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Nvidia GTX 1060 - Still A Good Buy In 2019?

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How well does the Geforce 1060 hold up in 2019? Check out this in-depth review of the 1060 GTX to find out! 👉Get The GTX 1060 On Amazon: http://geni.us/mXGog Check Out My Latest Video: https://goo.gl/EZWkGE The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is a great midrange GPU for gaming. After collecting the benchmarks, I’d say the 1060 3GB is one of, if not the best graphics cards for gaming at 1080p. If you’re looking for the best GPU you can get for budget or midrange gaming, the Nvidia 1060 is it. The card I had for review, the Asus Dual GTX 1060 3GB, comes with a great dual fan cooler. This Asus 1060 requires a PCIe power connector but also pushes great performance. If you’re looking for an Asus GPU, specifically an Asus GTX 1060, the Asus Dual-GTX1060-O3G is a great option. ►GPU Test Bench: https://kit.com/ponchato/gpu-test-bench 👉Social Links👈 Twitter: http://bit.ly/PonTweet Discord: https://discord.gg/KUrVC78 👉Cool Stuff👈 My Picks On Amazon: http://bit.ly/PonPicks Newegg Daily Deals: http://bit.ly/PonDaily 👉My Setup👈 PC: http://bit.ly/PonchPC Setup: http://bit.ly/PonchSetup Video Gear: http://bit.ly/PonchGear Background music: Joakim Karud – Longing https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/longing
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Text Comments (2669)
ponchato (4 months ago)
Monthly Builds November is up!! 👉👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSV9ZnlSGEg&list=PLdX4D1R87msgDvcP8-IgXLVMMJaQ4mqAx
T1ny T1m (2 months ago)
this is way 2 fucking loud
Simonstar (4 months ago)
ponchato I have a 1050 and fx6300
Lazy Television (1 hour ago)
But can it run on Crysis
name (1 day ago)
Lol If GTX 1050 IS like good why 1060 wouldn't do good and I'm doing good with gtx 750 ti
TheGreyFellow (2 days ago)
I'm here in 2019, I hear 2018, I dislike.
Spork Master (2 days ago)
Nah just get an RX 580 8GB, 1060 is not worth unless you already have it, it still has good performance but is falling behind other cards like the RX 580 8GB in most titles. Better yet 1070's are selling for 220 on ebay or lower, snatch up one of those.
Clockwork Productions (3 days ago)
Was able to pick up a (not dual model) GTX 1060 TI 4GB, so looking at this video gives me high hopes to get my crapshoot tower some good GPU food.
DelayThePixel (5 days ago)
does any 1 know what intel CPU this goes well with im going to be streaming/gaming/content creation
Cedric Barber (4 days ago)
He paired it with an i5 7500. I'm buying a prebuilt that has an i7 8700. Either would be great
Blake Bowman (7 days ago)
I still play on my 760 and i5 and i get 60 frames all new games. this shit holds up guys.
Jack Raistrick (7 days ago)
It says I need this to use my VR now. Even though I’ve used my VR before. Any help???
Georgie harmer (11 days ago)
I have the exact same setup but my setup runs like a piece of shit
ponchato (10 days ago)
Hahaha, could be apps running in the background. Maybe reinstall drivers? It shouldn't run that awful 😆
TheDarkSlo (12 days ago)
Gtx 1060 6gb next
ponchato (12 days ago)
I'll get to it!
Thomas Nolan (13 days ago)
I have the 1060 3gb. I’m upgrading to the 2060. I bought the 1060 for my first PC last September.
ponchato (12 days ago)
Nice, the 2060 is quite a beast
Matt (13 days ago)
I have the exact same card and processor but i get only around 60 fps on low in bf1
Matt (12 days ago)
ponchato nope everything closed
ponchato (12 days ago)
Could be an issue with background apps - if I have a browser open in the background (for example) it always screws up my performance
Fuschi (13 days ago)
I dont think its a good card for 2019 i have one myself and im going to upgrade to a 2060 because in most games which where launched in 2019 you cant play at stabel 60fps max settings
shalitha gayan (4 days ago)
Rip for me i still use r7 260x 2gb ddr5 😂🔫 i play most 2019 game in 720p 21-37fps
Toprak Serin (13 days ago)
İ am using Zotacs 1060 6gb and its good at New games i think its still worth to buy
WaxxyDabs420 (14 days ago)
I have an integrated AMD a10 6700 with a radeon hd 8670d . I dont know much about PC's, but would I be able to use this graphics card with this?
