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Learn English - English Vocabulary Lesson 17 - Fruit | Free English Lessons, ESL English Lessons

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What’s your favorite fruit? How to say the names of the most popular fruits in English? Learning fruit names in English can be easy and fun with our free English video lessons for beginners. In this basic English vocabulary lesson, you will learn English vocabulary for fruit - apple, banana, a bunch of bananas, grape, a bunch of grapes, pear, orange and grapefruit. You are welcome to learn English vocabulary lessons from Creative English Vocabulary (http://CreativeEnglishVocabulary.com), which has a commitment to provide English learners of all ages with the best possible English vocabulary lessons. These easy-to-use, topic-based English video lessons are invaluable resources for children, ESL students and English teachers, and are ideal for use in the classroom as well as for home study. Creative English Vocabulary (http://CreativeEnglishVocabulary.com) is dedicated to presenting fun and easy ways to help kids, ESL students and other English language learners learn the most common English words and phrases used in daily English conversation. With our free online English lessons, you are able to make significant progress in expanding your vocabulary and therefore dramatically improve your English skills. Let your English study blossom with our unique English learning resources.
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Balaa Sideeg (1 year ago)
Thank you!
rabi rabi (1 year ago)
Apple,grape,an bunch of grapes,pear,banana,a bunch of bananas,orange,grapefruit.Amazing
Aqila Ahmadzai (2 years ago)
Thank you!
mohamd simo (2 years ago)
tank you
Thank you!
Muhammad k (2 years ago)
Thank you.
George Slave (3 years ago)
I like apple
I enjoyed watching your video, I have done a similar video on my channel check it out.
자오즈하이 (1 year ago)
Little Rainbow Learners De0
Pro Ace English School (3 years ago)
Simply awesome!! We re gonna use your vids here in our school @proaceacademy
Thank you!
Dennis Sphatt (3 years ago)
I like many fruits!  :D
Dennis Sphatt (3 years ago)
+لين اﻷحمري يتكلمون الإنكليزية أو التحدث الأسبانية
لين اﻷحمري (3 years ago)

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