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OTM Trading Strategy for Binary Options - Risk $20 to make $80 - Nadex - Cantor Exchange

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Forex Signals, Forex Auto Traders Subscribe and get updates when we post new content! 0:01 Introduction 0:25 CFTC required disclaimer 1:29 Make sure you know what a binary Option is 2:29 ATM, OTM, ITM strikes 4:50 How much will an OTM trade cost? 7:45 What's the downside of an OTM trade? 8:07 Historical Signal results 10:53 Basic Math for our Binary Options Signals 16:35 What is your profit/loss if you took every signal? 18:20 FREE FREE FREE 20:10 Scaling in Method 20:50 DANGER! 24:48 Fib numbers to use, profit and total risk 31:55 Which trades to take? 33:00 example trades 38:33 How to use the trader tool suite for OTM trades You need to know what a binary option is before watching this video. Here is where you can learn in 27 minutes. Everything a newbie should know about Binary Options in 27 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm8fGKxQt4Q http://www.traderbotmarketplace.com/access/cart - JOIN US! http://www.facebook.com/groups/joaquintrading - Talk to us By using specific trading strategies, you can trade OTM binary options for maximum results. Whether you are trading with Nadex or Cantor Exchange, these strategies simply work, as you will see in the video. Binary options allows the ability to trade contracts with limited risk... some call it capped risk. Any binary option exchange is suitable, just make sure they are cftc regulated. When we are trading binary options with OTM contracts, we are only risking a small amount of money to potentially create a larger than normal return on our investment. If you are a person who is looking for a way to make money from home in any industry, this may not be for you but if your heart is in trading, listen up! Did you know you can risk $20 to potentially make $80 in 2 hours or less? I document each step in the video. Day trading can be super risky and you have to use your head but with TraderBot Marketplace binary options signals, we have documented proof of the historical signals and their respective outcomes as either and otm win, atm win, itm win, and losses as well. (We go over this in the video as well.) The binary options strategy we use to get the signals is pretty straight forward and doesn't clog your trading platform with a bunch of useless crap. Our charts are clean and to the point. In the video, we talk about scaling into a trade but we are NOT talking about martingale. Martingale doesn't work. You can call it dollar cost averaging, the gamblers fallacy, or whatever you want but doubling up isn't the way to go. We will show you how to properly scale into a trade, with limited risk, and have the winner be so much larger than the loss. In the video, we talk about a max loss of $400 and then you quit...but what is the max profit? It is sky high and you can use your imagination as you are watching to figure this part out. Would you risk $20 to make $80? Would you risk $100 to make $500? These are the types of numbers we are talking about today. This is NOT an ITM trading strategy where you are risking $80 to make $20 or even an ATM strat where you risk $50 to make $50. We are talking about 100%... 200%... 400% returns on investment capital. This is not a pie in the sky trading system. These numbers are based upon mathematical probabilities and can be calculated rather easily. Now go watch the video and give us a THUMBS UP if you received value from it. Cheers! Be sure to take advantage of your free stuff just for watching! We love to give away as much as possible for free. Quite often, in our facebook group, we will just give out random computers. No Joke! We really do this because we have one big happy family of traders and we love them all!
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Text Comments (14)
Paramjyoti Peri (1 year ago)
thank you :)
Richard Ravotto (1 year ago)
Correction on Fib/Mart strategy: 5 contracts= $100 Risk - Payout $500 - Series Profit $260 (not $240) Total Risk= $240 8 contracts= $260 Risk - Payout $800 - Series Profit $400 (not $360) Total Risk= $400 Taken further: 13 contracts= $260 Risk - Payout $1300 - Series Profit $640 Total Risk= $660 ( $20 loss) 14 contracts Instead- $280 risk ($680 total risk) -$1400 payout = $720 Series Profit (+ $40) 21 contracts= $420 Risk - Payout $2100 - Series Profit $1020 Total Risk=$1080 23 contracts instead - $460 Risk ($1140 total risk) - Payout $2300 = $1160 Series Profit (+20) $20 trades = 20% chance... Chances of being wrong 8x in a row are 16.8% if taken to the the 8th level That gives you a win rate of 83.2% (All things considered being equal, which they never are in trading)
Ryan Fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
in your signals you give a it may. atm. and otm to buy in or sell. do you always take the item and atm? even on the time you end up taking the otm?
Ronald Webb (1 year ago)
i'm learning the same thing
not always. depends on the strategy i am using for the day. I take a lot of itm trades as well as otms trades. I rarely trade atm though. just a personal preference.
Elvis Deonarine (2 years ago)
good day sir can you explain why you entering the the trades. are you using technical analysis such as support and resistance or RSI ?
Elvis Deonarine (2 years ago)
ok thanks for the info
Lori Favela (2 years ago)
learning this field is a challenge when you don't have capital to invest in
Richard Ravotto (1 year ago)
If you're thinking about trading binary options NADEX is the only safe way to go. They are the ONLY regulated true exchange in the USA. Everybody else is a BROKER that will most likely take the other side of your trade. Due your research; I hate to here of people being taken of by those bottom feeders.
Ryan Fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
Traderbot Marketplace & Joaquin Trading thanks for the reply!
you can try using Cantor Exchange and risk .10 or .20 per contract to learn. Thier contracts only total $1.00 each
todd smith (2 years ago)
how did the atm and itm trades do on these trades...thx
todd smith (2 years ago)
so the otm trades are the best to take...thx

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