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Household Tools | English Vocabulary Lesson

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Here are some words you will probably never learn in a classroom! Have you always passed your English exams with flying colours, but encountered difficulties reading instructions? Have you ever had to repair something while living in a foreign country? None of the words in this video are obscure, but they tend to be left out of textbooks. Basically all native-speakers know them though, so if you want to reach an advanced level in English, so should you... Vocabulary list: spanner (wrench) adjustable spanner ring spanner nut bolt washer Allen key flat head(ed) screwdriver screw Phillips head screwdriver electric drill drill bit hand drill tomahawk hammer mallet saw hacksaw scraper tape measure spirit level For more English lessons, visit my channel, English with Max. All of the videos are free. These include free English vocabulary videos, English grammar videos, English pronunciation videos, English tips, and various other English lessons. This channel aims at helping people learn and improve their English - whether they have been learning English for a while or have recently started. Stalk me! https://www.facebook.com/EnglishWithMax https://twitter.com/EnglishWithMax https://www.instagram.com/englishwithmax/
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English with Max (1 year ago)
Hello! Spread the love! If you would like to add subtitles in your own language, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=player&v=6DMiUMLBVto
Dan Ja (19 days ago)
nut driver, pipe wrench, level , cutting knife .
vucati official (26 days ago)
Give me link Facebook
Nadia Belk (2 months ago)
you did and still do a brilliant job .each of your videos for me are fantastic I really love love your way to teach .bunches of love Max you are just special and brilliant. 👍💖💋
English with Max (2 months ago)
Oh, thank you so much for your very kind words! It means a lot to me. 😀❤️❤️
Sami SD (2 months ago)
Des outils pour le maquillage..? Cool
English with Max (2 months ago)
Je compte faire une video sur le maquillage un jour. ;)
ndjim boubakar (3 months ago)
nice as usual
Shi Vam (3 months ago)
This is my sentence - I cut the wood in the backyard with an axe. Btw, love your videos because of the way you explain. Thanks 😊
English with Max (3 months ago)
Perfect! And thank you!
Francisco José (3 months ago)
Hi Max. Its an exellent video. Have a nice day bye.
Sudhakar Palanivelu (4 months ago)
Very useful ! Thank you.
Elson Morais de macedo (5 months ago)
this video is very useful
Alf Life (1 year ago)
How are electrical tools generally called?
Alf Life (1 year ago)
English with Max Thank you so much!
English with Max (1 year ago)
Electric tools or power tools ;)
aiM (1 year ago)
Thank you for your efforts.
English with Max (1 year ago)
My pleasure!
paulo terror (1 year ago)
You're so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?😄
English with Max (1 year ago)
Have you seen him? He's in some of my videos.
paulo terror (1 year ago)
English with Max He is a very lucky guy.
English with Max (1 year ago)
Frank will always have my heart.
Long Nguyen (1 year ago)
Hey Max!
yousif gentelman (1 year ago)
47Sukhoi (1 year ago)
Good stuff. May you kindly do/make another lessons about: kitchen, bathroom, and vehicles' components? (pls correct) Thanks in advance, Regards, Ahmad,
English with Max (1 year ago)
Yes, I plan to do videos on those topics when I start making videos again :). With corrections: Good stuff. Could you kindly do other lessons about the kitchen, the bathroom and vehicles' components?
INSIDE BRAZIL (1 year ago)
Your accent is bueatiful,where are you from?...from Australia l bet! by the accent .
English with Max (1 year ago)
Thank you! And yes, I'm from Australia :).
Lina Benchadi (1 year ago)
i like your videos. you look charming. but a little serious. it would be Nice to see you smiling more. and i mean a big smile .keep going.
Przemek X (1 year ago)
thank you ..very handy vocabulary
English with Max (1 year ago)
I'm glad it was useful :).
esm325 (1 year ago)
Many thanks. It is a pity that I can put only one like. Greetings from Russia. P.S. I have the same old hand drill. I bought it on the flea market.
