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How to Date a Native English Speaker? - Learn English

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📚 https://goo.gl/bLzDNo Download TONS of FREE PDF lessons to learn English twice as fast!! ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/P9QPmP Step 2: Sign up for free Step 3: Learn English with the best free online resources and master English fast! You are an English beginner and want to get started with English language? This is the perfect place for you! With this English lesson, you will learn internet slang and words related to dating a native English speaker! From English vocabulary to pronunciation, your English level will never be the same again! ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENGLISHCLASS101 ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!
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anonymous (5 days ago)
Zuo Panlong (7 months ago)
Zaldy Aguirre Jr (8 months ago)
Awesome, would you be my date Alisha san... and teach me more English... salamat ✌😊
pascual mateo (8 months ago)
I really like your tich,
pascual mateo (8 months ago)
Hello alisha , how is it goin on today
Franco Pecci (9 months ago)
I am from Italy. I love yours videos. Alisha You are very much expressive. I never knew a teacher so clever.
Ruhul Amin Ratul (10 months ago)
can I have your Facebook ID please....
Larbi Godbane (10 months ago)
alisha you are the best
Rajesh Sheela (11 months ago)
Jerry Z. (11 months ago)
My wife is a native English speaker and I'm not. Besides improving your English, you also need to learn culture to show you are interested in your partner and his/her background, which may lead into a deeper relationship later on. These are great videos -simple enough that I also used some pieces for my students. Awesome work Alisha!
free free (11 months ago)
Thanks and thanks
WHO ARE U (11 months ago)
Do you wanna go out with me?
Elias Rojo (11 months ago)
Hi,. What is your Facebook? I want follow you
Harvey SP (11 months ago)
Great job! Please Keep doing things like that💜
Yousuf Y (11 months ago)
sanna Amaira (11 months ago)
No iam not
sanna Amaira (11 months ago)
I've been seeing my husband for 4 months
sanna Amaira (11 months ago)
Are you dating anyone?
sanna Amaira (11 months ago)
Are you seeing anyone?
Mack gill (11 months ago)
Sabrina Camargo (11 months ago)
We ask the person "você namora?" in Portuguese, which means "do you have a partner?"
uzomba okeychukwu david (3 months ago)
Helton Flavio (11 months ago)
are you dating somebody?
thank you so much Alisha
yorch Reynoso Camacho (11 months ago)
george from guadalajara.jal hi alisha
worawut cm (11 months ago)
כרמל שגיא (11 months ago)
It was yesterday? When the lives are?
A C E (11 months ago)
Russian style ))) (smiles wo eyes)
isaid stream (11 months ago)
When I can't understand you I get TRIGGERED >:(
isaid stream (11 months ago)
Fatmeh Al yahek (11 months ago)
love u alisha keep going
Walter Cruz (11 months ago)
Wish u a happy valentins day
I love your accent. Truly, I would spend all day listening to you. I am English Professor in my country.. Cheers from Panama...
Saulo Pedrosa (11 months ago)
I only came here to learn a way to date you, pretty Alisha 😍 JK
Aime Aim (11 months ago)
wow. Im stay Thailand
marcelo santos (11 months ago)
Tanks for your good job,i 'm from Brasil
Marcin Wójtowicz (11 months ago)
hello everyone do anyone want talking on the skype with me.... for free
William Hetto1995 (2 months ago)
Yes I want
Reiser Wasserman (11 months ago)
i watch this video because of her only, you'r so cute tearcher)) hello from Russia :)
Juan Baltazar (11 months ago)
Thanks Alisha, I hope I’ll find someone says “yes” to me😉lol
Juan Baltazar (11 months ago)
Marcin Wójtowicz, yeah I would like to, do you how what’s up or Facebook?
Marcin Wójtowicz (11 months ago)
I think you found :) would you like talking on the skype ??
женя корнеев (11 months ago)
You are sexy. 😍😁
женя корнеев (11 months ago)
Your channel is cool. I can live in Russia but I can speak English because your voice always is been in my ears. 😁
Rza Jefri (11 months ago)
My girl friend dumped me because learned new words from ur listen
Rza Jefri (11 months ago)
I am just leaving u and go to sleep
Rza Jefri (11 months ago)
We need to talk to u ,otherwise how we can learn English
Hossam Mahmoud (11 months ago)
i have been seeing my girlfriend for six month i think it is present perfect continuous tense not present perfect thanks for the video
tiago tj (11 months ago)
I'm from Brazil , I love yours videos
ayazahmad chilasi25 (11 months ago)
What's your facebook email
Sotero Ramos (11 months ago)
Hi Alisha I'm in love with you U are so beautiful 😍😍😍
Zohaib Awan (11 months ago)
U are so pretty 😍❣️
ibrahim Essa (11 months ago)
Hi thanks for video , I have suggestion is there any ability to make direct conversation with the pupils . this will teach them talking .
joel miranda (11 months ago)
hello elisha, how are you? joel from brazil, l like you're virio, l whach every day congratulation, you're the girl.
Rosy (11 months ago)
great job :)
Josinaldo Nogueira (11 months ago)
a tip of a language teacher you have to speak a little slower
Alexandr Padalka (11 months ago)
Amit Sahu (11 months ago)
Hi mam your teaching skilled very good
Alfonso Mendoza (11 months ago)
Hi...! 😎
Dániel Reményi (11 months ago)
The camera's fps is very low
American Zack (11 months ago)
Сагра Амика нагзт мебинм ки
shah aurangzeb shah (11 months ago)
you are nice
Am Am (11 months ago)
Thank u
Games & Songs (11 months ago)
Great! XOXO
vande matram vande matram (11 months ago)
What is your country name
簡祐川 (11 months ago)
Iren Takos (11 months ago)
thanks for your time, i enjoy it so :)
Nassre Abdu (11 months ago)
Hello Alisha are you seeing someone ,???
Maria Brito (11 months ago)
😆 Hi, Alisha, how are you? I love watching your classes, always dynamic and cheerful. Thanks.
Sharon Alim Magno (11 months ago)
thailand is a good place to have rhinoplasty ..and other beauty uplifts.
wataniya ca (11 months ago)
Resumindo Tudo (11 months ago)
Eu amo essa garota
Dan (11 months ago)
Resumindo Tudo Também
Narmin Talibzade (11 months ago)
HI) Thank you for helping us. I"m from Azerbaijan and every day I watch your videos.thank you again for everything!)
Daniel Hrňa (11 months ago)
Hi blind Daniel from Czech Prag
علي dicaprio (11 months ago)
I like the way you speaking english. Suitable for me.
Raouf Benghida (11 months ago)
Perfect lesson , thank you coach.
Jodes Jose (11 months ago)
Hi Alisha, jose, Haiti
Fazlı Durmuş (11 months ago)
I will don't forget teacher, thank you! İSTANBUL
A.A TUBE (11 months ago)
Hi Alisha i want your number i want to practice speaking English with you
الملك اليماني (11 months ago)
Nice video
abdellah naimi (11 months ago)
Hi from morroco
shalaw hassan (11 months ago)

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