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Binary options strategy - How to win 60 second trades | BinaryOptionsPost.com

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IQ option strategy. You can trade binary options on http://bit.ly/HighLow-net (ASIC regulated) ~ $50 cash back offer! 60 second strategy based on two simple indicators, and it is easy to follow. In my opinion, IQ Option is currently the most professional trading platform designed for binary options. You can easily set up your strategy on the chart by using the available indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands. I am using the MA to define the trend and always trade with the trend when a candle is out of the Bollinger bands. When the moving average shows a clear up trend, we can see many red candles break the bottom band. All red candles are followed by green candles. These green candles should be your Call trades in this strategy. When you see the moving average is going down and see a break in the upper band, this is a clear signal for a Put trade as we expect the price to return in the bands. Many of you guys are asking whether it is possible to create an auto-trading robot with this strategy. Yes, of course it is possible. The IQ Robots system is probably the best out there, but still, I don’t really trust robots. If you check the statistics, most traders lose money when they use robots. If you want to be a successful trader, you need to trust your intuition and the robots do not have intuition. It is that simple. You’d do better trusting yourself instead of some robot. But this just my advice. If you believe robots can make you profit, you can try this strategy with auto-trading. You cannot trade all signals. Just keep trading and developing your intuition on the markets. This strategy is not 100% accurate. You will see false signals. The trick is to keep your winning trades over 65%. Be careful in cases when the moving average is going flat. I would not recommend placing trades when the moving average is flat. You can always try the strategy on the IQ Option demo. Good luck in your trades!
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Text Comments (75)
Toni Hamilton (3 months ago)
IQ option shut down binary options for retail traders, you can trade binary on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com with $100 free!
Sadlayp 123 (1 day ago)
is iq option still running binary options?
Shamiul Alam (1 month ago)
My strategy -- I trade in last 10-15 second following the middle curve tail's direction.
Uchunor Ken (1 month ago)
Jad Hershey (1 month ago)
name of the song please
Dave Cox (2 months ago)
Thanks mate. I've downloaded it.
Dave Cox (2 months ago)
Hi.can you tell me What platform are you using
Toni Hamilton (2 months ago)
iq option
John Ryan (2 months ago)
Well now IQ is and has become useless as no binary Trading what a Con.. The problem the Videos are still being Pumped out But Still No trading as we like it John Ryan
Toni Hamilton (2 months ago)
IQ offers binary to pro traders
Jonathan Sweeting (2 months ago)
Blog gave some great tips bro
RJ BergerIII (4 months ago)
Go to toni's page with this link http://bit.ly/iq-str Very legit!!!!
RJ BergerIII (4 months ago)
and toni if uve got any more tips im more than ready to do em even if i have to pay some lil stuff i will. i just want to keep winning like this ....P.S reply\
Toni Hamilton (4 months ago)
Hey, you can check https://tonisignals.com and download the app, we send daily signals :)
RJ BergerIII (4 months ago)
toni is the way. his strategy worked countless times back to back for me on iq options. do whatever he tells you. watch his videos and visit his site most of all. you wont regret it i promise. thanks again toni you the f**king best :)
Toni Hamilton (4 months ago)
I am working on a new one, will be published on my website :)
RJ BergerIII (4 months ago)
Toni Hamilton Anytime bro... Are there any other more advanced strategies you have... I would love to see and at least try em out (even if it's gonna be on my demo acc first lol :)
Toni Hamilton (4 months ago)
thanks mate!
markbendall1 (5 months ago)
Hi Tony, thanks for the vid but PLEASE clearly add in your description above the SETTINGS for ALL the indicators. ;-)
Toni Hamilton (5 months ago)
here it is :) http://bit.ly/iq-str
Mano Santos (5 months ago)
What is the configuration of the bollinger bands?
Toni Hamilton (5 months ago)
Hi, you can find the link on the pinned comment on top :) Good luck with your trading!
oneuponzero (6 months ago)
Talk only. What setting did you use in the MA and Bollinger Band?
Toni Hamilton (5 months ago)
you can read in the comments below
James Mannion (6 months ago)
Hi Mate love the video.... what is your settings on the MA indicator?
