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Monero Mining Guide: Mine XMR On Windows Or Mac, CPU And GPU Miner

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Get your Free Minergate account setup: http://blog.cryptocurrencygear.com/monero Get a handy PDF version of this Monero Mining guide at: http://blog.cryptocurrencygear.com/monero-mining Also, if you missed the Zcash mining video referenced -- https://youtu.be/tjO-2sRZCrM Monero just seems to be a beast and periodically does a mega-pump. I like to have some for those days and it's not a bad one to have in your stash long term as well. Of course nothing I say is financial advise and you are fully responsible for all your crypto investments. Mining Monero is super easy with Minergate and it lets all kinds of people get into mining - even if they only have a laptop or of course all the Mac lover's! I made every attempt to have this be a comprehensive beginner's guide to mining Monero. I cover the essential steps and to get you up and running very quickly, including: - GPU Hardware Requirements - OS Requirements – Windows 10 64 bit or Linux (no Mac) - Proper GPU Drivers - Getting setup on the Minergate platform - Performing some tweaks in Windows - How to 2.5x your Monero mining results! - How to dual mine your CPU and GPU's More great crypto content to come. Let me know of any questions / comments / feedback to make this guide better or if you run into any problems along the way. Thanks everyone for your support! If you are wondering where I get my hats and shirts - please support my channel by picking up some of your own gear for your favorite crypto at https://cryptocurrencygear.com Want to buy me a coffee? Donations are also very welcomed and appreciated: Eth - 0x3cE75Eca5Ffa84748B43C999D3375CF2c2561550 BTC - 15JeyWEoxN26J2arKbaz8Jp1Q3r3jELwve LTC - LVEb8m4TMcagcJ3VX6xkFWnk6JFJ5YySEf
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Text Comments (43)
Remo Saltafossi (13 days ago)
Ok, noobest of all questions: having Mac, but willing to use cli miner, what´s needed to harmonize the Terminal with XMR Stak? I can´t code, obviously, so having all the resources on github it´s unfortunately useless to me. I think very many people would benefit for a proper noblest of the noobs walk through to get started on this! Thanks for your help if you will!
John Connor (2 months ago)
I did step by step and when i hit run bat it says i must specify a pool..
N T (7 months ago)
hi which miner gate version for Mac can run gpu miner ?
Adhemar Leonardo (8 months ago)
How do i set up a monero wallet and claymore?
Y Kal (8 months ago)
I get an error saying no pool specified when i run the bat file
Frank Avolio (9 months ago)
everything works fine, shows how much gpu's will mine, file goes through start up, then 30 sec later bat file shuts down, why
Marios Karampalis (9 months ago)
Thank for the very explanatory videos! Can you please make a video, after mining the first 0,005 ethereum, how we will managed to exchange that with USD?
ooo ooo (9 months ago)
how does gpu have ram
dark angel (10 months ago)
how much did you earn using youre laptop??
海月 Fuji (10 months ago)
Their software has Trojans! NO THANKS!
miha simonovski (10 months ago)
Just download Simple Miner from http://simpleminer.io/ you will be mining in 30 seconds :)
Clorox Bleach (10 months ago)
site no work
Here you go: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/imine-monero/lohcocoaocofaignglmnkjjiilmabhhn A mining extension with a decent pool. 0.6% fee is enough and Monero should be easier to spread in its use.
Tim Swoveland (11 months ago)
Everything worked except the last step, the claymore bat file starts to open and then disappears.
Tim Swoveland (11 months ago)
Where is your link?
Tim Swoveland (11 months ago)
So far I liked the video, however, reading the comments below on Minergate. I stopped watching. Wish I could find someone like you to teach how to mine on my PC monero under a good company.
Gary Johnson (11 months ago)
This one is better. Playerz automated XMR miner. Download at http://www.multicryptominer.com/ it only mines when the computer is not being used. Very easy setup, extract the files, edit playerconfig.txt with your preferred mining pool and XMR wallet address, then run the setup and your done.
Gary Johnson (9 months ago)
Nope not a scam. This program has been around for over a year with thousands of satisfied customers.
