements of market leaders messengers - Whatsapp / Facebook, Viber (RakutenCoin), etc.
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Will is a manifestation of an emphasis and patience when you really want something. In other words, everything always depends on your desire. The more it is, the more will. The smaller, the less will and motivation. In this place, you have a reasonable question: why do some people have a desire (and, therefore, the will to implement it), while others have no real desire (and there is only a positive evaluation of the result that does not give motivation)?
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Far Cry 5 — совершенно обыденный, хороший «фаркрай». Здесь есть все, за что серию принято любить, а сверху еще и настоящий кооператив, и невероятные пейзажи — поэтому игру вполне можно считать лучшей в серии. Но ненавистников франшизы новая часть не переубедит, крики про конвейер не стихнут, потому что от классической формулы «пятерка» далеко не уходит. Да, здесь упростили прокачку, убрали муторный крафт и вышки, добавили рыбалку, а охота теперь нужна только для заработка, но в основе-то все еще Far Cry 2. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Crypto Trading Strategy: DOWNTREND
The opposite of the uptrend is a downtrend. When the price Crypto currency is stably falling for a certain period of time, it is said that the price is in a downtrend. He is a sequence of decreasing maxima and falling minima. It should be noted that very often the price is repelled from the trend line. (onthe picture is shown in dotted lines)
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KETO-DIET (High fat diet) When the body functions without carbohydrates, it is forced to use fat as energy. This process is called KETOZ. Accordingly, a similar diet is called KETO-DIET. The main advantage of this diet is that if you take away carbohydrates, then your body has to "switch" to the use of fats, actually from which you want to get rid of. BUT some important organs of our body (for example, the brain) use carbohydrates as their energy or their alternative - Keton bodies (ketones), which become new carriers of energy instead of glucose (carbohydrates), if they are not. In general, the body when there is a lack of glucose (carbohydrates from food), it is necessary to start Ketoz Split fat into fatty acids and ketones (this is practically ready acetone). And this is not useful for our body. The load on the body is very significant, because you force him to do what he is not used to doing . In addition, you have to load and your digestive tract is not the usual load. Because you have to replace the usual carbohydrates. Than? FAT, as it is not paradoxical. At the Keto diet in your diet 30-40% of calories comes from PROTEIN and 70-60% of calories from FAT. Those. you actually eat a lot of fatty products such as steaks, fried eggs, fatty fish, pork shish kebab etc. But you can not eat carbohydrates. The only thing you can afford is about 20 grams of fiber from green vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce leaves, etc.). The diet is not as simple as it might seem. You probably do not understand how much importance carbohydrates have for us. But this diet works. I tried it about 10 years ago and the result was finished. Well, what if you completely remove carbohydrates from the diet? Will this be even more effective in terms of fat burning? Answer: YES. And such a diet was very popular in the golden era of bodybuilding (it was promoted by Vince Gironde). It's called KETO DIET. KETO-DIET - A non-carbohydrate diet high in protein and fat to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates. Why is the diet called "keto"? Because in the absence of carbohydrates, from fat begin Ketones (ketone bodies) are produced as a source of energy for the brain and nervous system. All THREE NUTRIENTS (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) have their basic function in our body. PROTEINS = building material of our body (how energy is spent in emergency cases) FATS = safety (emergency energy reserve and protection of organs) our body. CARBOHYDRATES = energy supply of our body You see that the main source of ENERGY SUPPLY is Carbohydrates, and the reserve fats and proteins. That's why you are so drawn to sweet and complex carbohydrates in everyday life. The human body is a product of the evolution of millions of years. There is in him a mechanism of survival and in the absence carbohydrates. In the end, after all, HUNGER is quite a frequent occurrence in the history of development of our species. What is this mechanism? THIS IS KETONIC BODIES (KETONS) !!! THIS IS KETONIC BODIES (KETONS) !!! Ketones (ketone bodies) are produced from fat in the deficit of glucose (carbohydrates) in