WaxxyDabs420 (14 days ago)
And I have 16gb of ddr3 ram
Phöblöv Ree (14 days ago)
graphics card prices still fucking high thanks to shitcoin miners
EddieDaNub (16 days ago)
I have a oc 1060 and it plays like every game on 70+ fps on epic settings
Pablo Stiglitz (16 days ago)
You sound like a weather man lol
ΑΠΕ ΦΑΝboy (16 days ago)
Is GTX 1060 good in 2019? *Uploaded in 2018*
TheArmyGames (17 days ago)
You have some kind of time traveling machine?
Games LTU (17 days ago)
Just buy 1660ti
Simonstar (18 days ago)
2019 1 year ago Ok
costlertrack (18 days ago)
2020 comes changes title to "is the 1060 still good in 2020" very clever buddy
TZN_LilcheoGamingRAPS (19 days ago)
I have the 3gb i love it he got the graphics card i got
verners skrastins (19 days ago)
Yeah sure is it still agood buy for 2019. If you change the title from 2018 to 2019 it dosent mean that it is up to date
Bullshit Detector (19 days ago)
Uploaded a year ago but Switched the thumbnail&title Pathetic
Cuackzy (12 days ago)
Bulk P3nguin (16 days ago)
Thomas Gooler (19 days ago)
"still a good buy in 2019" *was uploaded in January of 2018
nyaaa (19 days ago)
whats the point of making this video about gtx 1060 in 2019 when you test older games???
ZimXP (16 days ago)
Because he uploaded it in 2018, but he changed the title and thumbnail. most likely to get more views, which is pretty scummy if you ask me
TacCo (20 days ago)
Why do i have a 1060 6g and get 120 fps on low in cs
Kittamaa3 (20 days ago)
Ummm you say in 2019 but the video is published in 2018
AlongDeal (20 days ago)
Gtx 1060 is a super graphic card like this comment
Sohail Pattanaik (20 days ago)
In india its 350 dollars
FlimsyEar665012 (21 days ago)
Just by the 1060 6gb
Nico sanchez (21 days ago)
The stuttering in GTA 5 at low is due to the CPU maxing at 100% usage, which causes stutters
parallel VirtueFN (21 days ago)
I’m getting a 2070 with an i7 8700k. Wish me luck!!!!
JD DA BOSS2 (22 days ago)
Lmao I bought a get 710 last year
Lucas Chagas (22 days ago)
Updating the title (and thumbnail) from 2018 to 2019 so you can increase the number of views. Congrats, you've compelled me to block your lazy channel from ever showing up in my feed.
Oreo (22 days ago)
Good job changing the thumbnail and the title just to get more views Asshole
Some Guy (23 days ago)
Now, to be fair, I'm still rocking a GTX 580 from 2012. So, yeah, I think a 1060 would be a fair upgrade
Kiljien (23 days ago)
Nvidia GTX 1060 - Still a good buy in 2019? Nice to see it tested with some of the newest games... ohhh wait. Uploaded at the beginning of 2018 and you even said at the beginning of the video "2018". That is not how it works lol why put 2019 in the tile ?. And you should also be telling in the title that it is the 3GB version. Dislike definitely
Mousey Boy (23 days ago)
gtx 1050 users: Are we a joke to you?
Get the RX 570, trust me.
Alvin Zhang (23 days ago)
noice little edit
GF1X (24 days ago)
Is the 1050 ti still good in 2019??
Marco Angelo Torres (24 days ago)
Were these benchmarked with overclock settings?