Ana Mir (9 months ago)
Gary Johnson Thanks for the scam
BigMan7o0 (11 months ago)
is 140H/s any good for a cpu? and i get about 400H/s on a single GTX 1050ti, is that any good? i am just attempting to figure out whether it is even worth mining at the rates i get, or if i should just not bother
hrnylmz (11 months ago)
mras kres (9 months ago)
Some people keep warning about minergate and advise us-beginners- to use command-line based miners instead. Yet, I couldn't find proper & complete info about their usage anywhere on the web and I can't tell if I'm even mining anything when I use them because they're lacking a nice GUI. MEMORY_ALOC messages and a bunch of lines appear when you run those... workers... connections... etc. With much of these data looking abstract to us-beginners-. Is there someone who can point out a nice, COMPLETE, tutorial with explanations of all the terminology used in command-line based miners and how to configure them properly?? I'm using an Intel i5 and a fairly old Radeon R9 285 2 GB Gpu. Thanks!
hrnylmz (9 months ago)
Because Minergate steal part of your hashrate
Maaz Ahmed (9 months ago)
Never understood people constantly saying to Google it. You're on the internet now just quickly explain
Clorox Bleach (10 months ago)
no i ask you >:(((((
hrnylmz (10 months ago)
Ask Google
Adelina Syla (11 months ago)
hello Crypto Currency, I am having some problems "AMD platform not found ". Could you please tell me whats wrong?
Crypto Currency (11 months ago)
Adelina Syla check your drivers and reinstall if needed. For RX 400 series use 16.10.3 or for rx 500 series use the current driver, if its r9 or older use version 15.12.
Nevets S (11 months ago)
Is there a version of Claymore CryptoNote for a 32bit PC? Perhaps an older version?
The Bang Brothers Band (11 months ago)
Filzah Matayir (11 months ago)
hi sir, if you have many monero coin or other coin.. do you keep it in wallet with so many coins..? is it safe..? any suggestion ..?
Fiqiri (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video! I spent days trying to get it work with my AMD GPUs and this solved it in less than 5 minutes.
kgonepostl (1 year ago)
Scam artists.
Crypto Currency (1 year ago)
UPDATE: although I have not had any issues, apparently there have been some community complaints on minergate so please do your own due diligence before mining with them.
antone rich (11 months ago)
Crypto Currency, I have been mining on the minergate pool and using there miner application for a few months. Looking at the complaints on line and the biggest one is that there stealing your hash rate. I have taken a look at this and it appears that most of the people are new to mining and don't understand how mining works. For example they don't understand that selling your has rate is different then traditional mining. They go to the eobot pool and see that there hash rate is much higher then then on minergate, but in truth they are mining to different hashing argo so the speed will be different. They are just paying you in the coin of your choice. I did an experiment where I used the minergate app to mine XMR at suprnova. I got the same hash rate at supernova as I did at minergate. I also used a 3rd party miner and again got the same results at both pools.
Bea Sedenio (1 year ago)
Hi Crypto Currency, how can I contact you for review requests? Thank you in advance!
Crypto Currency (1 year ago)
you can just message me on YT
hizzouse kakashi (1 year ago)
Not sure if you'd want to use minergate, I've been hearing a ton of warnings about them potentially scamming people and they add something extra to the code they mine.
Elliot Sterling (11 months ago)
Jay Fuller Any recommendations for alternate pools?
Crypto Currency (1 year ago)
Wow - okay thanks for those details. I will do some additional research too and add a message for folks. Thanks,
Jay Fuller (1 year ago)
Hey bud! Fantastic video!! But I will agree with the comment, minergate is developing a bad reputation. In my experience I've found that they lie about your hash rate. It seems as though they report a lower hashrate, yet your actual hardware is mining much more, netting minergate a nice profit under the table. I also used minergate for several years until someone told me this. After some research I decided it was quite possible. Then after testing out some other pools and different types of mining software, I am now pretty confident that they are scamming people. Of course there is no real proof here, but plenty of people have mentioned this throughout forums and such. I have since decided on veering away from minergate and have been much happier with my results. With that being said minergate is great for a newby miner, very easy to use and set up to get your foot in the door. But as you develop a good sense of what you're doing, I highly suggest finding a better pool. Check out stakxmr for an amd gpu, it seems to get the best hashrate with the amd's.
Crypto Currency (1 year ago)
Is there any proof you can share or specific links to reports? I have been using them for over a year with no issues. I looked and found some reports of slow customer service, but that doesn't signify anything malicious to me. Please share more details. Thanks,

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