the diet. 2-A SOURCE OF ENERGY BRAIN: GLUCOSE (main, with enough carbohydrate in the diet) Ketones (emergency from fat, with not enough carbohydrates) The process of ketones from fat production is called ketosis! The resulting Keton brain begins to use instead of GLUCOSE. By the way, that's why, this diet was first used among EPILEPTICS (the brain began to work better, seizures became less, because the body switched to alternative energy supply). This happens with almost complete absence of carbohydrates in the diet. WHAT IS EQUAL THIS "ALMOST"? Most often referred to as the figure 30-50 gr CARBOHYDRATES A DAY !!! It is believed that if you eat more than 100 grams. carbohydrates per day, then KETOZ will not be possible because of these carbohydrates will be produced glucose and will not need to completely switch to fat as an energy supply. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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RIPPLE Current Price
In the future, Ripple plans to add 11 more recommended nodes, which will be launched by trusted companies and even universities this year. "At the moment, we already have quite a lot of nodes on the network from third parties.Yes, they are doing their duties well, they have no problems, but they ... They do not have such a large credit of trust as the nodes that were launched by our company, because our nodes have been working for 5 years, "- says Stephane Thomas, technical director of Ripple. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Diet Debm
In order to burn fat, you need to think about a diet, not about training because the former creates a large deficit than the second. If someone says that "nothing eats" and does not lose weight or even gets fat, then this one is lying. Most often to himself. To get rid of fat, you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, not fat. The best solution is non-carbohydrate. Water and fiber give a feeling of satiation. Fiber slows down the absorption of food.
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Оффициальные новости по RED DEAD REDEMPTION II SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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So... 🎥 👉 . Deficit can created in various ways, for example👇🏻: - Replacement of high calorie and sweet foods for low calorie and not sweets. -Reduction of meal 🥘 time during the day. - Reducing the amount of food 🥘 throughout the day (this is the most 🔥traditional and hardest way, so we will have it only in the 3rd stage). - Increased energy 👋💪consumption with an unchanged diet🔥(you can lose weight not only due to limitations in incoming energy, but also by increasing the energy spent). 🤔❗️ #reduction #meal #mealtime #diet #dietfood #dieta #dieter #diets #dieting #dieting #dietas #dietapaleo #dietwhatdiet #dietalami #dietplan #fat #fatty #burn #fatburn #fatburner #trumptower #venicebeach #fitbodyguide #dietaman #dietherbalife #paleodiet #dietketo #newyork #manhattan #bodypositive
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Спустя 5 лет мы возвращаемся на залитые солнцем улицы жаркой Южной Калифорнии, где курткам и худи предпочитают облегающие бикини, побережье усыпано золотистым песком, а каждый второй готов забраться к тебе в дом и подчистую его обнести. Добро пожаловать в Лос-Сантос, город Американской мечты. 2013 год должен был запомниться миллионам игроков по всему земному шару огромным количеством громких игр и анонсом приставок нового поколения, которые еще долгие годы будут стоять в домах и квартирах. Вместо этого все запомнят 2013-й как год выхода Grand Theft Auto V. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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DIGIBYTE (DGB) Currency for making fast transactions. developers offer an impressive amount of 21 billion coins. They should become a currency for trading specific goods and services, and not for dark speculation.
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Who is my big FAT Fabulous Life dating
In any case, in order to achieve success, the system and consistency are important. Getting rid of subcutaneous fat is a very difficult task if it refers to it as a temporary task.
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Women and men have different energy supplies during and after training. There is a certain skewness in carbohydrates and fats in different periods: • MEN = in the training session GLYCOGEN (carbohydrates) / after the training of FAT • WOMEN = in training FAT (less carbohydrate) / after GLYCOGEN This does not mean that women use little glycogen during a power or other high-intensity workout. Use, but less than men. But after training (during recovery) everything changes. Female body uses carbohydrates well, while male fatty acids.
