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How to set a fail safe for a taranis

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today i show you how to set a fail safe for your taranis, if you have any questions pleas do not hesitate to ask.
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Tony Tee (3 months ago)
Thanks man helped a lot 👍
Radiocom100 (3 months ago)
Mercy, I flipped for hours on this FRSKY Trans Plus, it is a piece of crap for RTH. It is for airplanes and racing only. If you are building a quadcopter like a JiYI P2 or APM Arudpilot, RCtimer or Naza anything with Altitude hold and GPS you need a good TX and RX get a FLYSKY i6s and don't remove the T spring, set it up on SBUS or PPM. You can setup failsafe RTH on any 2-way switch and lost of single to RTH on the same switch, no mixing of channels. https://us.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_345672.html?wid=1433363&currency=USD&vip=14752947&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI39SB98rB3wIVzlcNCh06mw09EAQYBiABEgJo3vD_BwE
Ben Franklin (8 months ago)
So if you don’t set this Your drone will fly a way.. Does it throttle up and accelerate the way ?
Derrick Mitchell (11 months ago)
I love when people make tutorials that are straight to the point, meat and potatoes no fat. Thank you bro and do more video the way you did this one.
Toni Tester (1 year ago)
Short and Perfect, Thanks from a german
Zach Freeman (1 year ago)
I watched like 5 videos of people feeding their egos... and you were the only one who got straight to the point and bridged the gap! Thank you my brother!
Fabian Shalk (8 months ago)
not to mention is strong upper body
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
all cool my friend
alt ctrlesc (1 year ago)
I don't understand failsafe. Does it return back to the location of the transmitter on the ground like a RTH function? If not, I dont really see the point.
alt ctrlesc (1 year ago)
Tomas Puodziukynas that explains it. Thankyou
Tomas Puodziukynas (1 year ago)
Its nothing fancy. Basically what you need and what is a must by law in some countries - when model looses signal, to have throttle cut down to 0. Thats it! If you want autopilot and return functions etc, we are talking about flight controller with altitude and gps sensors.
alt ctrlesc (1 year ago)
Well if I understood what it was I would not have made the comment my friend. So.. is it automatic stability control, autopilot.. what is its functional description?
Tomas Puodziukynas (1 year ago)
Its very easy. When you understand that failsafe is for trying to save not model but people on the ground. Full throttle, slight straight pitch up and you loose signal... You can find your model few kilometers away in kindergarden yard.
icanthackit11 (1 year ago)
Legend, thanks for getting right to the point :) Done and dusted in under 2 mins is SO appreciated!
Kyle Foster (1 year ago)
what happens if you dont have that option there? :S
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
Kyle Foster I would factory reset your radio
Gostfalcon (1 year ago)
No pulses is the best option. 1:18 min in.
Nr V-S (10 months ago)
why? can you explain me that please!
olav lucas torstrup (1 year ago)
Thank you soo mutch :)
smiling bandy (2 years ago)
hello.but should we add some parameter to reduce the throttle ? to allow the drone to slowly fall down, instead of shutdown everything ?
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
this is the perfect answer
smiling bandy (2 years ago)
hi, thank you for your answer.
Allan Sanderson (2 years ago)
If you are planning on racing low altitude at fast speeds - no. Better to crash quickly than to fly off and injure/damage something.
Lee aka Jester3265 (2 years ago)
Thank you.
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
welcome :)
MARCUSAURELIUS (2 years ago)
is it better to select no pulses or reciever? i have the x4rsb reciever and set fail safe on that.
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
hi i wouldn't like to give you information that may not be correct so im going to tell you what i would do. to find out what is the best i would remove your props and then arm your drone on say pulses, turn your remote off and then see what happens, if you are not satisfied with the result then try the receiver mode. find out which is best and then use that. thank you for your comment
JonPerkins (2 years ago)
dank vid

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