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FOLLOW NE ON TWITTER FOR MORE: https://twitter.com/YoutubeGaminGit 2017 - This video shows you a very good method for obtaining an obscene amount of gold (for free) in War Robots for Android and iOS. TIP: ANY VIDEO TELLING YOU THERE IS A GOLD HACK, IS A SCAM. THEY JUST WANT YOU TO WATCH ADS AND DO SURVEYS. THE HACKS ARE FAKE! ►Take it to another level: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/YoutubeGaminGit - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gamingit333 - Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GaminGit - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GaminGit333 ►Full details of War Robots: http://pixonic.com/category/game-45
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GaminGit (1 year ago)
SEE SOMETHING AMAZING: https://youtu.be/CymjHrxKwXI
The Twin Wars (1 month ago)
The war robots as been updated new robots and new weapons!!
Jonathan Coxell (4 months ago)
【L B S】 (1 year ago)
Aphids actually work better on gepard...
Logo User (1 year ago)
GaminGit oooo
SonnyPlays (1 year ago)
Ajjeana1 o
RILEY ALFRED (1 day ago)
im trying to save money for a fujin
Oliver Abrego Szabo (6 days ago)
I cant find the wepond
Diamond Zombie (9 days ago)
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦I LOVE CANADA XD
drotegu6 (21 days ago)
I do the same thing.... It's going to take a year to get slot #5 with the amount of gold they give you.... I'm looking for a hack or something man lol Purchasing the gold is way to expensive and it takes way to long to acquire it naturally.... UGH
Glenn Camigla (29 days ago)
Yeh i want your videos
The Twin Wars (1 month ago)
Nice battle,thx lot I need the info for the game and destroying other robots
Shiro 02 (1 month ago)
Okay so this is weird for me So I didn’t played war robots on Samsung for 1 year so then I earned 7800 gold I’m so happy
gianmark aplacador (1 month ago)
Supreme Senpai (2 months ago)
I have many big bot I'm still lvl 19 and I have 90% winning percentage. I'm still new to the game so this vid help
Juliette Aubin (2 months ago)
*The simpliest way to get unlimited silver & gold in Walking War Robots is by using* ==Get it here t.co/OezQHo8t3w?IbH5E9u7h 0:37 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Soós Laura (1 month ago)
everyone must try
Ettienne van Staden (2 months ago)
6 ads in 11 minutes, fuck off
Dylan Vaja (2 months ago)
Thanks for the tips man!☺
Procatmangamer L (2 months ago)
Procatmangamer L (2 months ago)
Wolf Wolf Wolf
Rage craft (2 months ago)
Your so good at this game!!!
Sam Tab Cascano (2 months ago)
Oh so now your saying something that I dont even care
Sam Tab Cascano (2 months ago)
Well you can swear in your mind but you cant say it ok 👌
Sam Tab Cascano (2 months ago)
Just dont swear ever again because I dint like youtubers that swear's
GaminGit (2 months ago)
Sam Tab Cascano I don’t like people that are offended by swearing, so please stop watching my videos.
Sam Tab Cascano (2 months ago)
Sam Tab Cascano (2 months ago)
Stop swearing bruh kids could be watching this video and they might learn how to swear so stop swearing for god sake and make a new video with no swearing 😡😡😡
Blinker Dishhy (1 month ago)
Sam can you fuck off? You're so super Christian
GaminGit (2 months ago)
Sam Tab Cascano It’s not up to me to parent other people’s kids and monitor what they watch. You make another video, you absolute melt.
Nanna Busque (2 months ago)
*WHY BUY silver & gold* ? *I JUST GET FREE silver & gold & Resources FROM HERE* Take here t.co/OezQHo8t3w?IzS7I4e6f 4:23
Ines Brauer (2 months ago)
thanks for share
Axileus (2 months ago)
I need 400 more cause I accidentaly sold a Zeus ;-;
Clarimunda Hébert (2 months ago)
*Why Buy silver & gold*? * When You Get It Free From Here * Check t.co/OezQHo8t3w?KsG5L4n8w 3:38
Paradis Laure (2 months ago)
work like charms!
imelda sabado (2 months ago)
Could you buy the Fury robot?
