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Most Shocking CCTV Viral Videos Around The World 2017

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Patricia Bookhart (11 hours ago)
Sick fuck
faisal shabir (2 days ago)
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Bani Bae rades (8 days ago)
Like subpermanen abis mampir smua minum jus dulu..
Mr Xourav (9 days ago)
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awch awch (9 days ago)
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Priya Parker (10 days ago)
Bechara doggie😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
yasitha madushan (11 days ago)
Angelo Culanag (11 days ago)
That's So Hurt Haha LoL! 😂
Sweeti Preeti (12 days ago)
Nth (13 days ago)
XとX  ՝՛Φ9՛ⵐ  9と  ՝՛ⱵⵢXⴕⴟ... ბ՛,  ⵚXⵉⵚʎ,ⴟ  ⵚʎ,ⴟ   Φⵢბʎ,  ՝՛ςⵢʎ՛, бXʎⵜ  ՝՛ⵢГ|ბⵜ9😐😑
i cried so hard when those parents left the little boy
michael beardmore (14 days ago)
Kawaii Wolf G ;-; (15 days ago)
Poor 2 yr old😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😭😭😥😭😥
Oguz Demir (15 days ago)
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STAR ONE (30 days ago)
kapil kundra (30 days ago)
xXGacha StuffXx (1 month ago)
That mom must have wanted the dog to die...
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Vicky Nam (1 month ago)
That dog owner r careless fucker
Peace to All! (1 month ago)
People so concerned about that damn dog...He survived...What about the girl who got captured?
Mark Ryan Libranda (11 days ago)
Legend has it she was still at knife point still being molested
Gaurav Singh (1 month ago)
Dumbest women i have ever seen, at the time when the dog is hanging on leash
gp True love (1 month ago)
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akongchinelass (1 month ago)
Oh no
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Fun Unlimited 24 (1 month ago)
Very bad😈😈
Ayu Cu (1 month ago)
Bwisit yang magulang na yan,, Kawawa na ung asi eh bwiset!
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Aashish Pandat (1 month ago)
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Inside Heartz (1 month ago)
Hmmm 🐁
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Smarty Boy (1 month ago)
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Kawawa ung dog
Mr. Hunterxz (1 month ago)
The last one is not stealing, it's sharking. LoL😂 😂 😂
randel sunayang (1 month ago)
Herman the thwok (1 month ago)
stupid lady letting the little dog suffer
shane moore (1 month ago)
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Safna Sappu (2 months ago)
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chad morales (2 months ago)
This videos was so amazing
pooja (2 months ago)
Pritam Bhushal (2 months ago)
Konoha (2 months ago)
The doggy
Viral Vision (2 months ago)
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Larme Cabahug (2 months ago)
Thr poor little girl.. i wish she could defend herself like the first woman who was sexually assualted as well.
GOPI SINGH (2 months ago)
5:50 hellll
Alex Mckenzy (1 month ago)
fake. staged. don't watch too much horror movies cuz it's just actors with make up and CGI
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bumper entertainment (2 months ago)
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Abdifitah E Osman (2 months ago)
That Chinese girl was bad 😂😂😂😂 he touched her easily she touched him harder
Anuradha kumari (2 months ago)
Taurtor Coleman (2 months ago)
Poor dog!
i know poor dog but what about the little boy now that was heart breaking
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