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Rogue Bank Trading - Day Trading Forex Chart Patterns

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Forex Day Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com The forex market is heavily manipulated. Understanding how the banks move the forex market leads to profiting from the moves they create. This simple glimpse into the forex chart patterns from the banks perspective can help us do just that. Chart patterns tend to compress liquidity which in turn gives us a location to look for manipulation to occur from. Banks require liquidity to both enter and exit positions and thus why these compression patterns often start short term market trend changes. -Sterling
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Aguzt haident (2 years ago)
great, i just figure it out the simple concept, how they manipulate the market. if there is no buyer we can't sell and if there is no seller we can't buy.. so they manipulate the market,, simple concept but very useful.. thanks
malthus101 (4 years ago)
Very cool way of looking at patterns - good stuff!
Sterling Suhr (4 years ago)
Thanks for the comment...glad you liked the video. -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Yes...while we can never catch every trade the way we rule out a trade from a no trade is with the confirming entry which is the main way we recommend entering the market. There is more information on the site about the confirming entry or you can look it up in youtube. Its important to understand the confirming entry must be creating the stop run as well to be valid. Overall once you understand it is very easy to spot and replicate. -Sterling
voodster (6 years ago)
we can see the false move after it reverses away, but do you know at the time they are doing it and enter there? or do you enter somewhere after you see the reversal?

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