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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments
Bi-weekly mortgage payments can save you a ton of money. BUT there may be fees involved. Let me show you how to accomplish the same thing on your own without having to pay someone to do what you could do on your own.
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Mortgage Pre-Qualification
So many people ask, "Hom much can I qualify for?". The more appropriate question is "How much house can I afford". I show people how to arrive at a home purchase price based on a comfortable monthly payment. Dave Ramsay would be proud.
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Creating Successful Homeowners
If you have an FHA loan of 4.0% or higher I can likely save you a TON of money. email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
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Can I Refinance?  I have no Equity - Send this to your family and friends.
Here is your government bailout. Three years ago home values were higher but so were interest rates. Today's rates are in the low 5s and high 4s. Thanks to the "Making Home Affordable Plan" homeowners who have loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac may be able to refinance even if their home has lost value. You won't have mortgage insurance if your original mortgage didn't have mortgage insurnace. Call me today and I can teach you how.
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Gem of Knowledge
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Learn how to win a 42" TV by Watching this video
I've got this 42" TV that my company gave me to give away. To win simply watch this and the other video on my Blog. Like, Share and Post it (the other Video, Not this one), then follow the link below to take a quick Quiz. We'll be drawing the winner on Wednesday. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RDPK8GW
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Get More Home For Your Money
How to increase your purchasing power without increasing the monthly payment. Utilize the great options from mortgage insurance companies to get a better deal than FHA's mortgage insurance allows.
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Rent Vs Buy.AVI
"Now is the time to buy" has become so cliche. But the numbers support it. You can lieterally buy a home and have a cheaper payment than if you were renting the same home. Let me show you....
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Copa Cobana
No Fan Mail Please
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Creating Successful Homeowners #1 - The rate for you
Don't waste your money. Its not just all about the lowest rate. Costs are also very important to consider when making a decision about what rate to choose.
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Should I Refinance
I am not one of those lenders that pushes everyone to refinance everytime the rate drops a little bit. I think you should only refinance if you can recuperate your closing costs with interest savings in a short amount of time. Rates are incredible right now and it might be worth your time to look at a refinance.
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Get The Most Out of Your Refi.AVI
If you are refinancing right now, have just recently refinanced or are thinking about it, make sure that you make the most of it. The refinance should be saving you thousands of dollars. Use this one quick, easy trick to DOUBLE your savings.
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