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DO YOU NEED FAT to Build Muscle
Men 10-15% Women 20-25% of fat. We can accumulate fat in body of three types: NECESSARY (3-5% men, 8-13% women) Subcutaneous ( up to 20% men and up to 40% women) Wicker ( over 20% for men, over 40% for women) Excess fat prevents the set of muscles and promotes the recruitment of fat. Under normal conditions , if a person doesn’t suffer from obesity, then there is approximately the following proportions: Necessary and substraw fat = 9/10 Visceral fat =1/10
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In our diet the protein should be 2 g / kg of body weight. This figure is typical for fitness. For example, if you weigh 90 kg, then you need to get about 180 grams of protein of animal origin. In the first stage, this information is not very important to you (it will be needed at the third stage). However, I decided to introduce you in the course of things gradually so that you know what will happen next. Now your task is to train yourself to eat "good" foods (I gave the list a little higher) with an emphasis on boiled dishes from protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates (not sweet).
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Who Said FAT? Take two chairs and sit down to us!
who said fat? take two chairs and sit down to us! Speak about diet. Connect to speech. Practical methods from Russian science
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The BODY is the physical shell of the living being. Since we are people, we will talk about how to develop and care for the human body. 199. WHAT WE TRAIN, THAT AND DEVELOP. An important principle that can be applied absolutely to any of your achievements and qualities. Its essence is that if you want to have large muscles, then you need to use them. If you need to have good endurance, then you need to use it (run). If you need a good memory or a foreign language, then you need to use them. If you need a workable and healthy body, then you need to use it regularly (train). Instagram @alekssandr_popov
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Shape of WATER
About Water. Water can and should be drunk in any acceptable amount. There is a myth that excess water affects acidity and digestion. This is not true for two reasons: • POCKETS FOR STORAGE OF WATER. In the stomach and small intestine there are from 8 to 20 pockets for water storage. In fact, they can accommodate more than 1 liter of water at a time. • WAREHOUSES ALONG THE STOMACH OF THE STOMACH. Through which water gradually enters the stomach, without washing away the gastric juice and enzymes, as some think. If you drink a glass of water, it gradually (in a couple of minutes) gets into the gastric pocket for water. From there, this stock will be gradually spent as needed. I do not recommend drinking very much or very little. Try to drink as much as you feel comfortable. If you pour in yourself more than a liter of water at a time, then you will not be comfortable because the water will not have time to dissolve out of the pockets of the stomach. But this does not affect the assimilation of food. want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏!
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• Neuro Genesis Update brain neurons with low temperatures. Improved thinking and ingenuity. • Synthesis of protein Increase protein synthesis by 30% with high temperatures. 2-fold increase in the production of growth hormone. Rejuvenation of tissues, muscle growth. • BioGynesis Update and increase the number of mitochondria "energy cell stations." We acquire improved energy and body tone. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997 LTC: LbQX7u3QecLRwBWC7RAH9xmHNf2c7GgavP DOGE: DLWv1bQDN9AdWZHdgFygAedY54CMDdbm16
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Why Ripple's success does not have anything to do with the success of the XRP token? In 2017 Ripple's crypto currency rose more than the rest, and the company's block-technology technology was used by dozens of the world's largest companies. Many people are still waiting for XRP to start its incredible take-off, because there are so many announcements and new partners from Ripple. However, there is one problem. The fact is that Ripple and its software products at the moment have almost nothing in common with the XRP token. Many investors are confident that by purchasing crypto currency, they invest in Ripple blockade, and this error can cost a huge amount of lost money. So, Ripple is a start-up that develops software based on the blockbuster for customers from the banking and financial industry. At the moment, the company has three products for corporate customers - xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Only one of these products is linked to the Ripple crypto currency, and this is xRapid. This tool allows the bank's customers to increase liquidity when making transactions in emerging markets, using Ripple tokens as an intermediate currency. However, we can not say that he was popular. The flagship of Ripple is xCurrent and xVia. As for the Ripple crypto currency, it is represented by XRP tokens. And to use the company's products, this crypto currency is not very necessary. Why is it so important? The fact is that when the company Ripple announces all new and new clients, its its block to xCurrent and xVia, that is, it does not have any for XRP.At the same time, if tomorrow Ripple will crash, then with software products like xCurrent and others nothing will happen. Of course, there is a possibility that sooner or later large banks and financial organizations will start using xRapid along with the XRP token, but there are no SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Our main task is to learn how to eat effectively. You do not need to lose weight now, if that. This achievement you activate in passing, if we can solve your main task. In order to solve the main task, you need to create conditions for the formation of a good habit, there are fewer, and to waste more. This is the basic principle of absolutely all diets and systems aimed at getting rid of subcutaneous fat. We, God forbid, do not "tighten the nuts" at all. We do everything smoothly in order to give your brain (not the body) time for the formation of a new neural connection. We do not throw all the ways into one big heap, as is done in traditional diets. Instead, WE CONNECT THE WAYS (STEPS) AGAIN! Month after month. Each step needs time, for fastening. This time, according to my observations, ranges from 1 to 8 weeks.
