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Live Forex Trading - Trading In Line with Market Makers and Banks Without Losing

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Hello Winners! ►Learn How To Trade: Join The Fx220 1 on 1 Mentoring Program: https://fx220.thinkific.com Connect with us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fx220.Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fx220_official In this video you will get insights on how i trade, And watch me as i take Live entries without Losses and Win Trades Easily, With Real Money. In this trade, I managed to get 45 Pips easily on GBPUSD which is great for one day. The goal of this video is not to show off, It's to prove to people how simple and effective day trading can be if you're equiped with solid Knowledge and Education about The Forex Market. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe for more content, Feel free to comment below If you want to see a breakdown of the Analysis behind these trades and ask me any questions. Thank you very much, All the Best! ► About me: Expert Forex Trader trained by a Professional Institutional Trader/Mentor, Equiped with Solid knowledge about Market Behavior/Psychology and Market Maker Secrets, Both Technical and Fundamental analysis on Larger/Smaller timeframes. With the goal to help improve the mindset of retail traders that were bombarded with false and rubbish information and Education about Forex Trading. What would most retail forex traders and mentors tell you? Trade 1% of your account, have a 1:3 Risk/Reward ratio and you will still make money if you have a 32% winning strategy, HAHA You would need a $2,000,000 account to see significant returns... Nobody Teaches you how to have a 90-100% ITM Winning ratio, By mastering Simple efffective strategies based on real confluences and confirmations from the Markets to have Certain entries, And make real returns (High 6 to 7 figures yearly) trading the Forex Market. 95% of Forex Traders Loose Money BUT WE'RE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF LOSING MONEY.
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Text Comments (6)
BlackBird (1 year ago)
You always pick the right direction! RESPECT
Cesur Alemdar (1 year ago)
Absolutely amazing!
Sonofed3 (1 year ago)
was it a false break on a fib level? thanks!!!!
Fx220 (1 year ago)
Yes mate, Price did bounce off a fib retracement level
marcus l (1 year ago)
could you give a short breakdown as to why you took the trade when you did...or do this on another vid as it would be very helpful to beginners like me
Fx220 (1 year ago)
Hey mate, This was the analysis behind it after i knew it was an uptrend: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfQk9tEFmNl/?taken-by=fx220_official

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