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How to set a fail safe for a taranis
today i show you how to set a fail safe for your taranis, if you have any questions pleas do not hesitate to ask.
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Dirt bike making rattling/squeaking noise - How to fix
Just a quick video about how i stopped my pit bike from rattling. This may not fix your bikes noise so pleas do not hate if it docent work. Sorry about the Dirty bike ;)
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setting up TBS vendetta part 1- preparing the Taranis
In this video i show you how to prepare your taranis for your TBS vendetta.
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setting up TBS vendetta part 2 - installing and binding the receiver
in this video i show you how to install and bind your TBS vendetta to your remote.
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John Dere 6215 mowing grass with Claas 8500 - Making hay
Phantom 3 Pro videoing John Dere 6215 mowing grass with Claas 8500.All work and machinery showed n this video belong to D and s Thompson contractors. Hope you enjoy the video :)
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DJI phantom 3 PRO 4K - Purple sky filmed in 4K
fillmed with the DJI phantom 3 pro
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Horse/cow/sheep hay feeder
This is a simple design of how to build a simple hay dispenser for your animals. I hope this design works for you as it has for me.
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Best ball head (extremely cheep)
BEIKE BK-03 Camera Tripod Ball Head Ballhead with Quick Release Plate 1/4 Screw https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JVK3ZG6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Pq01BbF6HPMR8
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fat shark goggles weak connection/no connection- how to fix
in this video i show you one thing that may be causing you to have connection issues / no connection - this may not be the reason your goggles are not working but i may be able to help so please leave a comment :)
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Drone funny moments - Horses are hilarious with drones
the horses are owned by me and after every time i took one of these videos i would go and check on them (they where fine every time) please enjoy and share :)
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how to charge fat shark batteries ( DO NOT BALANCE  CHARGE THESE BATTERIES)
At the time of the video i was new to FPV and i was wrong to advise you to use balance chargers, pleas do not do this.
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Tedding   john Dere 6215 - Making hay
phantom 3 Pro filmingJohn Dere 6215 tedding . All work and machinery showed n this video belong to D and s Thompson contractors. Hope you enjoy the video
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Adjustable projector/laptop stand unboxing
just a quick un boxing of this projector stand please watch part 2 for assembally
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My first dji flight
for the first time i took my DJI phantom 3 professional for a quick fly, where i looked at a new estate near my house a school being built and the hilton hotel.
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How to replace a tbs vendetta arm / motor
Any questions pleas ask in the comments
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best paper airplane in the world
i did not create this airplane i am just showing you how to make it. if you would like to see the plain breaking the record pleas search paper plane makes history
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crazy drone crash - my first crashes
these are not the most severest of crashes but i thought i would upload them to show what minor crashes look like :)
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Multiple plain crashes recorded by dji phantom 3 PRO 4K
I video my dad flying our RC plain around the field doing some loops and other tricks, then we had the amazing idea to try and video me catch the plain. I put down the dji remote and let the drone stay locked in the same place with GPS then try to catch the plain. This results in me nearly getting sliced and a broken rudder for the plain :( Not all is bad we had a great time and we have now fixed the rudder :)
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DJI phantom 3  PRO 4K - Harrowing the equine training ground
Videoed by the DJI phantom 3 PRO
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Unboxing: GorillaPod SLR-Zoom (Joby)
Unboxing video of the Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom. from this video on, the quality of video will be going up as i will be using the cannon 60D instead of a gopro 4 black.
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Following Sarah back home
Due to the time of night the quality of the video is not the best. But i had fun following my friend half way back to her house, before i lost connection and return to home was initialized on the drone.
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How to enter a taranis into bind mode
In this video i show you how to enter a fr sky taranis in to bind mode.
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