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How Much Weight can I Lose in 10 days
When people ask me about a landmark in kilograms, I'm announcing a figure of 1 KG PER WEEK! Here, the amount of kilograms that must be lost for different people for a week: • FATTY 1-2 kr/week • FULL 0.6-1 • AVERAGE 0.5-0.7 • FIRE 0.2-0.5 • DRY 0.1-0.2 = 1-2 kg / week = 0.6-1 kg / week = 0.5-0.7 kg / week = 0.2-0.5 kg / week = 0.1-0.2 kg / week
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PHYSICAL CULTURE TREATS AND SPORTS DESTROYS Before you start training your body, it is very important to decide what ultimate goal you are doing. Most people like to say that they are doing sports while they are doing physical culture. On the other hand, and this is much worse, there are a number of people who say that engage in physical education or fitness, and in fact engage in sports and thereby destroy their body. SPORT is derived from the word "dispute". This activity is aimed at identifying the best in this or that sphere of physical activity. In order to become the best, you need to surpass other athletes, often sacrificing everything, including health. In any speedy power kinds of sport for the sake of victory you have to train outside naturally biological norms for our body. Moreover, for the sake of victory we have to use doping and other substances necessary to increase your chances. Many of these things are highly unfavorable for the athlete's health. One of the important advantages of a fitness center for an average person is the moment, that there are all the conditions for doing NOT SPOT and exercise (fitness) because there is no need to compete with other athletes to demonstrate the possible maximum capacity of human bodies
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BIOHAСKER The Art of Enhancing Your Biological Potential HORMESIS Hormesis (hormesis, hermesis) is the stimulating effect of moderate doses of stress on the body with the aim of enhancing the biological potential. In the proposed material, it is a matter of hormesis with the help of high and low ambient temperatures. I will tell you how to properly administer, increase and alternate temperature effects in order to significantly enhance your biology and neurology. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997 LTC: LbQX7u3QecLRwBWC7RAH9xmHNf2c7GgavP DOGE: DLWv1bQDN9AdWZHdgFygAedY54CMDdbm16
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ОБЗОР Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance — удивительная игра. Она переносит игроков в уникальный сеттинг и предлагает им пережить массу неожиданных ситуаций, но в то же время не забывает вывести из себя багами. Стоит ли сейчас, на старте, покупать билет в Богемию XV века, вопрос хороший. На него я и постараемся ответить.... SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Crypto Trading
The third♨️ type of earnings is trading👨🏻‍💻 Entry threshold: from $ 100, 💯 💵preferably more. Income: unlimited.💨 Risks: high chances of losing money.👉💵➖ Trading the Crypto-currency at the exchange 🌐is the most common way of earning money in this market💵💰. You can start with a small investment👉💵👍, because the threshold on many exchanges is only $ 💵1. It should be remembered: the larger the amount that you "play⚽️" on the exchange, the greater your 💵✖️profit. Yes, yes, that's right, you're playing. Now I will explain why. There are two types of strategy in trading: Active trading. 🔥You need to quickly buy and also sell coins quickly. 💨The main hope is for the rapid growth of the coin⚫️. Example: you bought Ethereum for $ 900, 💵after 2 hours the rate went up to $ 💵950, you sold it and got a net profit of $ 💵50. This strategy takes a very long time, 🍿because you need to constantly monitor the changes in value🌎. In this case, there is a great chance of both earning and losing money👉💵💰🔥. Here 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/yC-gA_0C_rE #trading #trade #trader #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptotrade #cryptoinvestor #tothemoon #hodl #newyork #usa #active #bitcoin #currency #dollar #blog #blogg #bloger #ethereum #wallstreet #bears #bulls #play #exchange #billionaire #makemoney #meditation #newhope #futureiscoming #transaction
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IOTA Cryptocurrency