Jase Stanton (24 days ago)
I got my first gaming pc about 3 months ago and didn’t know that it had a GTX 1060 in it bc I thought the fans went right side up instead of the GPU going right side up, so I went 3 months playing Fortnite with my HDMI connected to the motherboard and the whole time i had a 282$ graphics card and it wasn’t even working.😂
AceOfAids (25 days ago)
Mustached Squid (25 days ago)
No, Nvidia cards never worth buying, they suck compared to AMD cheaper cards and whit alot more performance and features
Master Kitsune (25 days ago)
I like the fact that you didnt really do any extra work into this video besides changing the title and thumbnail
Rafay Virk (25 days ago)
U mean 2018?
Stealth (26 days ago)
I don’t understand the 1% low and 0.1% low. I think I’m too stupid too understand some of this information
winneracc (26 days ago)
FPS on fortnite plz
MrMrRubic (26 days ago)
Is GtX 1060 sTiLl GoOd In 2019? Shut up, I'm using a Gtx 580. Just ordered a 2060 tho, good for me
kennedy moreiras (23 days ago)
Bruh why are you using an 8-year-old graphics card just to switch to the 2060, why didnt you upgrade like 4 or 5 years in?
Rafael Araujo (27 days ago)
3GB? aff
aujory (27 days ago)
Dude battlefield 1 is an esports and pubg
Fadope (1 month ago)
"Nvidia GTX 1060 - Still A Good Buy In 2019?" "ponchato Published on Jan 5, 2018" My thumbs down doesnt need an explanation i guess
Audrius Nekrasas (27 days ago)
that is what i thought when i saw the date
AlwaysKjoel (1 month ago)
But it's uploaded in 2018
Still Alive (1 month ago)
Don’t go dissing me like that man
thePCpeasant (1 month ago)
... this is 2019, but the vid was made in 2018...
ZimXP (16 days ago)
+RainchenYT Nah he's just trying to milk as many views as possible out of this video by changing the title and thumbnail
RainchenYT (24 days ago)
time travel
TheTediousTuber (1 month ago)
would a 380w PSU hold up?
TheTediousTuber (1 month ago)
would a 380w PSU hold up?
Shane Wallick (1 month ago)
Changing the date in your video description is intentionally deceptive. If you want to discuss if it holds up in 2019 make a new video. GPU's have changed in the last year.
Peyton TheOneNerd (1 month ago)
Bought my 1060 6gb back in 2016 and I have yet to have any trouble with any games. It can handle vr very well. I would recomend this to everyone looking to build a pc.
el 2can (1 month ago)
Lmao when ur entire pc is being bottle necked my the fact that I only have 8gb of ram but I wanna get more soon
Joe Seki (1 month ago)
This review sounds like a lengthy weather report- "expect highs of around 110 and lows of 74 and 56. . ." lol
Joseph Kennedy (1 month ago)
I want t lay The isle but the minimum is the Nvidia GEforce GTX 760, should I just get that?
Joseph Kennedy (1 month ago)
its £240!!!!
Vertex (1 month ago)
I bought it back in 2016 and I can still max out settings on a lot of games so I dont think you need to upgrade YET if u have the 6gb model
Mr.Meeseeks (1 month ago)
That is pretty slimy to change the title of the video a year later...
HusnainAS (21 days ago)
Ikr lmao and the thumbnail, disliked
Meustice (26 days ago)
YT Anonymity (1 month ago)
What about GTX 1060m(laptop version) ? Does GTX 1060m is still good to support game today especially those AAA title that came out in 2019 now ??
YT Anonymity (27 days ago)
@Virtual well for laptop, we need a cooling pad nor Vacuum cooler though to reduce the heat. And also repaste a thermal so it could fix the overheat issue.
