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Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies - January 13th 2013

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More Bank Trading Strategies: http://www.DayTradingForexLive.com Introduction to Forex Bank Trading Strategies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZxXrv1nMkQ This forex training video is from our latest live seminar on January 13th 2013. For over an hour and a half we break down some of the most fundamental and key strategies you must learn in order to track banking activity in the forex marketplace. Why is tracking banking activity in the FX market so important? 10 banks control over 70% of the daily volume. Therefore if you understand what direction the banks are taking you will know the next direction of the market with a very high degree of accuracy. Because the Mega-Banks control such a majority of the daily volume there is a constant struggle for liquidity. For every seller there is a buyer and for every buyer there must always be a seller. This basic market fact forces these Mega-Banks to manipulate the market so as to induce buying pressure when they want to sell, as well as to induce selling pressure when they have the desire to buy. This manipulation is also what allows us to track their activity. This live forex training seminar walks through the basics of how we go about tracking banking activity in the forex market, as well as tips and tricks you can use to stop being the banks victim and start profiting from the daily moves that they create.
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awesomeFOREXzone (4 months ago)
Sir Please provide me the video links of Forex market cycles and how to identify predetermined points.I have search many times at the website but but not available there.
Day Trading Forex Live (4 months ago)
I would recommend starting with the video I have linked to below. This is the first video in a 3 part series that goes through the basics of the strategy we teach. https://www.daytradingforexlive.com/forex-trend-trading-part-1-is-the-trend-your-friend/ The other point I would mention is that there is NOT a specific video that covers the level selection process other than what is in the actual bank trading course. The fact is, trying to learn to trade with just a course is an exercise in futility. A course, video, or article will never teach someone to trade successfully. While a course is a good first starting point, you need to also have someone showing you how to apply the rules of the course to live market. Think about how any complicated profession is taught, and you'll see this same process as book knowledge, or a course is not adequate. -Sterling
xavi cossa (1 year ago)
how can i get the indicator you are using...the boxes
I'm sorry but this is an indicator from our members area. You should be able to find an indicator that does something similar through. I would recommend doing a google search. If you're a member of DTFL, then please watch the intro video as that will walk you through how to download the indicator.
Louai Major (1 year ago)
ate cycles, visible on daily or any time frame will do?
I look for cycle over 3-4 days. While you can see it on a longer-term perspective chart, it's not something I trade myself.
Louai Major (1 year ago)
does manipulation requires market makers to use high volume?
We term it as market manipulation but that is just a phrase we use. You could also describe it as a search for liquidity, stop hunt, testing buyers/sellers etc. The point I'm getting at is that the reason we see this happen varies from setup to setup. Therefore, you will have some that have higher volume and some that don't. Additionally, the forex market reports tic volume not true volume. Tic volume is at best 70-80% accurate as it's only tracking tics at the bid and ask rather than true volume at the bid or ask. As such, knowing true volume isn't really possible. The only exception to this is pulling forex futures volume, which is true volume.
OoieGooie (1 year ago)
I think it's great you can make the big trades but if you want to teach this stuff don't be like the other 95% of trade "educators". Learn to teach properly. Your videos are repetitive and messy. Draw more on screen and plan what you're going to say. As a nooby trader I know 2 other educators I'd go with because I can understand them and re-watch/listen to their stuff easily. Good luck. Cheers.
Roy Eaton (1 year ago)
Sterling, I don't know why you bother replying to the negative 'a'holes. You have far too much patience. They are of the 95% and bitter for not being able to trade. They are sucking you dry of your energy. You'd get more satisfaction giving your time to those who are genuinely interested in learning . If you have to reply then just tell them, perhaps the course is not for them .
You have to remember that there are many other people watching these videos, and everyone is at different education levels. I have literally had two comments on the same video (one right after the other) where one person said I ramble too much and I need to not cover things multiple times, and the next comment said I didn't cover the subject enough. As you can see, that presents a problem. This is why I explain things multiple times. If I do this, the people that need the explanation, get it. The downside is the people that don't need the explanation get a little bored. I would rather have them be a little bored then make videos where only people with a trading education will understand it. I hope this helps clarify why the videos are laid out the way they are. With that being said, you have to ask yourself if you're gaining value and you believe in the strategy. If the answer to that is yes then don't worry about hearing something repeated twice. If you don't feel like you're gaining value then I would recommend going to an education service or channel that is providing the value you're looking for. As a final note, I do appreciate the suggestions on drawing on the screen. I think that is a good idea and I'll be doing more of that moving forward! All the best in your trading. -Sterling
Rahman (1 year ago)
took too long to get to the point, I getting bored
Roy Eaton (1 year ago)
Perhaps a factory job would suit you better!