IOTA (IOTA). Internet Of Things. It's about the currency for calculations ... between devices. How? You did not know that soon the SMART (clever) prefix will not only be to the TV and phone? So, even your car will communicate with the gas station. But this does not eliminate the need to pay for transactions between them. IOTA is the currency for such transactions between machines and devices want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏! #losangeles #newyork #usa #california #maymi #workout #millionare #billionaire #millions #diet #fat #feet #body #bodybuilding #sport #bitcoin #sportnutrition #litecoin #success #successful #mind #development #investors #findinvestors #richlife #sportgym #filosophy #psyhology #science #lasvegas
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Love, what are you doing and will certainly succeed! Success stories are millions and everything is written as a copy, a common trait is to love one's business. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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Mind Body spirit events 2017
Promo Channel “BODY MIND DEVELOPMENT “ Finished by smartphone. This is so amazing, you don’t need PC. See you in next episodes!!!! want to help💶💵, send here 💳5168755530720388 💰🏦🏪 Popov Aleksandr, Bitcoin 💰- 1LsCbuMy8VTTuXT2CEQi5L6jrFwwpsDbpg and thank you 🙏! #losangeles #newyork #usa #california #maymi #workout #millionare #billionaire #millions #diet #fat #feet #body #bodybuilding #sport #bitcoin #sportnutrition #litecoin #success #successful #mind #development #investors #findinvestors #richlife #sportgym #filosophy #psyhology #science #lasvegas
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How to choose👉 a coin to the 🌙 🌝 moon? 1. how long 🕐the project exists, if the new one is promising. 2. Who 🤔is involved in this project? team analysis. 3. The essence of the coin. 💭for what it is created. whether its direction is promising❗️. 4. A small number of coins in circulation🌐💰. 5. Inaccessibility of coins. the coin is traded👉💴 on little-known exchanges and here full 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/PjfUWt8H0VY #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptotrade #cryptonews #tothemoon #hodl #tothetop #tothemoonandback #bitcoin #invest #investor #exchange #litecoin #ripple #losangeles #lasvegas #blog #bloger #blogging #youtuber #billionaire #dollars #stellar #ethereum #cardano #dash #zcash #digibytecoin
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Protocols Ethereum currently uses the Proof-of-Work protocol and plans to upgrade to Proof-of-Stake. NEO also uses the dBFT (Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) protocol, which is a modification of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. Currently, NEO allows you to conduct significantly more transactions per second, however, after a large update of the Ethereum block called Metropolis, as well as the implementation of several new protocols, the Etherium will also significantly increase its throughput and transaction processing speed. Some "experts" note that in the network of the Etherium the probability of separation is much higher than that of NEO. This is partly true, because the NEO registrars must reach a consensus of 66% for the transaction to be placed in the locker room. However, for some reason, many people keep quiet about the fact that in this situation one can not talk about decentralization, because the minority in the Ethereum blockade can always say "no", and NEO will have to leave their opinion to themselves. SUPPORT THE PROJECT: BTC: 1GYEDzPpqsDFjKg6GpSEcyQAe2Txp81D9a ETH: 0x2702755848d2f9670c06186e3e4d3892a374b997
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FAT BOB 2018
The body does not like to spend its stock in the form of subcutaneous fat. In order to minimize this process, there is a complex three-stage system for consuming fat reserves: SPLIT-TRANSPORTATION-OXIDATION. SPLIT. Fat from the cell is split into: • glycerin • Free fatty acids (FFA) TRANSPORT. • protein albumin + FFA = in organs and tissues • Carnitine + FFA = mitochondria = energy
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How Much Fat Do You Need a Day