Virtual (27 days ago)
depends on what laptop, but most of the time maybe. laptops have a major disadvantage compared to desktops, the heat issue is greater on laptops then desktops, causing a severe decrease in performance when at 100% usage If you want to get high performance in games I would recommend getting a desktop
Turtle (1 month ago)
but can it run crysis
Branden mcfeeters (1 month ago)
What is this clickbait? This video is a year old and its advertising this year lol
why do people not try ark, its one of the hradest game to run becuz of optimization xD good benchmarking lol
+Scout Ark is worse tbh, Rust only has the loading screen, ark has performance
Scout (1 month ago)
That would be Rust then, super bad optimization
Dino Pug (1 month ago)
Would I 7 GTX 1060 and 3.4 gg 8gb ram be okay for gaming
τ α ι μ η (1 month ago)
Dino Pug yeah
patrick 0998 (1 month ago)
Do you know if i can run tekken7 on high settings and warframe? I found a 1060 on amazon at £188.00 very good price.
Most likely
Ryan Edwards (1 month ago)
is a 1060 good for 60Hz monitor?
ponchato (1 month ago)
Definitely, more than strong enough for 60Hz
Gerb (1 month ago)
fucking bitcoin miners
Umbra says (1 month ago)
I have the same setup exc3pt the 1060. I have a 1050 ti and id be upgrading to a 1060
AvaXyl (1 month ago)
Pffft.. who needs an good graphics card. *goes back to playing roblox at lowest graphis, Downloads battlefield 1* NOw this is real baddass graphic looking game! *cries inside* please help me
The Famous Boy (1 month ago)
Well any AMD fan boys there???Because i guess Rx 580 is cheaper and better...Or if you personally don't consider it better it's a cheaper alternative.
Red 234 (1 month ago)
I’d personally get an RX 580.
Jason Lou (1 month ago)
I have a 1060 3gb laptop, it still can run most games under high settings.
GalaxY Space (1 month ago)
I see no problem with the GeForce GTX 1060ti coming from Xbox. I’m buying the Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop.
Dibbiz (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 6gb is still good in 2019. You can play games on ultra with 60/120 fps, i get 80/90 fps on ultra in pubg, i'm very happy with it.
Cactus Jones 2.0 (1 month ago)
Just changing the name of the vid. Lazy....
Thanatos (1 month ago)
No 1060 6gb? That fact alone makes this video a bit obsolete, since the 6gb version is the optimal version of the 1060
manofwill12345 (1 month ago)
Disagree completely. 3gb version is loads cheaper.
Nakataali (1 month ago)
Why wouldn't it be? It isn't an old card, why make this video?
FalcoMain (1 month ago)
*clicks on video *puts on loop
MattacksRC (1 month ago)
Im glad. I got a pretty deal on the 3gb 1060 and am gonna sneek it in my parents pc to make it a sleeper. Theyll never know its there.
eqios (1 month ago)
I like how you edited the title to say 2019 just to increase views.
Subhero (1 month ago)
Fortnite ?
ponchato (1 month ago)
Didn't get a chance to benchmark it this time but I will in the future!
RedSpaceBar (1 month ago)
Gigaflops is a weird word
ponchato (1 month ago)
Haha, yes it is
E Miller (1 month ago)
I have this,, works great until,, randomly I turn on my PC,, black screen on my monitor reading "no signal",, rebooting my computer does nothing.. I've had this issue twice before and reseating the card fixed it both times.. This time reseating the card does nothing, can anyone suggest a solution for me to try?
Geheime Person (1 month ago)
I have 100fps on minecraft with max settings I installed a really cool texturepack and a high Shader.
AlwaysKjoel (1 month ago)
Cool man, ik speel minecraft op 4k en 1738Fps
Jan Witkowsky (1 month ago)
As someone who just saw a GTX 1060 3GB on aliexpress for 155-ish US$, I'm glad to have found this video.
robbiegamingHQ (1 month ago)
lol you can find them on ebay for 110 usd (3 gb)
Sam Orlowski (1 month ago)
Can it run the binding of issac?
Joachim Montzka (2 months ago)
Greyn (2 months ago)
i am from the future and i can confirm that 1060 is a good graphicard
Daney T (2 months ago)
But can it run crysis

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