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AMAZING Kid Dances To "All About That Bass" | What's Trending Now

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Taylor Hatala might be 11 years old, but she can shake it shake it like she supposed to do. Do you think she's just naturally this good? Do you think she's going to be the next big thing? Are you feeling kind of jealous of a kid right now?? Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwD All About That Bass (DJ Crysis remix) - Matt Steffanina ft. 11-yr-old Taylor Hatala: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pfloxVMJGw Let us know your favorite videos of the day in the comments! If we make a video based on your suggestion, we'll mention your name on a future episode! Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates! http://www.twitter.com/whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Add us to your circles on Google+! https://plus.google.com/+WhatsTrending Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter Follow our host! Brendan Bradley: https://twitter.com/brendanAbradley Edited by Chris Dandridge
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Text Comments (274)
Claudia Campbell (1 year ago)
Eh not that much talent more of her just jumping around
Gy Bx (2 years ago)
Totally racist African American cultural appropriation. Shameful. The biggest insult to African Americans since the KKK.
Mash KM (3 years ago)
And also.. Who knows.. Maybe she goes to a dance school?
Mash KM (3 years ago)
Plus Matt Steffanina is great, I love watching his dance class videos! His choreography is brilliant and his students are just as talented!
Mash KM (3 years ago)
Thing is.. We don't know anything about Taylor so you DONT know how hard she works on her education, she could be as dedicated, diligent and amazing in the classroom as she is in the dance hall, and so what? Maybe there are better dancers who are younger, she's trying to do what she loves, she'll improve and maybe instead of bringing her down, you could support her! Honestly, she's JUST 11!
I love Matt Stefinina
Milan Francis (3 years ago)
This is really good
Soprano Global (3 years ago)
'I'm sorry cripster, where are you hanging out' Hahahaha
Lynnsey Coleman (3 years ago)
Brandon Patterson (3 years ago)
Education is more important than dancing ever will be. The way you downplayed education just makes you and this channel look like fools.
Ashley Bousquet (3 years ago)
every dancer I KNOW and have grown up with...(me being a professional dancer now and have gone to college for it) have ALWAYS been, just about ALL, straight A students. dancers are taught that perfection is key their whole lives, and so, perfectionism does NOT JUST STOP in the studio. also- most studios WILL NOT allow a certain number of performances/classes unless grades are kept to the highest standard. And honestly, i haven't seen an issue EVER with dance directly effecting grades anywho.(ive now been teaching all styles of dance for over 7years) that's all i have to say..if others believe different so be it.. ya'll never grew up with TRUE dancers then.😘
manicMonday (3 years ago)
Well my life seems like crap now compared to her. Sigh
Jacob Macura (3 years ago)
When I was 11 I could dance better than her and I still can.
Jacky Castro (3 years ago)
Not at all you dance so good
Paul Gartner (3 years ago)
Should be in request
Especially Toothpaste (3 years ago)
Tc GamerZ (3 years ago)
In the class room I bet she doesn't man ow what 10+9 is
Jim (3 years ago)
+Havoc EG What?
Tyasia Pratt (3 years ago)
She's so amazing 😂😂😂😂
Glenda Spikes (3 years ago)
I think she should be a dancer because yea she could still be in school and be a dancer that's what I'm doing I mean like yea she should focus on school a lot more but its her life she could do whatever she wants to do if she wants to quit school and dance she could its nobody's decision but hers so people should mind there own businesses and let her do her and make her money by dancing cause dancers get a lot of money and she is really good so she should keep dancing and stay pretty and awesome
AughtBoyJ (4 years ago)
If you want to see more amazing kid dancers, check out the art of teknique. They have tons of videos on YouTube and have been in a movie.
alexa ali (4 years ago)
Very average tsk! Tsk!
alexa ali (4 years ago)
Lucky aces r better
Isidro Arizaga (4 years ago)
She should dance to Jason wiggle
Ess knight (4 years ago)
She's amazing this haters need to stop hating on her!!!
Afflecte Mbideou (4 years ago)
Afflecte Mbideou (4 years ago)
THIS IS good
Kyla Reid (4 years ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmazing giiiiiiiiiiirlllllll!!!
