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Battlefield 4 PC Ultra Settings (Zotac GTX 660 AMP! Edition) 1080p HD

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The settings are as shown in the video. This is not a fanboy video or some faggy shit like that. It's more of an informational video for those looking to upgrade video cards that are powerful and reasonably priced. For those looking to upgrade graphics cards and are unsure of what they would need, this card seems to run okay even on the highest settings. The only setting that really made a difference was the antialiasing. Turning that on would make a visible drop in frame rate. Other than that, everything else works fine by my standards. And I'd much rather look at a video then numbers to help me make my decisions, so here you go. PC Specs: 8 GB Cosair Vengeance Zotac GTX 660 AMP! Intel Core i5 3570k Shot using "Shadowplay" from Geforce Experience
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Daniel Besteti (4 years ago)
ola cara beleza, voce pode me passar a bios desta gpu,abraço
Choicez Z (5 years ago)
Playing this game on Ultra make things harder. It becomes a game where you cannot run and shoot. I have the same card but I play on Low. I like to run and shoot without have things in the way lol good video.
nisheeth madhusoodanan (5 years ago)
Hellooo.... Which PSU are you using ??? even i have the same GPU and using a 600W PSU... but having problems while playing BF4 as it quits... did my research and figured out that my 12V rail has 23A output.. but the GPU needs 24A output.. game quits only when there is max loading like an explosion and stuffs... 
Choicez Z (5 years ago)
I am using a TR2 600W and everything is working well for me. lol No shut off!
nisheeth madhusoodanan (5 years ago)
which brand are you using?? and the model?? i am using a VIP PSU.. 
Choicez Z (5 years ago)
it shouldn't I am using a 650w psu and my computer doesn't shut off! That's weird!
klasiokasdelll (5 years ago)
Gibson Guy (4 years ago)
We must be talking about two totally different aspects of the FPS availability. No it does not lower my fps during gameplay while using it. I'm saying it records at 60 fps, so if you opened fraps and played the video through your media player, it would be a steady rate of 60 fps.
Alex Möp (4 years ago)
Some People record with 80 or 90 fps so idc.
Gibson Guy (4 years ago)
 There are only 2 available options for me. http://i.imgur.com/HzrNLvj.png
Alex Möp (4 years ago)
+Gibson Guy Why some People record with shadowplay 90 fps? or 80 fps?
Gibson Guy (4 years ago)
+Alex Möp That's definitely NOT a lie. It says it right there on Geforce Experience. You can either choose 30 fps rate or 60 fps rate while recording.
Theisonk (5 years ago)
fps please ^^

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