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How to Mine BitCoin with CPU/GPU (Still Profitable 2018)

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Link to website with program download: https://minergate.com/a/87c4cccd8a066ba44b81def6 Trade Crypto: https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5a67efbb8dd92 Link to AMD GPU miner: https://minergate.com/altminers/claymore-gpu
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MUST WATCH (9 months ago)
Link to exchange mined crypto to bitcoin: https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5a68019cd2a18
Zach (4 months ago)
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Uknown Entxty (4 months ago)
I don't have "Wallet"?
pika Buzz (4 months ago)
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THE UUUNREAL (5 months ago)
lol, mining with mac
jorge Yuicela (5 months ago)
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Gregwinson Gregwinson (5 months ago)
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daniel gorovitz (5 months ago)
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Sora Gure (6 months ago)
So in every month ? (bitcoin mining )how many
Crazy and Lazy (7 months ago)
how much time you spend mining? Mine doesn't even start
David Mery (8 months ago)
Don't miss out on the "cryptocurrency revolution"; purchase a cryptocurrency miner and become a part of "GOLD 2.0". This mining rig was created for attaining the highest hashrate to wattage ratio by achieving 4.22 Sol/watt. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 is the NO.1 graphics card on the market today giving you a blazing hash rate of 3090 H/s or 3090 Sol/s! The system is pre-built, pre-tuned and ready to mine any of the top currencies including (but not limited to): NiceHash (Switching Algorithm) Zcash (ZEC) Zencash (ZEN) Ethereum (ETH) Zclassic (ZCL) Monero (XMR) Siacoin (SC) Bytecoin (BCN) Verge (XVG) Electroneum (ETN) Bitcoin Gold (BTG) etc... Mining Rig Specifications Hardware 6x GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 GAMING Graphics Card 1607 MHz - Boostable to 1683 MHz 2432 CUDA Cores Pascal Architecture 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM 8 Gbps Memory Speed 256-Bit Memory Interface iCX Cooler with Back Plate 1x Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz 1x GIGABYTE Motherboard GA-Z270P-D3 Updated with official Bitcoin mining BIOS version C1.F6a 1x 4GB RAM - DDR4 2400MHz 1x Corsair HX1000i PLATINUM 1000 Watt Power Supply Unit 1x 60GB Solid State Hard Drive 1x High Air Flow - Mining Rig Frame Software Windows 10 Professional: installed with official Microsoft Verified license NiceHash Miner Installed and Tuned To Your device MSI Afterburner for Overclocking Delivery The mining rig will be 100% Assembled and ready to mine out of the box. Delivery packaging will have to be removed before use. Disclamer The Miner is designed to run in a cool environment. Proper airflow and attention to temperature is the buyer's responsibility. Your mining results may vary depending on cooling, internet speed, settings, and mining pool. The miner has been tested and verified in working order. No returns are accepted.Payment is accepted via bitcoin or ether only..email at [email protected]
Mariusen Norsk Gaming (8 months ago)
The Wallet dosent show up
Shelby 77 (8 months ago)
Jethro Truth (8 months ago)
at 6:10 its horrrible dude lol
WorldVibes (9 months ago)
WorldVibes (9 months ago)
umm...ummm ..ummm
King205 (10 months ago)
Im using an amd rx580 without a plugin and it works fine
Unreadable Menu (10 months ago)
I got virus on my PC after installation, that shouldn't happen tho.
Krimzj J (10 months ago)
Your desktop triggered me
ThatOneDoge (10 months ago)
This is in no way profitable, just search up "bitcoin mining calculator"
b1064572 (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Norton Security flagged it as "high risk" with Trojan.Gen2 and removed it before I could install it. I will need to find an alternative.
Kaloqn Vladov (10 months ago)
Charlie Harper (10 months ago)
it says i dont have graphic card.... i have ATI 6670
UNBOX HELPER (10 months ago)
How to Mine BitCoin with CPU/GPU https://youtu.be/Gk-9MCTIZVs
Faiyaz (10 months ago)
This video was made in 2016 now bitcoins will be worth more so 20 cent in his day, but now it's worth $20 in my day
runout101 (11 months ago)
How do you mine with more than 1 GPU using minegate installed in a pc??
