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Nadex - How to trade nadex Spreads
In this video I will show you how I trade and think of nadex spreads. this is a video for friends and family so I hope you get it and see how simple this is. Sorry about video quality as I’m not a professional video editor as i rather spend most times analyzing the market.
One of my favorite trade set ups 20 EMA nadex spreads ATM
Hey guys this is one of my favorite spread ATM trades using the 20 moving average. hope you enjoy.
Easy trading strategy on nadex.
This is a easy trading strategy to trade nadex binary options using apex investing deviation levels. if you like this video please like share and subscribe.
How to trade strangle straddles nadex explained more
this is a video of how to trade strangles and straddles with nadex hope this helps beginners and even though it is not a very high probability trade it can be a lucrative one.
how to trade using tradingview
how to trade using trading view.com
how to get the deviation levels on your ninja trader charts for the easy nadex strategy.
In this video I will be discussing the ways to get the deviation levels provided by apex investing on to your ninja trader charts this video is in no way any investing advice this is just some of the things I use in order to become an experienced trader.
nadex price action at its finest
This is a video covering some ways to see price action as a way to enter and exit trades.
Forex - long term trading for better returns
This video give ideas on how to trade long term forex strategies to slowly build up account. or to get a better return than what banks give you.
Starting a nadex account
In this video I'm going to show you quickly how to set up a nadex account and get you trading in no time.
How to Start a nadex account
In this video Im going to show you how to start trading with Nadex Binary options. This video will be the very first of many to come.
How to trade spot forex beginners
This is some examples of how to trade spot forex for beginners this is not investment advise so please trade at your own risk.
my favorite set up trading nadex spreads ATM
This is one of my favorite setups. using nadir spreads hope you like. you can work from home if you practice patience and restraint.
Forex- Opening a trading account which broker I use
make money slowly with learning to trade on panda now this is not a recommendation to trade with panda its just hat i am using as of now. I am currently searching for the best broker but there are many results this video is just for friends and family looking how to start investing . this is a great way to start planning future income and have the ability to work from home.
Strangle strategy on nadex
Strangle strategy on nadir the draw backs and why I like spreads better
back testing nadex strategies. How I see the markets
This is a video on how i see the markets and how I trade and I give some examples of how to make rule and backtest strategies on your demo account.
Forex- How to trade fibonacci levels for beginners
How to trade the fibonacci levels easily. This by far is one of the best and easiest ways to trade for beginners this seems complicated but is actually the easiest trading strategy I trade just takes patience and higher time frames always work best. add this one to your trading plan.
Nadex- How to trade
This is a video for friends and family on how I trade using trading view.com specifically for nadex
How to trade long term with spot forex
This video is how to trade long term with spot forex and for those who just want to wake up and manage there positions drink a cup of coffee and watch some news on there currency pair.
The reason why I dont like iron condor strategies nadex
This is the reason why I don’t like iron condor strategies. please watch and comment on if you see anything I missed or got wrong.
How I trade the bat pattern on the NZD/JPY in confluence with the rsi
In this video I will explain how I trade the bat pattern in confluence with the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and how Im looking for 200+pip move. thanks for watching. please don’t forget to like it.
Nadex ITM may fail in the long term
Hey this is a video of my view of in the money binaries as I think they are improper trades to take. agreer disagree please comment please comment below.
How I choose my stop loss trading nadex
In this video I will explain a little bit on how I choose my stop loss according to my account value. its important for me to get the most trades out of it in order to be successful. thanks for watching.
Forex - Profitable trading strategy on the daily time.
In this video I will be discussing another profitable trading strategy using the daily chart and engulfing candles this can be used on nadex binaries weeklies and spot forex. so I hope you liked it thanks for watching I will be putting other video links that follow the market in my analysis so that you can catch up to speed with this pair and how I see it. This is not investment advice just ways of me showing you how I see the markets and how I think longer time frames will be more beneficial. This is the video links bearish engulfing candle:https://youtu.be/ow2EJpQSiEU rgis is the video that shows the bullish engulfing move at the bottom trend line: https://youtu.be/eY1jF0vM7Mo
Forex- How much money do I need to start trading
In this video I will be discussing how much money that is needed and showing the differences in different account sizes compared to stop loss thats not fixed. This will cover accounts trading with 250.00 to 10,000.00 hope you like And please like share and subscribe.
