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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

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Bi-weekly mortgage payments can save you a ton of money. BUT there may be fees involved. Let me show you how to accomplish the same thing on your own without having to pay someone to do what you could do on your own.
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Ben Dover (23 days ago)
We did this with our properties and will be able to retire 5 years earlier now. Its sad they don't teach you real finance in high school. Guess that's what you get when your teachers are all indebted socialists. Great video
wesley giambra (4 months ago)
Carlos Quinones (8 months ago)
Thank you‼️
Booney Inc (1 year ago)
just pay double the first month, that way you will save interest on the extra payment you done for the year ahead. no faffing around for bi weekly payment bs
S Sweeney (1 year ago)
hey thanks Blake!
Ann (1 year ago)
I started paying bi weekly car pymts but only b/c I made it easier to budget the pymts. I didn't realize it would save me money. I didn't tell the financing co. to sch my pymts bi weekly, I just started doing it that way.
working shlub (2 years ago)
take your monthly payment..divide it by 12 months and send that extra every month and that will put a dent in principal fast. never liked the every two weeks plan.
Bb LS (2 years ago)
Thank u for sharing!
Mr. Opinion (2 years ago)
Hi Blake I tried to call but it was busy, 2 of my morgages say "Partial payments are not applied to your mortgage, but are held in a separate unapplied account. If you pay the balance the unapplied funds will be applied to your mortgage. While funds are held in this unapplied account , you may be charged fees including, but not limited to, late fees and other default related fees". Would this apply if you do the 13 divided by 12 payments?
Robert Mitchell (5 months ago)
Mr. Opinion the mortgage is set up for full payment before being applied so your monthly payments are 1k you send in 500$ they would hold that as a suspense payment and when the other 500 comes it then it is applied here is an idea if your payment is due 15th of the month if you can make the full payment on the 1st that helps
Justin Weyer (2 years ago)
great video my man, much appreciated
AaronsVids2 (4 years ago)
What if you do both. Pay extra & do bi weekly.
Chris (24 days ago)
I'm paying my mortgage weekly. (not bi-weekly, but, it's the same outcome), and I'm making additional pre-payments to the mortgage every two weeks (payday). I've knocked off years of interest and will be mortgage free faster. Always better to do your own thing to get stuff paid faster. $$$$
Ann (1 year ago)
That's a great Idea
Jamila Elmasoudi (4 years ago)
Thank u very much.I still did not understand how I will do it my self do I mail the check my self for the amount that I calculate or the bank will still deduct it automatically?
Jesus 7051 (4 years ago)
If you can do it online yourself out the extra money into principal or call your bank and ask they put x amount into principal
Guillaume P. (4 years ago)
So what you are basically suggesting in your example is to get a 25 years loan instead of 30 years, hence the savings?
T-CATT (5 years ago)
pntdblack (6 years ago)
Can you also do this on a modified loan???

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