So, how much fat 🤔🔥should be in your body👨🏻‍💼? I adhere the following standards: MEN🤵 = 10-15% fat WOMEN 👰🏻= 20-25% fat 👉 If your body fat percentage is within the specified limits📌☝️, your body, hormonal system and metabolism in general will function without any obstacles. ☝️👍 What are the minimum limits of fat in the body🤔💭? In general, you may have health problems and well-being if you are constantly within the following limits: 👇🏻✊ MEN👨🏻‍💼 = 3-5% fat WOMEN👩🏼‍💼 = 8-13% fat This is a percentage of fat, which shows📺 a competitor who is well dried to competition💨🚀. In principle, if it lasts a couple of weeks, then there’s nothing to worry about🔥🤔. Full 🎥 📺 https://youtu.be/A9Qi6oHWyjs #fat #fatburner #fatburning #diet #healthproblems #bodyhealth #howmuch #fatgirl #burnfat #dietfood #nodiet #instadiet #paleodiet #ketogenicdiet #obatdiet #energydiet #healthydiet #dieta #plantbaseddiet #ketodiet #tipsdiet #cleandiet #dietmayo #healthyfats #goodfats #fathers #fatshion #burner #burningman #fatburners
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ICON. ICON Crypto currency is the digital token of the ICON site, which wants to become a platform for uniting all the detainees in one place. Such an approach will To facilitate the interaction of the detachments of different projects. Now there is a lot of platforms and standards in the world of blockbuster. However, in the future there will be a "pooling" of standards because for the interaction of all platforms some kind of "adhesive glue" or platform is needed. ICON is already working on a solution this is a problem.
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The fourth4️⃣ type of earnings is the mining ⛏ of the crypto currency 💴 Entry threshold: from 1,000💵 Income: from 30% per month. Risks: low.⬇️ Mining⛏ is the procedure of providing your computing 🖥 power for a certain reward. In simple terms, you connect your computer 🖥 to a network 🌍 , and it processes data for it. In return, you receive the crypto currency 💴 of this network 🌎 . This type of earnings on the crypto currency 💴 caused a huge demand for computer 💻 technology. With the increasing popularity😁 of crypto currency 💴 , video cards have become the most popular commodity on the market.💼🤔 The most common form is GPU-mining. 👉💨Here, the device's graphics processor is used. 🔥This kind is the most common at the moment💰🌝. For productive mining, entire farms are assembled from system blocks or simply frameworks 👉❗️with a large number of video cards. On average, from one such farm to 4️⃣good video cards you can earn a day about 15💵. For accurate calculation of the proceeds from mining ⛏ , I advise you to use this service.🌝🔥 The pluses are: the possibility of passive income. 💨With the right settings, you do not have to do anything else.👍 The disadvantages are much greater: the video cards are very noisy💨 and warm, 🤔and the equipment is extremely difficult to get.🔥 here full
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Bitconnect Ponzi
Ponzi scheme🤵 1919 - Charles Ponzi organized the company 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️Securities and Exchange Company for arbitration by international return coupons💴💨. In Europe, it's cheaper to buy👍, and more expensive in the👉 United States. I found investors 💰who sold a bill (a security certifying the creditor's right to receive something), promising a 50% ➕profit over 45 days. The international postal coupon could not be exchanged for money💵 (only for postage stamps). Ponzi did not say so.🤔💭 July 1920 Ponzi receives 250,000 💵dollars a day.🔥 One of the journals published information that about 160 million coupons💴 are needed to repay money💰, while around the world there were about 27,000 coupons🔥🔥. Here 🎥 📺 https://youtu.be/0oQ1jhtG_xo #ponzischeme #ponzi #pyramid #moneymaker #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptotrader #newyork #financial #tragic #millionare #billionaire #ethereum #ripple #riseup #development #blogg #blogger #bloger #youtubechannel #cryptonews #successful #investor #dollars #california #makingmoney #clearmind #crime #happy #charles
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Best ICO 2018