Toni Hamilton (6 months ago)
Ibrahim Zaman (8 months ago)
Hi Toni. Can u please tell me what should be my period in BB and deviation? And which MA should i be using and with which period?
jacob sonnie mokwena (9 months ago)
Great strategy
xiao lu (10 months ago)
Can u please tell me those moving averages values
Toni Hamilton (9 months ago)
you can use 45 or 100
SECRET TRICK (1 year ago)
the best strategy
vat 69 (1 year ago)
Hi Toni, what time frame should I set the MA?
Toni Hamilton (1 year ago)
45 or 100
Gianfranco Garcia (1 year ago)
Toni, my mannnnn!!!! jajajajaja Man i went to MT4 and entered all the specifications for the strategy and then went to HIGH/LOW and this SHIT WORKS MAN.... You have to be super quick though. As soon as you see the shadow pass the Bollinger band, the next candle is mostly green if an uptrande and viseversa. OMG bro WTF!!!!!! I've been putting in $100 on every trade and if it doesnt go throug the first time, then I put $100 for the second candle. I won $800 in 30 minutes on a demo account.
Toni Hamilton (1 year ago)
You should probably build your strategy based on fundamentals and price action, not only technical indicators.
Dipok Bala (1 year ago)
may be ,, BB = period 9 and EMA = 100 ,,
Tamagna Chatterjee (1 year ago)
Not a genuine broker.
hi, please will you say me the configuration of this video? please. thank you
Zakirhussein (1 year ago)
I have heard that once you keep winning then binary broker start to play his part to don't let you win. Your view please.
Hermann KENFACK (1 year ago)
Hi Toni Hamilton, I think is a very good strategy. I would like to know the parameters of BB and MA please. Thank you very much for your video.
Paige G (1 year ago)
I really want to try trading on IQ Option, but they don't accept US traders. Markets World is frustrating. It lags and is inaccurate when comparing to other live charts.
K4MR4N1UK123 (1 year ago)
Why don't you choose a better time frame and have between10 and 20 minutes stake once you have found a trend? Instead of playing this risky high low game?
Sterling Archer (4 months ago)
Why wait 10 to 20 mins when you can get money in seconds?
Shane Wood (1 year ago)
Great video Toni. First impressions are that this is a great strategy! Thanks!
K4MR4N1UK123 (1 year ago)
Is moving average worker out by looking at the last 5 candles?
markbendall1 (1 year ago)
Hi Toni, do you have a beginners video? I'm just starting and need to learn what breaking bands and averages are and how to set these up etc..I am looking to learn a simple stategy such as yours and use it in the demo mode until I fully understand it and start using my money. Thanks Mark
martinz lawrence (1 year ago)
Hi mark, how long have you been on here and are you getting to understand how it works with a good strategy?
Suzie Pentseris (1 year ago)
Hi Toni, in cases where we are in strong trends, quite often we can get 2 or more (ive seen upto 5), bullish or bearish candles riding up the bands or breaking them. Can u offer any tips on this type of situation? thank you
Nurlan Kerey (1 year ago)
Hi Toni, did you have problems withdrawing funds from IQ? I mean using e-wallets.
Try skrill it is easier.
Alex Muntean (1 year ago)
Thanks Toni! Very useful video.
hemmy hemmy (1 year ago)
hii tried yourstrategy its working fine but is not working on strong uptrend or down trend..in this what we should do??
Toni Hamilton (4 months ago)
Full settings on IQ option strategy you can find at http://bit.ly/strategy-iq
Francis Helayel (1 year ago)
thank you toni, please can you advise settings on MA and BB ?
Mahesh Thenuwara (1 year ago)
Thank You Toni...!
Malas Kruger (1 year ago)
hi Tony great video... what is your settings on MA and BB
shashee kosala vithanage (10 months ago)
toni thanks for your guid. What is MA EMA,SMA or any ???
Mian Mayat (1 year ago)
thanks Tony !!!
Mian Mayat (1 year ago)
what is the blue line above?and what setting?

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