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Tobacco: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are keeping their business strong overseas. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (13128)
Casey Smith (1 day ago)
I found the part where a baby faced comedian was talking about rugged men, hilarious.
blue genes (4 days ago)
This is why i grow my own tobacco.
Mikhail •• (5 days ago)
Fuck off I’m gonna keep using tobacco
Fittiong (6 days ago)
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Ryan Japan (6 days ago)
What idiot would attach a lighter to a rope string aren’t they flammable?!
Leia Jiang (7 days ago)
I wont smoke cause i have a lot of cancer inducing shit in my life like plastic and pringle
Isn't the entire point of raising awareness on the effects of tobacco to hopefully stifle consumption? Snake oil salesmen suing the government. What a time to be alive.
BSR2 (8 days ago)
All I get when I search up Marlboro in google images is the plant thing from final fantasy.... it’s a fitting representation
Karen Baumgartel (11 days ago)
Here in Germany all cigarette packages have horrible pictures on them, even worse than the diseased lung. Because I'm not a smoker, I am not sure how long this has been the case, but it is definitely good that they must do it. I know that since I moved here 18 years ago, smoking has become less and less tolerated. I know some smokes are angry about those horrible pictures on the packages, but this is the right way to deal with this nasty and deathly habit. Maybe in a generation or two it will be phased out all together.
Karen Baumgartel (11 days ago)
LastWeekTonight please make an update!
Moonbie Studios (11 days ago)
whenever I walk down a city street I always see cigarette packets just lying around with the really disturbing photos on them...
Denis Dooley (13 days ago)
I just found out at an appointment in January to check if I had pneumonia that, because I was exposed to second-hand smoke from my mother's habit for nearly 20 year ( often trapped in the car with her in the winter) I am permanently susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia.
James Fleming (14 days ago)
Why don’t these countries just outlaw tobacco entirely? Just like heroin or cocaine.
Daniel Schaeffer (14 days ago)
Hey -- I started my pipe collection in college, and I just turned seventy. My pulmonologist has given me a clean bill of health. Without my daily dose of Latakia, my dark-roast coffee would feel lonely and forlorn.
First Last (14 days ago)
John Oliver is like the idubbbz of the world
Jack Jameson (15 days ago)
At least they pronounces the L in Marlboro. Stupid pieces of garbage asking for "Marbos" Kill yourself.
Musel (16 days ago)
sombody noticed that HBO put the interlaced TV version up on Youtube?
leftfordaedalus (17 days ago)
2:20 Tobacco is what you might call-- smoking pot... wut
Missy Barbour (17 days ago)
Remember when John's hair was black?
Souless Ginger (17 days ago)
John Oliver :1Tobacco companies:0
Sally Shoaf (18 days ago)
Just watching all of these smokers is burning my throat
Zex Zex (19 days ago)
Hey +LastWeekTonight why don't you make a video about doctor's mistakes. Around 700,000 people are killed by medical mistakes, wrong diagnosis, wrong treatments, every year. Yes, 700,000 people EVERY YEAR. And that's just the United States. Not counting any other country. Terrorists aren't even close to doctors. Serial killers would be happy to kill as many people as an ordinary doctor does in his career. The worst part is that most of those mistakes are preventable. But medicine just don't care about the casualties. All they want is money.
Can people quit demonizing smoking dear God someone likes to smoke better make them quit let's make beer illegal again now too
Killerspieler0815 (19 days ago)
@LastWeekTonight - _finally_ some truth from LastWeekTonight
.x. (19 days ago)
Maybe I'll Quit
Nunya Business (20 days ago)
Australia wooo!
Nunya Business (20 days ago)
I know you tried to make this funny oliver but I'm still infuriated and annoyed Edit: Jeff is the best
Yeoss :3 (21 days ago)
Absolute fucking madlad.
Jon Snow (22 days ago)
My friend grandfather is a fairly heavy smoker 102 years old living in eastern Europe. He does about two cigarette in each awaken hour. Grows his own tobacco leaves since the 50's. He does also health check-ups every year and no issues. Is it cigarette that is unhealthy or the cigarette produced by certain companies? Per capita cigarette consumption dropped huge since the 70's, but cancer rate kept growing with no effects in the statistics.
Madoc the Hadoc (22 days ago)
Smoking kills... oh yeah yeah
Brent Sturgeon (22 days ago)
live in canada? thank a smoker. those mofos pay for most the healthcare and statistically use less of it.
