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How To Use English Rhythm & Intonation: Chunking Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of how to use English rhythm and intonation with CHUNKING. This is a new concept for many English learners and it is a very important step in speaking English fluently. Enjoy! To enroll in the 7-day free trial go to: http://www.pronunciationpro.com/youtube-free-trial/?keyword=HowToUseEnglishRhythmAndIntonationChunkingPart1=body CHUNKING I have described ‘chunking’ in other ways, such as linking, pausing, and connecting words together—but the idea of chunking is important because it will challenge you to look at those concepts in a new way. Chunking will help you know how to structure the way native speakers group their words together. Chunking: creating ‘chunks’ in your message that are separated by a pause or a change in tone. Chunking really gives variety to your speaking voice and will allow your listener to be more engaged. Chunking will also help your listener understand you much easier. This is something that most non-native English speakers struggle with, but it is also something that some native English speakers have trouble with, especially when it comes to presentations or speeches. For example, a speaker who speaks in a monotone voice, and/or pauses too much. In order to find the balance in chunking, I will teach you 4 steps! In this video I will show you step 1 of the 4... STEP 1: Watch the video for this lesson and listen to me read this paragraph to identify where the chunks are (where to place pauses). Note: a chunk doesn’t necessarily need to be where a punctuation is present. Sometimes there are pauses in between words that are not separated by punctuations, like commas or periods. “Today, I’d like to talk to you about a concept called Chunking. Chunking is a strategy that great speakers use very effectively. It sounds effortless, but in fact, it takes a lot of practice.” I hope you enjoyed watching Part 1 of Chunking! Stay tuned for Part 2! To enroll in the 7-day free trial go to: http://www.pronunciationpro.com/youtube-free-trial/?keyword=HowToUseEnglishRhythmAndIntonationChunkingPart1=body
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Text Comments (14)
Ruth Morales Cahuas (4 months ago)
That was really interesting, I will try to put into practice. Thanks for sharing this technique called chunking.
Michael Garcia (4 months ago)
Maybe a degree on speech language pathology?
Michael Garcia (4 months ago)
I wanna do what you do. I wanna have students and teach them every about spoken English.But which degree should I get ?
Chike Bobby Nwanze (6 months ago)
I want to be a good reader and my constraint is the inability to chunk words in long sentences. I need help. thanks in advance.
John Vicary (7 months ago)
Linking is what you are teaching Chunking is an Americanism designed to catch people's eye - a marketing tool Say linking same as pronunciation books highly regarded
gpgp01 (9 months ago)
3:43 Well.. Even I do want to be able to speak like it.
Ng Kian Tat (10 months ago)
You're a great teacher !
SUDEEP GOSWAMI (1 year ago)
thank you for the video ..
Aman (1 year ago)
You should have more views!
oscar garrido (1 year ago)
That was really interesting. Thank you for your support and effort to help us to speak more natural and less like a robots.
gump forrest (1 year ago)
It's great, thanks
Tolulope Igbalajobi (1 year ago)
There's something musical in the way people speak, and intonation describes that musicality.
thanks for everything you do i guess it has been helpful for me.iam found of your videos.João is my name,from Angola iam your favourite english listner.could i know what can i do become a good afective english speaker [email protected]
Mingze Tang (2 years ago)

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