Lorna Reeves (2 months ago)
Don't say a naughty word
Angel Olivas (2 months ago)
I've been playing this game since june 2016 but my phone broke and when I got a new one I forgot my acc pass so I quit and a few months later and quit again then last December i join and got greeted with 31000 gold for being long so gone then a few days later I deleted it and then a few weeks ago I join and got 1200 gold and realized I had another acc which was when I play in dec so now I have 2 accounts
Vasentha Malar (3 months ago)
i like war robot
Gerard Kris (3 months ago)
This guy is amazing. Make more videos of WR. "look at this jumping idiot" XD
DEMON SLAYER (3 months ago)
Hoping they decrease the costs of skins. It sucks that WR is half p2w. I really want my bots to look cooler but their standards are ridiculous
Noah Mc Reynolds (3 months ago)
U buy the fing gold
Mushroom Headed Meat (3 months ago)
Love that accent""" WHAT THE FOOM""
Lemon 'n' Lime (3 months ago)
i play it on pc
kity kitkat (3 months ago)
Nice tips Does if still work now
Dragon King (3 months ago)
OK. Don't do this, save it for the 4th slot then in a while your 5th don't spend it on bots until you have all 5 slots! I can't stress enough that you should not do this! Good idea but you have wasted so Much gold on those bots. When you get into the better tears of you'll never use those robots again
Pamela Mirauta (3 months ago)
Your so dum!!!!!!!
GaminGit (3 months ago)
Pamela Mirauta You’re so dumb. Fixed it for you, you dummy.
Insane_ Inflame (3 months ago)
Someone please help!! I did this but it kept putting me against level 7+ robots! I keep getting destroyed instantly and never earn any gold :(
clod (3 months ago)
a really easy way to get about 2000 gold is to stop playing for like two - three maybe weeks and play again. It will say it missed you, and bam. they give you like 2000 - 2500 gold for coming back.
IK4R's TR4SH (3 months ago)
Just absolutly RAPE the comitetion
K Rakshith superbro (3 months ago)
How to get gold in war robots please 🙏 tell me
Tom Schumacher (3 months ago)
Wow you level is high
Theo Hughes-Wilson (3 months ago)
Who else came here looking for a hack?
science chicken (3 months ago)
Is he playing it on a computer? How i want to do it too (my phone succ and my phones internet succ)
mumbo fan (3 months ago)
The fuck is a a gepard
Mr.Bacon hair ._. (3 months ago)
I want to know what it means make any payment ?
MerlinVI (3 months ago)
you do know that this can be played quite easily on a pc.
Ben Wiley (4 months ago)
Luv the good old days of wwr
Colton Morgan (4 months ago)
I agree with Phoenix as I also like your commentary
im you!!! (4 months ago)
1:53 he says fuc*in
Ravi daharia (4 months ago)
Thanks bro,with this method i bought 5 zeus,doc and galahad
Anthony trolling (4 months ago)
Thank you
AAA AAA (4 months ago)
Get better at the game and complete missions. Boom done
4 C r v z y 4 (4 months ago)
Too bad I can’t do that since FUCKING DASH BOTS!!!!
Fernando Barahona (4 months ago)
Fuck you war robots is way better then you think
GaminGit (4 months ago)
Fernando Barahona that’s some big talk for a small boy!
Hello Guaj (4 months ago)
I don't feel as bad with my robot setup. 😂 At level 28 and you're still messing with Gepard?
Yasin Q (4 months ago)
Your a noob
GaminGit (4 months ago)
No you! Also, it's 'You're a noob', thicko.
Max Crystoball (4 months ago)
5:42 at that moment he knew.... He f#%ked up
An (4 months ago)
I miss the original weapons and robots and now war robots is stupid and adds these new weapons kill you instantly
The Almighty DuffMaster (5 months ago)
Why bot level 1
Cool Dude (5 months ago)
Sucks now because komiho is much faster now
Despa cito (5 months ago)
Ali Akbar (5 months ago)
This helped me a lot thank you
New to you... doesn’t seem new when you have level 28 32mil silver and 747 gold
Killer1234 (5 months ago)
You are a big noob
L for Loser (5 months ago)
The game has changed so much. It's worse today :/
Nick Story (5 months ago)
I subscribed!!
