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Falling and failing from a rope swing into a lake
At Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines. I was concerned over making the distance rather than being able to grip the rope. Big mistake. My hands were shredded after the event. That's why I kept looking at them after I fell. My back was very red and sore too...
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FInding Your PIVX Files In Your Apple Mac (OSX)
Feel free to send a PIV or two if this helps! Address: DE6T9kVSJsUzT3q7MMighWHzVSztDuGaSX
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Standing On A Swiss Ball - Success After Practicing For 2 Months!
I only just managed to get the hang of this - that's why I am so shaky! I can get up more gracefully and stand for longer, but I was just super excited to show my new found skill and so just took one take for you to watch!
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