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Original Song - Waiting for a name
"Waiting for a Name' - Music by CelticReject. (Celtic Whisper) Copyright © 2010 CelticReject. All rights reserved. Thank you for 5000 views 05.03.14 - Thank you for 10500 views 05.10.15 Quiero un nombre para esta canción. ¿Puedes sugerir uno?
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BBC BASIC For Windows / 3D Simulation
Created using BBC Basic for Windows
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Fergus Beeley - Get ready to die!
An altercation between BBC nature director Fergus Beeley and some people condemned by him to die.
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BBC Basic for Windows - Personal portfolio.
A selection of programs that I have been working on using the programming language BBC Basic for Windows. You can download a trial version of the software (for free) from Richard. T. Russell's website. http://www.bbcbasic.co.uk/products.html All music featured in this video was created by the uploader.
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Minuet in CMajor
A little ditty I composed last night. I hope you like it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Peace, Shaun
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12 Hour - Homemade Workbench - Part 1
A workbench made from scrap wood in 12 hours from start to finish.
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Fingerpicking Blues Guitar
Just a little blues thing I was messing with
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Original Song - Conscious Flow
I hope you enjoy my latest piece of music. Please rate and leave a comment. Many thanks. Take Care. CR.
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How to make a quiche
Take care and be happy. Kindest regards CR.
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Al Pacino ranting angrily about losing Six Thousand Dollars!
Al Pacino ranting about losing Six Thousand dollars! All sound effects and voices were procured from legal and well established online sound effect websites.
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Original Song - A Dedication
PREFERABLY LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES. This is My dedication to all the wonderful people that I have been subscribing to for the last 2 years. Thanks brothers and sisters. If only there were more people like you! My musician name is not celticreject, but AcousticWave. If you like this song please rate and comment. I have a number of other songs at http://amiestreet.com/music/acoustic-wave/ For the princely sum of $0.16 ! lol CelticReject. Mail me please..
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acoustic blues
just me fiddlin
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Original Song - The Awakening
Take care and be happy. Kindest regards CR.
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there's only one way in life and that's yer own. This was my way.
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Recently .......
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An introduction to the Sterling Silver British Crown.
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A celebration of Glastonbury
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LONDON - A typical day
Just another typical day in London.
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12 Hour - Homemade Workbench - Part 2
Part 2 of my 12 hour homemade workbench video!
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In the shadow of mystery
Another self written instrumental piece recorded using Garageband. I hope you enjoy it
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This is a fast, uncompromising look at the city of Plymouth, my home town set to a Metallica soundtrack. Enjoy.
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If you could see it then you'd understand......
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Graphic Art and Design Portfolio.
Here is a selection of my Graphics work. I hope you enjoy watching the video. The music is 'Cosmos' by Vangelis, as used in the fantastic television programe of the same name. Presented by the much missed Carl Sagan. Peace to you all. CR.
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Life Simulator
Ever since I first saw Conways 'Game of Life', I have wanted to create a life simulator. This is my effort. The temperature is randomly generated. It can go up, or down. If it goes up it can go up from 1oC to 4oC. Similarly the same applies for a downward temperature. Plants will grow best in the central region. The small animals eat a certain amount of plants, the medium sized animals eat a certain amount of small animals and the large animals eat a set amount of medium animals!!! Should there be a cold couple of years the populations suffer,due to the disruption to the food chain. The same applies of there are a number of consecutive hot years. I mean to return to this program at some point in the future to tweak a few things. However, it works well as it is and can be quite interesting to follow the fortunes of the various populations, and appreciate their interconnectedness.
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May You Never - John Martyn
I recently tried to work out 'May You Never' by the one and only John Martyn. It's not perfect, but not that far off the mark. I hope you enjoy it.
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Depeche Mode at Wembley Stadium
Various Clips of Depeche Mode at Wembley Stadium. 3rd April 2006
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Musical Box
I have written this piece of music in 'MuseScore', which is a totally free and fully downloadable piece of music creation software. All music has been composed and arranged by myself. The imagery accompanying the music was sourced online from free image catalogues. CR November 2012.
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All Different Now
Using the most basic equipment these days since falling on some very hard times. Nevertheless, still wanting to make, record and upload music on to my channel. I hope you like this. Not sure where this will lead to, it's just an idea.