Sophie Brockman (4 years ago)
ωєℓℓ, ωнαтєνєя αиуσиє ѕαуѕ уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ кєєρ ∂αи¢ιиg вє¢αυѕє ι тнιик уσυя αмαzιиg αи∂ ιт ѕнσυℓ∂и'т мαттєя ωнαт ρєσρℓє тнιик. ιf уσυ ωαит тσ ∂αи¢є, тнαи ∂αи¢є
Natalee Gonzales (4 years ago)
Nobody should be hatten on her because she is amazing that's so dumb
Lativ Jalan raya (4 years ago)
Summer Holiday (4 years ago)
"Who cares about education?" -.- what if she breaks her leg and her career is over? LOL I think this guy needs to be educated...
Tonny Bellini (4 years ago)
I will say it again big deal. It looks awkward. She is not graceful in her movements. Look at Stefan his movements look graceful. It looks like the dance was memorized and she is going through the motions. I bet me at 52 can do that with a little bit or practice. You people make her out to be the next big dancer. Big deal
Tytiana Robinson (4 years ago)
You dance awesome Taylor my brother says he can dance better he's 8 NAD good dancer and really smart but I'm like you r good but you can't beat Taylor
What's Trending (4 years ago)
+Tytiana Robinson Haha! :)
Funminiyi Sekoni (4 years ago)
I go theater street but we dont dance that fast but i really loved ur dancing also i think ur next song should be am i wrong by nicola vince thx
Julie Aphanacieff (4 years ago)
I can dance and I am 10
What's Trending (4 years ago)
+Julie Aphanacieff That's awesome!
Angela Smith (4 years ago)
Mark Escajeda (4 years ago)
Song name? I know its all about the bass but its like remixed . so name?
Cody watson12 (4 years ago)
stop lyin by kevin gates i would do anything to see this girl dance to this song 
Gianna Miceli (4 years ago)
I can dance just like that and I am only 9 and she is good
Starlight shines (4 years ago)
I'm impressed 😉👍
Lani Renay (4 years ago)
Wow y'all are so mean we all had dreams when we were little and we probly still do! Let this girl follow her dream! Just because ur dream didn't come true doesn't mean her's won't I believe she can make it to the top! U go girl!! 😉
Lani Renay (4 years ago)
Future husband by Megan trainer
Jesse Harris (4 years ago)
To the haters who think she should be in class and not dancing, how good were you at anything at 11? If it weren't for extraordinary people like this, we wouldn't have examples of what barriers to break in order to accomplish amazing feats. She is and will likely continue inspiring people to follow their passion, against all odds. It is people like this that raise the bar and beg the question, do I need to follow a path set before me, to throw my life's earnings at an education in a field that may not offer a job when I'm done, only a heap of dept and a regular life? Rock on! Ordinary will always be there!
Vickie Lynne (4 years ago)
love this girl ....I want her to dance to turn down for what ...I love bass and I think she rock it too good .... you go girl !!!!
LSM SAV (4 years ago)
Maeva Bergeron (4 years ago)
this is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cecilia Mazariegos (4 years ago)
wtf?! People need to stop hatin on her. She's 11! All you low lives need to get a life, stop being jerks to this AMAZING KID, and get over the fact that you suck at dancing and this girl is waaay better than you. Also, i'm 12 and know better than you. I think she's awesome and I don't even know her.
Kenzie Alvarado (4 years ago)
I agree with shontae
Nuris Castellanos (4 years ago)
Hey can my daughter join u guys she lives dancing and she's a very great dancer
Maori lover (4 years ago)
I am a skilled dancer but Taylor she got some skills man so why are u guys complaining cause u guys probably can't even dance so let's just say this u me dance off ;)
Shontae Stewart (4 years ago)
Why y'all talking smack about her is is an amazing person and to the 2 people in the video to the first one why are u hating and to the other one she probably get straight A's u never know and if u got nothing good to say then don't say anything at all gosh BTW stop cyber bullying.
Jade Owen (3 years ago)
I agree full heartedly with you, she is doing something that makes her happy and that's what matters in the end. Shouldn't we be encouraging people to go for what makes them happy not bringing them down because of our own jealousy or our hate....the mind really does boggle at how people can just pull someone down because they are so high up on the scale and being noticed for the amazing talent they have. I also agree this is cyberbullying and it's just plain silly
Shontae Stewart (4 years ago)
Wat so funny
Njemile Hyman (4 years ago)
Shontae Stewart (4 years ago)
Yass I'm with u
Maori lover (4 years ago)
U get out there them people's need to stop complaining about the Taylor video cause I bet them can't even dance ;)
joseph manirambona (4 years ago)
Taylor hatala  she should do what makes her happy 
Al Smith (4 years ago)
No body hating she cant dance
Tavia Smith (4 years ago)
She is an amazing dancer she should dance to My Radar by:Gabrielle Ollie
Taylor Blue (4 years ago)
Yo shut the F up she's amazing not many people have this talent and I think dancing she should follow her dreams
Christy Symington (4 years ago)
I am really annoyed that this video is called "kid dances to "All About That Bass" and yet the video doesn't actually show her dancing to this song, it's just some annoying douche TALKING about her dancing. Fuck you, guy.
