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1-2-1 English Lessons - $10 iTalki Credits - http://go.italki.com/englishlikeanative Do you know your way around the kitchen? Join this English lesson to learn about Cooking Vocabulary and how to use it. Improve your English pronunciation with this British English lesson. Learn the British English like a native. Join Anna to improve your English Speaking and pronunciation. Please SUBSCRIBE! ------------------------------USEFUL LINKS BELOW------------------------------ ANNA’S LINKS Become a PATRON https://www.patreon.com/AnnaTyrie PRONUNCIATION COURSE www.britishenglishpro.com ANNA'S ENGLISH WEBSITE www.englishlikeanative.me OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS https://www.youtube.com/user/verbalessons https://www.youtube.com/user/annatyrie MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS https://www.facebook.com/BritishEnglishLikeaNative https://www.instagram.com/britishenglishpro https://www.twitter.com/1_like_a_native ============================== TRAVELS LINKS FREE AUDIOBOOKS: http://amzn.to/2lPS05r BUS: $5 Credit: http://ssqt.co/mLcg84C FREE TAXI: https://goo.gl/HOqIwn HOTEL: $35 Credit: www.airbnb.co.uk/c/annat30863 RENT A CAR: $25 Credit https://goo.gl/2VJpwt GEAR: $10 Credit towards your first purchase of $50 or more: http://www.theclymb.com/invite/AnnaTyrie =============================== ENGLISH RESOURCES FREE LEARN BRITISH ENGLISH BOOK: http://amzn.to/2pRd7VI Anna’s UNION JACK MUG: http://amzn.to/2o39FdV TALK ENGLISH KINDLE VERSION: http://amzn.to/2o3rHgr ===============================
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Text Comments (126)
rafiq ahmad (13 days ago)
i am rafiq from indian kashmir but i am in china presently thank you
Peace Love (16 days ago)
Keep 👑Calm Carry on good luck am from Morocco its late to watch your live direct😊
Nada Ahmed (18 days ago)
I'm from Egypt and live in uk from 2 months but the british accent here is very hard
English Like A Native (14 days ago)
You will adjust to it in time.
wendy wendy (21 days ago)
Ulises Lira (1 month ago)
I like your personality. It's so spontaneous. You are unique Ana Tyrie ❤.
Ulises Lira (1 month ago)
Ana Tyrie I have a supper right now watching you! It's late in the night.
bakong post (1 month ago)
Hello teacher I m chamroeun from cambodia.
Elany G (1 month ago)
Hello, from Brazil! 👏👏😗
Таня White (2 months ago)
In Ukraine in school we study only breakfast, dinner and supper...
aljibboori Aljiboori (3 months ago)
Hello I'm from Iraq
Sayed Sayed (3 months ago)
Can you speak slowly please Because you have a new studying English learn
Sayed Sayed (3 months ago)
Hello how are you Good job
Radiyha Khatun (3 months ago)
Isn't 'take away' spelled as 'takeaway'? I am also vegetarian.
tarekegn muche (4 months ago)
nice education,especially for me i live in remote area SOMALI East Africa!! [email protected] !!
Amir Shahzad (4 months ago)
Hello thanks for enjoying learning English
Shahbaz Iqbal (5 months ago)
Duabi (Pakistan)
Zhanna KS (5 months ago)
Hi Anna. I've just found your channel though it was treamed live on 17 May 2017. Great lesson. I like it. Thank you very much. I would like to join your live videos. Could you tell me when your next lesson is?
Elio Caceres (5 months ago)
Hello Ann , I am from Argentina and your lessons are so amazing and helpful . it makes me to improve my pronunciation and all the skills that I require . You are incredible
Ahmed Adam (6 months ago)
Thanks so much joining you
Іван Примак (6 months ago)
In Ukraine we say chew the information/new/etc what mean to explain something.
Іван Примак (6 months ago)
I always buy meal away in cafeteria, and aet on part. But maigh I ask question about eat out ?
