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Pronounce the TH Sounds PERFECTLY | English Pronunciation

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In this video I explain IN DETAIL how to pronounce the two TH sounds in English. I explain how to say both the voiced and the unvoiced (voiceless) TH sounds. I show you exactly how to position your mouth and tongue and I give you exercises so you can practise! Help more people understand this lesson by contributing subtitles in your own language here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=player&v=5so4IhGLIW0 For more English lessons, visit my channel, English with Max. All of the videos are free. These include free English vocabulary videos, English grammar videos, English pronunciation videos, English tips, and English listening practice. This channel aims at helping people learn and improve their English - whether they have been learning English for a while or have recently started. I am a native speaker from Australia. I mainly speak British English. For more English tips, follow me here: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishWithMax https://twitter.com/EnglishWithMax https://www.instagram.com/englishwithmax/
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English with Max (5 months ago)
Hi guys! I had made a couple of mistakes in this video, so I took it down, made the changes, and then uploaded it again. That's why you might get two notifications for the same video. I apologise for any confusion! If you would like to add subtitles in your own language, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=player&v=5so4IhGLIW0
im majid (2 months ago)
Hi you have facedook
Ayham addad (5 months ago)
English with Max thank you very much i love your videos and i wish you all the best
English with Max (5 months ago)
It depends on you and how much time you have for study. Some people say it's a good idea, and others disagree.
Ayham addad (5 months ago)
Do you advice to learn other language while I'm learning English is that good step my English level is pre intermediate and i want to learn Russian
Fazlı Durmuş (26 days ago)
Thank you
English with Max (26 days ago)
You're welcome! And thank you for your comments :).
im majid (2 months ago)
Hello i can ask u dear
Kalpana Bhattarai (3 months ago)
I like so much your ????!!!!!!????!!!!
English with Max (3 months ago)
Thanks! Me too :D.
Just Fly (5 months ago)
I have no problem saying think, but throw and cloths ? Ugh, impossible, it sounds so awkward
English with Max (2 months ago)
Don't worry, you're not alone!
Just Fly (5 months ago)
The s just after th is so hard to say 😭
fong beng (5 months ago)
Teacher Max, can we say " The pimple/lump is increasing in number"?.Thank you
English with Max (4 months ago)
You can say: The number of lumps is increasing.
fong beng (5 months ago)
Teacher Max, if I say " The number of the lump is increasing", is it correct? I want to say " One lump and then become multiple lumps.
English with Max (5 months ago)
No, but you can say: The pimple/lump is increasing in size. ;)
Ayham addad (5 months ago)
U r great How oldare you I'm Arabian arabic my native language and i can speak Turkish very well because I'm leaving in Turkey for 3 years And l started learn English last year i wish oneday i can speak like u
Ayham addad (5 months ago)
English with Max I'm sorry but It's curiosity
English with Max (5 months ago)
Thank you!I'm 31 (but normally it's not polite to ask people their ages if you don't know them 😉.) Good luck with your studies! I hope my videos can help you.
Yalcin Batalay (5 months ago)
thank you once agaın ,max
Great explanation, Max!
Юрий Руденя (5 months ago)
The ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands generally communicated by whistling. And in the Russian language there are sounds Щ (SНCH) and Ц (TS). So these THs did not frighten me. 😎
English with Max (5 months ago)
You're full of very interesting facts! :) And that's good to know ;).
Leo Chong (5 months ago)
I can not see the difference but I wil try to practice all anyway. Thank you for your time in teaching us you are my favorite teacher.
English with Max (5 months ago)
Oh, thank you so much!
Ahmed Isselmou (5 months ago)
Leila BahariKia (5 months ago)
Thanks :).
Luis Alarcón Victoriano (5 months ago)
I just have one question. How do I recognize that a word must be pronounced either way? Or do I have to guess it very intuitively?
English with Max (5 months ago)
Haha, I was sure someone would ask that! I almost included something about it in this video, but I didn't want it to be too long. There are some general rules, but I think it's normally best just to learn the pronunciation of each individual word.
jguillermooliver (5 months ago)
Thanks. It´s really hepfull. I really like the pharagraphs with the target sounds within them. Could you do more of them? I mean, specially the vowels sounds.
English with Max (5 months ago)
I'll try to remember that for future videos! Thanks!
