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Best Binary Options Trading Strategy 99% Win 2017

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Free Iq Option Demo: https://affiliate.iqoption.com/redir/?aff=53497 ExpertOption: https://r.expertoption.com/?refid=14452 For EU & USA best broker: http://www.ayrex.com/?b=hno You can use this strategy in binary options to win every time but you have to keep following things in mind. =Greed =Patience =Good Market condition. I hope you enjoy this video :) please subscribe for more awesome videos. You need to follow this strategy as i shown in the video if you do it correctly you will earn money. *Your Capital at risk I am no longer affiliate of IQoption Hi please ask me strategy related questions at Email: "[email protected]"
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NerdsHD (1 year ago)
*** Guys Now a days i only use Expertoption & Recommend only it :) you should also use it :) Use this link to get 100% bonus https://expertoption.com/?refid=14452 My newer video are made using this platform only !!
Bidyut Baruah (2 months ago)
Superb explanation.
desi billi (2 months ago)
Bhai Olymp trade pe video banao
Japhet Anciado (2 months ago)
why is your thrid MA yellow?????/
NerdsHD (2 months ago)
Thanks :) Please make free account here & if you have any questions ask them on my binary options forum: https://binaryoptionsforum.org/ So that other people can also get benefit from information we share :) If you have any information, strategy or indicator feel free to share it with other like minded traders :)
Japhet Anciado (2 months ago)
NerdsHD thankss .. i hope i can get good at this soon :)
NerdsHD (2 months ago)
Thanks :) Please make free account here & if you have any questions ask them on my binary options forum: https://binaryoptionsforum.org/ So that other people can also get benefit from information we share :) If you have any information, strategy or indicator feel free to share it with other like minded traders :)
Japhet Anciado (2 months ago)
Dude I would love to make an account using your link but i will be blocked if I have multiple accounts!
Sudesh Chinthaka (3 months ago)
Nice lesson bro....thank you very much
Shumaila Shafique (5 months ago)
good g
Minsoo Kim (1 year ago)
Really good strategy and I respect you for being so sincere, going to follow the link to affiliate with you
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Fareeda Arif (1 year ago)
bro plz give your email address
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Enjoy This (1 year ago)
mehebub ahmed (1 year ago)
for this I earned 100 $ in one day
PRASHANTH RAJ (1 year ago)
awesome strategy bro.. thanks alot..
Yousaf Anwar (1 year ago)
Jehanzeb bhai brilliant video! I've just got into Binary trading on Iq Options! I hope you go from one strength to another In sha Allah. Do you have any social networking site such ad facebook or instagram that I can follow you and learn more? All the best from UK !
SECRET TRICK (1 year ago)
nice video, i like your strategy
ynpnsb westboyz (1 year ago)
hello thanks for your method but i wish to know how to set exact periods,?
kkkkk755 (1 year ago)
show results
John E (1 year ago)
Hi Jahanzeb, what settings would you recommend if I use the RSI with this?
Robert Ruja (1 year ago)
This is so good ! Thank you very much ! Subscribed.
Money Option (1 year ago)
helo sir how to guess markit is good
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Will make video on that :)
Ironcladelderberry Vg (1 year ago)
how to know if the market is good please tell me
MLG master (1 year ago)
Hi Brother, Thank you very much. I've seen several videos but i must say, this is the best. kind regards
Omar Mahmood (1 year ago)
can you tell us when the right time it is to trade on the market please
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
I will make video on that
This is good information my friend. You explain it so well. Thankyou.
Sumon Halder (1 year ago)
Realy helpfull video
Valencia George (1 year ago)
Thank yu, keep the good work. god enlight you more
Idah S Makonese (1 year ago)
thanks i am using your strategy now and only lost 1 trade with it..... it like 90% accurate
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
"[email protected]" do mail me :)
Idah S Makonese (1 year ago)
NerdsHD whats your email?
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
You are welcome :)
Idah S Makonese (1 year ago)
Preda Studios (1 year ago)
What kind of currency pair do you seek? Neutral, Strong buy or Strong sell ?
POOJA MISHRA (1 year ago)
hi! nice video & your strategy awesome plz sent your whatsapp no. or any contact no.