Jaibabe (4 years ago)
Stop being haters ! She is a kid ! Let her be . She didn't say anything about how u dance . He said to comment what song she should dance to . Not is she good or not !jeez .😒
Jadah Gibson (4 years ago)
I think she need to keep dancing she can make alot of money this why who are ya'll to tell her she needs to be this do this no I bet she is really smart and all u haters ya'll need to stop because ya'll just jealous of her and if u got something smart to say u can let me know thank you
jude bridges (4 years ago)
Kandice (4 years ago)
If she loves dancing she sould continue. What ever makes her happy.
Leonna Donyea (4 years ago)
She can dance for an 11yr old !😁
John Payne (4 years ago)
How could anyone say anything negative about that Lil Girl, She's amazing & keep it up Taylor. Ingore the Idiots .. Smh at the world we live in.
Yvette Silva (4 years ago)
You should teach me
Joana Dorado (4 years ago)
She dances súper cool and even better than me👌😊
Sarah Abada (4 years ago)
Education is not only preparation for a career. Education is something everyone on this planet should get in order to make this world a better place.
Paul Murphy (4 years ago)
If she's going to Dance let her Dance well it not your kid right ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ you go girl lol
Chadie Young (4 years ago)
yes i am she is pro and i think she should dance to can't hold us
Janus Zwart (4 years ago)
Well she aint as good as me lol "I WISH"  SHE ROCKS
Julie Rae (4 years ago)
this young lady is very talented and it she is loving what she does.  We would lkove to see more of her as time goes on,  Also would like to see more of that little dub step 2 year old from grass valley!  they are my two favorites of all time.
karina melgar (4 years ago)
What i think is that she should keep dancing shes great at it but maybe spend sometime in the classroom then dance
Bruce Harris (4 years ago)
Stop being jealous of her.If you don't like her dancing.
Bruce Harris (4 years ago)
I am impressed. She is really good at dancing. And that's the trueth
Lex Luevano (4 years ago)
Carolann McColley (4 years ago)
I cant dance soo like shes good though everyone has there own smart music science language noone was nad to be like everyone else yoh might be smart at math though im smarter than you with art
MiepBeast (4 years ago)
Co co just search that lol
Nia Nelson (4 years ago)
Ashley mkone shetup like you can do better it has nothing to do about your brother
Nia Nelson (4 years ago)
Keep dancing
James Lowe (4 years ago)
Shes showing off just because she has good choreographer
Victoria x (4 years ago)
She is really good me and my friends Ashley and Victoria are street dancers
Leah Fikermariam (4 years ago)
She is soooo good at dancing!!!! She is amazing
What's Trending (4 years ago)
+Leah Fikermariam Seriously!
Shay Grey (4 years ago)
I think she is just an awesome dancer and she should keep doing what she's doing
What's Trending (4 years ago)
+Shay Grey Agreed.
Mehwish Chaudhry (4 years ago)
I'm 11 and I will never dance like that, that's really impressive!
jay Bede (4 years ago)
you look and certainly act like one
jay Bede (4 years ago)
your are just an ass
syd ً (4 years ago)
That's an AWESOME dancer!!! She's better than her teacher
Sharon Garrison (4 years ago)
She should do what makes her happy! Yes, education is a must, but the girl is an amazing dancer and should never stop doing what she loves.