Chri Li (5 months ago)
About the Spanish (and Italian,...) r-sound: I'm German (and not from the Bavarian part of Germany), so I wasn't able to pronounce it. Then I wanted to learn Spanish, and my Spanish teacher said 'No no no, you cannot pronounce the r the German way, you MUST learn to roll it. He advised me to say dt dt dt dt - hardly without a vowel sound between them - because the movement of the tongue behind the front teeth is quite similar to the movement when you are rolling the r. So wherever I was (waiting for the bus, not being able to fall asleep, whatever) I was saying dt dt dt... And finally, finally, after about a year!, I started producing the r I was aiming for! Yeah! And it became better and better. And then - when I no longer needed it - someone told me such a good way to practise it: take this very silly German sentence "Brot und Brötchen, Brühe und Braten, bringt die Braut dem Bräutigam." But instead of every r after the b say a d. So you say: 'Bdot und Bdötchen, Bdühe und Bdaten, bdingt die Bdaut dem Bdäutigam.' 😂 It sounds absolutely hilarious, it is so much fun, and most of all - it is so effective!!! Suddenly your tongue begins fluttering about and making the Spanish r instead of the 'wrong d'! I should've known that before! I know you are quite an expert in German. Can you say this 'Bdot und Bdötchen'-sentence? 😁😎
English with Max (5 months ago)
I understand :). Even though I lived in Germany for a year and I worked on my German a lot, there are still some accents that I struggle with (I think mainly Bavarian ;)). And yes, comedy can be very hard! I don't know if you've seen my videos about movies and TV shows, but I mention that. It's great that you keep watching things, though!
Chri Li (5 months ago)
English with Max Thank you! It is so lovely that you tried! (In fact I teach English - to beginners - so my English should be OK. I'm quite good at reading, writing is ok, speaking is ok but more difficult, but the most difficult thing for me is listening (understanding). As soon as a person has an accent or as soon as people are talking together, it is really hard for me to understand. And the most difficult thing is understanding films, TV series and comedy. Oh dear! Very frustrating. 😕 So I keep watching English speaking videos to get as much input as possible! 😊)
English with Max (5 months ago)
I tried it, and you're right, it's similar to saying a Spanish/Bavarian R, and it's certainly good for the tongue! I find the German R much easier! (At least the standard German R ;).) Btw, your English is excellent!!
knik3 (5 months ago)
Scottish 'r' is ok 😉
English with Max (5 months ago)
Haha, yes, it's very similar to the Spanish R I believe.
Pascal 67 (5 months ago)
Very useful, thank you Max!
Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS (5 months ago)
Hi Max how are you doing my dear teacher I love your channel thanks for your effort Have a nice Sunday night
English with Max (5 months ago)
Thanks again for commenting, Aparecido! I hope you had a nice weekend!
Cristiano Sousa (5 months ago)
Hi , Max ! Each language has its peculiarities in pronunciation. Just as I'll never pronounce the TH sound correctly, you'll never pronounce correctly the RR sound as in CORRER (To run ) Try it ! I promise I will not laugh
English with Max (5 months ago)
Yes, it is quite difficult! But I actually have more difficulties with the word "cerrar". ;)
Gabriel Martini (5 months ago)
Cristiano Sousa correr(portuguese) is pretty similar to coger(spanish), the only difference between them is the last "r" pronouce.
Tikus241 (5 months ago)
Wonderful explanation!
English-4U Teresópolis (5 months ago)
Awesome video! Congratulations, Max!!!
English with Max (5 months ago)
Thanks, Ivan!!
Aimanno Mourad (5 months ago)
Thank you for your great efforts. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any mistake in your previous video but I can figure out one mistake in this video, you put pillows on armchair but it should be on bed don’t them?
Aimanno Mourad (5 months ago)
English with Max what a bout two different earrings? It’s a very clear mistake.
English with Max (5 months ago)
Haha, well, those are actually cushions, which we often put on armchairs. ;)
Long Nguyen (5 months ago)
Good evening and thank a lot of your efforts to make this video Max!
Long Nguyen (5 months ago)
I'm always support you Max! You have made a lot of useful videos for learners. Thank you so much.
English with Max (5 months ago)
Thank you for your continued support, Long!

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