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Thank You :) Check my newer video & check it's description all my contacts are there
Crypto Currency (1 year ago)
Sir iq option is legit withdrawal deti h ye
S S J (1 year ago)
hey thanks for your strategy. but can you tell me which matket is a good market? is it when it shows clear bullish or bearish market? and when is the best to enter the market?
Rostom Rostom (1 year ago)
amazing video !! thank very much for your help . keep going !
collin Singh (1 year ago)
Hello bro hope u ok very nice video can u give me ur email plzz thnks ....
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Yes why not : [email protected]
Yellow Pages Pictures (1 year ago)
ek video urdu mai bi banao lo bahi
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
English most of guys here understand English :)
Khiêm Phạm (1 year ago)
I'm new to the iq option. Can you help me thank you
Khiêm Phạm (1 year ago)
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Watch my newer video :) & mail me at "[email protected]" I will surely help you :)
Daniel Obi (1 year ago)
I will like to no if deposit with MasterCard is good and how long do it take to withdraw?
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Yes you can :) which my newer video for more better strategy :) use this link to signup in order to avail 100% bonus : https://expertoption.com/?refid=14452 Yes you can use MasterCard & Withdraws are painless !
Daniel Obi (1 year ago)
dhanish (1 year ago)
sir how you know that the market is good or not ??? Thanks ...
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
When market is neither very fast or very slow :) when it is make complete full good size candles it is good :)
Dhananjay Kawade (1 year ago)
please make a live videos
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Please watch my newest Video :)
amila madusanke (1 year ago)
Thank you so much brother.
Dean Andrew (1 year ago)
can i use this method on android as well ?
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Yes you can !
Daniel Obi (1 year ago)
Please your Facebook name, I need your help?
Vinay Mittal (1 year ago)
Very useful point @ 8:00 to 9:50
Vinay Mittal (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing bro and you are right people who make $100+ in a day and still want to sell there strategy :/
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
David Okonji (1 year ago)
Can I get this,?
Final Season LegaC (1 year ago)
Much love !!!!!
oranjevko (1 year ago)
Thank you sincerely for this video.
This is by far the best strategy...thanx a lot NerdsHD
Gabriel paquette (1 year ago)
Nice job bro!
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
TIM Crowder (1 year ago)
It does not work in America witch sucks
nice review thanks :)
Làm Sao (1 year ago)
ONLINE JOBS (1 year ago)
hello sir iq option video hindi langweg sir plz
jinjle (1 year ago)
Good guidance. Any reason for switching to experoption?
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
You will get 100% Bonus on Deposit Link : https://expertoption.com/?refid=14452 also they have better wining percentage then Iq option you can earn as much as 95% on your bets. Plus it's support is more amazing
BUSY BUSINESS (1 year ago)
I am new to binary options trading and I find myself trying to follow the same principle but I did not know that awesome technique you just showed me, I am excited to try it. Your example and the comments below speaks for itself. What do you think about using trading robots?  Thanks!
Hearts Maker59 (1 year ago)
bro how can i contact you
Alex Silva (1 year ago)
Please put subtitles... your english is difficult for non-english followers :)
Sau Tafao (1 year ago)
We cannot do IQ option in the United States 😓
Zohaib Ali (1 year ago)
I have developed 80 % successful GUARANTEED for IQOPTION, after spending like 5000 Hours on IQ option, :-). i can deliver a live screen shared demonstration if you want. And will to share it with any one who is willing to go ahead with it, NOPE i will not share it on YouTube, too much hard is put in to it.
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Contact me via email : [email protected]
Omar Abouelnasr (1 year ago)
Don't think this method works
Louis Hoang (1 year ago)
Hello Malik, thank you for your great strategy to observe the reversal trend. I have something to chip in as well, you can also you the ADX-14 to cross-check, as you said if the AO formed a tiny bit of new reversal trend, also the Stoch indicated strong new trend, it is sometimes can be inaccurate. Double check with RSI, if the gap between the overbought and oversold are wide apart, the probability of this new trend being strong is almost 99.99%. I have applied your strategy and won consecutively 5 times in a row, that's a great level of consistency, so thank you for this awesome strategy !
Gian Volante (1 year ago)
What a BRILLIANT video! Thanks Man!
Aada16507 Ram (1 year ago)
bhai aapse contact karne ka doosra zariya boliye
Rachana Eliyan (1 year ago)
Hi, liked your video. Have sent u an email, please reply..or please share your watsapp number
RAHMAN MOHAMMED (1 year ago)
my friend  thank you for your honesty you are the best  .