Mustafa Alrahal (6 months ago)
Please carry on with this kind of lessons You are great and beautiful🌹
Zakaria Lafsar (6 months ago)
I am Ahmed from Morocco
Nooraldeen al-dlalah (6 months ago)
I hope to have a supper with you
yassin abdelrhman (7 months ago)
like usual, a nice video
yassin abdelrhman (7 months ago)
Radhika and Arya (7 months ago)
Radhika from India.
Binny Thomas (7 months ago)
Hai, This is Binny from India...I'm interested in your classe
XENA TSUKUDA (8 months ago)
you are what you eat.
XENA TSUKUDA (8 months ago)
hello, from Japan. I love your lessons they are very inspiring .
Sucado Yarey (8 months ago)
from somalia
Makan sissoko (8 months ago)
Thanks Ana
Edmundo Santos-Garza (8 months ago)
William. (8 months ago)
so m a great cooker ejeje
William. (8 months ago)
is a real romantic thing a man that cooks 4 a woman?
William. (8 months ago)
amazing classes , very helpfull i really enjoyed it
Abu Omarahmed (9 months ago)
Im Ibrahim from Egypt...
Nayan Das (9 months ago)
How can I take your class
Mandeep Singh (9 months ago)
Hi I,m interesting in bakery & confectionery so pls sent the notes on my e-mail address
M Irfan Shaikh (10 months ago)
Thanks I am already a cook this important for me
Aden Issak (10 months ago)
Hi dear teacher
chandra shrestha (10 months ago)
Great lesson teacher !! I am from Nepal
eltahir hamed (10 months ago)
Hi teacher Anna English Iam from Sudan my name is Eltahir Hamed but call me (Mr OK) please. you're such a great teacher and I'm proud to be one of your students, can you do a lesson on how do british people use exclamation to show surprise and express about their feelings
Andaziar kurd (10 months ago)
Thank you for your videos. I have learnt a lot of things from you especillay about British culture. Plz continue
Dawit Mahari (10 months ago)
I can’t bake bread, but I can make agg and burger.
adil alkaabi (11 months ago)
Hello 😎
Ash Shaz (11 months ago)
Hello I am Ayesha from Swindon
Julia Jarosz (11 months ago)
Saida Boudounit (11 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍You're amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍
ALI Ali (11 months ago)
From London
ALI Ali (11 months ago)
Hello my teacher...
Lena Spark (1 year ago)
Hi, I from Russia
Miranda (1 year ago)
hummm I would like to taste your breakfast. Looks yummy!
Andersen Chen (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. You are awesome.
Andrew Stevens (1 year ago)
In the Us Dinner and Supper are the same.
bigo Riek (9 months ago)
Alex (1 year ago)
Why everywhere FOOD goes without THE but when STEAM with THE? Thanks.
thank you
g masresha (1 year ago)
Thank!Your explanation .I am Girma Masresha From Ethiopian.
SkyForceOne (1 year ago)
hi From Canada
Asma Salem (1 year ago)
Frank Liu (1 year ago)
Don't dinner and supper mean the same thing?
English Like A Native (1 year ago)
+Frank Liu no supper comes much later - before bedtime
Nebras Om Allawi (1 year ago)
charlie A. Ayash (1 year ago)
Radwa Farouk (1 year ago)
It was a very useful lesson lot of kisses
Manal (1 year ago)
Thank you sweetheart 💕💕 i like u but its bitter to not but wight Ishadow in your buti eye 😉😀
Costel Lupascu (1 year ago)
Hello Anna
Francis Oblena (1 year ago)
Hi Anna Im filipino watching her saudi arabia
Gasim As (4 months ago)
Hello anna 'lm kasem
daiyuan gu (1 year ago)
Akhilesh Pandey (1 year ago)
Thank you Anna for this video ...
Wow! That's the sort of information everybody needs. Awsome! Fantastic!.........!!
Franz Stolzer (1 year ago)
Kathom Zaidi (1 year ago)
nice afternoon
Kathom Zaidi (1 year ago)
Peter (1 year ago)
KEBAB is not the best choice as a meal especially in summer time. If the roasting process stops for a couple of minutes, raw material liquid from inside is leaking outside. Diarrhea could be a result of that or something worse... Please, watch up! It depends on professionalism and handling.