E Trade (1 year ago)
21: as retail trader we never know everything 25: where we are in market cycle and where are high probability (manipulation) point 27: market cycle gives ibdication of next day direction 30: trade only 3 hpurs aftwr asian closed dan 3 hours at early NY session 40: why bank trader are predictable? Because retail trader are predictable. 45: monitor the market price at manipulation location (no pendong order) 48:general order flow 60: market cycle from H1 chart
Stormkicker1 (2 years ago)
It takes this guy ages to get his point across, this video could 30% of it's entire duration and be far more effective. Just too much blabbering between points.
And if I shorten it I will get comments from people saying I'm "hiding" all the information by only skimming the surface.
Crystal Watkins (2 years ago)
So AWESOME amazing video Thank you so much it's 2016 and this has helped me out so much. Cheers
I'm glad you enjoyed the video. All the best in your trading! -Sterling
Donald Smith (2 years ago)
You and Steve Mauro, stole these concepts from Michael Hiddleston, The inner circle trader, any one that wants to learn all that you need to know about these concepts for free, look up the inner circle trader. He is the original, and the real deal!!!! AGAIN, ALL FOR FREE!!!!
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
Hi....I appreciate that you think what your saying is true, but lets cover 2 main facts. Below is a video I posted in Youtube from 6.5 YEARS ago. I was the first to start talking about market manipulation and the first to start teaching it. Can you refer me to something he posted BEFORE the video below? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KMkkx4OfmU Here is another point that really solidifies what I'm saying. Go to whois.com and do a domain search for when his website was created. I'll save you a little time...it was created Feb 19th of 2013. That is 3 YEARS AFTER my first video on stop runs was posted, and I'm not even referencing the 2 years I taught my strategy in the Forex Diamonds room which was run by Forex Peace Army. I appreciate your veal, but your facts are blatantly wrong. All the best in your trading. -Sterling
anand panjwani (2 years ago)
Thanks for explaining about timingThanks
Tyson Pillinger (2 years ago)
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Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
No problem, and I'm glad you enjoyed the video.
Jadab Roy (2 years ago)
nice but was so boring as you explain many time one concept
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
Again, the people who watch this video come from every type of background and knowledge. Therefore explaining things a few times from multiple angles means that most will get the point. If I didn't do it this way I would have people commenting that I didn't explain things well enough. Thanks for the comment and all the best in your trading.
Steve Patterson (3 years ago)
It really astonishes me how people that have never worked for a Bank, Hedge fund or Prop firm in their lives try and teach you what Banks, Hedge Funds and Prop firms actually do. I guess if you write a snazzy youtube title you can get 70,000 views with zero bases in reality.
G F (1 year ago)
Steve Patterson so true
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
First, I don't disagree with you. I DON'T KNOW for certain if a level is a high liquidity point. I would also say that even the banks cannot guarantee that a level will be a high liquidity point either. Large orders are often hidden, faked, ect. NO ONE know for certain....but then again trading isn't about certainties, its about probabilities. Probabilities combined with high reward to risk is what I teach....and I never want to convey something other than that. As far as my "analysis of all the factors and information is incomplete", I would again agree with you. I would also say that anyone who tells you or truly thinks they have a "complete analysis" of every possible situation is either ignorant or they are being disingenuous at best. The fact is the markets are fluid and even if you could know all the factors that are moving the market, they would be different minutes or hours later. This is why I believe in simplicity of a strategy because you will never know all the information behind ever market move and trying to do so is futile. As far as our trading strategy....long term trading success is based on probabilities, and it is not my opinion that liquidity is attracted to previous turning points in the market, this is a fact. This DOES NOT guarantee that the liquidity is there but it does give us a statistical advantage. As such we then qualify what we term as a "stop run", "liquidity hunt", or whatever word someone wants to use....and then trade that setup once a level is reached. Over the last year of doing these month end reviews I have close to a 65% hit rate and an average reward to risk of 1.5 to 1. -Sterling
Steve Patterson (2 years ago)
Your posting what "you think" are important levels but those levels are just your opinions and they are not based in the reality of what a bank or institution might be considering on any given day. There are so many factors that go into what is important and what isn't important on any given day and we don't even know what levels to deal from most of the time until we see all the data and information based around that day and even then that can change very quickly based on the market conditions in just seconds. I respect that you are calling your levels in advance that is cool but please don't mislead people into some sense of false authority that you simply do not have. The fact is you really don't know but your making a guess based on history. Sometimes it will be correct and sometimes it will be wrong because your analysis of all the factors and information is incomplete. Best of trades to you.
