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Kathy Fettke's Top 5 Real Estate Investing Strategies for 2018

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In this video Kathy shares tips and strategies for real estate investors in 2018. Topics covered include: (1) The energy of money, (2) How your wealth mindset can make or break your piggy bank, (3) The top strategies for making money in 2018, (4) How to be prepared for both a booming economy and an impending downturn
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la 400 (24 days ago)
A real "valley girl", and no new info here - don't waste your time!
Mrs Sarah (28 days ago)
Contacted kryptohacker.wordpress,com got $45,000 transfer from them just after i lost my jobs
Rushitana Polepole (1 month ago)
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Wen Zeng (4 months ago)
Great content!!! Agreed asset price is largely correlate to loose QE. Learned a lot. As someone who grew up in inner city of Manhattan. I saw how nasty and dangerous in many areas in Manhattan was when I was young. Still remember the hooker walking around Time Square when I used to take the Peter Pan bus to college. Will visit Detroit and Chicago this year. Thank you for the content.
Jorgie WTF (7 months ago)
Wow, I’m totally convinced that real-estate gurus on Youtube are nothing but conceited, arrogant people who basically just want to self-promote themselves. I’m just going to talk to my bank’s investment team and go from there. On YT, you get what you pay for.
Anthony Dooley (7 months ago)
She is saying the "only reason" our economy is doing well is the Federal Reserve? QE? Not policies? All credibility in this lady is gone. Eight years of liberal Democrat polices and the worst recession in a century, then Trump gets elected and starts changing things. BOOMING economy. Yep, it was the FED.
Kathy Fettke (2 months ago)
Now look what's happening as the Fed tightens. https://moneyandmarkets.com/trump-respects-federal-reserve-chairman/?utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic
Anthony Dooley (4 months ago)
hunkydude322 That's what Bernie said, and he is a multimillionaire. Being a victim will get you nowhere. Instead of being envious, go become a billionaire. Then you can give it all to the poor, like Bernie.
hunkydude322 (4 months ago)
Trump is only helping millionaires and billionaires.
FlipAnythingUSA (4 months ago)
Kathy Fettke I hope you catch President Trump tonight. You will hear him talk about everything I mentioned.
FlipAnythingUSA (4 months ago)
Kathy Fettke yes I have a c-Corp. On average each saw about $28.00 more take home pay per 80 hrs of work. Roughly a $.50 an hour raise before deductions. Regarding insurance. It was mandatory, under Obama care, that I maintain healthcare insurance or I would be fined a percentage of my income to not be insured. By executive order, I believe, Trump made this provision in Obamacare unenforceable. So I dropped the healthcare coverage I had and I do not have to pay the penalty. Regarding oil. There is a ton of this you can google. The regulations he is removing is making everything easier. To sum it up and you can verify for yourself. He making oil easier and cheaper to produce by removing restrictions and regulations. The result is now we can or are very close to producing enough oil in our own country we do not need to outsource and we are or soon will have an excess that we can export oil. I’m heading to work. Thank you
Raslan Gaming (7 months ago)
I'm in minute 20 nothing related to real estate so far!
Kathy Fettke (5 months ago)
I think Carville said it best, "It's the economy, stupid!"

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