Scott Ecklund (11 months ago)
Funny, what was 33 cents that day is now a hundred dollars in Monero. Nice work.
Michael Galanza (11 months ago)
Devourskull (11 months ago)
Can someone help me out here? i wanna mine on someone else's pc remotely like just send them a rat and have it work in the background how should i go about doing that?
Dracoburst XD (11 months ago)
um uh
Igor Pankiv (11 months ago)
100% free online Ethereum mining for old PC!!!! Get 50 free spins!!!!! Faucet ETH for free!!!!! http://ethcombo.com/?i=31952
Caleb Schmidt (11 months ago)
@creativevission0com any idea why my smart mining doesn't work? Just clicks but doesn't open.
Silas Mason (1 year ago)
Fuck mining bitcoin! mate you need to mine that fucking desktop! :D
Vitoamiibo (1 year ago)
how do i add more active workers?
Michael D (1 year ago)
rip headphones
James Morillo (1 year ago)
Yeah and if you need a wallet, best source to use is COINBASE! You can trade Bitcoin, etherium and Lite Coin as well! https://www.coinbase.com/join/5939541bd4cb55b77f997794
*3 Reasons To Not Use Minergate* Minergate is steal your hashrate! You not mine bitcoin or not payout from bitcoin. They support mail is dead.
Ezarr Kun (1 year ago)
Minergate v7.0 icon wallet not showing, just me?
Zakk Hall (10 months ago)
me too
clayman648 (1 year ago)
Well that was misleading...
Robertas Viskupaitis (1 year ago)
uhm uh uh uuuuuuuuu, uh ummmmmmmmmmm dude stop
CBIgaming (1 year ago)
Im a noob in bitcoin mining i already mined 0.00005963 bitcoin how to i put it on paypal?
Arvin Jonathan Arbas (1 year ago)
how do you add wallet button to gateminer?
Arvin Jonathan Arbas (1 year ago)
mine is just smart miner miner benchmark achievements
Ex3 dR (1 year ago)
afari jedidiah (1 year ago)
where and how can i send money
Jonathan Duenas (1 year ago)
Says its malware..
Gamer 64 (1 year ago)
this is not BITCOIN
Francesco Bortoluzzi (1 year ago)
nop dont work
Haz (1 year ago)
Please use my code to join Miner gate if you do and half of what I earn will go to you! https://minergate.com/a/96c15ff7a09027c2ad5c759d
Tri Star Traders (1 year ago)
do we need to adds account with minergate to get coins in bit wallet ?
Adam's Tricks (1 year ago)
Can i use usb miner??
VA3DLO (1 year ago)
just wondering if there was a world war 3 would we all make like triple the money on miner gate ?
Jaroslav Almasi (1 year ago)
Hello, if someone want new register, please follow this link: https://minergate.com/a/2e05960ab42199b2a7c2400c
Atiq Bukhari (1 year ago)
web mining is not there on site .....?
Bosterito (1 year ago)
WOWWWWWW you dont read anything about mining and are mining and doing a tutorial video?? really?? you are mining only with your CPU NO GPU!!!and you aren´t mining BTC you are mining Monero, is other crypto.... 8 is threads no intensity , if put 8 threads your electrical consume will be higher than your profits.... AMD FX8xxx 8 threads 160w min .... isnt profitable i have one, only profitable with 4 threads or less and isn´t too much. And sorry but if you only have 220 H/s with GPU claymore and CPU minergate software, you are loosing money , your electrical consumption is higher than 350w min and i don´t know price where you live but here is 0,123 € KW/h with this numbers you are loosing 0,77 €/day to stay mining.....
JRG (1 year ago)
how do you get a pool password
chris windhouwer (1 year ago)
Could someone help me with my first ever BURST coin te get me started,, Please BURST-46XB-H23V-FTGE-2NNNH
Online Ghost (1 year ago)
does Asus nvidia geforce 210 support minergate ??
philipe lipe (1 year ago)
Nvidia cant =( 1080TI 880Hs my old 280X can 16Mh/s so this is good only for AMD users
Greg Eyube (1 year ago)
What should be the minimum spec for a mining laptop?