English with Max (1 year ago)
Thanks again! Haha, it belongs to my parents. I have no idea how long ago my dad bought it ;).
Thank you for the lesson! Well done. I also have a video dedicated to this interesting topic.
English with Max (1 year ago)
My pleasure :). I'll check out your video.
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Hi Max. It was a very useful vocabulary lesson. I have all of those tools shown on the video at home, they help me a lot to fix things. When I was a child, I remember, my father had a hand drill. By the way, it's a pity, you don't have enough time to make new video lessons. I miss them so much. You're a great teacher. Bye! (Please correct, thank you so much)
I'll be waiting for your new video. Thanks again.
English with Max (2 years ago)
*I remember my father had a hand drill when I was a child. *it's a pity you don't have (just the word order and punctuation ;)) Thank you so much again, Julio. I'll actually be uploading a new video this weekend!
abu3abd (2 years ago)
i have tried using spirit level and it was difficult.
English with Max (2 years ago)
Were you building something?
DANIEL (2 years ago)
Great video! When my electronic piano was delivered home, I had to use a philips (head) screw driver and some screws to mount the musical instrument holder.
Сллавик Stark (2 years ago)
or to you. I don't know
English with Max (2 years ago)
In this case you can say either ;)
Сллавик Stark (2 years ago)
you're so cool thousand likes for you
English with Max (2 years ago)
Oh, thanks :).
ehsan rezaie (2 years ago)
i wish taught American !
vid Happy trip (2 years ago)
where do you got those tools?is your boyfriend a carpenter ?
English with Max (2 years ago)
From my parents ;)
Hi, Thanks a lot for making these videos :-) i just found your channel :-) i'll stick to it :-D a question poped up in my mind when i was watching this video, when i want to buy an adjustable spanner, should i say "i want a spanner, or i want an adjustable spanner? what about regular spanner? should i say just spanner, or regular spanner?
English with Max (2 years ago)
You should ask for an adjustable spanner. And if you want a regular one, simply say spanner. But in the US, they use the word "wrench" for spanner (silent W). Hope that helps!
Abdu llah (2 years ago)
I like your videos on pronunciation. I like the way you speak . You are neither fast nor slow .You are audible and follow able. I like you . (pls correct )
Abdu llah (2 years ago)
I mean both ;understandable "& 'easy to "listen' love you mam .."By audible " i don't mean that but i love you and respect you !!
English with Max (2 years ago)
I'm happy to hear that. Thanks very much! *I like your videos on pronunciation. I like the way you speak. You are neither fast nor slow .You are understandable and easy to follow. I like you. Very good English ;). I'm just not sure what you mean by "audible"? "Audible" refers to volume. Did you mean "understandable" or "easy to listen to" perhaps?
Emima Stoia (2 years ago)
Was great a little recap in the end!
English with Max (2 years ago)
Hehe, thanks :)
manhal shinnawi (2 years ago)
many many many thanks i am learning english i benefited more from your videos i want to add them to my bookmark .. if you have a website or facebook address or twitter or google plus address to follow you plz give me them
manhal shinnawi (2 years ago)
thanks for your replay ... i will add now good day
English with Max (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes, these are the links: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishWithMax/ https://twitter.com/EnglishWithMax And I am "English with Max" on google plus
Zubair Ali (2 years ago)
Phillips screwdriver. There really is a Phillips! Henry F. Phillips, of Portland, OR, invented the X-shaped socket head screw for car makers who needed a screw that could be driven with more torque and that would hold more tightly than slotted screws. Max why very hard names ...
English with Max (2 years ago)
Oh, I see. That makes sense!
Vivek Karosiya (2 years ago)
i world like to say thank you max many things i have learned from your videos
English with Max (2 years ago)
I just saw your message. You're welcome! I'm glad you like them! :)
Leds Santos (2 years ago)
thank so much. very useful
English with Max (2 years ago)
You're welcome. Glad you liked it :)
daldoush13 (2 years ago)
very usefull !!!
