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Mac Mining: Is it worth it?

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Mac Mining: Is it worth it? Let's find out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signup for Coinbase and get $10: http://bit.ly/2hn3fUa who to watch for some good windows mining videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ8QtvI49HLvO4HH5zaJU1Q ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, So let's take a look at Mac Mining VS PC Mining. We have a side by side comparison and the results are in, sort of. We discuss WHY Mac Mining could be worth it, but probably not. So sit back and relax and watch the numbers speak for themselves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My channel is undergoing a rebranding phase, so I apologize if some things don't quite mesh well together right now. I'll be discussing all sorts of AltCoin finances including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash and much more. I'll be posting some "How-to mine" X coins for both PC and Mac. I also have investments in cloud mining which I'll be making some videos on in the coming days/weeks. Remember to check back often as I switch everything over to help you try to make some money along side me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (41)
Boomer0001 (1 year ago)
Let me know what you guys think! Was this a surprise? Or was it expected?
FYVE (8 months ago)
Doubtful...  Not worth the ware on your MacBook.
brandon fox (8 months ago)
could I use a GPU with my Mac to make it worth it?
FYVE (10 months ago)
The MacBook doesn't really have a GPU to utilize... It's an Intel integrated graphics CPU I'm pretty sure. So that explains that.
Not worth it I tried it on my mac they are junk lol
coreygraft799 (6 months ago)
So the PC is only going to bring in $109/year? Since it scored out 4.2X better than the mac?
coreygraft799 (6 months ago)
Just an FYI my I think you should try different mining software.. This one seems to be ripping you off. I bring in $25 every week or so on a single card PC, even with BTC prices down..
Armand Ryans (7 months ago)
You just have to learn at lot such as Plan or strategy, what are the trusted cryptocurrencies Option brokers and what are the things you should consider as a beginner. Want to earn legit money from cryptocurrencies trading? My recommendation is *FIRST MILLION ROAD* software for hassle free trading with frequent winning signals.
Chris Fisher (9 months ago)
I think this software is a scam...
Boomer0001 (8 months ago)
MinerGate is a simplified tool. You could do better using some more specific software to tune in your settings, but for just starting and dabbling in crypto, it's not bad.
Miroma Tube (10 months ago)
Hey man, I am wondering is there ANY coin that i can mine with my macbook pro to make money? Like not popular coins, example,BITCOIN GOLD, CASH, DIAMOND, DGE, LTC, VERGE TRON NXT ETHCLASSIC, ( Im Sure some of these or most might not even be mineable but its just to give examples..?
Boomer0001 (8 months ago)
You'd have to dig around. It all depends on your Mac specs, but overall you're not going to make a huge profit doing it.
Assil Arefee (10 months ago)
what software are you using for intro and editing is it for mac ?
Boomer0001 (8 months ago)
Final Cut/Motion and yes. Check the app store
Jacob Dodd (10 months ago)
Is this still true with the jump in the ETH value?
Edi Zaimovic (10 months ago)
Awesome vid! thanks thumbs up!
tiffany tuck (10 months ago)
It is worth it with my great simple setup i presented on my channel
dorianjepsen (10 months ago)
Ray Cyst: the tiffany tuck is a fake user! The person that owns the "tiffany tuck" account also owns the "Putin Pan" account and he uploaded a video that links to his scam software and then created a bunch of fake youtube accounts (tiffany tuck, JPP JPP, and others) to give positive reviews to the software.
Ray Cyst (10 months ago)
tiffany tuck Link?
RightWingCon81 (11 months ago)
Is mining just done by your computer? Do you have to do anything? Like do you have to know how to code? Type stuff in? Or is it just your computer doing the work?
Boomer0001 (11 months ago)
It's done by the computer. You can find many guides on how to setup different miners depending on what you want to mine. The MinerGate software takes care if what to mine and when pretty easily. It's not the most efficient miner, but probably the easiest one to get started with.
Amriel S (11 months ago)
what miner is that
Boomer0001 (11 months ago)
MinerGate can be found here: http://bit.ly/MInerGate
Xellos Metallium (11 months ago)
my hackintosh has a 750 ti still minergate cant mine with gpu.
Xellos Metallium (11 months ago)
Boomer0001 are you saying your minergate on Mac OS X has GPU mining? I done the benchmark but I can only do CPU mining. anyway i dump minergate for ethermine. Have you compare linux and windows?
Boomer0001 (11 months ago)
Interesting. Is minergate picking it up or only doing CPU mining? If it doesn't have enough VRAM then it can't load in the details for whatever coin it's trying to mine. I have a Nvidia GT 740 and a GTX 660Ti that will both load into Minergate and mine, but they're so low power at this point it's not worth the energy usage.
Quanny Nguyen (11 months ago)
wow lol mac... thanks for the tip
Adam Harley (1 year ago)
can you use a coinbase wallet?
Boomer0001 (1 year ago)
You can but it's not preferred in most cases. Use a normal exchange like bittrex and transfer out if you need to. Mining to the exchange allows you to mine different coins with MineGate and deposits everything there to buy/sell to different currencies.
Jay L (1 year ago)
Why do I not have the wallet tab on my app?
Jay L (1 year ago)
Thanks, I will give it a try when I get home tonight. You should make a video on it.
Cum (1 year ago)
i figured it out. when you are opening the program from desktop click the choice underneath the first one and it says extended version
Jay L (1 year ago)
Very strange. Thanks for the reply
Cum (1 year ago)
Live With Jay i just got it and i dont have it either i think its a newer update
Miro Sourial (1 year ago)
what is you graphic card ? what is you mac (hackintosh) system ? thanks
Ben Racicot (10 months ago)
Yes, architecture is not supported by any miners... Went through this quite a bit, your card just misses the mark I believe.
Bert0ld0 (10 months ago)
do you think a gt650m will be useless? for Verge mining
Boomer0001 (1 year ago)
The PC was using a 660Ti that's a few years old and the iMac was using a AMD Raedeon MX.
Putin Pan (1 year ago)
using nicehash it can be pretty powerful. I made a beginners setup and guide on my channel. Check it out if you wanna get into crypto in less than 40 seconds
Nick Breezy4k (1 year ago)
what if you use the cross over program ???
Boomer0001 (1 year ago)
The cards are pretty under powered in general. They usually use mobile chips that aren't the greatest. So the return isn't that great unless you're not paying for the power.

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