Joseph Gaffke (23 days ago)
The show is so fucking underrated
Chloe Butler (23 days ago)
John Oliver is a man who loves his job..
Ms Tergelsar (23 days ago)
His dimples are cute.
Carsten Weuge Jensen (24 days ago)
It's been three years... this still brings me unspeakable pleasure!
Natsirt Tenenkei (24 days ago)
Honestly I don't know why a country would even entertain a lawsuit from a foreign corporation. If I were a leader of a country and some company not from my country tried to sue me I'd laugh them out.
David Ortiz (24 days ago)
Tobacco companies are disgusting pieces of filth garbage that need to be incinerated.
Michael Lopez (26 days ago)
Camels better then Marlboro anyways
merryn (28 days ago)
watching this while smoking in indonesia. All very true!
Another Movie Studio (28 days ago)
I remember once I learned smoking was bad back in Kindergarten, I always hid my grandmother's cigarettes so they wouldn't hurt her. Ten years later when shes moving out of her house we found a full carton of them behind her TV and when they asked me about it (15 years old at the time) I said "Yeah that was probably me."
J. C. (29 days ago)
Are cigarette ads banned from the internet? I have yet to see one in 25 years.
William Knapp (1 month ago)
Can I get a Jeff tee?
J Kerfont (1 month ago)
At least da boy ain't vaping.
Nathan Gallenson (1 month ago)
Libertarians, this is what absolute lack of regulation looks like. What a paradise, right?
Mark Youneva (1 month ago)
i would borrow money from my ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend's stepdad any day, cause I have no intention on paying that sucker back..
Day Chionsini (1 month ago)
John Oliver should do a just for men ad. I can see it already
o--Kane101--o (1 month ago)
Love this video. Cigarettes can die.
Eddie Brock (1 month ago)
We really need to get serious about geography. This is getting ridiculous.
emandranyam (1 month ago)
3.6k people haven’t found Jeff
Mprator (1 month ago)
Country should not subject themselves to the jurisdiction of international courts.
scasny (1 month ago)
Alcohol is a past time acivity that can turn to adiction. Smoking is a adiction that is portrait as a past time activity.
scasny (1 month ago)
I think they are going on it the wrong side. Treat cigaretes as a medical drug so all ingredient must be known and real warning labels inside. Tabacco is not that horible but the industrie is. The proces of chemical taste softening and the amount of garbage. Most people that smoke was in suprise that 30% of the tabbaco is just brown flavored paper 10-15% recycled tabacco from previou bach and low quality. 5-10% is tabbaco waste like leaf vains and stems from cigar manufacturing.
andrewpum (1 month ago)
But John, how do you demonize without demon eyes?
Ein Honigdachs (1 month ago)
Altough this is a very interesting topic, i do have only one question: Where did you got a busload of children?
MovieNerd_EP (1 month ago)
5:37 Why is the „Smoking Kills“ label on that in german??
scasny (1 month ago)
+MovieNerd_EP its not odd to have diferente marketing in other contries. Also it is posible that america have more strict laws. Im from slovakia and tv comertials containing tabbaco is verboten. Also comercials containing hard liqor are rare mostly some cheap bubly vine and beer. We have many beer comercials but very few good beers. Im more whisky and vine also i smoke pipe time to time.
MovieNerd_EP (1 month ago)
+scasny I am from Germany and that is not really the case, i was just wondering why they used a german/austrian spot on american TV
scasny (1 month ago)
in austria and in germani i think. English is viewd as poch language. In austria if you know english its something like latin in medieval. Sing of a educated and inteligent person.
herbsgotaZX (1 month ago)
I smoked cigarettes for 20 years and stop its been 10 years that i havent smoked but i got hit by a car and died
john smith (1 month ago)
why they allowed this company to enter the country? fucking cunts!!
Jennifer Eddy (1 month ago)
G Militaru (1 month ago)
While other people want to have marijuana legalised... Oh, the humanity!
Grumpy Pentagon (1 month ago)
They need to make a new edition of this with vapers.