Cody Altman (4 years ago)
she is a great dancer so everyone stop hating cause your jelly. ps: this is the boy in the pictures sister
Pop allop (4 years ago)
I like this girl and she is the cutest thing, but, I don't think she should be this popular when she's eleven. I mean, yeah she's a GREAT dancer but there are other eleven year olds (I'm not a creeper, I am 13 and I dance so Ik a lot of dancers) that are just as great if not better than her, and they get much less recognition. So all I'm saying, is that there is no point in making a big deal out of an 11 year old dancer, but don't get me wrong, I love her so much and she is kinda like a role model to other girls who need to learn to work hard. LOVE YOU!!!😘
Alicia Mcquay (4 years ago)
I no how it feels to dance im a 12 year old dancer go for dancing its not a problem becuase u r still staying fit
Alicia Mcquay (4 years ago)
Aaliya Ekeocha (4 years ago)
 she is really pretty  and she should keep on dancing if that is her dream  and she should never stop dancing  she dances really good oh my god i saw all her video s 
Jarrell Cansler (4 years ago)
Why is everyone worried about her life she can do anything that she wants. I can't believe adults get on here to talk about an 11 year girl which I think is going to make it so big if she havent already. Keep dancing and having fun. Live your life to the fullest
Jessica Starnes (4 years ago)
dude, it is her energy and personality that shines through. Sure anyone can DO these moves if they practice the routines... but i promise it would look more calculated and not quite the same. Her entire being embodies the dance once the music hits... her facial expressions, enthusiasm, and movements flow naturally when she enters her zone- which appears to come quite naturally to her. SPIRIT, KID. Anyone can learn a dance... It's passion and total presence that makes all the difference.
Magda Michelle (4 years ago)
100% agree!
What's Trending (4 years ago)
+Jessica Starnes Totally!
brindlebriar (4 years ago)
For any performer, young or old, who gets recognition, there are many as good and better who don't. (You can see them by creepily "hanging out" watching shows like X-Factor or [Any country]'s Got Talent).  The media picks one or two to brand, to fetishize, to sell, and it's always a little white girls doing 'adult-ish' moves... never, say, a kid doing a jaw-dropping Michael Jackson dance impersonation or break-dancing.  Who's creepy, motherfucker?  it's you sociopath media pigs whose only value is getting attention and pandering to the empty by mouthing hypocritical self-righteous Disney-morality platitudes.  Where's your soul, you creepy grinning amalgamation of Mr. Rogers and Peewee Herman?  To say the performance with the most YouTube buzz must be the best is to say "Chocolate Rain" is one of the best songs ever written.     Here is a gift for you and your ilk, which may be difficult to un-wrap, but which is worth the effort if you ever do.  It may teach you something about accomplishment, and about what constitutes value.  This is what I think you are missing: "To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour... [For, }We are led to believe a lie When we see not thro'[through] the [vision of the] eye, Which was born in a night to perish in a night, When the soul slept in beams of light." -Blake
SimplyNay (4 years ago)
You should check out Kaycee Rice or Charlize Glass, both of them top the 11/12 year olds in hip hop right now out of girls on youtube.. OR Wildabeat Adams, lil beasts who Taylor actually dances with them as well... all equally as good as her.. check pulse on tour, etc.. dancing with youtube.. she's really good, but there are a good amount of really good kids out there.
KE Penny (4 years ago)
Yea, Kaycee Rice is ok and Glass is pretty good but I think the point of difference with Taylor is that she seems to encompass the music in a way where she almost looks possessed ... also her movements seem slightly more fluid. No doubt all these girls have an incredible command over their bodies though.
Denise Burroughs (4 years ago)
It amazes me that so many people are so negative about an 11 year old girl doing something that makes her happy dancing. Whether you like it or not keep your negative comments to yourself because again she is 11 years old....Be positive and encouraging geesh...CONGRATS TAYLOR... keep doing having fun :)
Amanda Sinclair (4 years ago)
You guys are just jealous. Leave her alone. Let her live her life she doesnt want drama. If you listen it says it could be her career the least you can do is support her!!! GO TAYLOR HATALA!!! LOVE shaquella 3
The rainbowloon (4 years ago)
She should be a dancer. It would be a good career
Reweid Akhtar (4 years ago)
She should dance to IT MY BIRTHDAY. And people out there who think l she's rubbish then you need to take a nice sleep and wake up until u resize how a some she is. People who say she doesn't work hard need to try being in her shoes for a day or 2!😡
Kaedyn Grubb. (4 years ago)
Ashlee Mckone ur lieing ur 4 Year BROTHER CANT do that cuz 4 year olds cant do that much i think she is awesome i wish i was her a good dancer btw pleasde be my friend on face book my name on facebook is Kaedyn Grubb
Latoshia Rome (4 years ago)
I want to have a dance battle with her

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