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Understand FAST English Conversations [Advanced Listening Practice]

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Text Comments (1759)
shvvsv sw (17 hours ago)
Thanks from turkey, you're the best teacher i've ever seen.
Lau Nick (1 day ago)
Love your smile all the time
Alexi Myhoney (3 days ago)
I'm Thai.
delong li (4 days ago)
awesome, I love you
Mauricio Araujo (4 days ago)
In slowly version I got almost 100%
Sovann Ieng (4 days ago)
I would like to learn english fast too. How can I do?
AL- MUEEN (5 days ago)
Hi vanessa I am from India. thank you very much
I loved it because it's necessary improving your English level every single moment. Kisses from Chile
John Halawa (8 days ago)
Say Hello to Indonesian
Taher Hussain (9 days ago)
Janiel Tadios (14 days ago)
99%understand from japan.
I can understand right away, but I cant writing. After heard the slow part I was able to write very well. thank you!
Akmal Jovliev (14 days ago)
Very good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Get it easy (14 days ago)
Mam I from India ......and it's my dream to speak like you please help me ..if you learn me ...then I don't have anything to give you but I remember you my holl life and I wish you god for you
Hi, I'm from Brazil. Nice to meet you.
Дёнчик Крут (15 days ago)
You are the best teacher I ever knew!thank you!
Tune Rhythm (16 days ago)
I would like to thank you for giving valuable time for us to improve our Englis. I can able to understand what your are talking each and every word.. I would like to talk with you on going process In order to get more ideas from you..
kobaa chanel (17 days ago)
MdKamarul Sk (17 days ago)
Hi ma'am
M:JAY Joseph (17 days ago)
Your pronounciation is so clear i can't understanding i 👍 tht
Hello mam, Firstly i'm thanking to your channel.This is very useful and so much educative which helps me so much for practicing English. May Allah bless you as well as long live.Keep continue to upload your sessions.Thanks
Cak Mad (18 days ago)
I dont believe Ive waiting for more than 9 mntes Just for exmplea what u talking about. U 2 much talking for useless information. Go to the point morron...
Hawaar dakhil (19 days ago)
هلو من منكم عربي
Nathy Pham (19 days ago)
Nice lady
samar ahmed (20 days ago)
hi am samar from sudan
최명호 (21 days ago)
I love your clean voice.
Efrain Rodriguez (21 days ago)
i love you <3
Panot Krukkratoke (21 days ago)
Hello, my name is Panot. I am from Thailand. The hardest thing for me is that in some sentences, I know every word, but I can't compose those words. I don't know which word came before. Come after. I don't know how to use at in on . I was afraid that what I said was wrong.
Alpha Omega G (22 days ago)
I am filipino and my English really very weak
Lekh Raj Fulwariya (22 days ago)
U so good
mainul islam (22 days ago)
what a beautiful!
hafid nejjari (23 days ago)
Thank you very much .abdelhafid from Morocco
Letminlun Kuki (23 days ago)
You're so attractive never show a teacher like you love it😘😘😘
Picha Prysadipenpas (24 days ago)
😊😊Thank you😊😊
Me Zo (24 days ago)
I am your student from Saudi Arabia I love you 🤗
Me Zo (20 days ago)
+Omar. Ald وش رايك إني بنت وقبل كذا قلت لك في فيديو قبله ياغبي
Omar. Ald (20 days ago)
تحبها يالسربوت
sergio calisaya (25 days ago)
Thank you so much !! Saludos desde Bolivia
H52s53 (26 days ago)
I'm from Yemen I like ur videos too much
MD RIZWAN ANSARI (26 days ago)
I most likely you
MD RIZWAN ANSARI (26 days ago)
plz teach introduction suntance
MD RIZWAN ANSARI (26 days ago)
your explaining is very nice
신은우 (27 days ago)
mahdi salih (27 days ago)
Hello Vanassa you very beautiful teacher,, thank you,,, iam from Iraq
Chantal Pilon (28 days ago)
This méthod is vers useful for me!!
Irshad Ullah (28 days ago)
You have explained the conversation in such a good way that we leave learnt a lot about the pronounciation of so many words and also a good good enough English environment. Thanks 😊😊 😊
mohamed bayoumi (29 days ago)
Really you are very excellent
janaX live (29 days ago)
I am not alone😊😫
Shimaa Alawady (29 days ago)
Thanks Vanessa
Alirio Larrazabal (30 days ago)
Hello Vanessa...I like and enjoy the way you speak and explain everything you teach ..I'm able to understand all that you Say...Clear and understandable English... Best regards...I'm frontera Venezuela but I live in México....
SANJEEV sandhu (1 month ago)
You are soo sweet
Raja Saeed (1 month ago)
Fast understand 80 to 90 percent
Raja Saeed (1 month ago)
jose dujenas (1 month ago)
I love you
Nurul Hoque Sekh (1 month ago)
Hello hello...