English with Max (2 years ago)
Samchamo (2 years ago)
hello, i am studing english and i need to practice vocavulary of cruises, like all the areas into ship and cabin of the guest and all the implements such as soap , towels.
English with Max (2 years ago)
Oh, that could be an interesting video. I'll keep it in mind! In the meantime, you could perhaps read some wikipedia articles. For example, on the Titanic or more modern cruise ships. This could also be interesting: https://www.academia.edu/10456511/Cruise_Ship_Its_anatomy_facilities_and_amenities_Basic_Parts_of_a_Cruise_Ship
Oman Oman (2 years ago)
Hello, Max Thank you for your great effort.Your videos are so useful and wonderful.I hope you will post more and more videos , dear.
English with Max (2 years ago)
Thanks very much, Oman Oman! I am working on some videos now :)
Kevin (2 years ago)
you're great , why you stopped???
English with Max (2 years ago)
Thanks, Sallory! Unfortunately I've been a little busy with other activities over the last several months, but I hope to start making videos again soon!
Hermetica (3 years ago)
My third eyes, the eye for perfect intuition of the divine perfection is blind in my front. Should i use an electric drill to open it to light? Or it would damage my little brain?
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Hermetica Don't worry, many people have difficulties with that ;). It takes a while to get used to it, and even I had some doubts concerning "light" or "the light". Haha, don't worry, in English you're allowed to boost your ego! As I'm sure you know, writing "i" is grammatically incorrect. However if you use it in something like a text or Facebook messages, it's no big deal. Just remember to use the capitalised form in more formal situations :)
Hermetica (3 years ago)
+English with Max wooo, it seems I'm unable to use the article properly in many occasions, but I'm Italian, that's why...XD and I didn't use capital i with the aim not to boost my ego too much... my third eyes...well, I need to say that it probably was only an innocent mistake, just a typo...Thank you so much for your corrections, I'll be a better english user by now ;)
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Hermetica Thank you very much :). Here it is: My third eye, the eye for perfect intuition of divine perfection is blind at the front. Should I use an electric drill to open it to the light? Or would it damage my little brain?
Hermetica (3 years ago)
+English with Max of course yes, my little brain needs your help ;) I like your channel a lot :)))
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Hermetica Would you like me to correct your English?
Mohamed Amin (3 years ago)
Thank you for your useful lecture ( pls correct )
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Mohamed Amin Hello, I'm very sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. In English a "lecture" is normally a long presentation given by a lecturer or a professor at a university.
Mohamed Amin (3 years ago)
I see your lesson is very important same like lecture ( pls correct )
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Mohamed Amin Thank you for your useful lesson.
Tihomir Petrov (3 years ago)
I used a chisel and a hammer to engrave my name in the rock. (pls correct)
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Tihomir Petrov "engrave on" is more common, otherwise perfect :)
محمود دياب (3 years ago)
Very amazing vid .I am reposting most of you vids on my page : https://www.facebook.com/Learning-English-397690943703265/?ref=hl
English with Max (3 years ago)
+James Wagner Thank you!
Victor Bracho (3 years ago)
Thanks for the new words!!!
Victor Bracho (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot!!
English with Max (3 years ago)
+Victor Bracho You're welcome!
English with Max (3 years ago)
If you would like to write a comment in English and have it corrected please write this at the end: (pls correct) I will provide the corrected version in the comments so other people can see and also learn. Please don't feel embarrassed. Mistakes are normal and help you learn!!
Tikus241 (3 years ago)
I can never find the right spanner!
alaa eldin Ali (3 years ago)
English with Max (3 years ago)
I'll start. Sentence example: I probably shouldn't have used a mallet to kill the fly, as now I have a hole in my front door.

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