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How to connect fat shark goggles to drones

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GT Francis Beats (4 days ago)
can eachine goggles connect to jdrc jd20s drone
GT Francis Beats (4 days ago)
can you check plss
nmssis (3 months ago)
Newbie Question: in general, are all goggles compatible with drones that has a camera that transmit signals? thanks!!
nmssis (3 months ago)
so any pair of goggles will match up to any drones that transmits camera signals? so when buying drones and goggles what should I check? thanks!
Sky High Movies (3 months ago)
nmssis it all depends on what reviver you have in the giggles and what frequency your drone transmits. The most common one is 5.4 and all you have to do is make sure your recover and transmitter are 5.4.
IBAB FPV (4 months ago)
Hi! do u know if this works with the parrot disco?????????? thnx
IBAB FPV (4 months ago)
+Sky High Movies ok but thnx tho!
Sky High Movies (4 months ago)
IBAB FPV I do not own a parrot disco so I am not sure, sorry
Exploding zombie (5 months ago)
What type a drone do you need to connect to the headset
Sky High Movies (5 months ago)
Exploding zombie it all depends on what hertz reciever you have in your headset. In most cases it doesn’t matter what drone you have, just what video transmitter you have in it
Alex Reyes (11 months ago)
How do u know what band you drone is on???
Sky High Movies (5 months ago)
Depending on what brand transmitter you have it differs. But on the team black sheep I have it let’s you know by flashing some different coloured led’s. the different flashes correspond to a chart which show you what band it is on
Affy Green (5 months ago)
yeah.. could really do with knowing that now :/
Botak (8 months ago)
he never answered lol

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