Aravind Nair (1 month ago)
It's 2018, and there's still is no conclusive evidence connecting tobacco and 24 million + people that died since the posting of this video.
scasny (1 month ago)
well we know that most ingredients causte cancer 100% of the time. But all depent of the dosage. Lower the dose lower the chance. Best part is tabacco companies never said how to use ther product on paper at least. And conclusive evidence means human trial witch is not hard to do just find some smokers and test them. But due to its unethical nature its banned for testing. But the reasoning is one smoke dont cause lung cancer so does sniffing petrol fumes. But you dont sniff petrol intentialy and is not adictive.
SkipSpotter (1 month ago)
Best thing ever was quitting the cancer sticks!
dogleg 1957 (1 month ago)
I was able to quit smoking very easily by just abusing medical Opiates. If people wanna smoke Let them smoke
Derick Chafton (1 month ago)
Progressive twats. Stop your attacks on freedom.
Derick Chafton (1 month ago)
+scasny if I hand you a rock and tell you to eat it for good luck, will you blame me when it wreaks havoc on your digestion; and create laws, appoint officials, and steal money from the people to mitigate any future worry/fear that will arise from the mere thought of the possibility of being met with a similar incidence? All of this aside from the fact that you would only be creating even more problems. Complete and utter madness. So sorry you can't yet escape that cage they put you in when you were 3. Hahaha you'll find a way out eventually.
scasny (1 month ago)
+Derick Chafton Im starting to know why is america so paranoid also i think you dont understand my responce or ramification of your answer.
Derick Chafton (1 month ago)
+scasny not someone else's job to baby sit you and protect your weak ass. Grow up boy, this is the real world, follow the natural way or live a life unworthy of living.
scasny (1 month ago)
+Derick Chafton in that case if someone make something that will hurt human body and dont mention the ill effects. Its the fault of the buyer he dont research long term effeckts. Meaning no standarts and no FDA.
Derick Chafton (1 month ago)
+scasny it's actually quite simple; you have the freedom to buy or the freedom not to buy and they have the freedom to sell or not sell. It's your responsibility to educate yourself on whatever product you are buying. Freedom requires responsibility. Just because you want to be lazy and entitled; don't go dragging in some bureaucratic twat to come between my freedoms and tax my dollars more and drive up inflation.
EA 333 (1 month ago)
Except nobody forces people to smoke... I really hate our Western world turning into nanny states. Also legalize all drugs, and you have natural selection at its purest form, as it should be.
scasny (1 month ago)
Be carefull what you wish for.
Owen Harris (1 month ago)
40% of nation smokes, yet no one TV is allowed to smoke. 3% of the nation is gay, yet endless gays on TV. As for health, uhmmm, oddly more people die from being fat, than smoking. Texting kills more Americans every day than smoking... Where is the ten dollar tax on texting? In closing bugger off. That is English for fuck off.
scasny (1 month ago)
also no one is allowed to drink alcohol. 2015 only 15% adults and that same is with teens. So like not more that 17% . Not sure about gay tv. Well america have problem with obesity more that 40% have it and more that 90% own a car. So dont know what is your point.
Bill Deef (1 month ago)
Would be funny, mocking a multinational, if it wasn’t an American international and the suing companies didn’t include the Ukaraine. Why would a little neo.fascistic entity like the Ukaraine be involved in a lawsuit like Philip Morris’s if they don’t even sell to Australia? Sorry for the weighty comment. I’m just testing whether this show is followed by anyone who thinks things out, and doesn’t just watch for the silly and self-righteous giggles. Or as you might put it: LOL
Joseph Atnip (1 month ago)
You're not going to live Forever I like smoking don't tell me how to live my life I don't tell you how to live yours
scasny (1 month ago)
ok just do it somewere i wont be afected with your bad decision. I dont mind if you breating polluted air but dont force me to breate it.
Haurqermer swartz (1 month ago)
Indonesia is shameless about smoking advertisement...
Palmer Lawson (1 month ago)
We need cigarettes for population control
Jeremy Morris (1 month ago)
PAPA Giarnella (1 month ago)
Just thinking about a cigg my chest hurts...ewww
butel thomas (1 month ago)
no smoking is the way togo
Luis Jolín (1 month ago)
This remember me the time when there was good stories and not only Trump shit
Dennis Francis (1 month ago)
I did some design work for the guy who created the Joe Camel character years ago. That character was definitely aimed at kids.
Rossano Segabinazzi (1 month ago)
16:14 That last footage of Togo is just priceless... It totally made my day.
Amina Wijntje (1 month ago)
How do those people sleep at night?