Internet Jobs (1 year ago)
Hi can I switch between currency pairs as i wait for all the indicators to show that the trade is ready to be taken? or does the strategy work better with EUR/USD? Are there specific times of the day when the market and your strategy works well together? Can your strategy work when trading OTC???
Yuvi Dhillon (1 year ago)
bhai aapne live trade video nai bnai?
target towork (1 year ago)
is this strategy work out on Saturday and Sunday ?
abbas khan (1 year ago)
As salam alaikum Azim .Thanks a lot brother for the video but i had followed this same strategy from another person just 6 days back from (best binary options strategy Awesome indicators) really this strategy works .thanks once again .
Azam M (1 year ago)
Thanks friend i see the video its very good i also use iq option but facing some problem after watching video its clear . i comment after use ? its working 100% use its all waching friend its working .
Abdus Samad (1 year ago)
Hi friend is it possible to give me your email, I can ask more through. I'm really interested.
Patrick Baptiste (1 year ago)
Nice one very helpful
Shahnam jilan (1 year ago)
Bohot khub mere vai !! May Allah bless you brother (Y)
Arshad khan (1 year ago)
bhai esme deposit kese kreee
ony sajal (1 year ago)
Jahanzeb bro plz add me in facebook need to talk https://www.facebook.com/666ony
HOw much i get bonus if I registered using your link? 25% of what amount?
gwmsar khakhlary (1 year ago)
great...!!loved it
mukunda Das (1 year ago)
Sir your video is awsome,please help me more with your tips I am beginner at at binary option for 4 months I deposit more about 500 dollar but nothing to profit and I lost all,I am disappointed please help me giving your no lose tips,after see ur video I am gaining my confidence.replay me plz.
ony sajal (1 year ago)
when is a pic hour in bangladesh? and whats ur facebook page and ur profile BTW thankx for ur video
MrHairyWombat (1 year ago)
Hi, do you call after waiting 10-15 seconds after the 2nd candle or after the 1st is formed. Cheers
Schumann Rahman (1 year ago)
Can i implement the same strategy on a 1 minute chart ?
noy paul (1 year ago)
this strategy works on commodity as well ?
Nhoy Yasim (1 year ago)
hi jahan was this really effective strategy? thank you
piano tutorial (1 year ago)
brother u deserve respect
peter lukacko (1 year ago)
great video! well done. wish you success in your trades
ToM Rts (1 year ago)
can you send me your Skype brother [email protected]
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
No contact me via email "[email protected]"
GamerBro007 (1 year ago)
hey you didnt put any new videos?
GamerBro007 (1 year ago)
i will see
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
I did Bro :) check my channel :)
Harmidas Nozari (1 year ago)
I respect you and Best Wishes for you
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
Cara Kirkwood (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
You are welcome
ToM Rts (1 year ago)
when ugonna upload next video ?
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
I did :) check my channel :)
ToM Rts (1 year ago)
hey brother salam
NerdsHD (1 year ago)
asif nihal (1 year ago)
do it have to be 30sec
Michael BYF (1 year ago)
Liked and subscribed ! Looking forward to your new videos!
Silvia Angel (1 year ago)
Hi .. how are you Jhanzaib, how to contact you ?
Amjad Shoukat (1 year ago)
Nice video, I will join through your affiliate link... and seek more help from you..
Eric Maila (1 year ago)
this videos are so educational to us
aMItt verma (1 year ago)
Hey man..LOVE N RESPECT from INDIA.....thanks for sharing this awesome strategy...
L J (1 year ago)
Saagar Tichkule (1 year ago)
Hello Sir ... This Application Can't Use Indian Market So Please Suggests Me If Available In India Same Application. Thank You
Wycliffe Oduor (1 year ago)
my friend i was losing money untill i watched this video and it really helped me i am now earning some crazy amount ,cant thank you enough.
Wycliffe Oduor (1 year ago)
usually i use 1min expiry expiry time and 30 min chart
IELTS Listening (1 year ago)
Wycliffe Oduor hi please help me since you personally used this strategy. Did you watch one pair within an hour, waiting for the candlesticks to form and lines to cross? Usually how Long do you have to wait before the red and yellow lines cross? Is it ok to use 1 min expiry time and 15 min chart only?

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