Bruno Chemali (1 year ago)
The yellow part of an egg is called the yoke
Silvia Rampulla (1 year ago)
Silvia from Italy
Kati Svaby (1 year ago)
co-lan-der & ka-ti (my name) the first syllable is same.
Kati Svaby (1 year ago)
Too many cooks spoil the broth./Its Hungarian equivalent: Among too many midwives the baby slips out of the hands./
Kati Svaby (1 year ago)
The idiom exists in our country also but I give you a piece of advice. You never say this to your man because men don't like this idiom. It's better "let sleeping dogs lie" or "silence is golden" if you really want to find the way to his heart.
Eslam Adel (1 year ago)
Hi, the video is very helpful and provides essential information about cooking, which i think, is important for overseas people like me, but in my opinion the quiz was waste of time and doesn't add to us any info. Cheers
davis anka (1 year ago)
i really like the lesson but let the outside talk be little cause i listen with my students
abdulmuneim Hussein (1 year ago)
Thanks very much teacher I really appreciate your lesson . I have been watching your videos  since  I came to London your lesson are really helpful, useful . Could I a ask you to videos about direct and indirect speech .
Francisco Viana (1 year ago)
Great Lesson Teacher. You are one of the best!
Artem Travlo (1 year ago)
Awesome))) Thanks
phpinternational org (1 year ago)
Hi, from USA
music (1 year ago)
you're welcome!
music (1 year ago)
@mohamed rizk. Hi there!.... how are you? .. I too, sometimes when i am watching videos, i feel hungry :-)
mohamed rizk (1 year ago)
THINKING POSITIVE I felt hungry while I watching the video.
English Like A Native (1 year ago)
Welcome :)
Ranil Wimal (1 year ago)
Ahmed Shanadar (1 year ago)
Hello Anna ! Is possible to use the word (Never) without (Have) ? For example : He never works , or : She never worked .
English Like A Native (1 year ago)
+Ahmed Shanadar yesbit is possible :)
Cecilia Lam (1 year ago)
Cecilia from Hong Kong
Cecilia Lam hh
Amir YEKTA (1 year ago)
thank you very much, this lesson is awesome!
Mohamed Irshan (1 year ago)
Hlo anna actually I'm very interested to learn inglish I got good opportunity so if you can help I'm from srilank irshan
Thuriya Khan Queen (1 year ago)
HI Anna...THank u so much for this amazing lesson...i have learnt alot of words...
Thuriya Khan Queen (1 year ago)
Bashir Mohammed, why have u sent ur Email id with my name?
Bashir Mohammed (1 year ago)
Thuriya Khan Queen [email protected]
English Like A Native (1 year ago)
Great :)
mauricio (1 year ago)
hey there. listening from brazil. brave lmao
Anda Mihaela Tudor (1 year ago)
What a great lesson! thank you~
حسن ميثم (11 months ago)
Anda Mihaela Tudor Hi can we train togather
Amit Mazumder (1 year ago)
ur voice is cute
najat hemnrojh (1 year ago)
OMAR HAIBAOUI (1 year ago)
Hello I m omar from Algeria
SUPERΔRTIFICIΔL (7 months ago)
who cares. just stay out of london please
Seth Elledge (1 year ago)
Anna! I am so confused here! You have 2.296 viewers; however, only 358 of the persons gave you a thumbs up?
dsin dun (1 year ago)
Seth Elledge Because someone will watch it more than one time.
Seth Elledge (1 year ago)
that is lovely buddy!
music (1 year ago)
@Seth Elledge...no worries, i am giving my thumb up right now :-) ...... i just did it !
najat hemnrojh (1 year ago)
Chien (1 year ago)
Chien (1 year ago)
Thank you. I am interested in baking and cooking.
SUPERΔRTIFICIΔL (7 months ago)
lol curry ... londonobad
Mohamed General (1 year ago)

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