Brandon Morris (1 month ago)
Smoking causes bladder cancer which most people don't realize. That last cig before going to bed gets into your bloodstream after being absorbed by the lungs, the carcinogens get filtered out by your kidney and sit in your bladder all night wreaking havoc until you piss it out in the morning. All fun and games until you start pissing blood and then you have bladder cancer.
Paul Mitford (1 month ago)
Smoking makes millionaires and for each millionaire a million smokers die of lung cancer.
So Soulsu (1 month ago)
Iftak Hussain (1 month ago)
should see the packaging of Indian cigarettes...shit is more horrible than the nun
l3m0n93 (1 month ago)
Little guy? Tobacco farmer too small to be the little guy these days??
Sarah (1 month ago)
8:22 It's possible because international courts are a bad idea. There are lots of good things about the world coming together for a better future, but nations need to retain their sovereignty. No other country should be able to tell Australia that they have to allow the advertising of cigarettes—and Australia shouldn't tell any other country not to allow the sale of cigarettes. Personally, I think we should ban smoking in public places and indoors where children are present. Then we should tax cigarettes at a rate such that their price covers their costs, which would amount to a tax of $10 per pack, earmarked to pay for those costs. Allowing people to buy cigarettes without paying for the health care costs means that the rest of us are effectively subsidizing smoking, which is unjust. However, once we've made sure smokers are not harming others and are paying for the consequences, they should be free to smoke. In a free society, adults get to make their own choices, even if we don't like them.
Vincebae (1 month ago)
I only smoked for about a month and quit because the taste was horrible. My ex-best friend has been smoking for a little more than a year and stubbornly refuses to believe that smoking has any adverse health effects. "It's always caused by something else" she told me one time. She's been smoking since she was 17, and not only that, but she's obese. She also smokes half a pack a day, although this could have risen since I haven't talked to her in a couple weeks. I tried to help, but I'm done. If she wants to test it , go ahead. But sooner or later she's going to figure out that she's not invincible just because she's young. I also grew up with a father who quit smoking when he adopted me, and he had been smoking for some 40 or so years. But after he stopped, he ended up having a collapsed lung and actually had half of his lung surgically removed. He also has severe heart disease. He has emphysema and COPD and is recommended by his doctors to be on oxygen 24/7. This is what smoking can do to you. He started smoking when he was 12 because he lived on a farm that grew tobacco. I grew up seeing my father attached to oxygen concentrators and knowing that smoking caused it. And now I have to watch my ex-best friend smoke, someone I had known and loved for 12 years, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. My ex-best friend lived with me and my dad for a couple months, saw how much agony my dad was in, and still says that smoking has no adverse health effects.
Vincent Ciccone (1 month ago)
I think more people die from being poor and unable to get Healthcare,..... Than from cigarettes
Vincent Ciccone (1 month ago)
Smoking went down, drinking and other drug use went up. It's a drug war.
Mentos Freshmaker (1 month ago)
Something is up with your teeth Oliver, maybe u should quit smoking. Compared to other videos :p
Political Salad (1 month ago)
Don't smoke, but F any government who taxes it. You have a right to kill yourself however slowly you see fit. Just don't ask for health care on your lung cancer.
Client (1 month ago)
Do more fortnite YouTube dance
Roger Honacki (1 month ago)
Thank you John!
Jack Towers (1 month ago)
Had to scroll for 2 whole minutes looking for a comment saying "Me Name Jeff" gave up and decided to do it meself
Scott name (1 month ago)
John Oliver help humanity and shut the fuck up you libtard...
pablo garcia (1 month ago)
Ur jokes suck
cheeto p (1 month ago)
I am 100% sure that his getting sued.
tcdahn7 (1 month ago)
Don't maybe get cancer and just get it.
Anne Kautzi (1 month ago)
John is such a chaotic good
Trip Fisk (1 month ago)
If you really give a shit about this shit, your soft white middle class lives are way too easy.
The Allseeing Beholder (1 month ago)
My brother was born from a woman who smokes and he was 4.5~ kilos
Jethro E. Davids (1 month ago)
Wow, this guy actually tarnished a great American symbol.
jason benjamin (1 month ago)
AWWW Pre-Trump Era Oliver, Back when they realized there were other bad things and funny jokes in the world besides, "Orange Man BAD!!! GRRR!!!!"

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