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Far cry 5 Full benchmark (GTX 1060 + I5 6400)(All Presets)

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Thanks for watching if you did. System Specs : i5 6400 @ 4.05Ghz Corsair H100i GTX cpu cooler Gtx 1060 6gb Asus Dual 2x4gb Avexir core series ram Asrock h170 Pro4/Hyper Motherboard Corsair 450w psu WD blue wd10ezex 1tb 7200rpm hdd Phantecks eclipse p400 case Software : OBS Nvidia Geforce overlay Sony Vegas Pro Paint.net
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Text Comments (28)
Sandis Stankevičs (4 months ago)
I just know that if you max out the resolution scale then any system will kinda struggle except like the titans n shit
Saif Mdraj (6 months ago)
Liked this nice vid . Anyway its time to i5 8700k its cheaper that i7 and nearly same perform .
Furthency (6 months ago)
Nice! That cpu will be so powerful overclocked. Thank you for the sub man :)
Saif Mdraj (6 months ago)
Furthency after buying a motherboard . Of course ;) (ops forget to sub).
Furthency (6 months ago)
Thank you for watching :) I agree that i5 8700k is a good choice instead of i7. Are you going to overclock your i5 8700k when you get it?
gabriel stupp (9 months ago)
i have the same speks and im having stuterring , i dont know why , maibe i should buy a i7 , i dont like to get stressed by this kynda things
gabriel stupp (21 days ago)
Furthency No problem man , i understand pretty well .
Furthency (21 days ago)
I don't have whatsapp so I can't use your phone number. I would also prefer to keep communication between me and the viewers on the YouTube platform. Don't worry it is still interesting for me to just send messages. You can also use the website called imgur to link a picture of your system.
gabriel stupp (21 days ago)
Furthency actually i will sent u my phone number. 55 45 991463651
gabriel stupp (21 days ago)
Furthency i was thinking , if u give me your watsapp number i could sent u some pictures of my pc and the building process , wich is more interesting than just send messages talking about it . Is up to u to decide it haha ! Seyaa
gabriel stupp (21 days ago)
Furthency okay , I will let u know !!
saten san (9 months ago)
thank you for your videos! one question! I have a gtx 960 and i5 6400. I was thinking of getting a ryzen 1600 (or 2600) but now I also want to upgrade the gpu to the 1060 ..the problem is I have the money for one upgrade only, what is your opinion? gfx or cpu? Thanks!
saten san (9 months ago)
Furthency (9 months ago)
The upgrade to gtx 1060 would give you a lot more fps. The ryzen 1600 is about the same as the i5 6400. The ryzen 2600 would probably be better then the i5 6400 but i dont think the performance increase would be that good. I recommend that you upgrade your gpu first and in the future your could get a i7 7700 so you dont have to swap your motherboard. Thanks for watching my videos :)
Krait Haywire (9 months ago)
Hey man! I'm glad you took time out of your day to do this extensive test based on a request. Thank you! The game runs well, although its highly CPU dependent. High settings seem to be the sweet spot. Thanks again!
Furthency (9 months ago)
No problem man :) Thank you for watching and subscribing. Yes i agree that high settings are the sweet spot. Thanks once again for support on my channel.

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