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
Your missing the point. Banks are market makers and this is not a hidden secret or revelation that I'm giving to the world. As such their major goal is to simply facilitate trade...IE find buyers for sellers and find sellers for buyers. As such we simply identify high liquidity point which is not a complicated process. I don't just say that what we do works I prove it. Every night I pre-select the levels BEFORE the trading day begins. These videos are time stamped in Youtube and cannot be edited as hundreds of members see them as soon as they are posted. Because the entry technique we use is mechanical member know for certain if a trade was valid or not and they also know if it is a losing trade or a winning trade. Again, this is done in advance unlike most educators that like to teach in hindsight. I I understand the general belief in the market is that everyone is a scam but you should do some more research before spouting off on a topic we prove to be accurate day in day out. All the best in your trading. -Sterling
Eleanora Eleanore (3 years ago)
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WhiteEmerald1991 (3 years ago)
OH. SO YOU know Steve Mauro because I compared this with his MMM. Even though I am broke to learn from Steve, are his teachings equivalents to yours?
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
My first videos were YEARS before Steve came into the market. If you search "stop run reversal" within Youtube you will see my video on market manipulation from over 6.5 years ago. This is long before anyone else was talking about the subject online. As far as being equivalent to our teaching....we have many of his past members for a reason. What we teach is a mechanical entry technique that is much easier to follow vs his random idea of patterns. Additionally I provide exact levels for members to trade from each night. If you combine pre-selected levels with a mechanical entry technique you have most all of the discretion taken out of the learning process which is why we see a great deal of success in our members. I'm not saying learning to trade is easy, I'm just saying we make it as easy as it can possibly be. With that being said learning to trade is still a difficult task no matter what.
hish vasco (3 years ago)
shall we trade trade forex or not to trade.
Tarom456 (3 years ago)
Gosh, I hope these comments are full of sarcasm...
Thanks for sharing. It'd be good if all the videos could be organised categorically on the playlist.
Vahid Maleksaeedi (4 years ago)
In general alot of information , but was so boring as you explain many many time one concept any way thanks.
YAMIN alharbi (1 year ago)
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
You may get the concept quickly but there are people from all different backgrounds watching this video which is why I cover points multiple times from different perspectives. All the best in your trading. -Sterling
Prasanna Chitnis (4 years ago)
which time frame you r using sir & which MA ? Is it 200EMA ?
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
All of our trades come from the 15M chart. -Sterling
Scottie Carder (3 years ago)
+Prasanna Chitnis ᴍᴀᴋᴇ + *$450* / ʜᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴏғɪᴛ, ғᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴀᴛ *BINARYROB0T.COM*
Day Trading Forex Live (3 years ago)
+Prasanna Chitnis We trade off the 15M chart and the EMA on the chart is the 200 and the 60. -Sterling
ronniek888 (4 years ago)
where are all 3 videos?
Sterling Suhr (4 years ago)
You can find the videos on our site which is linked to in the description. -Sterling
ckbond41 (4 years ago)
This is a great video, thanks for taking the time to share it with us all. There are very interested point which I would use on my own trading.
Sterling Suhr (4 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video. Happy trading. -Sterling
Steve Mozena (4 years ago)
a little constructive criticism....talk less and say more.  it took me an hour of listening to get 3 or 4 basic ideas - it doesn't take that long to teach.   thanks for offering the information you have!
Fiorenza Li Fonti (6 months ago)
This was great, thanks, been searching for "successful forex trading strategy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Manylan Ranackenzie Breakthrough - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got cool results with it.
Jerome Keteller (5 years ago)
great share
MQL4 Code Base (5 years ago)
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
We just posted a new article under the 'forex articles' tab on the website...you can check that out for more info on robots. I'm personally not a bit fan of them and think they are one of many forex scams. I've been in this market for close to 9 years and I've never seen one be consistently profitable. I'm always open to being proven wrong. All the best. -Sterling
Forexreviews (5 years ago)
Have a 1 subs +!! :), I love this introduction, I use the forex robots what opinion have of it? :)
Would you tell me how you exactly trade ? thank you
FreeTrendIndicators (5 years ago)
Great vid, thanks for uploading!★
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hi Rob, We use the hourly chart to look for the cycles. We want to see a push that is around 90% of the average daily range to consider it a push and expect the next days push to be in that direction. The level they push from is a different story but its is almost always from a significant point where there was buying or selling in the past. Chad
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Cont...Scroll down half way and you will see a post titled "Forex Trend Trading - Part 1". Watch that 3 part series and market cycle and out strategy all together will make a great deal more sense to you. If you cannot find it just shoot us an email and we will send you the direct link. -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hey Rob, Yes the market moves in larger cycles such as the daily & weekly charts. For example look at the EUR/USD on the weekly chart. Ever since 2008 every move up or down has been a cycle of three. For the purpose of tracking banking activity on a daily basis however, we use a small cycle that occurs over the course of 3 to 4 days on average. There are different rules to the cycle that help you better identify it. If you go to the site linked above and click on the tab "forex videos"
Rob Bernard (5 years ago)
If the market moves normally in a 3 cycle formation, is that on a daily time frame such that you then have an idea of direction for the following day, or do you use a lower time frame for the 3 cycles - that is what confuses me, what time frame do you look for the 3 cycles on?