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Random Music Generator
Created in BBC BASIC for Windows. A strange random music generator.
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Vibration Patterns
Created Using BBC BASIC For Windows. 500 small dots are held within a small square. By pressing 'D' they vibrate more and more. Pressing 'A' will decrease the vibration. What I did not expect were the patterns that form as the vibration rate increases. The inspiration for this came from watching a number of videos on sand vibration patterns, known as 'Cymatics'.
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Our Beautiful Golden Retriever Puppy   Charlie
Photographs and film taken in the first week that we have had her with us. She had already brought us so much joy and fun!!!
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Agitation
Created using BBC BASIC for Windows. First, sorry about the appalling quality. I am new to screen recording! The agitation and repulsion rates are manually entered and then the fun begins! Well, I say fun... as much fun as one can hope to have pushing vibrating circles around a screen! In all fairness, to myself, I am very happy with this program. It was the result of about 6 weeks of creating a variety of programs which finally led to what you see in the video. A lot of the code was a real headache, but I worked it out on the end, and learned a heck of a lot in the process!
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Blowing in the wind
My homage t the great classic Blowing in the Wind by Bob Dylan. I know its only short but that's all your getting so live with it!
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Rear Gunner
A simple space battle program. You are the rear gunner in a space craft and your job is to destroy the 3 different types of disc that move up the screen. It was during the writing of the program that I happened upon the trick of moving the stars in an opposite direction then the movement of the gun sights...... Well, I thought it was significant!
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La Lluvia
Having barely picked up the guitar for 6 months, due to work commitments, I had written nothing new. However, I did manage to find the time last night and this is what fell out of it. I hope you like it.
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Dating back over 10 years. Here are some of the paintings that I have completed.
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- SUPER Fast Quiche -
Music by Celtic Saint - Bob Dylan 'Blowing in the Wind' (Trad arr) Want to make a tasty quiche? Look no further!
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7SecondFims_1 - Coffee
It's coffee time
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Trancenmental - Celtic Saint
A trance/dance track I arranged in 'Audacity', after finding a bunch of loops and sound effects on the internet. It's hardly Paul Oakenfold, but it was a lot of fun to do.
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Little Creatures
I am trying to create a program in BASIC that will replicate a number of organisms in a confined area. My problem is that I have only been able to make the organisms move in straight lines. I cannot work out how to make them move in curves. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks. In addition apologies for the quality. I have not been able to find a screen capture that captures the screen at the same definition/quality!
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The Second Question - Celtic Saint
Created using Audacity and Windows Live Movie Maker. All loops, both musical and visual, were sourced from sites dedicated to the uploading and the sharing of content for personal use. Such as 'Looperman', 'Flashkit' and the 'Internet Archive'. For best results play whilst wearing headphones. Enjoy. CelticSaint - September 2014
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Music by Celtic Saint 2015.
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Music by Celtic Saint 2015.
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How to make a Cornish Pasty.
I am not a vegetarian, but I had no meat in the freezer when I decided to make a spur of the moment video. Just add small pieces of beef (preferably 'skirt') to the pasty for a non vegetarian version!!
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semana santa 2015
A new flat, and it's been a great place to watch the Semana Santa procession through the streets! Sorry it's low quality footage.
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Patterns
Created using BBC BASIC For Windows. A couple of patterns generated using the magical and ever useful 'RND' statement.
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Train Crossing the Tamar Bridge
Take care and be happy. Kindest regards CR.
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Space Trawling
Created using BBC BASIC for Windows. You are the captain of a small craft and who's job it is to regularly service a number of floating platforms, whose strength and integrity is constantly being eroded. You pick up extra fuel upon completion of your job, though the amount depends upon the state of the platform to which you have just attended to.Upon completion of 4-5 platforms you exit through a small port and acquire cash, then begin the process again. Yes, it is repetitive and fairly dull. However, as a very amateur programmer, I'm rather proud of it!
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BBC BASIC For Windows / Closing In
Created using BBC BASIC For Windows. Try as it might the large circle cannot repel the mass of small ones. The process of creating this taught me a lot about how to simulate the attraction and repulsion between objects.
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