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Trading Bank Levels as Forex Support and Resistance

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More at exacttrading.com Welcome to my Youtube Channel. In this video I explain how I use the bank levels to obtain trade direction for my Fx trades. Support and resistance is vital if you are to have any idea of which way the banks woud like price to move in. GBPUSD is once of the hardest pairs to trade as this is heavily managed by Barclays who are principal market makers and who themelsves understand what it takes to send traders in the wrong direction. Examples of this are literally strewn all accross the GBPUSD chart. In the video I walk you through examples of how the bank levels can help you to guage direction and estimate the next port of call for price. Please subscribe to my daily videos for more updates on how I use these levels at exacttrading.com
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john inidorbra Ebikefe (5 months ago)
Please how can I get the bank levels support and resistance points?
jawad mahmood (9 months ago)
Hello What is logic behind coding this indicator ... How it plot the level as if market make two low or two highs then it will plot it a level in specific time frame ???
Paul Langham (9 months ago)
Hi Jawad, this is not time frame dependant just measures weekly, monthly hi/lo thx
forceofnature (9 months ago)
Are bank levels pivot levels - if not how do you know what are "bank levels?"
Paul Langham (9 months ago)
Hi Mohammed they are available as part of my FX uncensored course . Hope this helps . Thx
mohamed sabir (9 months ago)
do yo have an indicator that draw this levels sir if yes can u send it to me please!!
Paul Langham (9 months ago)
Hi Forceofnature, no these are conlomerations of weekly,monthly quaterly etc levels
maximosh (9 months ago)
Despite the 4th July holiday I hear there's an FOMC announcement on Friday.   With the USD pairs going up, it looks like a few getting in early expecting them to strengthen on the back of the announcement containing interest rates applied to the USD.  Not a fundamental trader myself, but it's pretty major stuff for major market participants.
Paul Langham (9 months ago)
Hi Maximosh, The US Non farm payrolls ADP and regular always come out on the first Thursday and Friday of each month, this will still happen despite the July 4 holiday. Thx

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