How i back test nadex strategies part 2
In this video :I am showing you how I look at back testing strategies and creating some rule for entry when trading on nadex. please make sure you watch the first one before this one
In this video i will be discussing how to trade the british pound/ yen and giving you a update on how the trade is going so far this is a must watch as it very informational. Remember to like share and subscribe. Also this is not a broker recommendation or professional investing advice I’m only trying to share my market outlook on whats going on in the market from my point of view. Patience + persistente + profits.
Nadex Risk tips
A lot of tips on nadex on how to make big profits this is a video on how to keep profits over the long term. trading for income.
How to trade forex- Short trade on GBPJPY update
In this video we will be discussing the bearish engulfing candle entry and some of my future thoughts on the position we are currently in profit and looking to either exit at the .5 retracement or looking to move stop to break even around that zone. the key is not to get ready and not let it come all the way back up against us. trading the daily is a great tool for those who can sit infant of the computer all day and watch. if your looking for smaller time frame trades check out my 20 ema trade video its great trade to make. if your trading nadex make sure to check out my deviation levels trade. ninja trader and apex investing is mandatory for that trade.
Nadex live trade update part 2 with trailing stops
This is how I entered a trade and used trailing stops before I went to bed on nadir . in order to use trailing stops you have to be a member of nadex investing.com and go through there course which I think everyone should.
Investing - Easy forex trading
This is a video of how I trade spot forex and its a simple easy non subjective way top trade thanks fro watching.
Forex-Easy money trade set up!!
In this video I will be explaining a reason for entry as well as a reason for exit on the British pound/yen. This is no way any investment advise I’m just letting you know how I look at the markets and trade them. Patience + persistence = profits always remember that. thanks for watching please like share and subscribe.
Saving- How to make your dollars work for you!!
in this video I explain possible ways on how to make your dollar work for you rather than against you. saving money is very important especially in todays society and I think that its great to have a foundation on where to start. Please like share and subscribe thanks. This video is not for investing purposes I don’t recommend people to follow all example in this video I would recommend that those who’re looking to invest speak to a licensed professional.
quck start how to trade nadex platform # 3
how tetrode on nadir platform
Forex- Trading trend lines.
how I trade trendiness in forex. this is a video that may help you trade trendiness in forex patience is a virtue in trading price action and if you don’t have none patience will bite you in the butt. hope everyone enjoys sorry about the back ground noise I’m not a professional video editor but a professional backtested. also in none of my videos do i give any investment advice i clearly let my friends and family know how I trade forex and how I can do this.
Forex- Trading forex long term Another win!!!
In this video I show how my observations paid off and took a long term trade that lasted about two weeks went right to were I thought it was going to go. I hope you enjoy the video please like share and subscribe. thanks for watching.
Basic candle stick movement
In this video is a basic way to understand candlesticks and how they close and open. this is not a video covering candle stick formations and patterns however.
Trading forex- Another trade possibility on the gbp/jpy-loosing trade update
In this video I will be discussing another trade possibility, trading the gbp/jpy. I will be looking to trade short on this currency pair this is my favorite currency pair as it is one of the most volatile. so please check out my beginner videos on how to trade if your still having difficulties getting started and always remember to like and subscribe keeps me motivated to keep doing videos. I will be doing a video of how to trade for income soon. thanks for watching.
Forex - My psychology as a trader.
In this video I discuss some of the things holding me back as a trader that might help you to succeed and help you to become a better trader as well as maybe help you improve some things in your personal life.
nadex Live trade and Market anaylizing
This is a trade I entered and my thoughts of why I entered with some of the testing I used to enter this trade.
Trade update part 4 live trade nadex spreads
this is the last update as my computer started bogging down while uploading videos to you tube but this is why I think nadex is a great investment tool. watch out for news however sorry about the low tone people are still sleeping in my house don’t want to wake them.
Investing - Managing trades vs not manage trades which is better?
In this video I’m going to be discussing the differences in managing trade vs not managing trades. and some of my favorite ways to trade using the longer time frames. This video is not intended to provide you with investment advise it is to show you how I trade. and What I look for…..
Forex Bearish engulfing candle exit gbp/jpy
In this video i will be discussing the exit after the entry on the bearish engulfing candle. I will also be explaining my next outlook on this pair as it has broken long time support on the daily chart. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.
How to enter into a good trade and be profitable.
In this video I will be discussing how to enter into a good trade of rules based on the daily chart this is a great opportunity for those who are looking to trade long term and cannot be in front of a computer screen. Please remember none of my trades are in any way investment advice its just some of the things that i like to do.