Yi Ling (1 year ago)
technically you are mining your mom's wallet since she is the one paying the electricity bill I guess lol
Marvsjo07 (1 year ago)
what happen? haha
黃香腸 (1 year ago)
is that bitcoin? i think that is bytecoin
Douglas Mast (1 year ago)
Lol. baller
Mr SneakZ (1 year ago)
yo my antivirus picked this up as a virus?
Grady Lonergan (1 year ago)
i have an uncomfiremed 2 bitcoins after 3 hours is that weird?
Hashim T Abubacker (1 year ago)
Grady Lonergan if its bitcoin then it is weird...make sure its not bytecoin
Adrian Eranzi (1 year ago)
ummmm... aaaaaaaa..... ummmm... ummmm... aaaaaaa
Imre Csoka (1 year ago)
thanks for the video, how is the mining coming on ?
Yui Cooper (1 year ago)
i've made 16 cents so far on my pc :P
The Truth Never Told (1 year ago)
tried to download it and popped up as a virus and its only been in existence 8 months
stephen (1 year ago)
SkiNNy (1 year ago)
i just got outside for 2 minutes and found 1 dollar. Cash too so fuck off with this bs
JanDoesGaming (1 year ago)
can i spend mined bitcoins on steam?
david chat'nnel (1 year ago)
I need an answer I have 40.11 bitcoins on the software and I do not know how to transfer them in cash or on an account but if I get there I would be very rich because 1bitcoins it is worth 1,500 euros
J D (1 year ago)
My head needs decrypting after seeing your desktop!!! XD
Ray Lucyan (1 year ago)
NO NO NO , the most sht pc can mine with at least 5kh so that software its a no no , its good for testing i agree , to see how you can allmost nurn your pc , but nothing else
Mach 1 (1 year ago)
One too many UMs.
Sir Đức (1 year ago)
hello. i want to mining . can you help me how to beginer. add my skype : themen2605 thanks
Jules stak (1 year ago)
hi i have a problem minergate don't instal in my computer
Schol-R-LEA ;2 (1 year ago)
I always find it amusing when people refer to Bitcoin as a currency, as if the term 'Bitcoin' referred to a valuable item rather than to the network protocol. I do have to admit that 'Satoshi' was pretty clever in selling it that way, though; I imagine that 'untraceable electronic cash that can be used anywhere in the world' sells a lot better than 'secure distributed accounting system' would have, even though it is a much more accurate description (and far more important and useful than any cryptocurrency could ever be). Unfortunately, the really important and revolutionary aspect of it - that it is an abstract valuation marker the relative worth of which is negotiated with each transaction - is undermined whenever someone talks of it having an 'exchange value'. That isn't how it works, and it really weakens the Bitcoin protocol's real importance. However, I can only assume that people aren't yet ready to actually grasp the true significance of a trade system (other than direct barter) which doesn't involve any kind of currency at all, so... shrug The takeaway? Bitcoin isn't money - Bitcoin is a technology demonstrator that shows that money is obsolete and has been for years. Mind you, it isn't doing anything that banks haven't been doing since the 17th century - back when it was realized by the Dutch stock brokers that it was easier to send IOUs than actual gold - but it does it in a way that requires no pre-establishment of trust between the parties, and that is revolutionary.
Anthony Harriott (1 year ago)
Cole (1 year ago)
I thought BCN was BTC. I thought I had 60 bitcoins. I am sad. ;-;.
Henry Dantas (1 year ago)
Can you help me instal my asic usb to use with minergate?
Einav Lomartire (1 year ago)
i have almost 1200 good shared but bij where XMR is there is 0.00000000000
Einav Lomartire (1 year ago)
pls help
Icky Spliff (1 year ago)
WIth a good GPU is not such a crazy idea, if you mine say Ethereum for a year 12 hours a day, you can probably get 10 Ethereum coins, which are worthless, no more than $200. But its a bit like playing the lottery, if Ethereum becomes something those 10 coins could turn into $2,000. That's why smart people mine, because of speculation of future values, not because of what they are worth today, but its all speculation.