Regie Amonoy (1 month ago)
Hi good day Im your avid fan from Philippines count me in to your channel.
Jesus Fragoso Melo (1 month ago)
ahmad omar (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for your easy words .
Dicky Igus Suparno (1 month ago)
Now I'm listening your video in 2019
Sanjay Jadeja (1 month ago)
think you sister for teach me
Vikas Kumar (1 month ago)
Long ago I didn’t listen English sister, but I want to speak English, now I’m again try to learn from you
Vikas Kumar (1 month ago)
New friend 700, 773 dear friend 👍👍👍👍👍👍💐💐💐💐💐awesome channel dear I subbed you
zawng haw lovo (1 month ago)
Really good ,thanks .
Ahmed Abozeid (1 month ago)
You're AWESOME. Happy New Year
Ivan Gama (1 month ago)
You are amazing! Your English it’s so clean! I can understand everything! I’m living in Canada and I’m feel so bad cause sometimes I don’t understand Canadian people cause they speak so fast! Thanks for teach English! I’m fro Mexico City Also happy new year 2019!
冯丽云 (1 month ago)
Haisheng Chi (1 month ago)
u r cute
reena ali (1 month ago)
Vanessa indeed is is a great. So greatful for your video. Rambpw from Pakistan
amina chabane (1 month ago)
Hi from Algeria you are gorgeous
The Black Dog (1 month ago)
Greetings from IRAQ 🇮🇶🇮🇶
The Game changer (1 month ago)
0:17 wait.. did u actually say "at the end of 2017" or else I need to sharp my listening skills a lot ? Please reply and if I'm right then give my comment a heart
Crimson (1 month ago)
she did say that
SRive (1 month ago)
hi from cambodia
Gulya Iam (1 month ago)
Vanessa are you giving live lessons here on youtube?
Anshul Kumar (1 month ago)
Anybody can practise speaking with me on what's app
Angelika Polak (1 month ago)
+Anshul Kumar hej I had tryed sms u but sth wrong
Anshul Kumar (1 month ago)
tw k (1 month ago)
Hi~Vanessa🖐 I'm Mickey in Korea And so happy to know you & your lesson I believe l've a good chance to improve my English Thank you so much Vanessa Bye~^^♡
Fenny Alfionnita (1 month ago)
It's very helpful for me, but it seems like I late to join whole 30 Day Challenge.. :'(
Chery Wilguens (1 month ago)
I from haiti, you explain very well
Tina Sharma (1 month ago)
U speak very well
Kabin Rai (2 months ago)
how cani impress english girl like you even you?....
Frankie Cai (2 months ago)
hi,i'm a Chinese I want to find a partner can teach me English and I can teach you Chinese
Lic.Franzeli Ornelas (2 months ago)
Im looking somebody to practice my english, I wanna learn I litte more every day. Please contac me.
Meraj Tanhaa (2 months ago)
ho frock.
Matthew Zaw Bawk (2 months ago)
Hi teacher 👩‍🏫 I’m from Myanmar 🇲🇲 support your video😍😍
ameen saeed (2 months ago)
hi Vanessa ,iam glad to meet you, Ineed ahand to find on line teatcher(iam from sudan)
samar larma (2 months ago)
Very nice.....mam love❤️ from India
madan kumar (2 months ago)
Nice mam
بازل ألعماري (2 months ago)
Ibrahim Yilmaz (2 months ago)
greetings from Turkey
Sathiii hip hop (2 months ago)
This video is very helpful to improve my listening skill.
Jaime Jasso (2 months ago)
Thanks Vanessa
Ayesha Anjum (2 months ago)
One more thing that I have some problems with listening so this is very useful n helpful video for me thanks again furthermore I need your help to improve my listening
Ayesha Anjum (2 months ago)
Hi Vanessa; yes I followed the slow version it was very understanding to me thanks
Chaiphon praphochai (2 months ago)
Thanks Vanessa
mohit pnb (2 months ago)
you are so sweet really 😋😋😋😋
Joanna Jo (2 months ago)
Hello everyone, I'm glad to announce all of you who are interested in learning/speaking ( conversation focus)that I'm ready to make a group on Skype for it! We will try to open this session as soon as possible. For more details contact me on Skype live:ee2960707ce60339 By the way: it's free! No costs, nothing! Only for serious people who don't have partners in English speaking! Let's do that! I'm looking forward to meet you! I'm a learner too and I need to get fluency in English. Could some one of you to help me ? Kind regards!
MTK22 Hll (2 months ago)
I can understand fast english. There's no Magic, you have to listen a lot, thoroughly.
Ferhad Sultanov (2 months ago)
you have stolen my time
Ferhad Sultanov (2 months ago)
too much said too little done .
1 cm (2 months ago)
It is very useful for me, thx
Angel Perez (2 months ago)
I can understand everything but l can't write everything 😩
Quynh Nguyen (2 months ago)
teacher is very beautiful
Md.Eyakub Ali (2 months ago)
I fall in love your pronunciation..

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