The second type of earnings is ICO 💭👍 Entry threshold: any. Income: unlimited. ⬆️Risks: average. 🤔ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new platform for crowdfinding, which appeared relatively recently, when the market of crypto currency💵 began to develop rapidly. The principle 👉❗️of this method is extremely simple: you need to invest in the upcoming block-project, 🌐so you will get its coins at the minimum cost.👌 The task of ICO is to raise funds for the creation and further development of the project. 👉❗️As a rule, they are held before the launch of the project itself. 💨🤔Any investor can take part in the ICO, for this you need only register on the crowdsdale (a special panel that is created within the hotel project) 👉💵and send money in a convenient crypto currency. After the end of the ICO you will receive the coins of the project😎👍. The amount and the number of investment operations are unlimited. 🍿🔥You can make any amount of money any number of times. Coins will be distributed based on the total amount of your investment➖✖️✅. Their cost will be equal to the cost of their creation, and after the launch of the project the course can take off💰🤔. There were cases when coins became more expensive in 500 - 1000 times🤔💭💨. This service will help you to be aware of upcoming and past ICO-events♨️🔥. The main disadvantage of the site is the lack😠🌐 of Russification. 🌎 Pros of this method: high profitability.👍❗️ Cons: the likelihood that the project will not be of interest to users and money will simply burn🔥; freezing money until the coins are 🤔developed. Here 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/sUb_er76_sk #ico #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptotrading #trading #cryptography #cryptonews #cryptoinvestor #hodl #tothemoon #bitcoin #telegram #bitconnect #bitconnectx #lasvegas #losangeles #usa #blog #blogger #bloger #youtubeblogger #coin #crowdfunding #crowd #ethereum #profitability #cryptomarket #cryptolife #investor #billionaire
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Buy RIPPLE Coinbase
Ripple (XRP) This coin was created as an alternative method of calculation for the banking system, or for calculation between ordinary users. Instead of the traditional block system, the ripple uses a special payment gateway system. We must understand that initially Jed McCaleb (this guy who created the eDonkey file sharing in 2000) did not plan to create a crypto currency, but was engaged in deep development of the exchange interface for the exchange of money, shares and goods. In the process of this work, the developers had an interest in creating their own crypto currency. Since 2013, the team has been working to create a decentralized system for working primarily with banks. 10% of my portfolio belongs to this coin because I consider it very promising: • Initially, 100 yards of Ripple coins were produced. For each transaction in the system, the participant is charged 0.00001 XRP (this is protection against spam of the network), which are then completely burned out. That is, the number of coins, albeit slowly, but constantly decreasing ... Thanks to this deflationary model, the value of a coin should grow over time, from a mathematical point of view. • Rippl nodes can carry out operations with both ordinary money, and with precious stones or other crypto-currencies. Now do you understand why banks look so attentively at this coin? After all, with the help of XRP it is easy and cheap to make banking transactions (traditional money, precious metals, crypto-currencies, etc.) without the risk of losing money. And there is no physical transfer of funds. • Google is one of the top investors in Ripple • Since the beginning of this year, Ripple has been cooperating with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (the largest bank in the UAE) and a number of other banks around the world. Think about it: inexpensive money transfers + no losses when converting currencies. All this is suggested by Ripple. • Ripple can not be mined. Those useless calculations that are used in traditional mining, could be used with advantage in science, medicine and technology. Is not it? Yes. That's what Ripple's developers thought. You can get a coin as a reward for your combing power. But this power is not useful things. In general, I believe that this coin is very underestimated for a number of reasons (no blockage, partially closed code, low price for a coin, etc.). If traditional banks are not killed by crypto-currencies, they will have to significantly reduce the cost and simplify exchanges and transfer of money between customers. Ripple is still the only system that can give them such an opportunity.
