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Forex Bank Trading Strategy - Day Trading Forex Strategies

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Forex Bank Trading Strategies - http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Only 10 bank control more the 50% of the daily volume in the forex market. Understanding how the banks must trade allows us to identify not only when they are entering a position, but what position they are entering. This video walks through the basics of the forex trading strategy that we use to day trade in the forex market. Because the banks control the majority of the daily market volume, if we can spot their activity then we can know the next short term market trend with a much higher probability. These day trade setups also offer a very high reward to risk ratio which is the key to learning to trade forex successfully. -Sterling
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Howard Hill (1 year ago)
very helpful video...concise & clear. Thank you.
I'm glad you liked the video, and I'm glad to help!
E Trade (1 year ago)
We NEED to see the manipulation.
E Trade (1 year ago)
DayTradingForexLive Thank you Sterling. Ive watched your videos and read your blogs. It helps so much. Thanks. I mean its better to monitor the price lively than placing pending order on that level
One of the difficult parts for any educator is trying to explain everything in only a few minutes. If I do a video that is really detailed I get people telling me to get to the point, and if I do a short video I get people accusing me of not giving them all the info. As you can see its a tough spot for me :) Anyway, as you go through the videos you will find the info you are looking for through multiple videos. The other option is becoming a member of the service and getting daily levels listed for you BEFORE the trading day begins. This gives you the exact levels to look for the manipulation and the exact strategy we use to define manipulation. You can find the course and the details of the membership via the link below. Regardless of whether or not someone is a member they are always welcome to send me an email and can direct you to free content that will answer your questions. I hope this helps. http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/day-trading-forex-education-course/ -Sterling
Thomas Medlin (1 year ago)
Great video
Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked the video! All the best in your trading! -Sterling
M Firdaus (1 year ago)
Why do u think it manipulation when you put buy position and same all other hundreds thousand or million other do the same until market momentum being in slow pace then do you think all or half of those buyer still want to keep the buying position. of coz it's not because once the position bull up until resistance level and momentum for up or means no more buyer from the point of time started the price flat then they will sell the position to profit in fear of price started slowly in hell down (that is the normal action of those hundreds or million mind of forex trader they will sell back the buying position when profit at limit)..hence automatically the price will be down to big level bottom..so why u think that's is manipulation?it's not it is because just sentiment, emotion, fear and greed control the price of market when to go up and when to down. that is how forex work. When u understand n master that basic you will be profitable easily. No one big or small player able to manipulate market alone they all depend on all others this is 4 Trillion a day market not 4 billion boy.
Hi....thanks for the comment and I would agree with what you're saying for the most part. You're welcome to call it whatever you like...we call it manipulation but you could call it "searching for liquidity". The second term and many others like it would be just as accurate. You are also correct that this is just basic market function of supply and demand. The point that I think you're missing is that smart money NEEDS liquidity to both enter and exit positions. Therefore the price is driven into these levels to facilitate trade. Again, we term this manipulation but you can call it what you like. Like you said, this is basic market function and therefore why my strategy has stood unchanged for 7 years, and why it still works. All the best in your trading! -Sterling
trad 1 (2 years ago)
real forex traders trade for a living. forex "teachers" are failed traders.
I started going through flight training about 6 years ago. Using your reasoning anyone that teaches flying is a failed pilot. The fact is, any complicated profession will have those that teach that profession. Would you say that anyone that teaches law, architecture, ect only does so because they have failed at their chosen profession. Your argument is flawed in my opinion. I would agree that your statement does apply to most educators. That is why I always tell people to apply one basic rule. Only buy service where the educators prove their profitability. There are many ways they could do this but as you know the vast majority of educators will come up with every excuse in the book to avoid it. If an educator doesn't prove they are profitable then you know they are "failed traders" as you worded it. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but I pre-select the exact manipulation points we will be using the following day. These videos are all time stamped in Youtube and therefore they cannot be manipulation or distorted by me. Because our entry is mechanical and the levels are pre-selected, you know for certain whether or not a trade setup and more importantly what the result of the trade is. Every month I post the month end review and I also show my members area to prove the level was pre-selected. Unlike MyFXbook or posting a picture of my broker statement, this method cannot be manipulated. I hope this helps as I think saying all educators are failed traders really does yourself and anyone else that believes that a very large disservice. -Sterling
cat (2 years ago)
But don't you think that it's not a manipulation, the price rises before a big drop is because peoples Stop Losses are being kicked out? This causes large jumps in the chart before reversal.
I call it manipulation but it could just as easily be called "searching for liquidity". Whatever someone wants to call it, the point remains that if you know how to identify proper manipulation points and you wait for a stop run of those point you have a very high probability setup. So, whatever someone wants to call it really doesn't matter to me personally. I hope this helps. -Sterling
Sayian God (2 years ago)
farid ahmad (5 years ago)
this makes sense.
Jason Fox (2 years ago)
Ashley Jessica If its 100% profit then keep it to yourself and make millions!!!!!!
Entalpa (5 years ago)
That;s a fake head.
shazq313 (5 years ago)
Time Compression Trading destroys this theory...how can an over the counter market and zero sum market be minipulated...conspiracy!!!!
As I've said in many comments before, you can call it what you like. In regards to how manipulation can occur, let me give an example. If a bank gets a call that a large amount of Euro needs to be exchanged into dollars then they will quote a price to the institution looking to place the trade. They now have this liquidity on the book and it can be used to push the price around on the short term. This may or may not be happening on a specific stop run but I could really care less. Even if there is no intervention around a specific level, if a stop run occurs around an area of liquidity it is still an illustration of liquidity being taken from the market and therefore the probability of reversal becomes higher. This in turn gives us a statistical edge. -Sterling
pierre1122 (5 years ago)
Very good video sir !
Northumberland Post (6 years ago)
Great video!
scottab140 (6 years ago)
I know, with a 70% trade win rate, that non-manipulation are very profitable and you should take the set up every time. With regards to manipulation, I call them failed set ups, they are very profitable for if you entered a trade and loss, you still gain something from the losing trade, which is information of where the market is going.
Berelore (6 years ago)
How do you justify that third slide there are break out of the accumulation all through out it? How is "the manipulation" any different than the other quick pushes out except that it paid off?

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