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
There is a ton of info on the site that details it further. Go into the forex videos section and then scroll down to find the three part video series I put together. If you have't seen it, it will help a great deal. If you cannot find it shoot us an email at [email protected] and I will email it to you directly as I can't put links in comments. You can also find it in our youtube videos if preferred.
DeltaEZ (5 years ago)
PS: This is a US account... We all have a basic limitation of 1:50 margin. So it's all about the details when chosing a broker.
DeltaEZ (5 years ago)
I use FXCM with their Non-Dealer Desk Account (micro account). I'm pretty sure they are a good broker, but they only offer NDD accounts in the micro context. All the bigger accounts are dealer desk (I think?). The spread difference between the NDD account and the others is over 1 pip, which seems like a lot,.. but I assume it compensates for commission prices? I get what you're saying about bank manipulation. I wish I could see it better in the charts, though...
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
What broker do you trade with? The big picture is not the broker. In all actuality the brokers simply report the price feed they are given. The main key is identifying bank manipulation as this remains consistent no matter the broker you use. It is preferable to trade with a broker that does not trade against you like you mention. One quick way to tell if you have a good broker or not is to see if they have a "counter-party agreement"....if not then they are one of the better ones for sure.
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hey Joy, You can go to our site using the link in the description. Then click on videos and scroll down. You will see the three part video series in there as they are all labeled part 1, part 2, or part 3. If you cannot find it please email us directly at [email protected] and I will send you the direct link. All the best! -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hi, There is a link to the site below the video. If you click on that one of the main tabs is "forex videos". Click on that and it will bring up all our education videos. If you look in there you will see the three part series labeled Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I would link to it directly but youtube will not allow links in comments. If you cannot find it please email us at [email protected] I will send you the direct link. Happy Trading. -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hey Jared....I agree if someone thinks the learning process is short then they might as well move on. Learning to trade takes time, and a great deal of support. That's something most educators won't say because quite frankly it doesn't sell well :) The main point I think Andrew was getting across is that there needs to be a clearer direction for the webinar. Obviously the Q&A section is going to bounce around but the main points could be more clearly laid out...and I agree. Happy Trading!
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hey Andrew....we appreciate the comment and the thoughts and quite honestly I agree. One of the things I try to do with the videos is keep a bit more focus as well as keep them shorter (except for when its a webinar). Either way keeping it more clearly on a specific topic is helpful without a doubt and we appreciate the feedback. Shoot me an email at [email protected] ... I'm always interested to hear about others strategies. Happy trading! -Sterling
Jared Mcdonald (5 years ago)
Good points made in the video. Not sure why people are complaining about the video going on for 30 minutes. If their attention span is so short they might as well forget about forex trading!
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Hi...glad your finding the video helpful. Please let me us know what it is that is not clear? I played the video and all seems ok 33 minutes in. Talk soon. -Sterling
Ashraf Allam (5 years ago)
nice but where can I find the 3 videos?
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Any broker that is not an ECN has a dealing desk. They have to but what most have tried to do is truly put your orders out to the market and eliminate the desk. However that if they cant get your order filled they will take the other side of your trade. Their point is that there is not somebody at the desk that may be trading against clients but the desk still exists. Since brokers in the past known to trade against clients they have changed due to competition trying to keep their clients
Md Ashikur Rahman (5 years ago)
can I get the link of market cycle that u mentioned on seminar?
DeltaEZ (5 years ago)
What about non-dealer desk accounts? My broker claims because of the NDD model, they can't trade against you, and nobody can see you're stops and limits, or even see "you", in the traditional sense.
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
If you watch about the first 10 minutes of the video it explains the first point. The video discusses quite a bit more than just the first point made about mainstream trading strategies. All the best. -Sterling
Day Trading Forex Live (5 years ago)
Traders are overwhelmed by all the BS that is out there, I agree. Which is why we have many members that have a ton of baggage to discard before they can trade the manipulation of the big boys. There is so many of those selling crap systems promoting the get rich quick BS its pathetic. Forex is not what most educators will tell you. Its a process that can have very good gains but only if you have the dedication and discipline to follow your plan. Can we agree that all markets are manipulated?
Anthonyij (5 years ago)
I know that many traders are overwhelmed!
Cedric Andrews (5 years ago)
He took too lone to get to the point. I didn't finish watching this video.
Concept and trading strategy good just a pity the presenter style and speaking ability is not on standard. Suggestion - speak more fluently with less pauses it tends to break one's concentration otherwise good
EXIT2021confirmed (6 years ago)
friendlywhiteguy (6 years ago)
Freakin missed it.
Goran Simonovski (6 years ago)
Why on this video, you have market 1-st and 2-nd push-down, and then again 1-st push up upside...it is not always clear 3 cycles? Regards...

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