Sandeep Dany (1 year ago)
bro i have 350+ shares but my balance is 0.000000000000 plz help me bro
jtj jj (1 year ago)
what are the recommended specs to mine like the guy in the vid?
Gorkem Bagci (1 year ago)
William Bennett (1 year ago)
Could you please explain the process for receiving all of the coins into one BTC wallet? If I am 'Smart Mining' and mining coins across the board, must I have a wallet for every currency? The FAQ on MinerGate says that you can get an invoice through Changelly which will convert it and send it to your BTC wallet. Will I be charged for every transaction? Thanks!
TroyGolden (1 year ago)
Get Jaxx.io wallet. They have just about every currency you will need.
zaacmac86 (1 year ago)
Regardless of how you mine you will need a wallet of some discription for the currencies you mine. Once you have your coins in those wallets you can sell those coins to exchanges for money or say fractions of bitcoins do it enough accross different currencies and you can make up a bitcoin in a reasonable about of time
Rishie Ramratan (1 year ago)
I was also wondering about this, because i dont want to have a wallet for every currency and send them to each other all the time
Steve Haigh (1 year ago)
i think anyone who is working for $0.33/day isn't going on any date
Dylbobz (1 year ago)
You got a virus so I'm.l not downloading thos
likfrikbik (1 year ago)
This is just for fun,no profit here.If you want to earn little bit more,use bitcoin faucets,you can earn 1-2 USD per week easy.1 BCN is worth about 5 satoshi.You can get 250 satoshi in faucet per claim...do the math.
likfrikbik (1 year ago)
Np! :) BCN is easy to mine on miner gate,but it's very low value.You can get much more with using faucet to get satoshi's than to mine Bytecoin and sell for satoshi.
likfrikbik (1 year ago)
Learn to read,i said 1 BCN = 1 Bytecoin. 1 Bytecoin is worth 5 satoshi.
Henry Clarke (1 year ago)
no, minergate is a virus and should not be downloaded
eserve 247 (1 year ago)
NO SPEED . ONLY 14 to 24 H/S . window 10 64 bit nvidia gtx 960m
eserve 247 (1 year ago)
if i upgrade to gtx 1080 speed gives only 36 Mh/s . I am looking for 400 Mh/s speed
eserve 247 (1 year ago)
if i upgrade to gtx 1080 speed gives only 36 Mh/s . I am looking for 400 Mh/s speed
eserve 247 (1 year ago)
if i upgrade to gtx 1080 speed gives only 36 Mh/s . I am looking for 400 Mh/s speed
CaptainMcShotgun (1 year ago)
.....your gpu sucks.
Trackster (1 year ago)
I guess you didnt really explained that i nthe video, how i get the bitcoin into real money? I mean i cant pay on amaon or so with bitcoin xD
Power Play (1 year ago)
i have ASUS GTX 1060 3GB Dual Fan OC graphic card, and the gpu mining doesn't start. Any idea how to fix it?
RazvanTSibiu (1 year ago)
Bytecoin(BCN) isn't the same with Bitcoin(BTC). Exists more virtual currencies but only one accept exchance with real money.It's called Bitcoin.
Kris (1 year ago)
I can't mine with my GPU. It turns green for a second and then it stops. Any tips?
CRYPTKEEPER (1 year ago)
what system you running to get 150 h/s what processor should I look for. at moment I'm only doing 30 h/s
Ethan Zerba (1 year ago)
you have to use your graphics card cpus arent good for this
JustAnotherJew (1 year ago)
damn ill be making some good money with this 75+ cpu and 600+ gpu h/s rate lol
chamberlain alikor (1 year ago)
just signed up
chamberlain alikor (1 year ago)
what bout the links... what next 2ndly, i use a HP ENVY AMD fx 6th generation laptop but the benchmarck rates me under average
Zoe Yoyo Valladares (1 year ago)
Hi, how do I transfer what I make on this program to someone else with a different wallet?? I couldn't find my "miner address" anywhere!! Please help -- would really appreciate it!! Thanks

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