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DOT COM Bubble timeline
DotCom bubble ⚽️  March 10, 2000 - the index of shares of Internet 🌍 companies fell by one and a half times 1995-2000 = intensive growth. + 100% per year. 👉💭💨🔥 The confiscation of gold from the Americans.🇺🇸💰 On April 5, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt ❗️issued Decree No. 6102 on compulsory confiscation of gold from the US 🇺🇸population (ingots, coins). Until May 1, 1933, all are obliged to exchange gold for paper money💵 at the rate of $ 20.66 per troy ounce. After weaning gold🤔, its price was returned to $ 35 per ounce.❗️🤔💭 For dodging the $ 10,000 PENALTY 🔥and / or PRISON 10 years.🔥🔥♨️ The law became retroactive🌐✖️ (even earlier commitments, nominated in gold, forced to execute in paper) and full 🎥 🍿 https://youtu.be/YyiQsIId2gI #bubbles #story #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptotrader #cryptonews #dotcom #hodl #tothemoon #newyork #usa #uk #lifehacks #gold #americans #penalty #internetcompany #tragicstory #blogg #blogger #blog #youtuber #youtubechannel #billionaire #dollars #bitcoin #bank #mystory #instastory #end
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What is mining? Mining or mining is the process of obtaining new bitcoins by solving mathematical problems. Mining is performed on electronic computing devices (computers, ports, etc.). Why do we need these calculations? For a stable operation of the network and to limit the emission of crypto currency. These conditions for the creation of new money is spelled out programmatically and can not be changed. If you want to create bitcoin, then must for this purpose spend a certain amount of processing power, electricity and time.
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I want to share with you one famous concept in psychology "crab mentality", which is very characteristic of people's behavior. The bottom line is that when there are a lot of crabs in the bucket and one of them will try to get out, the rest will not let it do it, pulling it back. Although what a difference to them. So in life, a person begins to do something to get a result, but others say: why? What are you !? Sit at home, etc. Here is an example. The person tries to stop smoking, and when he comes to friends who smoke, they start to dissuade him: you will not succeed, why do you need this, for a cigarette - take a cigarette. There is another example called "dog in the manger" - the dog lies on a haystack, it does not eat hay, and does not let others go, it would seem why, but the toad inside suffocates)) These examples are indicative, and are constantly encountered in our daily lives.
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You can not pay taxes 🤔in Bitcoin💰. It seemed🌝! One of the most popular arguments against crypto currency💴 was: "Tell me when it will be possible to pay taxes in Bitcoin, my son"😎 Well now you can .... The Arizona Senate📺 (this is one of the states in the US) 🇺🇸has adopted the same bill that allows residents of the state (people who are registered and live there) to pay taxes in Bitcoin🌎. It happened on Thursday. What does it mean🤔? I think you yourself will guess especially considering the Russian bill "On digital financial assets" which gives the official status of crypto-currencies💴 - digital 💭assets. 💨All this will stimulate the growth of bitcoin and crypts in general❗️. 🎥 https://youtu.be/dKrmmtwtU2M #taxes #bitcoin #btc #unitedstates #arizona #senate #eth #ethereum #ripple #xrp #litecoin #ltc #dash #zcash #tron #trx #eos #hodl #tothemoon #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptonews #invest #blogg #newyork #billionaire #digitalassets #digitalmarketing #digitalmoney #gold
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Free 💨Purse For Long Term Crypt Storage💭 Walkthrough❗️ Where is it convenient to store the crypt? 🤔Perhaps, one of the most popular questions that a beginner crypto investor🙆‍♀️ has. I'm sure one of the most convenient and safe ways is to store 🌎crypts on hardware cold storage wallets💻, which are a USB flash drive that you need to connect to your computer💻 via a USB cable. Now there are three main hardware wallets on the market:👉 • Trezor • KeepKey • Ladger (Nano or Blue) These solutions have two main ☝️🔥disadvantages: 1.Work with a limited set of popular crypto currency.🤔⛏ 2. These devices cost money (on average 60-200 💵USD) and they need to wait. 🎥 https://youtu.be/27qq-ORxD7A #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #btc #walkthrough #purse #storage #ethereum #eth #hodl #tothemoon #ripple #xrp #litecoin #ltc #trezor #keepkey #legger #nano #blue💙 cryptography #cryptotrading #cryptoinvestor #blog #wallstreet #trading #tron #eos #digibyte #tomoon
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