Conrado Rawlins (5 months ago)
Is this for real, does this method really work
ElitEBarbarin 5 (5 months ago)
That game died before it was released
JuniorSavage (5 months ago)
It's new to him yet he is almost max level
ItzMatthew Burst (5 months ago)
Wait a minuite? 10 Gold = per game 10 Games x 10 Games= 1000 Gold 1000 Gold= per ten games 10 Games x 100 Games = 10000 Gold I do 30 - 50 games a day so no problem getting galahad so yeah thats what happens if you do this every game best way to get gold or buy from the shop
Baked Potato Of Eggs Fan (5 months ago)
I mean Fujin
Baked Potato Of Eggs Fan (5 months ago)
Plz do a video how to get Fuji FREEEEEEEEEE Plz
random vidz (5 months ago)
If you think that was bad back then look at the game now beyond pay to win
SPART nyan (5 months ago)
This is insane, i got natasha doing this
m1ghty 4 ever (5 months ago)
Hey umm can you upgrade the wepons or they have to stay the same lvl... btw like the vid man! Awesome commentary
Dude I like how you cuss😂😂😂 "ABSOLUTELY RAPE THE COMPETITION"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kai Rainey (5 months ago)
More Wr please
Elvia Rafael (5 months ago)
Phoenix how come you have a lots of gold i have 0 :(..............
Elvia Rafael (5 months ago)
hello Phoenix you here want he sed he sed fuck
Pallavi Ranjan (5 months ago)
Hi can anybody do it for me i also want to buy galhad and zeus please help me i want max gold please my id is M. S. Dhoni
DaEpikTrolle (5 months ago)
Cossack works well too right to steal all the beacons
Justin Chung (5 months ago)
How much did you even play in 5 days? You are even higher than me in levels. You have magnums while I spent all my resources on robots and maxed out hanger space.
random videos gaming (5 months ago)
Sgt Dino (5 months ago)
great info Git!! i'm a Subscriber here now
Foxinater_5 (6 months ago)
I'm Sqiggity_Swooty2
Foxinater_5 (6 months ago)
Hey git I wanna challenge u to a battle
Tonya Alwardt (6 months ago)
Gepard is pronounced Jeh-pard
Tonya Alwardt (6 months ago)
For those of you that play here in 2018, the price for 14,000 gold is *OUTRAGOUS!!!*
wilbe gaming (6 months ago)
Nice cussing good first vid
Pete Kuzda (6 months ago)
Come play on Facebook you Sissy Husband, I want to see how good you have become after a year.... oh wait, theres 2 things between us right? "Air" and your fear!!!!
GaminGit (6 months ago)
Who you calling a sissy, you overgrown pile of meat. The only air between us, is the air between your ears.
Milo Makes (6 months ago)
I hate you stop saying bad words
GaminGit (6 months ago)
Milo Makes Hate is the baddest of them all, you hypocrite!
Hussain Khan (6 months ago)
I want anly 1 to 10 000 as your wish
Hussain Khan (6 months ago)
I have anly 28 au 😥😥😥😥😞😞😞😰😰😩😩😥😥😦😧😧😭😭😭😭😭
Hussain Khan (6 months ago)
I sa for all plz give me au plz 😞😞😞😞😞
Hussain Khan (6 months ago)
How give me au plz
Hussain Khan (6 months ago)
Plz give me au plz plz
Communist Brother (6 months ago)
How to get gold Step 1: get the game Step 2: connect with game center or facebook Step 3: delete the game Step 4: don't dowload it Step 5: wait for 1-2 years Step 6: download the game Step 7: connect to game center or facebook to recover your account Step 8: get 20,000 or more gold (Yes I did this, I stopped playing for 1 year and a couple of months, and then I got the game again and they gave me 20,860 gold. I was pretty happy that day, and no, this is not fake. Trust me)
someone (1 month ago)
Guys, I can confirm this is real. At the moment I have 40,742 gold because I stopped playing the game for like 1-2 years _(I can't remember),_ and got 20k gold for free. 😎
Nicho Megantara (2 months ago)
I 5000
Communist Brother (6 months ago)
AkoSiHORO nice
AkoSiHORO (6 months ago)
Communist Brother this is true though, i stopped playing for like a couple of months then after installing it again i got 10k gold
DaBears 1919 (6 months ago)
Notice the gold amount is 777 😳😳
Pete Kuzda (6 months ago)
Your not a hacker, just another guy smart enough to screw off a few people. Congrats I knew it was fake and theres no gold. I just have enough morals to actually earn my money and dont need to screw off children to do it.
ben jones (6 months ago)
... Lol he had 777 gold, and there are 777 comments, make that 778 comments, I ruined it :/

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