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How to Repair Disk Permissions in El Capitan

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A free solution to repairing your disk permissions with the new Mac OS El Capitan! OnyX Download: http://www.titanium.free.fr/onyx.html * * Join me on Patreon to access exclusive news and help support my channel! https://www.patreon.com/ceadd Subscribe to Ceadd on YouTube (don’t forget to hit that bell!) https://www.youtube.com/c/ceaddl Visit Ceadd on the Web https://ceadd.ca #apple #iphonexsmax #iphonexr #iphonexs #iphonex #iphone8 #iphone7 #iphone6s #ipadpro #ipadpro2019 #11 #ios12 #ios13 #jailbreakios12 #ios12jailbreak #ios1212jailbreak #ios1211jailbreak #jailbreaktweak #cydiatweak #cydia #saurik #sileo #coolstar #electra #unc0ver #unc0verjailbreak #electrajailbreak #electratv #backr00mjailbreak #backr00m #eta #etason #h3lix #doubleh3lix #yalu102 #totallynotspyware #meridian #ianbeer #liberiOS #liberTV #jailbreakme #untetherjailbreak #pangu #appletv4K #appletv #appletvjailbreak #jailbreakappletv #applewatch4 #applewatch #macbookair #macbookpro #macmini #imac #imacpro #macoshighsierra #macosmojave #macos #ps4 #fixps4 #ps4safemode #ceadd #ceaddl #iphoneunboxing #unboxing #electronics #technology #techreview #techreview2019 #jailbreak2019 #technology2019 Ceadd 2019
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Text Comments (24)
Carrie Slack (9 months ago)
thank you!!
Kevin Malenda (1 year ago)
Thank you. Trying to erase partitions from my drive was driving me crazy
Christiaan Gscheidle (1 year ago)
My imac keeps ejecting DVD's but accepts other disks. If this works will be so thankful. Thanks for taking the time to post.
Hayden Timm (1 year ago)
fing apple keeps getting worse! Is it possible to repair permissions on an external drive with onyx as well?
Daniel Medeiros (2 years ago)
Thank you it HELP Me
Rich Nazari (2 years ago)
Amazing video. Do you have a video showing how to repair disk permissions on OS Sierra using Terminal?
Jerrod Downey (2 years ago)
G Nazari that is what I am looking for as well.l
Be Sting Talk Radio (2 years ago)
Everytime I try to launch OnyX ... my entire system locks up. I have to hard reboot. Thanks though!
Ty Peacock (2 years ago)
I'm still having problems. I'm trying to edit a .plist file and it still says I don't have permission.
JN Music Production (2 years ago)
Yep...I have the same problem!!!
Derron Fricke (2 years ago)
I cannot seem to read a cd that was burned by my brother that has MP3's. I am able to read a regular music CD so I believe the optical drive is fine and that the CD is perfect as he just burned the disk. Running El Capitan. I just ran the onyx disk permission repair
stephen Shanyurai (2 years ago)
Thanks Mate.
Meglio (2 years ago)
Thank you so much
Ioannis Kazlaris (2 years ago)
After repairing permissions, why can't I copy a file to /usr/lib?
Okaymusic (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this vid. It was very helpful. Your App did fix the problem.
Billy (3 years ago)
Very good tutorial Ceadd, I recommended your video to someone else that uploaded a video on how to make a tutorial like yours ..None of this fast with loud music crap. 5 stars
Bob Morales (3 years ago)
glad to be able to run permissions repair again. Great video!
General Public (3 years ago)
My computer has an SSD and runs Mac OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan and has Onyx 3.1.4 and I had problems with sudo not working anymore due to permissions. I tried Onyx's repair permissions feature since it's gone from Disk Utility. It appeared to be working and the progress bar gradually reached about halfway but now it's stopped moving and has been stuck there, and it has been running for fully TWO HOURS, much longer than you said in this video. I am trying to be patient and it has not given me any error messages. I figure maybe I should just let it keep running for a day and if it is still stuck at the same point I'll reinstall El Capitan... just wanted to let you know about my experience with this. El Capitan's reinstaller (version 10.11.3) is most of the way downloaded, 5.37 gigs out of 6.19. I guess I will just reinstall El Capitan. Good thing I have enough disk space. Hopefully that will work because Onyx isn't cutting it. Oh and I can't repair permissions from Terminal because sudo is broken and now Terminal itself is broken too!
shakh94 (3 years ago)
great vid! how do you repair permissions for external drives? thanks
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
+shakh94 hmmm, good question. You can only repair disk permissions for OS disks (the primary harddrive containing el capitan) External disks dont require permission repairs unless your running an operating system from it. Anyways, i have another tutorial showing how to repair disk permissions with terminal, if your not afraid of some code i would check it out! Just make sure you direct it to the external an not the primary drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfCTc5zEOEc
TheOmnipresent12 (3 years ago)
Thanks for taking the time (and effort) to upload this helpful video. I'm sold. Regards.
TheOmnipresent12 (3 years ago)
+Ceadd L It did not come as a surprise to me that you are Canadian. Such good manners and disposition. Can't wait to go there again (been about 8 times inc U.S. which we also like). Now about 24 hours has passed I've run this software on my iMac and her Macbook Pro. Noticeable improvement on each machine so thanks again! All the best for 2016 Ceadd! Keep up the great work!
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
Your welcome :) thank you for taking the time to comment! Honestly, I do this not just because technology is my passion but I also like helping and teaching people. I'm glad you could watch this video an walk away with something from it, even if it's just information or an opinion. Your the perfect example of why I keep it up. Thank you. Cheers from Canada!
pochoun33137 (3 years ago)
Very nice, I think this deserves a try. Bless.

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