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Zotac GTX 660 ti Battlefield 4 ultra

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Zotac GTX 660 ti Battlefield 4 ultra core-928-1087 memory 1502
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N0Way (5 months ago)
i have a GTX 660 Non-TI, gonna buy BF4 :d
N0Way (5 months ago)
Yup! becoming old but its still working very well!
Skull Knight (5 months ago)
gtx 660 good gpu :D
imnotcreative 22 (6 months ago)
Cool video skull knight wish I had battlefield 4 on pc.
Skull Knight (6 months ago)
this is just test my new video card gtx 660 ti :D
iDC kek25 (6 months ago)
Откуда ты видюхи берешь?))
Skull Knight (6 months ago)
кекс привет, ну-ка будто где- в вебе покупаю)

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