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Sam Seiden: Trading Like a Bank in FX

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Date of issue: 07 November 2013. Speaker: Sam Seiden. It's no secret, Banks tend to be very profitable. At the same time, retail Forex traders tend to lose money yet both groups are buying and selling in the same market. Sam Seiden began his career on the Bank side of the business in the Forex markets at the Chicago Mercantile exchange where he facilitated large FX order flow for banks, institutions, hedge funds, and more in the Forex markets. Join Sam as he shows you the simple reasons why Banks are consistently profitable and you're not. Learn to Trade Now http://www.tradingacademy.com/fxstreet
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Exorcist (1 day ago)
Thanks FxStreet
E Trade (1 year ago)
Wholesale: supply Retail:demand
Joshua Georges (7 months ago)
Wholesale is Demand and Retail is Supply. Buy Wholesale and Sell Retail

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